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My phone rang and I saw that it was Annette. Annette was an artist I posed for a little over a week ago. She did some nude sketches of me and afterwards we ended up having sex. Even though Annette was twenty years old than me, she sure knew how to arouse me.

“Michael, do you have time this Saturday for another session for me to draw you?”

I told her I did knowing it would probably lead to me fucking her once more. Saturday morning came and drove over to Annette’s artist loft. She answered and let me enter. Once I walked in I saw a dark haired woman standing there.

“This is my sister Michelle, she is going to pose as well today. I hope you don’t mind Michael?”

Why should I mind? Michelle looked to be in her early thirties and she had some big breasts from what I could see. Annette gave us some wine to drink and then she got to work. She told us both to disrobe and then got us into the pose she was looking for. I was standing behind Michelle just off to one side. Annette had me place my hands directly under Michelle’s breasts.

Annette had me get up close and personal to her sister. My cock was rubbing against Michelle’s leg at first. I was trying to control myself, but I could feel my dick starting to get hard. I don’t know if I was imagining things, but I thought Michelle was pushing her ass bahis siteleri back against me. That certainly wasn’t helping matters. Annette moved us into various angles so she could sketch us both. Maybe forty-five minutes had passed when we took a break.

When we separated ourselves Michelle turned around and caught a glance at my erect dick. She smiled back at me and then it was time to start over again. Annette took Michelle’s hand and led her to the sofa there in the room. She positioned her sister so she was on her back, legs spread wide. Annette then had me walk over to the sofa as well. She told me to climb in between her sister’s thighs.

To be honest, I thought I didn’t hear her right. She had me right above her sister, my arms stretched out on either side of Michelle. My cock was pointed directly at Michelle’s pussy, just inches away. Annette started to draw our naked bodies. I was having great difficulty holding that pose. I just wanted to lower myself and fuck Annette’s sister. I think Michelle was getting the same urge as well. Her hands were on my hips like she was going to guide me into her. We had to hold that pose for almost a half an hour.

Annette finally said it was break time. I lowered my body onto Michelle. My erect cock found her folds and I slipped inside Michelle’s pussy. There was no canlı bahis buildup or anything like that. Michelle wrapped her legs around me and we began to fuck like two teenagers in lust. I looked over briefly to see Annette drawing us both as we fucked there on the sofa. I just went crazy I guess. I gave Michelle every inch of my thick monster that I could.

You could hear loud slurping noises as my cock went in and out of Michelle’s oozing pussy. I just knew I had to have this hot woman and I wasn’t going to pull out anytime soon. Eventually I loosened Michelle’s legs and I brought them up over my shoulders. I stretched my legs out and I took Michelle as deeply as was possible. I just pounded her tight pussy and let her milk my bone with her love muscles. I know that I lost track of time there on the sofa. How long we had been doing it I had no idea.

I did know I was getting dangerously close to cumming. Should I pull out or keep going? Michelle looked like she was lost in a haze. Her eyes were closed at times and she was moaning loudly. I felt my cock tingling like I was moments away. I buried all eight inches into Michelle and I exploded. I squirted hot ropes of my man load into her belly. When Michelle felt me she arched her back and screamed out loud.

We just kept going at it for some long minutes. Her güvenilir bahis muscles had me in a death grip as I continued to flood her womb with my baby seed. I thought that sex with Annette had been hot, but Michelle put her to shame. It was like she couldn’t get enough of me so she just kept squeezing my dick. I finally did collapse on top of Michelle’s sweating body. She put her arms around me and held me tight. Michelle’s body was shaking as she attempted to get control of herself.

It took maybe fifteen minutes, but we finally uncoupled. I pulled my spent dick from Michelle and she reached down to her pussy with her fingers. My cum was spilling out and she took some of it onto her fingertips and brought it to her mouth. She tasted my love cum and then smiled at me. Annette finally ended our session. She brought us some towels to clean up with.

“That was so hot, you two. I had to stop myself from reaching into my pants just to finish sketching you both.”

Annette said she got more than enough drawings to paint us both. At that point I didn’t give a damn about art. I just wanted to make sure I would see Michelle again. We both got dressed and Michelle left the same time as I did. I did manage to get a phone number and an address. That wasn’t the best part of it. I drove back to Michelle’s apartment and we ended up fucking the rest of the day in her bed.

Maybe Annette wasn’t planning on that part, but I didn’t care. Michelle and I soon became lovers and we have sex on a regular basis. I guess I do love art after all!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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