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I was almost beside myself. Tomorrow I was going to visit my Dad and get my first fuck by a man. As soon as I got home from school I finger fucked myself I was so excited and I let my dog fuck me. All I could think about in school was my Dad so when Bruno began to fuck me my pussy was already sopping wet. He had just finished shooting his hot cum deep into my pussy when the phone rang. I was about three feet away and I struggle to get it because I was tied to the dog. Finally I got it on the fourth ring. It was Mom. “Are you all right, why are you breathing so hard,” she said. I said I had to run to get the phone, I was just coming into the house when you called, I told her.

“Ok, I’m going to be a little late they are having a going away party for one of the girls who just go married. I should be home no later than nine. Will you be Ok until then? ” Sure Mom I’ll be fine, I may be in bed when you get home, remember Dad is picking me up tomorrow morning at eight, I told her. “Yes I remember, I hope I won’t regret letting you go,” she said. Oh Mom I will be alright, you worry too much and I hung up just as Bruno’s knot popped out with a loud squishing pop.

I went into the kitchen and got a Dr. Pepper and as I closed the refrigerator I looked down and there was cum dropping across the floor and across the carpet to the front of the couch. Oh shit, I said and went in and got a couple of towels and paper towel and cleaned it up as best as I could. I put the towel on the couch and sat down leaning back and stretching my legs out. It had been over 45 minutes since Bruno fucked me and he was ready again. He began to lick my cunt lips and inserted his tongue, cleaning out his cum from my pussy’s depth. I had not been fucked by him in the missionary style for quite some time so I motioned for him to mount me.

He put his front paws on my shoulders and I felt his cock enter my pussy opening. He gave a couple of quick little jabs and the shoved his cock in as deep as he could. As he rapidly fucked me I felt his dick get bigger and bigger as he fucked me like a rabbit. There is nothing more exciting than to feel a cock growing in you womb and then I felt his knot enter me and it swelled until it wouldn’t come out and I felt that wonderful feeling as his hot thick cum shot deep into my belly. The tip of his cock was in my cervix as he came increasing my pleasure as I came twice more one after the other. We laid there with his cock in me for almost forty five minutes before his knot went down and was able to release me.

I put Bruno outside and went in and took a shower. I douched myself with the shower head and put a little toilet water around my hole. I put on my mini gown and went into the kitchen and fixed me a chicken salad for dinner. I began to watch television. About nine thirty I heard what I thought was Moms car in the driveway. A couple of minutes later the door bell rang. I looked through the peep hole and saw a black man standing there. What do you want I asked him? I have a lady in my cab past out and I need someone to help me bring her into the house. I told him to wait while I ran to my bedroom and put my robe on.

I went out to the cab and the cabby and I helped Mom into the house and over to the couch. He told me the cab fare was $16 dollars and I gave him etiler escort a twenty out of Moms purse and told him to keep the change. I went and got a cold wash cloth and put it on Moms face. She opened her eyes and said hello baby. I had never seen my mother drink let alone get drunk. I helped her up and we staggered to her bedroom. She flopped down on the bed and past out. It took me quit awhile to get her dress off. She was on her back with her legs spread wide apart. As I looked at her I thought how beautiful she was. I remembered how I felt when I was on top of her.

I couldn’t help myself I was drawn to her like a fly to honey. I slowly pulled her panties down and threw them on the floor and then removed her bra. I stood back and looked at her for the longest time admiring her beautiful full breasts and her bright red bush neatly trimmed around her pussy opening. I laid down next to her and kissed her left nipple, and then the right one. I began to suck her nipples and fondled her breasts. She gave little moans as I sucked her nipples and squeezed her breasts but didn’t wake up. I reached down with my hand and inserted two of my fingers in her pussy as I continued to suck her nipple.

I began to finger fuck my Mother like I remembered my Dad doing it to me. Mom began to moan and I saw her lift up her Ass as she had a climax. Her head began to rock from side to side as I continued to finger fuck her. Her pussy was full of her own cum and ran down the crack of her Ass. I remembered one of the porno sites that showed a woman eating another woman’s pussy. I positioned myself between my Mothers legs and I bent down and smelled my mother aroma. It had a strong odor but not a bad one. I tasted my fingers and sucked on them to see how she tasted. There was a very faint salty taste with a stronger taste of strawberry.

I began to lick her split up and down with the tip of my tongue. I ran my tongue over the hood of her clit and it sprang forward and I circled it with my tongue. Mom had a nice clit, about a half inch long and about the size of the middle of a wooden toothpick. Every time I flicked my tongue over her clit her Ass would jump. Just as I plunged my tongue fully inside her pussy she lifted her butt and I felt her cum, some oozing into my mouth so I swallowed it.

Mom began to shove her butt up and she put her legs around my shoulders as I licked her pussy insides and sucked her clit. She was now moaning very loud and she put her hands behind my head and held my face buried in her pussy said, “Oh yes, oh myyyyy god yesss, ohhhhhh yes baby eat me, Ohhhh god I’m going to cummmmm.” And she reared her Ass about a foot off the bed and fell back saying “OH god did I need that honey.” I believed she thought it was my Dad. I continued to lick and suck her clit. Her Ass began to jerk again as I felt her building to another orgasm.

I put two fingers back in her pussy and took the juice from her pussy and rubbed it on her Ass. I inserted one finger in her butt hole and was surprised it slid inside so easily. I continued to eat my Mothers wonderful fuck hole and fingered her butt hole. Soon I had Two fingers inside her. Her sphincter muscle gave a little resistance but soon relaxed and I ended up putting all four fingers in her hole. I pumped her Ass çapa escort and licked her pussy and sucked her clit that was rock hard. I folded my thumb and my whole fist entered her Ass. I began to pump my fist inside her Ass walls. I was so excited I lifted my Ass a little and with my other hand I slid it down between my legs and began to rub my own clit.

I was on fire and my Mother was almost screaming, “Ohhhh god yesss fuck my Ass and suck my hot cunt baby,” she hollered. We both came at the same time. Mom reared her head up as she pulled my face tight to her pussy. I looked up and she was staring at me and then collapsed and was out again. I lay there for quite awhile with my fist in her Ass and my head on her pussy. I thought, Shit I hope she doesn’t remember what happened.

I finally got up and took a cold wash cloth and wiped the cum from her Ass where she had dripped from cumming so much. I washed her pussy and legs. I noticed a little of her poop was on my knuckle and I wiped it off. I got her panty off the floor and struggled to get them back on. As I did I noticed her Ass hole was wide open so I went in and got an ice cube and inserted it into her Ass. She moaned a bit but didn’t wake up. I went back to my room and got in bed. It took me a long time to go to sleep. I kept thinking about what Mom might do or say when she woke up.

When I woke up at seven I got up and dressed in short light cotton dress and I didn’t put any bra or panties on. I picked up my bag that I had put a few things in like a bra hand a panties so that I had them to wear when I came home. I looked in on Mom and she was sound asleep just like I left her, flat on her back I hoped that when she woke up and still had her underwear on she would think it was all a dream. I left her a note and walked out and sat on the porch to wait for my Dad.

Dad was right on time and as he drove into the driveway I started to get excited. I could feel my little pussy getting wet. I ran over and jumped in the car. “Where is your Mother,” he asked me. I told him she was still asleep because she was late getting home and then I explained about the going away party. “Have you eaten?” he asked. No I said. “OK how about I hop?” Great I said. I had pan cakes and he had bacon and eggs. On the way to his town house I tried to take his cock out and suck it. “No baby please don’t I promised your Mother. Shit I thought, what’s this? “When we got to his place and were inside I reached up and put my arms around his neck jumping up and threw my legs around his waist and kissed him on the mouth. I tried to put my tongue in his mouth but he reached up and took my hands from his neck and said, “NO SOP IT ASHLEE, we can’t be doing any of that stuff. I promised your Mother never to touch you again. I can’t afford to go to jail and lose my practice.”

But, but you promised I stammered. “I know honey but things have changed. I never should have done what I did. When your Mother caught us it brought me to my senses. I just want to be your father. I began to cry, just take me home. I don’t want a liar as a father I screamed. “Don’t be that way honey it was wrong what I did to you. I could never forgive myself it I took your virginity.” I’M NOT A VIRGIN , I screamed. “Shush Ashlee someone might hear you. What do you mean your merter escort not a virgin, who?” Not who, but what I said and then told him about how much I had missed him and how Bruno had fucked me and was still fucking me .

“OHHHHH MY GOD ASHLEE, I’m so sorry.” We’ll I’m not I like it. “Oh Ashlee I’m so ashamed that I caused this.” Well I’m glad you did, I never felt as alive as I did when I was with you. I’ve wanted you to fuck me since the first time you put your finger in my pussy and after the Bruno fucked me I couldn’t wait until today.

“I want to examine you to see if the dog has done any damage to you.” He took me into one of the bedrooms that was set up as an examination room. I found out later that Dad has many private examinations with certain married patience and was fucking most of them. He put me in the stirrups and took forcipes and spread my vulva. He had a head piece that had a magnifying glass and light attached to it as and looked into my pussy. As his fingers gently probed the inside of my vagina I began to get excited, especially when he probed my cervix. He took some kind of instrument and inserted it into my cervix. I bucked my Ass as the instrument went in and exlored the inside of my love canal and cervix. As he moved the instrament in and around It caused me to lit my as as I came. Yess Daddy yes make me cum again.

“What, what are you talking about?” he said as he withdrew the instrument out of me. I reached up and put my hands behind his head and mashed his face into my pussy as hard as I could and held him there. He started to push away from me so I forced my legs around his head and squeezed. He couldn’t move. After what seemed like forever he stopped struggling and I felt his tongue enter my vagina, I released my legs and he grabbed my Ass and began to devour my pussy. For the next half hour he sucked on my clit and tongued my pussy while shoving two fingers up my Ass. I went wild; my pussy was on fire as he made me cum over and over. I was so turned on as I felt his tongue massaging my clit and scooping cum from my hot hole. I couldn’t help it, I farted on his fingers.

I think I turned beet red, but Dad never stopped, he just kept eating and making me cum. I was almost crazy with desire and I was throwing my hips up so that my pussy rammed into his face. He let go of my Ass and I sensed he undid his pats and slid them along with his shorts down to his ankles. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my love hole that had wanted him for so long. Ohhhhh Daddy fuck me, fuck me like there is no tomorrow, I cried as I felt his shaft slide intside me. He hesitated for just a moment and then he slammed his cock deep into my pussy and began to fuck me with a frenzy I had never seen before.
He fucked me hard and fast for about twenty minutes. My pelvis was slamming into his at every down stroke of his cock.

Then I felt a sensation I had only felt once before. I Shoved my Ass in the air and came so hard I shot cum water out the sides of my pussy down my Ass and all over the table. It was a magnificent “G” spot climax and I fainted. When I came too my Dad was leaning over me panting and his cock was hanging in front of him going soft. There was cum oozing from my pussy lips. I took Dads head between my hands and I lifted his face and said with a smile on my face. Oh Daddy that was wonderful, thank you thank you and kissed him hard on the lops.I barely heard him mumble, “Your welcome honey I just hope I don’t live to regret it.
Continued, all rights reserved to the Author.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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