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Danny was up early for breakfast the next day. Morning coffee was a new thing for him and he did enjoy it. He made himself a cup and sat on the back porch, sipping it and thinking about the night before.

It was pretty obvious to Danny that his mom had sex when she got home. Her hair was a mess (“Oh, it was such a nice night we drove with the windows down!”), she wasn’t wearing her bra (“Oh, I put on an old one and the underwire was poking me so I took it off in the car.”) and she just smelled of sex (“It was such a hot day, I’m all sweaty. I probably stink!”) She had excuses for everything. Danny wasn’t a little kid anymore, he knew the truth.

He wondered if his mom and Mrs. Samms had sex together or if his dad fucked them both. Or maybe Mr. Samms fucked his mom while his dad fucked Mrs. Samms? Or maybe they all fucked each other in one big, bisexual orgy. He tried to imagine his dad sucking dick and just couldn’t. Mr. Samms though, yeah, he could see that guy sucking dick.

But his mind was really focused on his mom. He imagined her sucking cock and getting fucked by strange cocks. He loved imagining his mom’s big, floppy tits (“udders” as he now thought of them), wrapped around a hard cock and her getting tit fucked until a load of cum blasted onto her neck and face. He wondered if his dad liked to watch her with other cocks. He thought about his dad watching and getting head from Mrs. Samms while his mom got fucked by two big dicks. He didn’t imagine the guys, just their big hard dicks fucking his mom. “Spit Roasted”, the way Kyle and Mike probably did Michelle.

His sister, wow. He hadn’t really thought about what he’d done to her. Now he recalled it in detail. He hadn’t planned for her to enjoy it, that’s why he fucked her in the ass, yet she had. That made him feel…, well…, good he admitted to himself. In fact, when he realized she liked it, he’d done his best to last longer for her.

He wondered if he’d get a chance to again. “Probably,” he thought, “the bitch comes home wasted a lot. Maybe next time I’ll fuck her pussy.”

His thoughts were interrupted by his mom coming out with her morning tea. “Good Morning, Honey,” she smiled as she greeted him, “sleep well?”

“Yeah,” he said, “I guess I was really tired.”

His mom looked in his mug, “Is that coffee? When did my baby start drinking coffee?”

“Months ago, Mom.”

She nodded and bent down to give Danny a kiss on his forehead. She was wearing a buttoned up polo and he didn’t really see anything before she straightened up. “Well, I guess my little boy is a man now and doing all the things that grown men do. I just have to accept it”

Danny smiled. He wasn’t sure what that meant. Was there a sexual innuendo or was it just a mom saying a mom thing?

He looked at her for a clue. Yesterday at the party she’d been dressed a little more, well, MILF like, almost slutty. Today she was in a mom jeans, a polo shirt and a pair of Keds. Not bad looking, but certainly not MILF like, more soccer-mom like.

“Mom, can we go to the planetarium today? Just you and me?” he asked.

“Well, I know I promised a just us day, but we really should ask your father and Michelle if they’d like to go.”

“Go where?” Michelle asked, dragging herself out of the kitchen, wearing a robe. She had barely cleaned herself up from the night before. Her robe was mostly open and Danny thought he could see dried cum on her chest and bra. Still in her hair, too. It looked the only thing she’d done was put on fresh pair of panties and her robe.

His mother rushed over to Michelle and pulled her robe shut. “Oh, for heavens sake, cover yourself, Sweetie! Your brother’s right there!”

Danny grinned at the spectacle and thought, “Really, Mom was flashing me her tits last night and now she’s chiding Michelle about modesty?”

“Danny and I were going to the planetarium today. Would you like to join us?” His mom kept fussing with Michelle’s hair as she spoke, “What the heck is in your hair?”

“Ugh, no, no boring planetarium and no hanging out with this pain in the ass,” his sister responded as she pushed his mom away.

“Fine,” bursa suriyeli escort escort his mom huffed, “well, I’m going to ask your father, Danny. I’ll be right back. Try not to kill each other.”

Michelle plopped down chair across from Danny and looked at him over the rim of her mug. “What are you ginning about, you little ass-hole?”

“Nothing,” Danny replied and kept grinning, thinking about Michelle’s little ass-hole and what he’d done to it and how good it felt.

She sighed and put her coffee down. “Look, I know I’ve been giving you a lot of shit lately and I never congratulated you on the Ashworth thing. I know it’s a big deal and I think it really is kind of cool my brother won it. Even if it does have a stupid name. So congratulations.”

She took a sip and added, “You’re not such a bad guy. For a brother, I mean. I guess it could have been worse.”

Danny tilted his head and looked at her. He wasn’t sure how to respond to Michelle being nice to him.

His mother appeared in the doorway and Michelle shifted gears. “Damn, you little creep, stop staring at my tits,” she said, pulling her robe closed tighter.

His mother stepped onto the porch. “Danny, I told you, don’t stare, it’s not polite. And Michelle, if you didn’t stick them out there, boys won’t stare.

“Anyway,” she continued, “it looks like it’s just the two of us, Your father wants to return the tent to the rental place and clean the pool. We can leave as soon as your ready.”

“Perfect,” he said. He finished his coffee and headed to shower.


It was quiet in the car while his mother drove. Danny was trying to work up the nerve to ask her about the other day. Finally he just started talking.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, Honey, anything.”

“Anything?” he asked.

“Yes, anything.”

“And you promise you’ll answer and tell the truth?” he pressed her.

“Yes, of course.”

Danny was quiet again for a minute. And then he asked the first of many questions.

“Yesterday, when you showed me your tits, why did you do that?”

“Oh, Honey,” she answered, her face getting flush, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Danny interrupted her, “Mom, you promised.”

“Yes, I suppose I did.” His mom sighed and pulled off into a park and ride lot. It was Sunday so the lot, usually filled with commuters meeting for ride shares or grabbing a bus, was empty. She pulled to the back of the lot, under some trees and turned off the engine. Looked at her hands on the steering wheel she started to speak.

“Well, at the party, I saw you looking down Megan’s, er, Mrs. Samms’ shirt and admiring her and I guess I got a little jealous. And I was feeling insecure, she has such a lovely body and I don’t anymore. And I was talking with her about it and she said the only reason you don’t look at me that way is because I never let you. And she told me I should.”

Danny thought for a second. “You do have a nice body, Mom. Kyle and Mike think you’re a MILF. I do, too.”

She blushed and felt a vague stirring. “Thank you, Dear. I admit it was thrilling when I caught you peaking down my shirt and I guess that’s why I took it a little further than she told me to.”

“So you did it because Mrs. Samms told you to?”

His mother sighed again, “Well, yes. She and I have a… special friendship. I, um, I listen to her… advice… on certain matters. I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Danny thought for a moment. An awkward silence filled the car. His mother kept her eyes locked on the steering wheel.

Danny gathered his courage. The next question was a big one, he had to phrase it the right way. “Mom, are you her sub?”

His mother’s head snapped around and she stared at him, her mouth open, face red. “Where did you hear that term?”

“Mom, I’ve had a computer in my room for 5 years.”

She nodded. “You have. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked you and your sister are not as innocent as I was at your age.”

“So are you? Her sub, I mean? Are you guys lesbians?”

His mother bursa ucuz escort dropped her eyes back to the steering wheel. “Danny, this is complicated. When I was your age it was a different time, people tended to be much more judgemental.

“I left for college with very little experience. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have… needs,” she continued, “it just means I hid them. Repressed them. Your father was just a little older and more experienced than I was and tried to… help me. For a time, it was enough. But, as married couples are together for a long time things start to get routine and sometimes it’s not enough anymore.

“When your sister became a woman and I saw how free she was with her body and the pleasure she got and gave, I guess it stirred up a lot of old desires. I strayed. My actions could have had serious consequences. Luckily Mrs. Samms found me and helped your father and I explore my needs more fully together. I think she saved our marriage. Our family.

She took a deep breath as she finished. It was all out on the table now. She felt more mild twitches of arousal in her pussy.

Danny had been quiet as his mother spoke and after she finished. “Have you had sex with her?” he asked.

“Yes I did. Yes, she and I have sex, but we’re not lesbians and it’s not something seedy or weird. It’s not fucking in some cheesy suburban basement dungeon with fake leather, nylon whips and plastic chains. It’s mostly oral sex. Mostly me licking her. And it is beautiful.

“Not,” she added, “that there is anything wrong with lesbians, or gay men for that matter. We’re just not. I guess maybe we’re what you would call bisexual.”

She could feel herself getting wet as she spoke. With each more it became easier to tell the truth. Her son was showing a dominant character she’d never noticed before, almost like he was a different person. It excited her; she couldn’t help but answer truthfully.

And Danny could sense a change, too. His dick was hard as he looked at his mother. He wanted to see those tits (“udders”) of hers again. “Mom,” he said, “I liked looking at your tits. Did you like showing me?”

Her pussy twitched again, harder this time. “Yes.”

“What would you have done if I touched them? Would you have let me? Would you have liked it?”

She thought for a minute and answered in a soft voice. “Yes, I would have let you and I would have enjoyed it. I think I actually wanted you to. But that moment has.” and then she turned her eyes to him and asked, “hasn’t it?”

Danny saw an odd look in her eyes. What was it? Fear? Hope? Desire? All of that mixed together?

“No.” he said. He dropped his eyes to her chest and continued, “the moment hasn’t past for me.”

She saw him staring at her chest and warmth and desire spreading from between her legs. As if hypnotized she lifted her shirt and exposed her breasts to Danny. She reached behind herself and opened her bra. She bit her lower lip as her tits fell free.

He sat, looking at them, frozen. They were big and sagged a bit. There were some stretch marks but they still looked good. Almost unconsciously he rubbed his dick through his pants with his right hand as she took his left and placed it on her tit.

Unintentionally he said aloud, “Udders”.

It had barely been a whisper but she heard it. Far from being offended, the disrespect and humiliation broke down the last of her defenses. Her pussy was literally soaking through her jeans.

Danny could see it. He heard her gasp and saw the spot appear just after the word slipped from his lips. He pinched his mother’s right nipple and she groaned. He swore the wet spot got bigger. This time, in a confident voice he said it again, as a complement. “Great udders, Mom. You’re a MILF for sure.” He pinched her other nipple as he said it.

“Yesss,” she moaned, “thank you.” She could see the little bulge in his pants. She knew the way he was rubbing himself, he’d probably cum in his pants soon. Her head was whirling. Words came unbidden to her mouth. “I-I, I can help you,” she offered, “If you want.”

Danny continued bursa üniversiteli escort to pinch her nipples. “Help me?”

“I could, um, well, orally help you,” she stuttered, “you know, with my mouth. If you want.”

Danny nodded while thinking, “now I know where Michelle gets her slut gene from.”

He leaned back in his seat. She knelt in her own, reached over, quickly undid his pants and slid them to his knees. She hadn’t seen his dick and years and it looked like it hadn’t gotten much bigger since the last time, but it was very hard. Her face was inches away, she could smell it.

Suddenly she had a brief moment of lucid panic. “What am I doing?” she thought, “this is insane. This is my son! And we could get caught any minute! Oh my God, what have I done? What am I doing?”

And then his hand reached under her to cup one of her breasts. When he’d first touched her she’d expected him to be gentle, but but he wasn’t. He was even rougher and crude now, the way she liked. He pinched a nipple and the panic faded, replaced by her own needs and desires. It was almost like she was drugged. She opened her mouth and lowered her head and took his cock in.

It was small, probably the smallest she’d sucked in decades, probably the smallest since the back seat of her father’s Chevy in High School. Certainly nothing like the cocks she’d gotten used to sucking. It was easy to take the whole thing in. She moved her head up and down, in a steady pace, taking the whole thing in with each drop of her head.

Suddenly again she had a moment of panic. “What the fuck am I doing?” She almost stopped herself when Danny spoke.

“That feels good,” was all he said.

It was too late she realized. It would be unfair to Danny to stop now. “Well,” she thought, “we might as well both enjoy it.”

She took her mouth off his dick and looked at him. She said, “Fuck my mouth,” and took one of his hands and put it on the back of her head. She opened her mouth and accepted his cock as he pushed it in.

Danny began to lift his ass off the seat, thrusting to meet his mother with each pump.

At some point se took her mouth off to lick his balls and admire his dick. Suddenly he pushed down on her head with both hands. The first shot of his cum hit her face. She wasn’t ready, he came for her so easily, it surprised her. Another shot hit her neck. She quickly put her mouth over his dick to catch the rest. More and more pumped into her mouth, none leaking out.

“So much cum for such a little dick,” she thought, “the poor boy needed it.”

Danny melted into his seat as she sucked out the last of his cum out. He mother picked her head up as she swallowed and looked around. They were still alone in the lot. Thank God. She pulled down her shirt quickly, not bothering to fix her bra. She nudged Danny to pull up his pants.

She looked at her ruined makeup in the mirror and saw just a little cum in her hair and on her collar. She thought back to Michelle that morning and all the dried cum she had in her hair and on her chest. “Must have been 2 or 3 guys at least,” she thought, “lucky girl.”

Fearful of being caught, she quickly started the engine and pulled out of the lot as her boy buckled his belt.

“Danny, I shouldn’t have done that and we can’t tell anyone, okay?” His mother was nervous as she spoke.

“I know. I won’t say anything,” he answered. And then another question. “Mom, did Mrs. Samms tell you to do this, too?”

“No,” she signed, her eyes the road, “but she warned me something like this might happen if I wasn’t careful. I guess she knows my weaknesses.” She was very conscious of the cooling wet spot between her legs, her open bra and her son’s cum on her. “Do you mind if we skip the Planetarium and go home, Honey? I need to get cleaned up.”

“Yeah, that’s cool. This was what I really wanted to do with you anyway, Mom. Can I ask you something else?”

She felt more twinges between her legs. The question game was how this started. She answered, “Yes,” and winced inside.

“Did you like it, Mom? Sucking my dick?”

“Yes,” she said softly. The twitch in her pussy was like an earthquake. “Yes,” she whispered, “I suppose I did. But we can’t tell your father or anyone else, they wouldn’t understand.”

She felt weak. Danny had gotten his release but she had not. She needed cock in her pussy. Danny was young. “Maybe,” she thought, “if Michelle and Curt are out, Danny can fuck me when we get home. If not, I guess Curt will do.

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