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It had been a year since I’d seen her…months since we’d last spoken. When she walked up to me in the lobby of the hotel where our convention was being held all those feelings rushed back to me in an instant. The heat growing through my body. I tugged at my clothes and patted my hair as I watched her walk towards me with that easy gait. Her strides long and confident. Her clothing all black, just like always. Even her hair was so dark it appeared black. I recalled a conversation years ago when we’d first met…she’d explained why she always wore black. She felt more confident in it because it hid imperfections.

I laughed a little to myself…as if she could have any imperfections. I was somewhat taken aback by that fleeting thought. Apparently those old feelings were still there. That familiar fire I’d had for her for nearly 6 years. That blaze that extinguished any relationships I’d attempted with other women through the years. Always squelching them and our relationships because they couldn’t stand up to her perfection.

She had haunted me from the very beginning. The first time we met, my heart was hers. I knew it was the same for her…and she freely admitted it was true. Although, she refused to even attempt to settle down with anyone. She had fling after fling with woman after woman. Breaking hearts left and right as she went. The torch she had for me was blazing…but she was wary of settling down. She could never wrap her brain around only having that one person for the rest of her life. Yet, she was miserable on a daily basis because of her constant parade of women.

She was nearly finished winding her way through the lobby…I could feel the electricity growing the closer she came to me. I patted at my hair again and hoped I looked better than the last time she saw me. I wanted her to remember this time above them all. She was nearly in front of me. I turned toward her and smiled softly at her. Her eyes lit up as she stopped inches from my body.

She was just a bit taller than me. Enough that when she was close I had to tip my head back to smile at her. I knew she loved that…it gave her a feeling of power. I tipped my head back to look up into her eyes. I smiled slowly and waited a moment before quietly saying ‘hello Jes…it’s been a long time. How have you been?’ My heart was beating so hard I was sure she could see it coming through my chest. My nonchalance threw her off only for a moment. With us, it was always a cat and mouse game…she just wasn’t used to being the mouse.

She seemed almost nervous as she stepped back just a tiny bit. It took her a moment before she stopped grinning at me and said ‘don’t I get a hug after all this time?!’ I tipped my head to the side as if I had to think about it. She already knew I was going to take this bait…but it was still fun to play the game. She opened her arms and I gratefully fell into them, inhaling her scent and wrapping my arms around her waist.

Her arms were around my upper body. She always hugged me up high like that. I knew why…she loved my hair. Full of curls…so soft and bouncy. While hugging me she always managed to slide one hand under my hair and to the back of my neck. She would run her fingers through those curls once or twice. I loved it. The hair on my arms stood on end and I closed my eyes and sighed happily. Why couldn’t she just settle down with me? How can it feel this perfect to me even when I know I can’t be with her?

We finally broke the hug…remembering we were at a function for the company and not a personal reunion. Although…that personal reunion wouldn’t be too much later. We chatted nervously about our lives. Catching each other up. She had just split up with a woman she’d been seeing for a month. It had been 3 months since I’d ended my last doomed relationship. I felt myself relax when I realized we were both single. I always hated hearing that she was with someone and how well it happened to be going. I knew better…I knew that she was just like me. Each relationship was doomed from the beginning because of how we felt towards each other. Even so, I hated hearing that someone else had her when I could not.

I had made up my mind before coming to the convention that if those sparks were still there after this many years…if those sparks were still there after going months at a time without speaking…if those sparks were still there after never having gone further than kissing each other-I was either leaving with her, or I was leaving and never going to see her again. Anything else was far too painful to deal with anymore. She was the love of my life and I was tired of being unhappy without her.

Time had played a big factor in my decision. We were both getting older and I was ready to settle down. If she was not ready by now, then she never would be and that was something I was preparing myself for…just in case. I wasn’t sure where my courage was coming from, but I knew from the bottom of my being that this reunion was going to be different. I had a feeling that when I Kadıköy Escort left here, I’d have my happiness.

We spent the rest of the day together. Visiting the required lectures and chatting over lunch in the hotel’s dining room. I was amazed at how easily we picked up our relationship where we left it off. We have been doing this on again, off again dance routine for so long…I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that by now it comes easily, although I always was.

Towards the end of the afternoon we began discussing dinner plans. She inquired as to whether I had dinner plans or would I care to join her. She didn’t need to ask me to know what I was going to say but I had the feeling she was stepping carefully. She had an air of secrecy about her this time that I had never noticed before. Perhaps she had a plan of her own in store for me.

Before dinner we retired to our rooms to wash up and change. Knowing that I’d be seeing her this week, I had packed accordingly. I had assets to show off and I had picked outfits that would accentuate my positives. If I knew her like I thought I did, she would be in the palm of my hand once she saw me. My top was filmy and flowing and in a very flattering shade of pink. My skirt was just the right length to show off my legs. My feet slippered in black kitten heels. I pinned up my hair into a chignon and drew out a few tendrils to frame my face. When I stepped back to look myself over in the mirror I liked what I saw and I knew that Jes would like it, too.

There was a halting knock at my door…I drew in a quick breath and let it out slowly. That would be her, I was sure of it. I called out ‘coming!’ cheerily and rushed to open the door to let her into my room. I nearly gasped when I saw her. If I hadn’t thought she was pure perfection before, I certainly did now. She was gorgeous in a black suit with a feminine cut to it. The jacket was tapered in at the waist and buttoned with one silver button. The shell under her jacket was silver as well. She was stunning.

I recovered quickly and grinned up at her. She returned the smile and motioned for me to turn around so she could see my outfit. I happily obliged and spun round slowly so she could take her time admiring me. When I looked back into her eyes I knew that our dinner plans were going to be tossed by the wayside. There was something in her face that showed me just how badly she wanted me.

She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her soundlessly and without breaking eye contact. I stayed where I was and willed her to come to me. She took the few steps that were between us and stood so close I could feel the heat coming from her body. I lifted my head to look up into her face and I smiled softly at her. She dipped her head slowly and kissed me. Her lips brushed lightly against mine at first then became more urgent. Her hands were grasping for the pin in my hair and I sighed into the kiss as my hair fell about my shoulders. Her hands were instantly in my curls, tangling themselves. Her kisses were feverish and hungry. She kissed me like she had been starving herself for this one moment. I moaned her name quietly and she growled deep in her throat. I was shocked, but turned on by her reaction.

Something was different this time. I had felt it before I saw her this morning. I knew I had a plan in motion but I didn’t realize she had plans of her own. She began pushing me backwards slowly and I knew where she was heading. I reached out for her and pulled her closer by the lapels of her jacket. My fingers fumbling for the lone silver button. Once I found it, I had her jacket off in a few seconds and tossed it to the floor. We made our way to the bed and she gently pushed me down and climbed on top of me.

Our kisses were heated and passionate. Her hands were beginning to grow bolder and roam my body. She went slowly at first, as if she were savoring the feel of me beneath her. The more she touched me, the hotter I grew. My nails were digging into her back, pulling her closer still. Her hands were cupping my breasts as she broke our kiss to trail her lips down the side of my neck and to the tops of my breasts framed nicely in my low cut blouse. My body felt electric the moment she placed those first few kisses down the line of my cleavage. My nipples grew instantly hard as small diamonds under her palms. I felt her tongue dart out boldly and she drug it up and down the valley between my breasts.

I moaned her name once more…louder this time and with a pleading sound to it. She lifted her head and looked up into my eyes. Her face was an open book and I knew she wanted me to give her the go ahead to continue. I hesitated for a moment. I was certain that if I said yes and we did make love, I would be heart broken if I had to leave alone. I weighed my options silently and drew a deep breath. I nodded my head yes and gave her a smile. She whispered the three words that I had heard before but never with such passion behind them. I knew instantly that she was ready Kadıköy Escort Bayan to commit to me and only me.

I drew her to me once more, kissing her deeply and then pulling away to kiss her neck. I kissed the spot just below her ear that I knew drove her wild and then whispered “I love you, Jes…” into her hair. She sighed quietly and nuzzled her face into the side of my neck. Her hands slowly moved down the length of my body, coming to rest on my hips. She whispered into my neck that she wanted to see me and I knew instantly what she meant.

She rolled us onto our sides and pulled back a little. I smiled shyly and got off of the bed. I slipped off my heels and began to slowly strip the clothing I had so meticulously chosen just for her off of my body. I tossed my shirt down and blushed as a quiet moan uttered from her lips. I left my bra on and reached for the zipper on my skirt. I slid it down slowly and let it fall to the ground. I stepped out of the puddle it made at my feet and turned away from her. I reached back and undid the snaps holding my bra closed. She whispered hoarsely, “turn around”. I turned back towards her and let the bra fall away from my breasts. She groaned audibly and my blush deepened. The only stitch of clothing left was the panties that matched my bra. I hooked my thumbs in the sides and bent down, tugging them down my legs.

She stood and came to me then, her eyes roaming my naked body. I couldn’t believe how sexy and comfortable I felt with her. I knew she was taking in every inch of me and I also knew she was enjoying it. She reached out for me and cupped a breast with one hand and laid the other on my hip. My body reacted instantly. I felt the wetness between my thighs, the flush on my chest and face, the ache for her growing. It felt like I had always pictured it would be between us…and I had pictured it many, many times.

I wanted to see her body. I refrained from tearing her clothing off and opted to undress her as slowly as I had undressed myself. I reached for the hem of her silver shell and lifted it, devouring every inch of exposed skin with my eyes. She raised her arms and I removed her top and tossed it away. I unbuttoned her pants and slid the zipper down painfully slow. I kept my eyes on her face as I inched the zipper down and slid her pants off of her hips and let them fall. Her body was exquisite and flawless in my eyes. I sighed quietly and reached behind her to unfasten her bra. I wanted to taste her skin but I held back, opting to wait until she was as bare as I was before growing bold enough to. I slid the straps of her bra down her arms and smiled at the sight before me. I pulled the fabric away from her skin and dropped it. I slid my gaze down her belly to her panties. Bending over and slipping them to her ankles I could smell her musky scent. She was as aroused as I was. I inhaled her.

I straightened up and inched just a bit closer to her. Our skin barely touching but electric sparks flying between us. She slid her arms around my neck and tangled her hand into my hair, drawing me closer. I put my hands on her hips and looked up at her with that special smile that only she could bring out of me. She kissed me then. It was a slow, languid kiss. A kiss filled with promise of things yet to transpire between us that night.

My fingers danced across her skin. Slowly rising up her sides to her breasts. I could no longer fight the urge to taste her skin. I broke the kiss and dipped my head down to her chest. I pressed small kisses across the tops of her breasts before dragging the tip of my tongue across her flesh. I savored the scent of her cologne and the slightly salty taste of her. I closed my eyes and felt that I must be in heaven. My heart was racing and my breath was coming in small gasps. I could not believe the effect this woman had over me.

I cupped her breast with my palm and thumbed her nipple. I smiled to myself when I felt it harden beneath my hand. I knew she desired this as much as I did. All those years of sexual tension and shared love were leading up to this moment and I did not want to rush a second of it.

She withdrew her fingers from my hair and drug the tips of her nails down my arms. I shivered involuntarily and let a moan escape my lips. This woman had the power to drive me to the brink of madness and I welcomed it with open arms. She ran her nails down the inside of my forearms and linked her fingers with mine. She pulled me back towards the bed and I pushed her easily down onto it. I crawled on top of her, enjoying the feeling of our skin brushing against each other.

Her arms were around my neck again. Her face pressed against my breast and her tongue slowly making its way to my nipple. I rolled my head back in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around it and drug the flat of her tongue over the tip. My body responded to her warm mouth. Back arching slightly and my hips moving against her, pressing myself against her thigh. She growled deep in her throat at the Escort Kadıköy feeling of my wetness against her leg. This time the sound didn’t surprise me like before…it brought the height of my arousal to an even greater peak.

In one fluid movement she rolled me onto my back and was now straddling my hips. Her hands were beside my head, her arms outstretched. I could tell she enjoyed watching my reaction. I looked up at her and saw the flame of desire in her eyes. Her cheeks were flushed. I loved the contrast of my pale skin against her olive hue. I loved the feel of her body against mine. It felt as if we almost fit together like puzzle pieces.

She rolled her hips towards me. My eyelids fluttered at the contact of her skin against mine and a moan uttered from my lips. She knew what she was doing to me, she knew I was enjoying this game we were playing as much as she was. This was going to be a long night, full of caressing and exploring each other. I wanted to take my time and enjoy every moment I had with her. I knew instinctively that she was now mine and I, hers. My heart thrilled at the thought of it. After all these years, I finally had what I had so desperately wanted.

I looked up at her and grinned. My mind was racing with thoughts of all the things I wanted to do to her and with her. Right now, though, I was happy with just teasing her into a frenzy. In an instant I had her nipple between my lips. I sucked lightly while lapping at it with my tongue. She rolled her hips against mine again. I swirled my tongue around the tip and bit down lightly. She whimpered and arched her back.

I placed my hands on her hips and let them wander to the small of her back. My fingers danced on her skin. I scratched at her back lightly with my nails and her eyes rolled back into her head. I grinned again at her reaction. I drug the tips of my nails up her back and to her shoulders. She ground her hips against me and I could feel how warm and wet she was. I moaned her name and nuzzled my face into her neck. I nipped at it while running my nails down to the dip in her back just above her behind. I could tell she was enjoying every moment.

She dropped her head and kissed me then. The kiss was full of passion and desire. Her tongue slipped past my lips and tangled with mine. I stroked her tongue and sucked on it. She growled again. This time it was louder. We rolled onto our sides and she began caressing me with her hands. I continued stroking her tongue with mine while she explored my body.

Her fingers were fluttering down my side and around to my back. She grasped my behind in her hand and squeezed. I slid my leg between hers and rubbed my thigh against her warm, wet lips. Her hips bucked and she pressed her thighs tight around my leg. She groaned into my mouth. I rubbed my thigh up and down again against her. My fingers trailed down her side and between us to her belly. I broke the kiss and pulled back to watch my fingertips caressing her. I slid my hand down her stomach and lower to the small patch of hair between her thighs. I moaned at the first touch. I willed myself to go slowly as I ran my fingers across her most intimate of places. I moved my thigh and slipped my hand into it’s place, cupping her. I squeezed lightly and looked up to catch her reaction.

Her head lolled back and her eyes were closed. I rolled her onto her back and shifted my body lower on the bed. I spread her lips apart and just enjoyed looking at her for a moment. Her lips looked like delicate petals of an exotic flower. I could smell her enticing aroma. Her clit was hard and protruding out and I rubbed it lightly with the pad of my thumb. She spread her thighs wider, inviting me to touch her. I slid one finger down her slit and dipped it inside for a moment, gathering her dew on the tip before bringing it up to stroke her clit again. Her hips rocked up off of the bed involuntarily. She growled quietly and I pressed her clit harder and pinched it lightly between my fingertips. I began slow, steady circles around it. Her pinkness glistened and I could tell she was getting wetter as I circled her clit with my thumb.

I slid one finger inside of her and felt her body spasm and grasp at it, pulling it in further. I loved the feel of her body reacting to my every touch. I turned my hand and cupped her again, bringing my fingertip up to press against her g spot. She grew wetter still once I found it. I slipped a second finger inside of her and continued the slow, steady circles with my thumb. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm so I quickened my pace and pressed up against her g spot again. Her body began to spasm around my fingers and her breathing quickened. I looked up her body to watch her face while she came around my hand.

I was so aroused, I nearly finished with her. My clit was throbbing and I was so wet that it was running down my thigh. The ache was so great that I felt almost painfully empty. As her breathing slowed, I began slipping my fingers out very slowly. I was enjoying watching her come down from her high. She opened her eyes and smiled down at me as I slid my hand from between her thighs. I locked my eyes on hers and grinned wickedly as I brought my hand up to my lips and slid a finger in to taste her. She was pleasantly salty and I sucked her dew from my finger while she watched me.

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