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Opening up her last gift, Ariana squealed in unison with her friends as she pulled out a VISA prepaid card which had been hidden inside the paws of a new purple stuffed animal–something he saw at the mall and couldn’t help getting for her. She ran up to him like an ecstatic little girl again and kissed him on the cheek happily.

“Thanks, Daddy!”

He smiled brightly and watched her almost immediately return to her friends to play with her new brand new smart phone.

“Damnit, I love her.”

Ariana’s step dad couldn’t believe how much he loved her. One more year meant that he had one less year with her, and it made his heart twinge to think that this was indeed his last year with her. Every part of him was anguished at this thought, but in the back of his mind was one tiny glimmer of hope that kept his heart beating–albeit pure fantasy. Secretly he hoped that she might choose to stay with him when she was old enough to decide–but he knew he would not allow it. She deserves to be free, like other girls his age. He sat there deep in thought with his laptop on his lap as giggles broke his train of thought.

The girls all ran to the kitchen to grab some snacks, and then off to his daughters’ room. He smiled to himself when he heard the radio switch on and excited teenage babble coming down the hall.

“I still have time,” he thought.

Doing his best to not think about the five teenage girls in their pajamas in the room next to him–he decided to take a short walk to clear himself.

Coming back from an eternally long walk–he couldn’t help his curiosity and thought he might just peek in on them. Coming inside, he made his way down the hallway; so curious to know what they were doing, he completely forgot to knock and got quite the eye-full for his thoughtlessness!

His sweet little daughter was tonguing her best friend on her bed, with her hands cupped around the friends’ breasts.

“What the hell?!”

Ariana’s body had never moved so fast as it did at the sound of her Daddy’s voice.


All the girls filed out of the bedroom faster than running water as he stood there divided as to what to do here. Shutting the door behind him, he told her friends to call and come get picked up.


His voice cracked at the incredible hard on he had from that visual–but he was her Dad, and those girls were not his, after all. He’d have to handle this tenderly.

“Daddy she just wanted to know how to kiss! We’re all girls!”

“You’re not supposed to KNOW how to kiss! That’s our secret, remember?” He could see her eyes darken when she realized what she’d done.

“Well, they know I’m adopted they probably just think I learned it in foster care. I did, you know.”

“In any case, baby girl–I have to send them home now.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and he hated this so much. He supervised the safe return of all of her friends, before returning to her room where she sat there, sulking.

“What are the boys at school going to think when they hear about this? You know they’re going to want you to show them, too!”

“Daddy I made them swear–they’re not telling anyone!”

“Hmm.. Do I trust five teenage girls to keep a secret like that? No, I don’t baby girl. Should you?”

Ariana’s stomach turned as she realized he was right. Tears welled up in her eyes and her head nodded down to the side in humiliation.

Sitting on the bed beside her, Daddy wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Aw baby, I love you. You can still have a good birthday!”

He always had a way to cheer her up and just having his hands shake her a bit while his voice tried to appease her, automatically made her feel better. She half smiled at her daddy, and pushed her legs together in embarrassment at the scene he’d just caught her in.

“Yeah! Let’s watch a movie–and then go get ice cream, okay sweetheart?”

Her mood lightened but she wasn’t satisfied. She knew what she really wanted for her birthday.

Reading her like a book, he halted in half consonant before he went ahead and asked,

“Do ya want to spend the night in my bed with me tonight?”

Immediately her face shot up to him and he knew that’s what she was holding out for. It was her birthday, after all. How could she resist? His fingers began tickling her slightly at her armpit and his other hand started poking her side.

Immediately she started giggling and thrashing slightly before she returned the favor, her fingers easily locating his ticklish spots and he stood up quickly to avoid embarrassment. Still, she tickled him as he stood up and giggled.

“Well, grab a blanket and some pillows. We’ll order pay per view tonight!”


Halfway through the movie they’d picked to watch–Ariana’s daddy left the room and came back with something in his pocket. It was her true birthday present.

Cuddled up together on the couch, he handed her a jewelry box. Her eyes lit up like stars and he just smiled at her while she unwrapped bursa bayan eskort its’ satin bow.

“Oh, Daddy. What did you do?”

Her gaze couldn’t break from the necklace he’d given her as she pulled it out of its’ box. Her fingers delicately scanned the chain of her white gold chain and necklace. At the end, dangling in front of her beautiful face was an elephant pendant. He watched in contentment as her eyes sparkled pure delight. In the center was a gemstone in the shape of a heart, an amethyst.


Her body spun around towards him and hugged him thoroughly as her eyes were continuously enthralled by her present–tearing up after a few minutes.

“Elephants mean..” Her voice was reminiscent and overly emotional now as she calmed herself.

“–Happiness. I know, I remember baby.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as Ariana remembered her mom telling her this on a regular basis before life so cruelly took her from both of them.

“I love it.”

A great sense of relief rushed over her Daddy. He wasn’t sure if it would upset her or not, but he wanted to give her a present that meant something nonetheless.

Their embrace brought them both back to the first moments they had had together as more than father and daughter. The were enthralled in each others’ arms like this, feelings flooding their bodies. It all started one dismal night as he tried to comfort Ariana at the loss of the only mother she’d ever known: his wife. Hours passed just talking, and he got caught off guard by his own emotions and somehow the conversation switched to how Ariana’s mother was as a wife.

It was a little over a year after her death–when he suddenly felt his daughters’ lips on his.

His entire body was frozen and electric at that moment–his mind screamed at him, and he just brushed her off as a girl in turmoil–nobly holding her at a slight distance from his lips the rest of the night.

It wasn’t until a few days later that he knew she wasn’t just having a phase. She tried to kiss him goodbye for school–on the lips. After that, she began to purposefully tempt him with her hot little body and now that he was thinking about her that way, it was working.

“Daddy, I want you.”

He woke up one night to her lips at his ear lobe whispering softly. Her eyes were as wide as a doe’s, and he could tell she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.

“Ariana! Go to bed.”

“No Daddy.”

Something inside of him switched at these two words and her obstinsnce. He was awe-struck at the scene which had ended itself up in his bed. For a minute, he thought he was dreaming until he realized her hand was on his stomach.

“Please Daddy? I want you..”

“I can’t. You need to go to bed right now.”

His breaths were quick, his entire body rigid at what she had done to him.

“I’d rather stay here with you, Daddy.”

Arianas’ sweet little girl facade fell away almost instantly. He could see the virility in her eyes and saw her for who she truly was.

Her hand on his belly button twitched into action and began scratching his skin softly down towards his crotch through the sheet.

“What are you doing, baby?!”

“I want to be here in your bed with you like this. Some boys took me at the foster home, it’s all right. Now I want to be yours. I need you, I’m all alone..”

His heart broke in an instant for her, and he saw her for the first time in her entire life–as a young lady, not his little girl. How long had she been like this, holding this secret? He got up and led her back to her room, no words available as he returned to bed. Thankfully she stayed in her room that night..

His entire world shifted on its’ axis that instant, and it was only inevitable that he’d give in to her eventually if he couldn’t get her to stop her thoughts, which is exactly what he tried to do. He had hopes that she’d give up testing him after awhile, but she didn’t give up. She’d do little things whenever he was around her, and when he wouldn’t reciprocate after awhile she began having min-tantrums. But she never gave up.

Until one night. That one night was all it took to pull him into her world inescapably. His declines began to make her more and more desperate, then angry. Soon she started pulling into herself–never leaving her room, or hanging out with her friends like usual. She didn’t eat unless he made her, and declined to do her homework despite her excellent grade point average.

He’d walk by her room just to hear her softly crying almost every night, and he wanted nothing more than to just go cuddle up with her, like he used to. But he wasn’t her Daddy, he reminded himself. And she wasn’t his innocent baby girl anymore, either. If she ever was? Things will never be the same, he thought to himself. He could let her go on like this, so damn unhappy– or he could give in to what they both wanted..

Frozen in the hallway one night, his mind went on and on like this as he stood there terribly divided as to what to bursa evi olan escort do.

Then her door opened and the light engulfed her toned figure as she rubbed her eyes and was obviously heading to the bathroom to blow her tear stained nose.


“Hiya, baby girl. I’m just worried about you, I don’t know what to do with you.”

His eyes looked her sports figure up and down and he tried desperately not to look at her pink little panties. Her tone hardened as she remembered that she was mad at him,

“Yeah well, I told you what you should do with me but you don’t care obviously, so.”

“How could you say that!? Of course I care about you!”

His entire being hurt at this new Ariana–the warmth in her eyes being replaced by bitterness when she looked at him.

“No you don’t! If you gave a shit you wouldn’t let me lie in bed alone every night crying for mom or you!”

Ariana’s juvenile fist banged the wall beside her, something he hadn’t seen his little girl do since they got her out of that delinquent hellhole Brookhaven.

“I’m so alone–she left me all alone! And now so have you!”

The pent up emotions had a direct effect on her body as her legs seemed to be giving way beneath her. She tried as best she could not to fall to her knees in abject tears, but it happened anyways.

” I’ve always had to be alone–I’m sick of it! I hate this! I hate life, I hate it here, I hate you! I want to run away and never come back. And you better believe I will as soon as I find somewhere to go.”

She stared at him with pure rage in her eyes, but it wasn’t angry rage it was introverted pain. Her once sparkling eyes looked almost completely dead again just as they had found her years ago.

His body felt like it got hit by a semi-truck and his entire being flinched at her words, soaking up their meaning. He stood there looking at the vehement sadness which had overcome his precious little daughters’ face and without thinking, he grabbed her arm as she stood and turned to go back into her room. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her, or letting her fall back into that darkness..

Ariana’s entire body halted its’ step at his touch, and she turned her blonde head back towards him with fire in her eyes.

“You can’t stop me!”

“I don’t want to stop you, baby. Just, come here.”

He had to pull her stiff body into his hug as he leaned down on one knee so that his eyes were slightly below her now. She pushed away from him, disgusted that he was showing her love when she was so mad at him–but something about how he was holding her made her think.

His eyes looked into hers before his lips met her trembling ones without warning. For a moment she had no idea what was happening, before she realized that what she wanted was being given to her. Ariana’s entire body relaxed in an instant into his strong embrace.

All of the pain that was welled up inside of her burst out of her like a spring at his touch, and finally she had someone who would share life with her. Finally she wasn’t alone, she had him as she wanted him, and tears of happiness started rolling down her cheeks. She quite skillfully (for her age) began kissing him back softly, yet feverishly as her arms grabbed his neck and wouldn’t let go. They just stood there together, lips locked until they stopped moving their mouths and stared at one other with heavy breaths.

“Are you sure you want this?”

Her daddy really did ask silly questions, she thought to herself before answering him with a her tongue on his and a sly smirk on her face.

“Yes. More than anything, Daddy.”

He picked her up–standing on his feet as he carried her straddling him down the hallway back into her room. She spoke to him as he carried her,

“Yes, Daddy please!”

Back in her bed now, her Daddy could tell that she was relieved to be in his arms once again.She lay in his arms all night crying silently. He made her so happy, she couldn’t tell whether to cry about all the shit that she’d had to keep balled up inside of her, or to cry out of happy relief that she was no longer alone in that knowledge. She held onto him for dear life, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t just dreaming before the dawn broke her window. She finally fell asleep, and he let her sleep as much as she wanted.

When she woke up, she realized she’d missed the entire school day just laying there with him cuddled up on her. He dared not leave her alone, for fear of a repeat tantrum–he knew her mind was tender right now and he just wanted to comfort her in every way he could.

Her soft breathing all day intertwined with his thoughts of her while she slept. Her Daddy’s hands remained gentleman-like, as he thought about what it would be like to have her like this. “It’s wrong!”

His inner voice was vehement on the subject but his heart over-rode his mind. She needs him! And what did the implications of their actions meant? He couldn’t let her go down that road she was going, bursa rus escort could he have? She probably would’ve ended up on the street with the ‘lost boys’ either on drugs, or worse. He thought about having to give her up back to foster-care if he couldn’t handle her anymore, and that just made him sick. He knew she was the type who wouldn’t stay where she didn’t want to be, anyways. He can’t do that to her! Not to mention he was lonely too, after all.

When she woke up, her glassy eyes sparkled a new calmness and she was absolutely content in her facial features. She kissed him and held his face in her hands, before she decided to say it,

“I love you.”

Her eyes probed his face, a look of fear in her eyes at his response.

“Well, I love you too baby girl.”


As the credits from their pay per view movie of her choice started rolling, she rolled her tight little body on top of her Daddy–who was lounging on his back, watching the credits right beside her. They were stretched out on blankets laid out on the floor like a small camp–right in the middle of the living room like they always did.

She could feel her hips and where they were compared to his evident center point and she adjusted herself accordingly before laying down on her arms.

“Do you have any more birthday presents for me, Daddy?”

Immediately he knew what she meant. He’d known her long enough now to know where her mind was going with that!

“Hmm.. maybe. But you’ve been a very naughty girl, lately.”

Winking at her, his hand smacked her bubble butt and her hips ground into his as her arms rested folded on his chest beneath her chin–her hot breasts exposed at the sides of her tank.

“I gave you a birthday present, remember Daddy?”

Her right eye winked and he couldn’t help it–he wanted her so bad right now. His cock immediately responded to her.

As if she knew what to do automatically, she sat herself upright on top of his hips–with her little pajama shorts grinding him with her pussy while she started to tell him what she did for him on his birthday.

“Oh. My. God. Baby.”

With each word that she coaxed out of him, she ground him as hard as she could, knowing that he was going to crack.

Immediately he grabbed her by the hips and flipped her around onto her back–turning the tables on her as he ripped her shorts right off. Then her scandalously tight tank top went flying off, too, leaving her white under wire bra for his entertainment as he took that off, too. Her borderline C to D breasts lay exposed only inches from his lips as he stared at them, her skin was so soft and light that he couldn’t stop watching her; seemingly frozen. Then he felt her hips squirm between his legs. He had her small thighs straddling one of his knees which he had worked its’ way in between them quite successfully.


Her voice was happy and content when she felt the wet skin between her legs, not just wet boxers. He’d taken himself out of them and was now teasing her little puss with the tip of his magnificently hard cock.

His dick was practically sucked into her from the liquid cream she had accumulated just for him, right into her tight little pussy. He groaned contently as he helped himself into her. A highly content groan escaped his mouth, but when she didn’t squeak for him at the very point of his touch–he knew she must really want him. He knew his babygirl intimately and what she needed, when she needed it.

She was excited but she wanted something else. Not knowing what, Ariana just enjoyed the feeling of his cock entering her and he decided he was going to make her squeak for him.

Ramming his cock into her halfway, he woke her up and with it a fiery passion that she could no longer contain–leading her to believe that her sweet Daddy knew exactly what she wanted.

Her breaths were quickening and acute as he continued ramming his sweet little girl in between strokes, pulling out completely just to push himself inside deeper.


His cock pounded her without stopping and he was all the way inside of her now. Her legs were expertly spread around his big hips and out as wide as she could open them. He got unbelievably hot and sweaty, deciding to take a moment to show his little girl something new. Without warning he slid out of her, barely able to contain himself as he grabbed the tv remote and turned on a dvd in the player.

He began to watch her face as she recognizes porn when she sees it. Pulling her parallel to the television so that she could see better, he watched her pretty eyes as he watched desire creep onto his little girls’ face.

Before she knew it, her Daddy had slid himself back inside of her and her face stayed frozen on the screen. After a minute of watching some sex scene start, he felt her start to hump him back with new vigor–using her hands to push herself into him as her pussy bobbed back and forth on his throbbing shaft.

“Oh yeah. My naughty little girl likes this doesn’t she?”

Between the sounds of the woman getting slammed on the television–or Ariana’s sweet moans, he had quite a stiff cock to ram her with and ram her, he did. Looking down on her sweet face she was biting her lip watching some guy fuck two girls at once, while her fingers subconsciously scratched into her Daddy’s chest.

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