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About three weeks had gone by since I gave Matthew a blow job. We didn’t talk much after. In fact, in all reality we didn’t speak at all. As bad as it sounds, I wasn’t interested in him as a boyfriend or on-going FWB’s. I was actually on-line on several dating sites, looking for someone else. I did think of him; and of giving him head. But there wasn’t a lust or desire to be with him again in the traditional sense. There was a lust and desire for dick, but unfortunately not for him. I had gotten what I needed and wanted — which was to give a blow job again — and in all reality he got what he wanted, which was getting a blow job.

Oddly enough and out of nowhere one cool summer evening Matthew text me to see how I was doing and what had been going on with my life. We messaged back and forth over the course of a couple days, not really mentioning sex or getting together. But I felt his reaching out to me was to see if I was interested in seeing him “that way” again. Being that I’m a little bolder than the average person and still very interested and very willing to give head, I figured I’d ask him if he’d like to stop by again sometime soon? And maybe we could “have a little fun.” Of course, his answer was yes and we planned for an evening early the next week.

This time there were no distinct rules. No discussion about oral sex, or agreements for any kind of sex, but I think we both knew why he was coming over. Matthew arrived, like he had before, after work and dinner. I didn’t see his car pull up, but knew it was him when the doorbell rang. He came in and just like last time we sat on the couch for a while catching up before we moved forward. I was partially hard in my pants just thinking about sucking him off. It wasn’t necessarily him I that was getting me excited, it was his dick. In my soul searching over the past year, I truly had become — what I like to call — “Cock Crazy” and no woman in the world was going to get me away from wanting to be in a homosexual relationship.

“Matthew.” I spoke. “I know we didn’t talk about it this time, but would you mind if I gave you head again?” I asked.

“I know that’s very forward of me and I am sorry to put you on the spot. But I really enjoyed it last time. So, if you want…” I Spoke.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” He asked.

“Yah, I’m definitely okay with it.” I replied. “If you are?” I furthered.

“I have no problem with it.” He spoke.

I leaned over and placed a soft gentle closed lip kiss on his lips. I didn’t want to make out, but I wanted to let him know that this was going to be more “loving” and “caring” then some prearranged blow job like last time.

I slid down off of the couch and onto my knees right in front of him. Almost exactly where I was three weeks ago. I unbuckled his belt and started fumbling with his shorts button and zipper. Matthew lifted his hips and istanbul travesti slid his own shorts down, sitting in his boxers. I rubbed up and down his legs getting him turned on, as I sat fixated looking at his crotch. I could see he was starting to get hard, as his boxers were pitching a tent. I don’t think he was as nervous as he was the last time, but I think he still had some apprehensions. While I was bit nervous, because of the situation. This time I was more turned on and eager to start sucking cock.

I pulled the waistband of his boxers down, letting his dick spring free. I leaned in and slid his cock in my mouth and started slowly bobbing up and down. The taste of his cock was sexy and since he was almost fully erect, when I started, it didn’t take me long to get him to a full hard on. I held the material down with my hands as I continued sucking him off. It felt erotic to feel his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, as I listened to him breath deeper and deeper, letting out soft moans along the way.

I was so excited and so turned on sucking him that I was rock hard in my pants almost instantly. After a while of sucking him off with his boxer waistband “kind of” in the way, I slid Matthew’s cock out of my mouth and I pulled on the sides of his boxers, ripping them down and off. After getting them off, my face went right back down and I rammed his cock back into my mouth, sucking as hard and as deep as I could. As I continued pleasing him, Matthew lifted his polo shirt up and off of his head, sitting absolutely naked on my couch. I unbuttoned my pants and slid my right hand into my shorts, grabbing a hold of my cock. At that moment, I wasn’t nervous anymore. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t uneasy about this. Tonight, sucking his cock was getting me overly aroused.

I slid Matthew’s cock from my mouth and started to stand up. I wanted to take this to a better spot, a more comfortable spot and I wanted to be played with too. I reached out my hand to him and said; “Common.”

Matthew took my hand and started to get up off of the couch. I led him by the hand to my bedroom. As we walked into my room, I mumbled; “Climb onto the bed.”

As Matthew slid onto the bed, I pulled off my T-shirt, unzipped my shorts and slid them down, followed by my underwear, letting my cock pop free. I knelt down at the edge of the bed, as he adjusted his way over. I spread his legs further and went right back to sucking his cock. I was so turned on and so hard, that I felt like I was going to cum. I stroked myself slowly and deeply with my hand as I was sucking his cock. Lots of umm’s and ooh’s filled the room from both of us as I was giving him head.

“You’re gonna make me cum.” He softly spoke out as my head continued bobbing up and down.

But I didn’t want him to cum fast again, so I pulled his cock from my mouth and started to stand up. I reached istanbul travestileri out and grabbed Matthew by the back of his head and guided his torso downwards so he could suck my dick.

“Yah, that’s what I want!” He mumbled out, just as his mouth came face to face with my cock.

Matthew adjusted his position and slid my hard cock into his mouth. I looked down watching my dick sliding in and out of his mouth, feeling that exhilarating feeling of getting a blow job. I stood over him watching him suck me off for a few minutes, gawking down on his naked body, seeing his hard cock sticking straight up from his crotch. Wanting to suck him more. Wanting his cock in my ass. Wanting his cum!

“I want your cock, Matthew.” Blasted from my lips as I pulled his face from my dick.

“Move downward.” I suggested, as he started to move towards the center of the bed.

I knelt on top of the bed and swung around to be face to face with is dick, as he was adjusting to be lined up with mine. We both laid on our sides, in a side to side 69 and slid each other’s cock’s back into our mouths, continuing to blow each other. I wanted to keep sucking him. I wanted all of it! And just feeling his plum rounded head and long shaft sliding in and out of my mouth was exhilarating. It was always so amazing to me to be giving head. To feel what a hard cock felt like sliding in and out of my mouth. How much my mouth would water, the saliva making the shaft slippery. Knowing I was making my “man” cum. I wanted cock so bad for so long and now I am in a 69 sucking Matthew off and it couldn’t have been more erotic.

Feeling his mouth encompassing my hard cock, hearing the giant sucking sounds, bobbing back and forth at the same pace, feeling the pleasure we are giving each other. His warm skin draped in my arms as his cock slid in and out of my mouth, as mine slid in and out of his. I was fucking loving being sucked, while sucking and wouldn’t have changed that moment for anything in the world. It was so hot and erotic to be sucking a cock, while someone was sucking mine.

I bobbed back and forth as hard and as seep as I could. I wanted to swallow every inch of his cock, and make him cum so hard that he shook. Just feeling his long hard dick sliding in and out of my mouth was more than enough excitement to make me want cock forever. I could hear Matthew starting to moan and groan harder through his nose more frequently. I knew he was close to cumming and I wanted every bit of it down my throat.

I was sucking him so hard and so deep that he almost couldn’t suck my cock anymore, as I was bringing him closer to orgasm. His moans increased and his legs and hips began to thrust and I knew he was about to explode. But he couldn’t say anything because my cock was deep in his mouth.

Within seconds I felt the warm gooey sensation of his cum hitting my tongue travesti istanbul as he whimpered out. He grabbed the back of my hips pulling my cock deeper into his mouth, as he was exploding into mine. I just kept sucking his cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth taking down every drop of his cum. And loving the fact that he was exploding inside of me again. I sucked him for another minute, until he finally reached down to stop my momentum, because he had expelled every drop.

I pulled my face away from his cock as he shifted his body position slightly and went right back to sucking my dick. I laid there just watching is his head bouncing up and down, as his body was hunched over naked and exposed, as his dick slowly started to go limp. Still tasting his cum in my throat, still seeing his sexy cock hanging there, feeling my asshole widening waiting to be drilled, all while being sucked off.

Matthew was at a bad angle so he guided me back onto my feet as he crimped down at the edge of the mattress. He put my cock back into his mouth and continued sucking my cock for at least 5 more minutes. He was getting me close, but wasn’t quite getting me to orgasm and I wanted to cum.

I sat Matthew up more upright pulling my dick from his mouth. I stood over him stroking my cock, looking down on him. Looking down on his naked body, on his dick just lying there after cumming. I stroked myself for a minute or so before I knew I was going to cum. Matthew sat and watched in absolute pleasure seeing me jacking off in front of him. When I got close to cumming, I leaned him back onto his elbows and started stroking my cock right over his. It wasn’t long as I stared down at both of our cocks, that I exploded all over his dick and balls, shooting squirt after squirt of my cum all over his dick. I was so excited and so tuned on seeing my cum covering his cock, that I knew this was where I was meant to be.

I knelt down when I finished cumming and licked and sucked up all of my cum, sliding his flaccid cock in and out of my mouth a few more times, pleasing him a bit more. Letting him know I was always eager and ready to suck dick. Matthew laid back on the bed after I finished and I laid down next to him. We lightly touched lips again, but never did have a good kiss.

We laid there talking for a while, both us just naked, our cocks hanging out, both of us relieved and spent from shooting our loads. I asked Matthew during our conversation, if he felt he could fuck me. I followed up by explaining it had been a long time since I had been fucked and I wanted to experience that again.

Matthew believed it was possible and said; “Maybe next time.”

As we got dressed, Matthew asked me; “Hey did you ever hook up with that guy you liked?”

“No.” I replied. “It never panned out.”

Matthew left that night and I was overly excited that he had come by. I knew I was going to find a boyfriend and I knew I wanted nothing but dick for the rest of my life. Problem was, I had to find him.

Matthew did end up coming over a few weeks later and fucked me. It was incredible!

I’ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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