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As exciting as the afternoon had been, and likewise a little confusing for me as I was still having trouble wrapping my mind around everything that had happened, I decided to lay down for a little nap. Not only would it give me a chance to recover and rest up, but it would also allow me the time I needed to consider everything that had happened.

Cathy knew me better than anyone else. Whenever I had a problem or concern to work through, I needed that alone time to consider all the options. Usually after that, I would then discuss them with her and get her take on things. I had always valued my wife’s thoughts and opinions, and very often sided with her way of thinking when I’d sat down to discuss things with her.

I was torn. On the one hand, it had indeed been arousing to see mom and dad enjoying themselves, and more importantly even, seeing mom enjoy it when my own wife went down on her. That admittedly was hot! And yet, I felt a little guilty too. Was it normal for a guy to get off watching his own mother get off? Let alone his own father? I had…and because I had, I was having to work through all the reasons why. What were the consequences of that, if any? Would it change me? Would it change the way I thought of my parents? In some ways, it already had. But was that so bad? Did I see them as anything less than the people I still loved and cared for? No. But I still struggled with it anyway.

I must have eventually fallen asleep. Because it was the sound of mom’s voice waking me a while later.

“Dave honey? You might want to think about getting up, taking a shower. We’ll have some additional guests arriving before too long.”

The sun hadn’t quite set, but it would be doing so in less than an hour now. I knew that mom and dad had already made plans earlier to have a beach barbeque that evening, and that both Jack and Shelly had been expected then. I also learned that their kids had driven up, and would be joining us as well. Opening my eyes just in time to see mom leaving the room allowed me a brief respite to all my worried and nervous thinking. She was wearing her bikini again, so at least I wouldn’t be faced with the dilemma of seeing her naked, and then getting an erection because of it.

I passed by the living room, sitting area on my way to the bath/shower room. Once again, glad to see that both dad and Jack were again dressed watching something on the TV. I caught a glimpse of mom and Cathy busy in the kitchen preparing some side dishes for the evening, and that Cathy too was wearing her bikini again as well. I showered and then slipped into a clean pair of swim trunks, along with a sleeveless tee shirt. I soon headed out to see what I could do to help as Jack and my father stood preparing the barbeque down on the beach. They had even set up one of those canopy pavilions with a long dinning table beneath. Admittedly, it looked warm and cozy as well as exotic with the ocean waves lapping at the beach just a short distance away.

I was in the process of lighting the charcoals along with several torches we’d stuck down into the sand around the pavilion we’d be eating in, when I heard Jack speak up.

“Ahh, the kids are here!” He said. I turned looking back up towards the house, mom, Shelly and my wife all carrying down various trays of food they’d prepared. And along with them a young man probably close to my age, and an older looking woman, somewhere in between Cathy and mom’s age perhaps. The term “kids” didn’t fit them either, as they approached.

As mom and Cathy placed the trays of food they’d brought down, Shelly made introductions. Obviously, she had already done so for my wife as Cathy continued spreading things out, Jack walking over to hug each of them separately, as Shelly spoke.

“Dave? This is our son Roger, and our daughter Christine.” It was obvious that Jack and Shelly must have had Christine very early on…with Roger coming along several years later. There was an obvious difference in their ages. And I was surprised that it was just the two of them that had come along by themselves. Perhaps Roger wasn’t attached to anyone yet, but I found myself asking, “What was Christine’s story?”

Roger was wearing a pair of swim trunks similar to my own, though without a shirt on. By the tone of his body, he obviously worked out, and I found myself just a tiny bit jealous of the hint of a six-pack he carried, and which I did not. Though I certainly didn’t have any kind of a gut by any means. Christine however was again the real mystery here as I saw her. Attractive yes, in a strange way. Very little makeup, shoulder length dishwater blonde hair that wasn’t exactly styled, just hanging loose, but even more oddly. She wore what almost appeared to be one of those short bathrobes, which was currently tied tightly around her. She obviously had well defined legs beneath the somewhat short hem of that cotton robe, but it was difficult to tell much of anything else, save for the fact…like her casino oyna mother, she had fairly large breasts as well. Though there was no other hint of them from where I stood.

With introductions made, we soon sat down to have a drink together as dad finished turning the meat and fish on the barbeque. There’d be strip steaks, salmon, and lemon chicken, along with several side dishes, so plenty to eat. And after everything that had happened earlier in the day, I was famished. Though as it later turned out, so was everyone else. I couldn’t help wondering if they were all thinking the same thing I was, the frenzied activity we’d all engaged in earlier that had made us this way, with the exception of Roger and Christine of course.

With a great deal of really friendly chit-chat, along with several pitchers of Mai’ Tai’s, we were all feeling pretty good and relaxed as we sat back digesting the feast we’d just eaten.

After a short period of time, Christine suddenly stood, holding out her hand towards her brother. “Come on Rog…time for a swim,” she announced. Roger stood as well, accepting her hand, and then walked so towards the beach, the rest of us looking on. I expected to see the two of them simply wade in. But then watched as Christine suddenly removed her robe, allowing it to fall. She’d been totally naked beneath it! As she did that, Roger too removed his trunks, stepping out of them and tossing them over on top of his sister’s discarded robe before rejoining her at the ocean’s edge, likewise, buck naked now. I looked over towards Cathy, but saw by the expression on her face, she was just as surprised as I was in seeing this.

“I guess now’s as good a time as any to tell you about our kids,” Shelly began.


It took a lot to actually surprise me. And that included finding out about mom and dad. Something I had come to accept knowing, and obviously seeing now. But hearing the specific details as Shelly spoke, indeed had taken both Cathy and I by surprise.

“Not very many know of course,” she’d continued. “Where they live and work, everyone sees them simply as man and wife, even with Christine being several years older than he is. Something of which, many of their friends have simply come to accept without much problem. Obviously however, their actual relationship remains a secret.”

“Unfortunate too,” mom actually spoke jumping in. “You can tell how much they truly do care for one another,” she’d added to that, receiving a lifted eyebrow from me in response to that from across the way. Mom smiled, but then averted her eyes, speaking more directly towards Cathy than to me. “The first time we met them when they came for a visit a few months back, and after Shelly had told Mack and I about their relationship, I told the two of them to simply be themselves while they were here. Which they did. It’s so much nicer, and easier not having to pretend to be someone you’re not, wouldn’t you say?” She asked still smiling at my wife, and then looking over directly towards me.

“Oh, I couldn’t agree more!” Cathy responded. “And after what happened earlier today, I think that certainly proves that out, don’t you think so too honey?” She now asked looking in my direction as well.

I felt for a moment like everyone was looking in my direction. So I simply nodded my head yes in agreement without really saying anything.

“Well then good. And now that, that’s out of the way, what say we go down for a bit of a skinny dip ourselves?” Shelly suggested, and with that, stood up and easily fell out of her bikini once again. Both mom and Cathy followed suit, with dad and Jack both walking towards the beach wearing their suits, though they soon pulled theirs down and off as well once near the water. And though there was a full moon, and well lit outside, it was still just dark enough to not completely and totally make out anything. With a shrug, I slipped my own trunks off too, and now joined seven other naked people splashing and playing around in the water.

Hearing, and now thinking about the fact that Roger and Christine actually lived together, and obviously had sex together was still a little weird for me to consider. But then again after everything that had happened so far, what wasn’t a little weird now anyway? And what was one more thing to be added to that? Though I would soon learn the answer to that one shortly. After a short time, mom and Shelly had gone back up near the pavilion where they had placed a stack of rather large towels earlier. The two of them together now, spreading them out into a rather large area, big enough for all of us to lie down on when the time came. I turned back towards Cathy giving her an inquisitive, worried look, once more looking up towards the beach. I felt her hand suddenly find me beneath the water, partially hard…something of which I couldn’t help. Not with all this naked female flesh surrounding me, even if one of them was my mom. Images of that popping into my head again canlı casino now too as Cathy stroked me to an even greater firmness.

“What are you worried about?” She asked me. Likewise glancing up towards the beach now. Shelly and mom laying side by side, half sitting up looking towards the beach, though each one with their hands in the other’s crotch.

“That!” I indicated, shaking my head, just as dad, Jack and everyone else decided to head out of the water as well, leaving Cathy and I to stand there.

“Well?” Cathy asked turning. “You coming, or are you just going to stand there?” she asked. I looked down at myself. I was about as hard as I had ever been.

“Like this?” I asked.

Cathy looked back up towards the blanket area. By now, everyone else was there except for the two of us. “I don’t think that really matters any more…do you?” She asked, once more redirecting my attention towards them. Roger was standing in front of his mother, and she was busily sucking his cock! Christine had walked over to stand beside her father, the two of them looking on while Shelly did that, her hand now coming out to wrap itself around her father’s prick as she toyed with it playfully looking on.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” I said still looking on.

“Maybe,” Cathy laughed. “And maybe I will be too, but I’m not going to just stand down here and miss all the fun!” She quipped, and then took off at a run, spitting up sand towards me as she did that. She was already down between my mother’s legs by the time I got there, licking and eating her again. Seeing my wife’s cute firm ass pointing upwards as she did that wasn’t missed on me, or anyone else for that matter. And as dad had said earlier, he so spoke again.

“You’d better go and fuck that…or I will.” I don’t know if he was really being serious or not, but I moved over behind my wife before he could make the decision for me. In seconds, I’d thrown every inhibition I had to the wind, entering my wife’s cunt from behind as she continued licking and sucking on mom’s pussy.

“Come here Mack,” I heard Christine calling out towards my dad. I looked over then, just in time to see her placing dad’s prick against Jack’s, now holding the two of them together, as she began mouthing, and licking the two of them simultaneously like that.

“Oh, that’s hot!” Mom exclaimed wantonly. “I love doing that myself!”

For the briefest of seconds, I had this weird image of mom holding my cock against dads as she sucked and licked them together. Though only for a second as I quickly shook the thought out of my mind. “What the hell?” I asked myself, realizing as I did, that whatever moral judgments and inhibitions I still had were making all this very difficult for me, even now.

“How’s this for an idea?” Cathy suddenly announced. She turned then, literally uncunting me when she did. A moment after that, I had my cock inside her mouth as she knelt now in front of me, tasting her own juices. Though that too, only for a second or so before she turned once more towards my mother. “Doris?” She said looking over, calling mom by name. “How’d you like to help me with this?” She asked, still holding, and now waggling my very erect stiff cock at her like a person holding a bone towards a puppy, preparing to throw it. I half expected Cathy to yell “fetch”, though to be honest, I think I was still in a bit of a fugue in realizing what Cathy had just asked my mother.

I caught mom’s eyes only for a moment. They almost looked pleading when I did, but whatever hesitation, or fears she might have had, were quickly overcome before even I could respond to what happened next. Suddenly I was looking down, my wife…and mother, each one with a hand on my prick, and each one with a tongue or pair of lips nibbling and sucking away at my almost painful erection.

“About fucking time!” I heard dad’s voice saying from across the way. “She’s been wanting to do that before I can even remember!”

I honestly do believe now there’s a point when you do cross that line in the sand, and realize there is no going back. And when you do, you almost immediately make a decision to live with and accept that, or burden yourself with guilt and anxiety forever afterwards. For me, it was almost as though someone had thrown a switch inside my head. Looking down now as my own wife, fed my own mother my cock to suck on was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. There was something not only very sensual and seductive when she did that, but in a very odd way perhaps, there was something nurturing, and comforting about it too. I moaned deeply, pleasurably, and without reservation as mom gathered my hard stiff cock about as deeply as she could, sucking…almost gagging on it before passing it back towards Cathy again.

“You know what I’d like to do?” Cathy now suggested, as mom and I both simply looked on. I knew right then and there, I was going to do whatever it was that Cathy came up with.


“Lay kaçak casino down, and close your eyes David!” Cathy said, using my more formal name. Something she never did unless she was really serious. I took that to mean, she was, and as I said before, I did what she asked without question. Lying back on the towel, the heat of the still warm sand coming up through the material as I laid back, eyes closed.

“No peeking,” she once again warned, even placing one of her hands over my eyes as though trying to insure that I didn’t. I heard no other voice though, save for movement, and that which was still taking place around me, though even that seemed to become more like background noise than anything else. I felt someone’s hand on my cock again, a brief stroke or two, more or less. And then the exquisite wet softness of something else. Only when dad spoke did Cathy take her hand away. By then, it really didn’t matter any more.

“She’s been waiting to do that too!” He said.

I looked up. Mom sitting on my cock now. It was fully inside her, though neither one of us moved.


“Shh, don’t speak, don’t say anything. Just let me sit here and feel this,” she whispered. I looked over at my wife. Her smile, her eyes saying it all. She was enamored by this even more so than I, one hand still cupping and gently caressing one of mom’s breast, though she soon let go, standing now, and circling us with one hand on her own breast, the other between her legs as she looked on.

“That is SO fucking beautiful!” She spoke softly, still circling, as mom only then rose, slightly, slowly…almost all the way, before lowering herself again, likewise just as slowly and softly. I could hear footsteps in the sand, and then in moments, almost everyone had gathered around to watch, a near perfect circle about us as Cathy joined it, now standing next to dad. I saw her hand reach out, grasping my father’s hard stiff prick as he stood there looking down on us. For some reason I couldn’t quite meet his eye, looking back at mom again, who was looking now. Looking at me, tears in her eyes that almost freaked me, had she not spoken when she did.

“Oh honey fuck me. Fuck your mother baby. Please baby please…fuck me, I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long…long time!”

I slid into her with every ounce of strength that I had, as she likewise came down on me simultaneously. The two of us meeting there together in a crescendo of unbridled lust and desire, culminating in a moment of time, of sweet pure ecstasy and passion. I could now hear the sounds of my mother’s wet, wanton pussy. The liquid of her sex encompassing me with each furious stroke. The lather of our coupling becoming almost frothy with each lunge, with each plunge of my prick at she buried it deeply inside herself.

“Oh fuck!” Someone said, though whom I cared not. All about us now, the cries and sounds of others, likewise doing the same now. I managed to catch glimpses here and there, Roger behind his mother. Fucking her doggy, pounding into her almost as fast and as furious as we were. Christine on her back, her enormous tits gyrating wildly upon her chest. Her legs spread, bent forward almost touching her own head as Jack knelt there between her legs, holding onto them, pressing her back as he likewise drove into her, in and out…in and out. And somewhere in all that, the all too familiar sound of my wife’s pleasure. I almost didn’t want to look, and yet I did. Looking instead back towards mom. Surprised to find that she was looking. That look of joy, desire still etched deeply within her face as I finally did turn my head, now looking where she was. Though at a slight angle towards us, dad too was on his back. Cathy sitting astride him, facing towards mom and I. Dad’s hands cupping my wife’s breasts as she rode his cock, looking over, still watching us.

“Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me Mack! Fuck my hot horny cunt!” She screamed out.

Having heard that, for some reason, I rolled over, pulling mom with me, somehow staying inside her as I did. She was now on her back, and I slammed into her with everything I had, all the while looking up and over towards my own wife, still sliding up and down furiously upon my father’s cock, as he in turn met her with each forceful stroke.

Oddly, even with everyone else around us, still going at it as well, it seemed my whole world, every bit of attention was now focused on mom, on my wife, and my father, as though no one else even existed.

“Oh that’s it! That’s it baby! I’m gonna cum honey. Make mommy cum baby. Make mommy cum!”

I felt as well as heard her when she did. Her pussy becoming a proverbial pool of hot sticky cum-cream. Made more so as I emptied my balls into her. Each delicious spurt of my semen, now filling her, spurting inside. Each maddening throb joining one of hers. Her cries of delight, now added to my own as we came together. All sound now, save for that of ourselves, somehow extinguished, no longer apart of these, even though an echo of my wife’s intense orgasm somewhere off in the distance seemed to register somewhere in the recess of my mind.

I honestly think I blacked out.

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