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Crisp clean air flowed through a calm breeze, ruffling Ryan’s short auburn hair. He walked down the sidewalk, glancing once behind him at the old brick building of Wickman Hall for the last time of the year. Looking to the left he spotted a black haired man sitting on a bench, the sun reflecting off his skin. He walked over to a bench, his bag slumping to his feet.

“Hey Jack, all done?” Ryan sat down, his eyes roaming along Jack’s strong muscular arms.

“Yea, wasn’t too bad. You?”

“Just finished my last final.” He stretched out on the bench, risking a surreptitious look at Jack’s unbuttoned shirt. Soft black hairs poked out, draping over Jack’s defined pecs, Ryan glanced quickly away and snapped his attention forward. “Got any plans for the summer?”

“Not really, probably working for my uncle again. That and training for football.” Jack smirked, flexing his bicep. Ryan’s eyes widened, watching as the thin fabric of Jack’s shirt tightened around the hard muscle.

“Yea…” Ryan gulped. His heart pounded in his chest and his cheeks flushed red.

“Whats going on here?” A voice whispered behind them. Ryan jerked his head, his cheeks flushing even redder.

“Asher!” Ryan felt his throat go dry, looking at the blond haired boy. The blue eyes flashed with amusement.

“I always like that blush on your cheeks. You act like I caught you two kissing or something.” Asher chuckled coming around the bench and sitting down next to Ryan. He stretched his arm out, stroking his fingers through Ryan’s hair. “I don’t mind. Go ahead.”

Ryan glanced at Jack, his eyes wide, flickering from Jack’s arms, his chest, his lips. Jack smirked, chuckling and looking over at Asher.

“Too easy.”

“He is, which is good for me.” Asher rolled his arm down around Ryan’s waist pulling him towards him.

“Ash!” Ryan squealed, laying his head against Asher’s shoulder.

“Just teasing.” Asher whispered, kissing Ryan’s forehead. “You coming tonight Jack?”

“Yea, eight right?”

“Yup, bring some beer if you want. You can crash on the couch if you get too drunk.” Asher stood up, pulling Ryan with him. “I’ve got to cool him down a bit, he always gets too hot around you.” He smirked, his eyes dancing at the red blush that deepened on Ryan’s cheeks.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you two later.”

Asher smirked at Jack once more before turning around, grabbing Ryan’s hand and swinging their hands between them as they walked. Ryan kept his head down, letting the breeze cool him down. He felt the strong warmth of Asher’s hand, listening to crunch of grass between their feet.

“Are you buying me ice cream?”

“What?” Asher looked up, raising his left eyebrow. Ryan smiled, stroking his thumb over Asher’s fingers.

“You said you were going to cool me down.”

“Oh. Well, I will, but I plan on getting you much hotter first.” He squeezed Ryan’s hand. “That is if you have time.”

“Of course Asher! I’m done for the year. You are too, right?”

“Yea, just making sure you don’t have other plans. Maybe other guys to check out?”

“Asher! I-I’m sorry. I know how that looked, but it wasn’t like that.”

“I know, seriously. I’m just teasing. Jack is a good friend, he likes to show off, but he would never go after what’s mine.” Ryan glanced at the fierce flash of blue in Asher’s eyes, gulping and steading himself as his heart went into overdrive.

Ryan grew quiet, Asher staring straight ahead as he led Ryan through the grass and to the parking lot nearby. He strode purposefully up to a faded grey Volvo, unclasping his hand from Ryan’s as he walked to the driver side door. They both got in and Asher started the car before looking over at Ryan.

“You artemisbet yeni giriş are beautiful baby.” He reached out a hand, stroking his right index finger down Ryan’s cheek. “Fuck! You make me hard!” Ryan’s eyes traveled down Asher’s body, looking at the very noticeable bulge straining against Asher’s kaki pants.

“Lets get going then.” Ryan answered, his voice gravelly and soft as he struggled to contain his pleasure at those words.

Asher pulled out of the parking lot, moving down the road as fast as traffic would allow. “Ugh, distract me please, I need to calm down a little.” He laughed.

“Um, so what did you invite Jack to?” Asher gave Ryan a quizzical look.

“The end of year party. I told you about that last night.”

“You did?” Ryan looked out the window, anywhere but at the bulge between Asher’s legs.

“I thought so. Anyway, its just a little get together. Obviously you are invited, you can make it right?” Ryan turned his head back to Asher, hearing the soft pleading in his voice.

“Of course, I’m just glad you want me there.” Asher reached out and grabbed Ryan’s hand.


Asher turned the car onto a residential neighborhood, quickly pulling up to a small blue one story house. The car shuddered softly as he turned the key and they both walked quickly up to the house, Asher resting his right hand on Ryan’s back. Once they reached the front door Asher grabbed Ryan by the hand and led him quickly inside, kicking his shoes off by the door and pulling him down the hallway.

“C’mon. I can’t wait much longer.”

He dragged him down a short flight of stairs, flicking the light switch on, illuminating the darkened basement. He guided them to his room and slammed the door shut. Within moments Asher kissed Ryan, holding Ryan’s head steady between his hands, eyes closed, a soft moan escaping from both of them. Asher kept kissing Ryan, moving a hand down to Ryan’s back, pulling him tight, pressing their stomachs together. Ryan let out a soft moan, biting Asher’s bottom lip, his hands moving around to hug Asher to him.

“Fuck!” Asher breathed heavily. “Can I be a little rough?”

“Yes!” Ryan exhaled, feeling his own bulge stiffen at the question.

“Do you want to shower first?” Asher kissed Ryan again. Ryan paused, then shook his head.

“No, do you?”

“No. We can after.” Asher smirked. “Now take off your shirt!”

Ryan smirked, pulling his brown t-shirt over his head. His hairless chest and softly toned stomach felt cool in the air. Asher stroked his finger down Ryan’s chest, his lips pursed. Ryan breathed a sigh as Asher’s touch made his skin burn and tingle. Asher’s finger stopped, and he gave Ryan a smirk. He turned around and ran over to the bedside table, taking a pair of handcuffs and striding back over.

“All right?”

“Yes Asher!”

Asher grabbed each of Ryan’s wrists, stretching Ryan’s hands back until both arms were behind his back. The cool metal felt like ice against Ryan’s wrists, his skin burning. Ryan let out a loud moan as the metal clicked, his hands falling against his back. Asher came up behind him, letting Ryan feel the naked skin of his abs, sighing as Ryan’s fingers stroked the hard muscles, tensing as a finger entered his bellybutton. Asher pressed his stomach forward, the finger moving deeper into his navel and he let out an exhale of pleasure.

“Yes baby!” He moaned into Ryan’s ear.

Asher moved back, reaching around and unzipping Ryan’s pants. With a quick tug he pulled them down, admiring the way the tight red boxer briefs extenuated the tight globe of Ryan’s ass. Asher pulled down his own pants and started rubbing his bulged out underwear against artemisbet giriş the tight crack of Ryan’s ass.

“I think I’ll save your ass for later.” Asher cooed into Ryan’s ear. “But you’ve got another hole I want to use.”

Asher grabbed Ryan by the hips, pushing him forward until he fell onto the bed. Asher stepped forward, slapping Ryan’s ass, watching as the cheeks jiggled.

“Mmm, I bet your ass is as red underneath your underwear as it is with them on.”

Asher turned Ryan over onto his back stroking down his stomach. Asher moved his hand along Ryan’s abs, kissing Ryan’s neck and softly sucking on the cool skin. Ryan’s eyes were closed and he gasped, his stomach heaving in and out and moaned loudly as Asher’s finger circled the rim of his sensitive bellybutton.

“Ash!” Ryan moaned, his chin lifting and his back arching up.

“Mmm, good baby, moan my name.” Asher licked across Ryan’s neck, his finger dipping into the deep basin of Ryan’s bellybutton.

“Fuck!” Ryan breathed out, his bulge growing harder against his tight underwear.

“Good boy,” Asher smirked, reaching his hand down and pushing down his underwear. His hot hard cock smacking against Ryan’s stomach, the heat searing into Ryan’s skin.

“Mmm, Ash!” Ryan moaned out, his stomach wiggling around.

“Stay still!” Asher lifted up, putting his hands on either side of Ryan’s stomach, squeezing so Ryan’s bellybutton stuck up.

Asher reached down with one hand, grabbing his cock and moving it down, sticking the tip into Ryan’s bellybutton. His cock kept moving, digging deep until the whole tip was inside.

“Oh fuck!” Asher moaned, his head lifted to watch Ryan’s deep ache of pleasure move across his face. “Damn baby, your stomach feels so good!” Asher started moving his hips, swinging forward slowly, keeping his cock buried in Ryan’s bellybutton.

“Asher! Your cock is driving me crazy!” He screamed. His stomach moving off the bed, pushing into Asher’s cock.

Ryan humped his hips up, his cock straining against the tight underwear, pressing out and begging to be free. Asher braced himself with one hand, moving his other back to rub at Ryan’s bulge, gently kneading and pulling on it, smiling as he felt the first drops of precum soak against his fingers. Asher moved back, humping harder against Ryan’s stomach, lying down full on Ryan and moving his lips to Ryan’s ear.

“No cumming baby. I’ll let you tonight, but for now I want you hard and hungry. Just focus on my cock.”

“Yes Asher!”

Asher kissed Ryan, moving his lips quickly. His tongue darted into Ryan’s mouth wrestling his tongue down and sucking the air out of Ryan’s lungs. He moved his head back, still thrusting his cock, he gasped, saliva connecting their lips together. He moved back down, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s back and kissing him hard, mouths moving together, both fighting for control until Ryan submitted, Asher growling and biting Ryan’s lip. His thrusts sped up, cock delving into Ryan’s bellybutton over and over again. The tip hooked under the lip of Ryan’s bellybutton, precum oozing over the wet skin of Ryan’s stomach, his cock quivering and pulsing. Push after push, both of them moaning, Asher slapping the side of Ryan’s stomach whenever he wiggled around. With one more thrust Asher came, his cum shooting hard into Ryan’s bellybutton. It filled to the brim, sliding out onto Ryan’s abs and down his stomach. Asher stood on his knees, stroking his cock, shooting out load after load onto Ryan’s stomach and chest.

Asher collapsed onto the bed, his spent cock rubbing against the side of Ryan’s stomach. Asher reached out and traced his finger over Ryan’s cum covered stomach, sticking the artemisbet güvenilirmi tip of his finger into the puddle in Ryan’s bellybutton. Ryan heaved and shook under his touch, her chest rising and falling as he gasped and moaned. Asher smirked and looked at Ryan’s face.

“Feeling ok baby?”

“Yes!” Ryan exhaled, his eyes fluttering open. “Mmm, you know how sensitive I am there, I think it feels better than my ass.” He giggled.

“I know. I love it too, but I’m still taking your ass tonight.” He reached up, kissing Ryan again, savoring the feel of his lips.

“Lets get cleaned up, I’m going to need your help setting up. Garrett and Steve are pretty much useless.”

Asher reached underneath Ryan, unlocking the handcuffs and carefully rubbing each of Ryan’s wrists, the blood slowly flowing back into his wrists. Ryan reached a finger down and scooped cum onto his finger and sucked it off.

“Mmm, this is the ice cream that you promised.” He smiled, moving on his side and pressing his cum covered stomach against Asher’s stomach.

“Now you got me all sticky too.” Asher smirked, kissing Ryan again before smacking his ass. “Hit the shower!”

They both got up, Asher turning the water on in the shower and testing the temperature with one hand while holding Ryan’s in the other. He met Ryan’s eyes and nodded, pulling Ryan against his chest and stroking down Ryan’s arm.

“I’ve got something I want to talk to you about.” Asher stepped in, pulling Ryan to him, sighing as the hot water cascaded against them. “I want you to come home with me this summer.”

“What?” Ryan perked up, his heart thrumming in his chest.

“I want you to stay with me, I mean my parents will be there too, but they won’t have a problem with it. I can’t go a whole summer without you.”

“I can’t either, but I’ve got to find a job. Tuition is bad enough as it is, and my parents can’t really afford to help anymore.”

“I know. I have a job for you if you want it.”

“I can’t really put sucking cock on my resume.”

“Haha, that’s an unpaid job. No, you know my parents own a restaurant. I work there every summer and I know we need help.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never worked in one before.”

“Its easy, and I’ll be there the whole time.” Asher wrapped his arms around Ryan’s waist. “You know how much I love to train you.” Asher trailed his lips down the back of Ryan’s head, his lips landing on the soft skin of Ryan’s neck, gently biting and sucking.

“Ugh…I can’t say no to you.” Ryan moaned, leaning back.

“Thats what I’m counting on.” Asher tickled down the sides of Ryan’s stomach. “It’ll be great!”

“Do your parents know about us?” Ryan turned, looking up at Asher.

“Of course. I told them the second we started dating last fall. Don’t yours?”

“I…uh, well no. I don’t think they would respond well, they don’t even know I’m gay.”

“Oh! Well, don’t you want to tell them?”

“Yea…” Ryan ducked his head.

“Hey…whenever you are ready I’ll be there to hold you.” Asher kissed Ryan’s nose, Ryan’s cheeks flushing with red.

“Thanks. Can we talk about that part later. I just want to enjoy this moment.”

“Sure.” Asher pursed his lips. “But let’s get washing.”

They both stood in silence, soap bubbles flying as they gently scrubbed each other clean. Asher lingered on Ryan’s stomach, his fingers touching every inch of Ryan’s skin with soapy fingers. The room was heavy with steam, and the little moans from Ryan echoed through the bathroom, amplified from the tiled floor and walls.

Asher turned the water off, holding the shower curtain open and draping a towel around Ryan’s shoulders. They dried off, each one rubbing up against the other, their bodies never far away.

“I think this will be a good summer, don’t you?” Asher asked, rubbing the towel against Ryan’s nipples and smirking. His finger trailing down to finger Ryan’s bellybutton.

“Mmm, with you? It couldn’t be anything but.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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