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Dad had to sit down awhile and when I got up from the exam table I was dripping cum down both sides of my inner thighs. My legs were shaking a little as I made it to the toilet and peed. I stepped into the shower and unscrewed the nozzle and flushed out my pussy. When I came out of the bathroom Dad was fully recovered and had put his clothes back on. “What would you like for lunch,” he asked. A little more of the same I told him and gave him a big grin.

“I think a little nourishment is in order to keep up our strength and he grinned back at me. He brought out a bottle of red wine and fixed us grilled cheese sandwiches. He only gave me a half glass of the wine but when he wasn’t looking I drank what I had and poured me about the same amount that Dad had poured. We cleaned up and Dad asked me what I wanted to do that afternoon. I took him by the hand and led him into his bedroom. I felt a little woozy from the wine.

Between the wine and my Dad’s gentle probing of my body I became very horny and my pussy ached to be fucked again. For the next three hours my Dad fucked me in every way possible in all my hole’s. He ate my pussy until I thought I would go nuts with desire. He fucked my mouth, my pussy and my Ass. After eating my pussy for close to ¾ of an hour he then fucked me and I had one climax after the other. When he was ready to cum he took his cock and placed it in my mouth and came down my throat. After a short rest I sucked his cock hard and then he fucked me in the Ass. I was glad now that Bruno had fucked me there so when he slid his wonderful cock into my Ass it felt wonderful. He fucked me for a long time before he came. My pussy was gushing with my love juices when he did. I just can’t seem to get enough of the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me.

We knew he had to take me home in and hour but I was still a little woozy so we went for a long walk which did the trick. On the way home he asked me if I would like to go to Universal studios the next day which was Sunday. I said I would love to if he promised to fuck me before and after. He smiled and said if there is time. I tried to give him a blow job but he wouldn’t let me. I turned and scooted my Ass close to him and settled for letting him finger fuck me. He got his finger in just the right spot on My “G” spot and as he rubbed I came once and then came again shooting a stream of cum all over his leg and car seat. I was so turned on I almost fainted. He ended up driving a long way out of the way to my house in order for me to recover my composure enough that I could go into the house without my Mother knowing anything was going on. His hard on wouldn’t let him get out of the car so I jumped out and he hurried away as we waved goodbye.

Ever sense I was caught with my dick in Ashlee’s (my daughter) mouth and was let off the hook by my wife because I promised never to touch her again I swore to myself that I would never let that happen again. The fact that I was paying the mortgage and child support certainly was a small price to pay for staying out of jail and losing my practice. I was truly sorry I had let it happen.

When I picked up Ashlee I was genuinely happy to see her but also very nervous. When
Ashlee Ask me to fulfill my promise I was prepared to tell her why it could never happen and how sorry I was about every thing. When she told me about fucking a dog I was totally in shock. When I finally comprehended what she said I immediately wanted to examine her for any possible damage. During the exam when I was probing her Vagina with a special instrument I was flabbergasted that the probe made her cum. It had never happened with any of my patience in the past.

When she grabbed my head and mashed my face into her vagina I thought OH NO, and I struggled to get my face away. Because she was able to hold me there just long enough for me to smell her wonderful aroma and taste her sweet pussy with my tongue my resolve was completely shattered. I began to devour her sweet pussy like a wolf that had not eaten for a week. I think I went mad. I fucked her with a furry I never felt before. But when the fury subsided I thought. “Oh shit, what have I done, I just put my whole life in the hands of a thirteen year old. If she tells anyone that is the end, I would go to jail and never be able to practice medicine again. DAM, DAM, I’ll just have to sweat it out.

When I got home I found Mom sitting at the kitchen table in her robe and a cup of coffee in front of her. I could tell she didn’t have her bra on because I could see most of her tits. The coffee looked cold. Hi Mom I said and sat down opposite of her. She just starred at me for a few minutes and then asked me if I had a good time. It was ok I got a little bored because Dad had to make an emergency run to the hospital. You know how hospitals are, nothing to do but read magazines and stare at the walls I lied. But Dad is taking me to Universal Studio’s tomorrow to make up for it.

She just sat there for awhile and I was becoming uncomfortable şişli escort with the silence. Finally she asked me what happened last night. Oh Oh I thought and said what you mean. “You know when I came home.” Oh that. I said ,well you came home in a cab and I guess you were to drunk to drive so the cabby and I brought you into the house. That reminds me the fair was $16 dollars and I gave him one of your twenty’s and told him to keep the change. “Then what happened?” she asked. She was staring straight into my eyes. Well it was a struggle but I managed to get you to your bedroom and I undressed you and then went to bed. You were out like a dead person and were snoring before I got to the door.

“Did, did we do anything else,” she stammered. I really got tense but I said like what? “Like, did we do anything together?” Nooo I said, ohh yes I did try to wake you up and you put your arms around me and pulled me on top of you and gave me a big hug that’s all. “You’re sure that was all” she asked. Yes, why do you asked? Did you think something else happened? “No, never mind, I’m glad you had a good time. Did, your dad try anything with you,” she asked. NO DAMMIT, I wanted him to but he wouldn’t. He said he made a promise to you and he was sorry for everything we did. I told him I wasn’t sorry but I was sorry you interfered.

“Don’t talk that way, what he was doing with you was incest and it is against the law.” I don’t care I wanted him to fuck me I said. WHAM, she slapped me across the face, “Don’t you dare talk like that because if you let him touch you I will have him put in Jail.” YOU BETTER NOT I SCREAMED BECAUSE IF YOU DO I WILL TELL THEM THAT YOU FORCED ME TO EAT YOUR PUSSY AND BUTT FUCK YOU WITH MY FIST AND THAT YOU ATE MY PUSSY I continued at the top of my voice.

“OHHHHHH MY GOD, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT,” she shouted. YOU LITTLE SLUT and she began to cry. I stood there shaking. I couldn’t believe I had said that. Finally I said what’s the big deal? I loved eating your pussy and you liked it. I made you cum several times and when I fisted your Ass you liked it because you kept shoving your Ass back against my fist I lied. “Oh honey don’t talk like that its wrong.” Why is it wrong, I love you and Dad and I loved fucking. Who else should you have sex with but with someone you love. In some ways it’s partly your fault I’m the way I am. I use to watch you and Dad fucking and you enjoyed it so much that I wanted to be just like you.

“Oh sweetheart I ‘m so sorry you saw us like that.” It’s ok Mom You showed me without knowing it how pleasurable sex is. But when you made Dad leave you forced me to have other outlets. Wait here a minute, I’ll be right back. I went out side and brought Bruno in the house and took him in the living room. I told him to sit and stay and went into the bathroom and got a big bath towel and laid it on the couch. I sat down on the towel at the edge of the couch and let Bruno lick my pussy and when he mounted me in the missionary style and shoved his cock in me I called Mom to come in.

When she walked into the room what she saw made her gasp and her mouth flew open as she watched her daughter being fucked by dog. I lifted my hips so Bruno cock could fully penetrate me and I felt his huge cock slam deep into my womb and began to fuck me like a huge rabbit. I could feel his wonderful dick getting bigger and his knot began to swell and enter my now hot fuck hole as I came twice one after the other I purposely moaned out loud and said, Oh yes Bruno Baby fuck me, fuck me, Oh god that feels so good baby you are making me cum sooooo much. I came again as I felt his thick hot cum shooting deep inside my pussy.

Mom just collapsed in the chair her eyes wide open starring between my legs as Bruno made his final jerks into me. We laid like that for about ten minutes before his knot came out with a loud plop which startled her. “Oh honey I’m so ashamed at what I caused you to come to this state.” Why should you be ashamed, I’m happy that things worked out like they did. You should try it, its great sex Mom. I know you haven’t been having any lately so give yourself a treat.

I knelt in front of Mom and put my head in her lap and began to caress her legs. After about twenty minutes I reached around her Ass and pulled her forward so that her Ass was on the edge of the seat. I spread her legs and got up and came around to the back of the chair and began to massage her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes and I could feel her relax. I motioned for Bruno who got up and stuck his nose between her legs and began to lick her pussy.

Mom’s eyes flew open and she tried to get up but I held her shoulders firmly against the chair. I said softly, relax Mom let Bruno take away the tension. It took a minute or two before she relaxed and I saw her lift her Ass a little which aloud Bruno’s tongue to penetrate deep inside her pussy. As his tongue worked over her clit and pussy hole she began to moan my god what am I doing. I let him lick her for five or six minutes. I reached down and began to be massage taksim escort her Breasts. “OH honey that feels so good, I should be letting you do this” she whispered.

I told Bruno to mount and he jumped up on her putting his paws on her shoulders and began to pump. It took him a little while to find her pussy because she was trying to struggle up. Then I saw him lunge forward and knew his cock had entered her cunt. She grunted from the force and the cried out, “Oh my god, (pause) Oh shit Ashlee, I can’t believe I’m letting your dog fuck meeee, Oh shit Yes, and she lifted her Ass as the dog pounded into her. “Haauuuuuuuuug,” she screamed and I knew his knot had entered her hole. I watched as he shortened his jabs and she screamed, Ohhhhhhh fuck, and I knew he was shooting his hot cum deep into her vagina. Her Ass was jerking her pussy into his cock and she milked his cock of every bit of his doggy cum and collapsed in a heap on the chair. Bruno stayed tied to her for about fifteen minutes before his knot came out.

She didn’t move she just sat there almost in shock it seemed like. I said Mom, MOM; she looked up at me with almost a blank stare. I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. I took off her robe and started the shower. I took her in the shower and began washing her with soap. I soaped her tits massaging them with my soapy hands and then her upper body. I took the bar of soap and ran it up and down her Ass crack before slipping a couple of fingers in. I finger fucked her Ass for a minute or two before soaping her red little furry patch. I massaged soap up into her pussy and over her legs and feet. I rubbed her clit until I made her cum. I washed all the soap off front and back before removing the shower head douching her pussy and Ass real good. She was like a zombie and just let me do anything I wanted.

I led her back to bed and helped her put on a night gown and to get into bed. I laid down beside her and softly kissed her. I laid my head on her chest and began massaging her left breast. I massaged and ran my finger tip around her nipple. She lifted my head and said, “Did I really just let your dog fuck me?” Yes mommy you did, didn’t you like it, you seemed too. “Ohhhhh my god, what is happening to us,” she moaned.” You liked it didn’t you? He made you cum a lot; you did like it didn’t you? I repeated. “Yes, yes, God help me I did.” I laid my head back on her chest and continued to squeeze and massage her nipple.

After a little while I moved my hand down to her pussy and put two fingers into her. I began finger fucking her and massaging her clit with my thumb. “Oh god honey we really shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered. Don’t you like it? As I put a little more pressure on her clit. “Ohhhhh yes honey I like it but it’s so wrong to do this, its incest and is morally wrong.” How can it be wrong, I love making love to you and you really do enjoy it don’t you? Yesss honey I do, may God forgive me for enjoying it so much.

At that moment she lifted her Ass up and came with a soft grown “Aaahhhhhh.” I felt my pussy getting wetter and I slid down between her legs and began to lick her pussy slit. I took a long time licking and sucking on her clit. How I loved the taste of her. She started to wiggle her Ass and then she wrapped her legs around my head and began cumming about every two minutes. She moaned, “Oh honey, how can a thirteen year old make me feel this way, Ohhhh Ashlee you make me feel so horny, hot and trashy all at the same time. OHHHH YESSSS, Uuuuuuuuh. I took a finger and inserted it into her vagina and searched for her “G” button. When I found it I started rubbing it vigorously. Two minutes later She reared her Ass and screamed “OHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOD” and came all over my face and chest like a fountain. So much of her cum came out that I choked because I couldn’t swallow fast enough.
Mom collapsed and fell sleep and I went to sleep with my head lying on her pussy.

When I caught my husband with his cock in my daughter’s mouth I was flabbergasted. I was so mad that if I had a gun I would have shot him. After the divorce and our agreement I kept wondering how such a thing could happen. What was it I did that sent him to our daughter’s bed? I thought we had a great relationship and I loved the way he made love. His hands always knew just how to please me and he could make me cum faster than any other man had ever done not that there were that many. I thought I pleased him as well. I was hurt deeply. For awhile I hated men, and then I dated a few trying to prove my womanhood. But every time I gauged them by my ex-husbands love making. Then I quit trying.

That morning I woke up after the party and I had a terrible head ache and my ass hole was sore. I have a full length mirror in the bathroom so I bent over and looked at my Ass. My hole was wide open not like it was suppose to be. I remembered dreaming that someone had fisted me in the Ass and ate my pussy. Was it a dream or real? I vaguely remembered waking up and seeing Ashlee between my beşiktaş escort legs. NOOO I thought it was a dream but how could I even dream of having Ashlee doing that. I felt a sudden flushing between my legs and I got a little damp down there. I though my god how could you even think something like that.

Then that night hearing Ashlee tell me that I was to blame for the dog fucking her I thought I would die. But walking in the living room and seeing that dog fucking my little baby girl I went numb, my mind went blank. The next thing I remembered was the dog on top of me and his huge cock inside my vagina fucking me like a jackhammer. My brain didn’t seem to connect but my pussy did. I felt myself cum and when that huge knot slammed inside me pussy I began to cum after every spurt of his hot cum as it shot into me. My brain clicked in and I realized how on fire my pussy was and I started shoving my pelvis into him so that his cock went deeper and deeper. I kept saying to my self, “Are you crazy what are you doing, your acting like a wantom whore but when the tip of his cock entered my cervix and began shooting his very hot thick cum into my cervix I think I went insane with desire. When it was over my brain became numb again.

Later after I let Ashlee wash me all over in the shower I thought about how good it felt when she finger fucked me in the Ass and pussy. But when she laid her head on my chest and played with my breast like when she was very small and then began to finger fuck me I lost all resistance. I woke up the next morning and found Ashlee gone I went into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror finally with a sigh I admitted I like the dog fucking me and I loved it when Ashlee made love to me. My god, how could I condemn my ex-husband for doing the same thing? I was sitting on the bed when her dog came in and shoved his nose between my legs. I had no resistance, I let him lick me and when he jumped up forcing me back onto the bed and I could feel his dick trying to find my hole I automatically reached down and guided his cock inside me. I threw my legs around his back and the full length of his cock shot up into my pussy. He fucked me with so much power and speed I thought I would die. I began cumming and when his knot went up inside me I felt his dick head enter my cervix. I couldn’t stop cumming. I came with almost every shot of his hot sperm as it shot into me over and over. I collapsed and we were tied together for I don’t know how long, well over a half hour. I let that dam dog fuck me three more times before Ashlee came home.


I woke up hearing the door bell ringing. I looked at the clock and it said 8:15. Oh shit its Dad. I ran to the door and let him in, I was naked. “Where the heck were you I’ve been ringing for over ten minutes,” he shouted. I’m sorry I over slept Dad. “Why are you naked and where is your mother?” He asked. She’s sleeping she took a sleeping pill last night. “Well, get dressed I certainly don’t want your mother to see you naked in front of me.” I told him I needed a shower and I would be ready in fifteen minutes. After showering I put on a pair of hot pants with no underwear and a tight tea shirt with no bra.

WE left sixteen minutes later. As I got in the car I could see the stain from the day before where I had cum from his finger. As we drove to his place I reached over and began to rub his cock and by the time we got to his town house he had a raging hard on. We no sooner got inside when he lifted me up above his head and stuck his face into my cunt. I threw my legs around his head and immediately came as his tongue probed the inside of my pussy. He walked into his examining room banging into the door and wall because he couldn’t see with my pussy pushed tightly into his face and my legs wrapped around his her and shoulders. He sat me on the edge of the examining table and continued eating my pussy. I leaned back enjoying the pleasure of his tongue as he licked and sucked my clit.

I came several times before he lifted me in his arms and took me to his bedroom. He fucked me for over twenty minutes before I felt his hot cum shoot into my love hole. I was delerious with pleasure as I felt him side in and out of my very wet pussy. I felt like I was in heaven because he made me cum over and over.

We left around eleven and went to Universal studios. I had a wonderful time. We saw the parting of the sea and many more events as well as riding on several rides. We went into one theater that showed the entire universe on the ceiling. We sat in the last row in the corner where it was the darkest and I gave my Dad a blow Job. It took me almost the whole show before he came. When he shot his hot thick cum in my mouth I though Oh god how I love the taste of is sperm.

When we left Universal studios we went to a nice Italian restaurant and I had spaghetti and meat balls and milk. Dad had Linguini with scallops and a glass of wine. On the way home I tried to get him to finger fuck me like he did the evening before. “Not on your life young lady I already have you signature on the car seat,” and grinned. When I got out of the care I turned and said I love you Dad. “Well I love you too Ashlee.” AS I walked to the front door I thought to myself, life is wonderful.
Continued, All rights reserved to the Author.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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