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I was all tapped out by the time that I crashed on that bed. Between booze, pitching in at the bar, several rounds of hot, steamy, sweaty sex with three gorgeous women, and all of that delicious food, I was sleepy as fuck. I dozed off for what must have been hours when I felt kisses on my face, neck, and chest revive me at last. I had no idea what time it was, but I knew that my bladder was full and needed emptying, so I instinctively rose and headed for the bathroom.

“I see that you helped yourself to my bathroom as you did to my wife and my girlfriends,” a male voice told me from behind as I washed my hands.

I looked in the mirror and saw an aging fellow, rather burly in fact, with white hair and sideburns. He smiled as he noticed me flinch and startle, but he also waved his hand a bit as if to calm me down. He waited until my hands were clean and I turned around to speak to me again.

“Relax, I’m not Michelle’s first hubby, Warren. He’s into men. I’m not. I definitely prefer women. And I was also being a little facetious. You’re more than welcome to make yourself at home, stud. I could use the help with all three of my lovely ladies. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a fifty-seven year old man to keep up with three constantly horny sluts, not that I mind, but I suspect that I was going to be fucked into the grave, sooner or later. There are worse ways to go, but I’m just saying that I could definitely stand for the helping hand there,” Brian chuckled.

“Michelle said that, well … I don’t want to insult you, but she brought up something else,” I hinted at the sterility, but Brian wasn’t one to be evasive.

“My sterility, yeah. The mumps. Fuck me sideways, the damn mumps got me. I’ve been sterile ever since, though I’ve used that to great benefit in the past. I could fuck any woman that I wanted and not have to worry about paternity suits or anything that might interfere with business. Now, however, I want to be a father, forget grandfather, I won’t live long enough for that. The only way to do that is raise another man’s child, and why not in a way that no one is aware of the fact? The kid doesn’t need to know that he or she is adopted, do they? So, I, Brian Killian, must essentially encourage my wife to do what she already wants to do, namely fuck around, which I do as well. There you go. You get to be Daddy four times over. From having your own daughters from your recent marriage to siring children on my three ladies,” Brian bluntly encouraged me to boff his wife some more.

“Okay, but only the ones by Michelle are legally presumed to be bahis siteleri yours, right?” I stipulated, getting an easy nod on that.

“That’s all I need for my legacy. Someone to pass the bar down to in the future. Nothing against Warren or his boyfriend, I’m no racist, but I can’t let it be obvious while I’m married that Michelle is pregnant to someone else. If she wants them to breed her, she needs to wait until I’m dead first. It’s just a practical issue, if you will. There needs to be no question of paternity in the public eye, at least. My family and friends must assume that Michelle’s baby is mine,” Brian leveled with me some more.

“Good thinking. It’s not racist to want the children to not be obviously another man’s. That’s just common sense. You’re not Charlie Baileygates, after all,” I alluded to Jim Carrey’s character from Me, Myself, and Irene, “anyway, let’s continue this discourse away from the bathroom, shall we?” I laughed a bit as we joined Michelle, Karen, and Ashley at the breakfast table … along with Kayla and Carmen.

“Ladies,” I smiled at them as they all sat there, naked, eating the breakfast that Ashley made for us all, one of ham and onion omelettes and hash browns.

“Saul, or should I say, lover?” Michelle licked her lips as she bit off some more of her omelette, “you definitely fucked me but good last night.”

“And I got home from drinking with my friends, found her in bed with you, and just got busy screwing her deep and hard. No, I didn’t mind the sloppy seconds. It made for extra lube. God, I love this woman! Horny bitch, just my type!” Brian laughed as he recalled what happened while I was three sheets to the wind.

“Don’t forget what happened later this morning, too,” Ashley observed, winking at her boss, “when I woke you up with a blowjob and then went all cowgirl on you?”

“That you did, you sweet little minx! I love you for that! And then Karen surprised me in the shower, gave me that Viagra, and had me going hot and heavy for a good hour or so. It’s a wonder that I didn’t have a massive coronary from all this humping!” Brian belly laughed now, even as Kayla and Carmen flirted with him … and all of us.

“Well, I don’t want you left out while Saul breeds us all. By the way, Saul, Kayla and Carmen want their share of your seed, too. That’s what they’re here to discuss with us. It seems that you’re to breed five women, not just three, if that’s fine with you. They also want to fuck Brian, but that’s just for fun. You two men will need to invest in your vitamins, sharing five women together with each other. canlı bahis siteleri Naturally, when not at work, when at here … well, you get the idea.

“Also, Saul, we want you to move in with us. When I told you that Ashley and I were roommates, I didn’t tell you that we live with Michelle and Brian, did I? Do whatever you want with your old place. Maybe crash over there whenever your daughters are with you, use it to have time with them. But when not with them, why not stay here and fuck us half to death?” Karen urged me, leaving no question that she wanted a communal living situation.

“Maybe we can move in as well, at the risk of being forward? It would save on rent, at least,” Kayla suggested, while Carmen actually sucked on her neck.

“Do that, honeys. Move in with us. Right, Brian, baby? Imagine a house with five women and two men, how busy and fun will that be? Oh, and Carmen needs to get pregnant sooner rather than later, too, as she’s in danger of losing her green card. She doesn’t want to have to return to Baja, not if she can help it. You’ll help her there, won’t you?” Michelle all but invited me to breed sultry Carmen, a fantastic young woman from Tijuana.

“I make excellent fish tacos and I love to suck cock after it’s been in me, too,” Carmen made eyes at me, leaving no question that she was happy to be offered up on a silver platter to me by her boss’s wife.

“I could titty-fuck you, too, I trust,” Brian inquired.

“Fuck my tits and motorboat me, whatever you want to do. Same with Senor Saul, in fact. Milk me and drink it all down if you wish,” Carmen volunteered, though she wasn’t prepared for Kayle to be the first to take her up on the proffered adult nursing arrangement.

“Baby, I’ve been waiting to suck your tits forever!” Kayla confessed now, even I felt my cock grow to maximum stiffness now.

“Okay, who wants this?” I offered the ladies, only to have Ashley jump onto my lap in a hurry and plant her pussy squarely on my cock to ride me.

“Oh … fuck me now! Remember, I’m fertile and I want to get fucked good and hard … I want to be knocked up by you!” Ashley reminded me that she was ovulating and wanted to have my babies.

“Yes, I seriously want to breed you, honey. Trust me on that point. You’re quite delectable and seeing you with a baby bump swelling up your belly will just add to your beauty and charms, not take away from them,” I reassured my sweet she-devil as I took her from beneath … and watched Brian get it on with his own wife, Michelle, right in front of me.

“See, it really is love, canlı bahis can’t you tell? They share, but they adore each other. They’re such a fucking cute couple together, still very much in love, the sharing only making it more fun, that’s all. That’s the way that a couple should be, I think. Love, share, love some more. They’re my idols!” Karen whispered as she fed her tits to Ashley … and me.

“They are a wonderful couple, yes … so much love that they just have to share it. They’re both such loving people, plain and simple,” Ashley agreed as I fucked her harder and fondled her sweet buns, both of us sucking eagerly on Karen’s fantastic tits.

“Yes, fuck … each other! Both of you! Give it to our little demon good and hard as she wants it!” Kayla, a bit of a girl next door with her sandy hair and hazel eyes, surprised me with the intensity of her voyeuristic delight.

“Yes, treat me like the succubus that I wish that I were! Fuck me hard! Bend me over and use me good and rough!” Ashley begged me, rising to bend over the table and plead for me to hit it from the back.

Ashley was so drenched by now that the more I humped her slick snatch from behind, the more I had to worry that I’d slip out and hit the pubic bone, which would really hurt. She was that eager, that wet, that desperate to climax with me and have me spill my seed in her fertile womb that she couldn’t help but tighten up in response to the fear that I would slip out and go soft. She moved those hips like nobody’s business, craving more and more of me by the second. I held on for dear life, but it was hard to say whether I fucked her more or she fucked me back even harder.

All that I knew was that I was in my personal idea of Heaven on Earth, balls deep in this lovely blonde sweetheart who craved my seed as if her life depended upon it. It was more than any fears or worries to pleasure her and enjoy her at once as she did her level best to service me, putting me first in so many ways that putting her first seemed only the least that I could do right then. It was truly amazing, as far from the selfishness and unfairness of my estranged wife Tracy as one could be.

Toward the end, before I learned of her true intentions and why she only let me eat her, not fuck her, I was already fed up with Tracy. Ashley, on the other hand, made me want to eat her out on my own, without prodding or bartering or punishment/reward system to encourage anything. It was a true one-hundred eighty, night and day difference here, with Ashley quite capable of making me enjoy as well as admire the fuck out of her. As we came together at last, my cum filling her sweet, slippery slit while she creamed herself on me, I knew that if this was what Ashley liked to do for me and other lovers, we’d get along famously. It was a truly beautiful thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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