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Ash looked at her nude body in the antique, oval, full-length mirror in her bedroom. She was not exactly pleased with what she saw. At the age of 22, she still had not lost her baby fat, so to speak.

She was not ugly, but definitely not cover-girl model material either. Ash had broad shoulders for a girl, but a nice chest. She always thought one of her best features was her 40DD chest. Sure, she wished she was a 36D or something, but beggars could not be choosers.

Her hips had the beginnings of love handles on them, and her tummy was rounded, not flat. To top that off, she was not exactly tall, standing at a mere 5′ 4″.

Ash’s blond hair hung straight as board, and would not do anything she wanted it to do. Most of the time she put it up in a ponytail, just to keep it out of her face while she worked. She had pale blue eyes, common genetics in her family.

Ash brought her hands up from her sides, tracing them around her breasts, and dropping them down her rounded tummy to the split between her legs. She felt an ache there, and inside her tummy, thinking of how she had to be the only 22 year old virgin on the planet.

“If I would take better care of myself, perhaps go on a diet and exercise, maybe I would get a boyfriend,” she thought to herself glumly.

Although, with all her experience at college and with her Internet searching, she knew she did not really need a boyfriend, just a man for a day or night.

She moved to the edge of her bed, where she sat on the corner, still watching her reflection in the mirror. She left one hand resting near her pussy, and brought her other hand up to circle her fingers around her nipples. She had nice pink nipples which, she thought, complimented her bright white skin.

Ash could not handle the sun, always burning like a lobster, so she rarely sunbathed. She could not even tan like the girls had at college. She watched her nipples harden as she traced them, wondering what it would be like for a man to touch her breasts.

She knew she had about a half hour before she casino oyna had to get downstairs to the office and run the family’s farm. She heard her Dad and older brother leave about an hour ago to work outside. They ran a huge produce farm, and sold the product to organic companies. Fortunately, she had put her foot down upon returning from college, and had taken on the home and office, while the guys did all the hard work.

Shrugging her shoulders, Ash continued to play with her nipples as her other hand moved onto her pussy. She slipped a finger inside the folds, not surprised to find herself damp. Thank goodness she had learned how to get herself off in college from secretly watching her roommate do it.

Ash’s breasts were tingling as she continued to tease her nipple with her fingernails. She could feel warmth spread through her body, and using a finger, she began to play with her clit.

“Mmmm,” she moaned softly, rubbing her clit in a circular motion as she arched her back and spread her legs further. She had discovered that she loved to watch herself in the mirror as she touched herself. She kept her eyes open, watching and feeling the wetness spread up her finger to her hand. Ash could smell her own arousal, and admitted to herself that she enjoyed the smell.

Ash rubbed her clit harder, beginning to buck against her hand. She was so intent on watching herself in the mirror, she did not hear or see her father watching from the doorway.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing my little girl touch herself,” Jack thought to himself as he watched Ash wither and buck against her own hand. He knew that she was inexperienced, but was shocked that she even knew how to do this.

Jack felt himself growing hard, his seven inch cock straining against his jeans. It had been six months since he had gotten some from his on again, off again girlfriend. He heard Ash moan louder, and knew she was going to cum soon by her own hand.

Jack was so enthralled with watching his baby girl play with herself; he had forgotten that he had told Randy, canlı casino his son, to wait in the kitchen while he went to check on Ash. Jack did not see Randy come up behind him, and peek over his shoulder.

Jack and Randy had come in early, as rain had started to move in. Evidently, Ash had not noticed the rain or heard them come in. Randy stared at his sister, seeing her in an entirely new light. Her long hair trailing mid-way down her back as he watched her almost mesmerized him.

Jack felt Randy’s breath on his shoulder and turned to see that Randy had a huge bulge in his jeans too. Jack knew he should stop this. He should quietly pull Randy back from the doorway and go away. Yet, he could not bring himself to stop watching, much less Randy.

Ash had no idea that the two most important men in her life were watching her as she began to reach her climax, her moans louder and louder as her body went taut, and she felt her wetness pour of her onto her hand and the bedspread. Her breathing was labored as she felt the fire dim inside her. She felt her body begin to relax and she fell back on the bed, blowing out huge, deep breaths.

Jack nudged Randy, and they both backed away from the door. Jack pointed to the stairway, and even though neither man wanted to, they moved quietly away and headed downstairs. They made it to the kitchen before Randy spoke.

“Dad, did you see? Well yes, you saw, but oh my…holy fuck, that was hot!” Randy stammered and exclaimed, the desire and heat shining in the blue eyes that mirrored his sister’s.

“Yeah Son, I saw it. And yes, you’re right. It was hot. But we cannot ever tell her we saw that,” Jack said. He would never forget it as long as he lived, that much he knew.

“Dad, I know it was wrong. I know it was. But, I wanted to see that for so long,” Randy whispered, almost to himself.

“What do you mean you wanted to see that?” Jack asked his son.

“Dad, I know she’s my sister, but she’s hot,” Randy said, already pacing the kitchen.

Jack wanted to know more, to ask kaçak casino more questions, but Ash walked in the kitchen just as the words left Randy’s mouth.

“What do you mean I’m hot?” Ash questioned her brother.

“Ash, I, um, we, um saw you just now,” Randy half stammered the admission. He had never, ever lied to his sister before, and was not going to start now.

“Wait, upstairs? You saw me? You saw what I was doing?” Ash cried in question. Ash’s face flushed crimson and tears welled in her eyes.

She had never been so embarrassed in her life. Ash turned to run, to hide, when her father caught her by the arms holding her in place.

“Ash, honey, please, don’t go. Don’t run. I know you’re embarrassed, but honestly, we really enjoyed what you did,” Daddy spoke softly to her while Randy nodded his agreement.

Ash sniffled, “You mean it?” She asked, looking to both her father and her big brother.

“Sis, I loved it. I know it is considered wrong by society. But damn, you are so sexy. In fact, I’ve secretly watched you for years,” Randy confessed to her.

Ash felt her eyes grown round as saucers, her face was ice cold and pale she knew. Now she felt the warmth spread, and knew her cheeks had to be bright red. No man had ever told her she was sexy before. And she had definitely never noticed her brother watching her.

“Baby girl, I need you to search deep within yourself and answer the question I am about to ask you,” her father said softly, his eyes probing hers.

“Yes Daddy, I will,” she responded.

“I know how I feel. I also have a pretty good idea how your brother feels. Would you consider doing that again for us? And maybe let it lead to more activities?” Jack asked Ash. He glanced over at his son, seeing him nod his head in agreement.

Ash didn’t answer at first, she felt her nipples harden again under shirt as she heard her father’s question, and his implied meaning to more activities. She glanced down from his face, to see a bulge already growing in his jeans, and looking to her brother, she saw one in his jeans as well. She felt ecstatic, to know the two men who were the most important to her also wanted her.

“Yes Daddy, I would like that, very much,” she answered, her tone strong and sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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