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Ok you know all the legal stuff, if you’re not 18 you shouldn’t be here.
If you don’t like this stuff you shouldn’t be here. This is all fake ok,
in other words its fiction. It has situations and acts of a sexual nature
between young boys. Like I said if you don’t like that then LEAVE NOW. If
you do like it then read on by all means. if you like it let me know
[email protected]

Chapter 13

(Ok just a little background to the characters of the story so far incase
you can’ remember who’s who or if I have failed describe them enough.
Derrik, he’s a typical American teen age boy. 13 years old 5 foot 5 tall
around 115 pounds. Light brown hair and hazel eyes and is our lead
character. Chris was the next boy to come into the story. He was found
locked in the freezer at the school. He’s 11 with short darker blonde
hair and blue eyes weighing around 80 pounds or so. Next was Josiah or
Joe for short. He was the boy that was found at the bottom of the pit
where he fell running from the aliens. He lived in a neighboring town to
Chris and Derrik. He is 12 years old has short brown hair and is slightly
bigger than Chris in size. Next to arrive is Adam or AJ, he is Josiah’s
cousin. He also is 12 but a bit smaller than Josiah. He was found in the
bomb shelter of a collapsed house. Around 4 ft 6 and nearly 90 pounds or
so. Light brown hair and had blue eyes when he was found. And now we also
have AJ’s baby brother Donny. He was found at the alien’s food camp in a
holding pit. Very similar to AJ in appearance only smaller and is 9 years
old. And now we are joined by a new person. Sgt. Williams. A soldier for
the US army rangers. He came upon the boys by chance fleeing from the
monsters while he was looking for survivors.) Now back to the story

That night went on with a level of tension in the room radiating from
Adam towards me. Everyone could sense he wasn’t the least bit happy that
I had play time with his little brother with out his knowing it. Poor
little Donny thought his brother was mad at him for some reason. He tried
to smile and be nice to AJ, but the favor wasn’t returned. AJ just sat
with a smug pissed off look on his face the rest of the night. “Hey come
on we need to talk.” I told Adam asking him to step out side the mine
with me. “Yeah I’d say we need to talk.” He answered. He got up and
followed me out to the front of the mine staying about 3 or 4 steps
behind me. “What the fuck is the idea of taking advantage of my brother?”
he asked crossing his arms. “Adam dude I’m sorry. I never knew it would
get you this mad to tell the truth. I didn’t really think I was really
taking advantage of him. I mean he was trying clothes on and one thing
led to another and before I knew it, it was in my mouth. I’m sorry AJ.” I
said trying to ask his forgiveness. “Dude I love my baby brother he’s all
I got left. Don’t you ever hurt him or try to make him do anything like
that again with out me knowing it. I’m not pissed at you for the act, I’m
pissed because you did it without me knowing it. He’s only 9 he can’t
decide some things for his self yet ok. Now I’m only saying this one time
don’t every do anything like that unless I know it first.” And with that
he turned around to walked back into the mine. “Adam I’m sorry, I never
meant for anything like this to happen. Fuck man I love all you guys.
You’re kinda like my brothers now. You’re the only fucking family I have
now. I am truly sorry I did that to your brother.” I said to him as I
started to cry. I wasn’t sure if it was from knowing I had no one in the
world now but these other boys, or if it was from him being pissed at me.
He stopped in his tracks and turned to face me. I then saw his coal black
eyes begin to streak tears down his cheeks as well. He walked back over
to me then and wrapped his arms around my chest. It took me a second but
I wrapped mine around his shoulders and hugged him back. “I’m not mad at
you. I’m just upset because that was supposed to be mine and Donny’s
special thing. We promised we wouldn’t do that stuff with anyone else. I
guess I fucked that promise up when he saw Chris sitting on my dick.” He
sniffled. “Technically Donny did, that stuff between us happened before
he saw you and Chris.” I said in his ear. “I know, but I still feel bad
because he saw me. I didn’t know about you guys till he slipped and
spilled the beans.” He answered. “Are we ok now?” I asked to see if this
thing between us was over with now, asking if he was still mad. “Yeah
we’re cool. I’m sorry I got such an attitude at you. I love my little
bubby.” He said sniffling some. We stood there another minute just crying
together more just for company and to feel someone who loved you hold you
in a hug. We both needed that now when the world is so messed up. I
kissed him on his forehead and we broke our hug. I draped my arm over his
shoulder and we wiped our cheeks and eyes as we walked back inside. I
walked into the room first and as AJ followed me in Donny looked at him
with an apologetic look on his little face. Adam wiggled his finger
telling Donny to come over to him. Donny slowly got up and walked over to
his big brother fearing he was in trouble. “Sorry bubby.” Donny said as
his eyes teared up. See his little brother start to cry AJ hugged him
gently and buried the little guys face in his chest. “I’m not mad bubby.
I just got upset is all it’s ok now. I love you lots.” Adam told him as
he kissed him on top of his cute little head. “Guys I’m gonna say this
one time only like I did to Derrik. Don’t ever hurt him or make him do
anything he don’t want to. And don’t ever, and I mean ever do anything
like we did earlier with him unless I know it. You got that to Don?” he
said to everyone. The others all agreed to Adam’s demand, even his
brother did. Now with the air cleared of antagonism we decided to strip
down and try to get some rest we had a long day.

On que my watch started beeping to let me know it was 8 am already. I
looked at it and turned off the alarm. “Dam it feels like I just laid
down.” I whined to myself still feeling tired. I tried to get up and
that’s when I felt Josiah’s warm nude form laying nearly half on top of
me. I smiled and moved my hand down to feel for his fun area. Sure enough
when I found what I was feeling for I found a small morning boner. I
tenderly began to fondle and stroke it making him moan slightly as he
slept. After about a minute of that he began to slightly hump against my
thigh. I guess he was really having a good dream now. ACHOOO! Donny
sneezed loudly waking Josiah from his slumber. He groggilly opened his
eyes and focused them on me as he gained his wits about him. He then
realized he was laying half on top of me and he was grinding his stiff
rod into my thigh. Not only that, he also realized my fingers were
wrapped around it as well. He smiled then and said, “Wow nice wake up
call.” with a smile. “Well maybe later we can make it a good night call.”
I told him grinning. The others now began to wake up as Donny continued
to sneeze a few more times. “You ok bub? Your allergies messing with
you?” AJ asked his brother. Donny nodded yes and AJ felt his fore head.
“Yeah I think you’re getting a cold or something.” AJ said. “I wonder why
it’s friggin freezing in here.” Chris whined. It actually was a bit
chilly in the room, but there wasn’t much that we could do about it.
“Yeah you’re right it’s a bit cold in here, but we can’t exactly go turn
the heater on dude. We just gotta deal with it till we leave.” I told
him. We all got up then and needed to go outside to take care of the
morning business. Lucky was sitting by the door whining wanting to go
out. As I stood there and stretched my body out I felt the cool air creep
into me then. “Fuck it is cold in here!” I exclaimed. The cool air was
literally making my stiff rod go limp. I grabbed a pair of shorts and
slid a shirt on before my shoes. I went out first to let the dog out and
was soon followed by the other boys. We stood in a line next to each
other pissing to see who could shoot the farthest. With amazement the one
that won the contest was the one with the smallest cock. “Wow Don Don I
can’t believe you can pee that far.” Josiah said laughing at his little
cousin who was smiling wide. “Yeah mini me you sure can shoot it out
there.” I said lughing and the little guy clapping for him as the piss
still flowed out of me. The others started to clap as well. Donny got
embarrassed and his cheeks got rosy red. “Yep my little bro might be
small, but he packs a punch.” Adam said giggling for his brothers’
ability to out piss us. We finished up and headed back inside the mine
where it was a bit warmer.

We all put some warmer clothes on in the mine and had a quick bite to eat
before we went back to town to check on Sgt. Williams. It seemed peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches were getting to be the norm for breakfast for
us. “Hey guys make a few extra sandwiches for Sgt. Williams ok. I’m sure
he’d like that better than those gross ass MRE’s he’s got. I’m gonna warm
the ATV up before we leave.” I told them before heading out to start the
engine. A few minutes went by and the four younger guys came out with a
bag of food and piled on the ATV with me. We took off for town with Lucky
running next to us on foot. We got about half way to town when Donny told
me to stop. “What’s wrong little man?” I asked. “I’m not sure, but I
coulda sworn the dog just talked to me. I must be sick or something.” He
replied. That sparked something in my mind. “Wait a minute. Lucky are you
tired of running?” I asked the dog. He barked back to me. To me it was a
simple dog bark, but to Donny it was totally different. “Oh my gosh!
Lucky can talk!” Donny exclaimed. “What are you talking bout bub?” AJ
asked. “Lucky, he can talk! Didn’t you hear him say yes I’m tired.” Donny
replied. We all looked at him like he was crazy. “Holy shit your power
Donny, that must be it. Remember Adam the alien said your inner animal.
Hey Lucky do you wanna ride on the ATV with us?” I asked. Again the dog
barked out loud. “He said yeah his feet hurt. Can’t you guys hear him?
It’s just like you guys are talking to me.” Donny said. “No dude all we
hear is a bark. We don’t know what he’s saying.” Chris told him. “Well I
can hear him and he says he’s tired.” Donny said smiling. He then told
Lucky to jump up on the ATV with us and he barked a few times again when
he was on board. “He said thanks, and he can’t believe I can understand
him.” Donny said. That is the little guys’ ability, he can understand
animals, well dogs at least. We then continues on to town to the soldier.
He must have heard us coming because he was out in the open and waving to
us. “Hey Sergeant we brought you some sandwiches. It’s just P,B, and J
but they’re pretty good.” Chris said handing him the bag of food. “Thanks
soldiers.” He told us. He sat down for once off his guard since we were
all there to pick up the slack. Lucky walked over and sniffed the soldier
and barked a few times. Donny tried not to show it but he began to crack
up laughing. No one knew why though. “Lucky said you need a bath bad. He
says you stink.” He replied laughing now. The soldier was totally in the
dark by what he said. “We kinda found out what Donny’s ability is a
little while ago. He can understand what animals are saying.” I told him.
He didn’t seem fazed by that and kept on eating the sandwiches we brought
him. I’m sure it was probably from lack of sleep or fatique, but it was
like he could care less about Donny’s ability. He checked his watch as he
ate and saw that it was 10 hundred hours (10 am) and stretched his weary
body. “Ok soldiers I believe we can leave the supplies here for the day
until tonight. I need some rest. We’ll come back tonight and guard it
again.” The man said yawning. We all crammed back on the ATV and
proceeded back to the mine for the day until night fell once again.

That say was a busy one at time and a slow one at other times. The busy
ones were done by making sure we had everything we planned on taking with
us packed and ready to go. The slower times were spent by either playing
board games, or the occasional time of game play on the psp’s until the
batteries for them died and needed recharging. “Man I hope that Orphanage
has a generator or something. It takes friggin for ever to charge these
batteries on the solar cells outside.” Chris whined. The entire day
passed that way wit h us being as quiet as possible while the soldier got
some sleep.� Late in the afternoon just before the sun was about to set I
tried to wake up the soldier. “Sgt Williams wake up.” I said as I gently
shook his shoulder. The next thing I knew, in a flash he had jumped to
his knees from a dead sleep and had a huge knife to my throat ready to
slit me open. “NO!” Adam screamed out. The soldier came to his senses and
realized what was going on. “Oh shit kid sorry. Just a reflex, I guess
I’m jumpy lately.” He apologized releasing me. “Sorry? Sorry is all you
can fucking say? You almost killed him!” AJ screamed at the man. Everyone
could tell I was physically and emotionally shaken. I sat there just
staring at him not knowing what to do for a moment. I slowly and quietly
got up and walked outside of the mine. Outside I raised my hand in front
of me and I then noticed it was shaking like a leaf in the wind, but I
wasn’t making it do it. “Dude you ok?” I heard AJ ask me as he and the
other boys ran out to me. They all saw my hand shaking and they knew I
was rattled. “He, he could have killed me.” I said stuttering. “Yeah he
almost slit your throat.” Chris said. I looked at him then to my shaking
hand again. The next thing I knew I saw black and that was it. The
excitement and fear of the moment over whelmed my sensed and I passed
out. The guys carried me back inside the mine and lay me down on the bed
face up. “See what you did! He passed out he was so scared of what you
just did to him!” AJ told the man angrily. “Kids I’m sorry, but you have
to understand it’s what I have been trained to do. It’s engrained in me
deeply. I never mean to hurt him.” he answered. “Well just the same why
don’t you just go to town and guard the shit so nothing happens to it, or
the rest of us!” Adam told him. “That’s fair. Tell him I apologize when
he wakes up. Who wants to drive me down to town?” the man asked. “Just
take the ATV and keep it till tomorrow ok. Come back up in the morning.”
Chris said. The man grabbed his gun and gear and headed down to town in
the ATV. Guys we need to watch out for that guy he’s gonna get one of us
hurt really bad or killed. He almost did tonight. I mean what if we
weren’t here?” AJ said worrying about me. The boys all knew that they had
to be on their guard from that point on to keep from being injured by the
soldier, or worse.

The guys all took turns for the next couple hours watching over me as I
lay comatosed on the bed. Some time late in the evening I eventually woke
up. I sat straight up and wondered, “What? Where?” “Easy dude just lay
back down. You passed out outside earlier. We carried you back inside.”
Chris told me as he sat next to me. I sat up then and scanned around the
room. The others were sitting across fro the bed leaning against the wall
playing a board game. “Thanks for taking care of me guys.” I told them.
“No problem you take care of us enough.” Josiah said. I reached up to
feel my forehead since I now had a splitting head ache. “Chris dig
through the stuff from the drug store and get some asprin please.” I
begged him. He got the bottle and poured it out onto his hand. He tried
to hand me one but I reached out and took 4 from his hand and swallowed
them down. As I lay there now in a bit of discomfort I tried to lighten
the mood in the room, “Hey who wants their dick sucked?” I asked. I then
heard 4 distinct “ME! ME! ME!’s” I just chuckled a bit as my brain hurt
now. “Just kiddin guys.” I told them. I then heard a bunch of, “Ahh that
sucks.” or “That’s no fair.” “Damn you guys know there is four of you,
you can have fun with out me for once if you want to.” I told them. “My
brain is aching, but I’d be more than happy to watch you guys.” I told
them. AJ and Josiah smiled then looked at each other.� The next thing I
knew the clothes were flying through the air from off the four boys
bodies. There before me were four beautiful nude preteens with rock hard
little cocks. I smiled as I watched them pair off and go to town on each
other making their cocks feel great. The cousins Adam and Josiah paired
up and decided to suck each other in a 69 position on the bed. Chris had
Donny to play with. Donny took the enitiative this time and got down on
hi knees and took Chris small dick in his little mouth. When Adam noticed
that he spit Joe’s dick out just for a second to say, “Remember Don, not
teeth, OUCH!” Donny smiled with Chris’ dick in his mouth and began to bob
his little head back and forth. Te boys were having a great time when
Lucky let out a sudden woof making Donny giggle like crazy. “What? I
asked. “Lucky said, wow I didn’t even sniff his but first.” Donny said
after spitting Chris’ dick out and laughing at the dog. That made all of
us crack up to. The room was a fill with laughter and boy love. The
laughter quickly died down and the boys went on with their fun. Before I
knew it heard Joe and AJ both begin to moan and grunt signaling to me
that they were both getting close. I looked to Chris and the little guy
then and I noticed Chris begin to look flushed and I could tell he was
breathing deeply, so it looked like he was also getting close to orgasm.
Seeing the boys enjoying themselves made me feel good, but I my brain
wasn’t allowing me to join in with them. The aching pain was just too
much so I just lay there and watched my younger friends have fun. “Oh
gosh yes!” I heard Chris moan out loud then. It seemed little Donny was
skilled with his lips and tongue. I opened my eyes to see Donny now
sitting on his knees licking his lips and rubbing Chris’ tight ball sack
as Chris was soaring high in the clouds. He noticed me looking at him
then and smiled as I gave him a thumb’s up. The little guy just smiled
wider and kept on rubbing Chris. It wasn’t escort bayan even a minute later I heard
Adam and Josiah both begin to moan and groan deeply and loud. They were
having simultaneous orgasms in each others mouth. They humped and sucked
each other for a few more seconds till they both spit each others dick
out and began to breathe rapidly and shallow like they just ran a
marathon. Josiah rolled off top of Josiah a minute later when he caught
his breath and curled up next to him then. “Wow that was awesome. We
gotta do this stuff more often.” Josiah said. “If I knew you liked boys
we would have already been doing it a lot.” AJ answered. “Chris then
spoke up, “Dude that was great thanks. It’s your turn now, what do you
wanna do?” Chris asked. “I don’t know what do you wanna do?” the little
man asked. The boys all chuckled at him then. “No, no I mean do you want
me to suck yours or what?” Chris asked again. Donny smiled big and nodded
yes. Chris then had him lay down on the bed a few feet away from me and
he then got into position and went down on his little stiff rod. Some
where in the all of the sucking and afterglow of the boys having their
fun I fell asleep.

I woke early sometime the next morning and flipped on a flash light in
the dark room. The boys were all in the bed sleeping soundly along with
the dog sleep next to Donny. I grabbed my watch and peered at it through
sleepy eyes to see it was only 5 am. I quietly got out of the bed and
made my way outside to relieve the bursting pressure in m bladder. As I
stood and pissed I thought of the possibilities of what we may and may
not find at the orphanage later tonight. I tried to remember what it
looked like from the times I rode past it in the car with my parents.
From memory it was a huge old house that sat way back from the road and
looked like something you’d see in some monster movie. I always called it
Frankenstiens mansion. While I was finishing up I felt rain drops start
to fall on my face. It was still dark out at the moment, but it seemed
like it was going to be a cloudy rainy day. I went back inside the mine
to get out of the rain and I heard the unmistakable sound of the ATV’s
engine growing closer. It could only mean that Sgt. Williams was coming
back to the mine. I stood at the entrance out of the rain and waited for
him. Sure enough about a minute later he pulled up in front of the mine
wearing his rain gear. “Morning soldier. Lets get the troops up and
motivated.” He said to me. Knowing that the guys were all still in bed
naked and I also knew they didn’t want him to see them that way I said,
“Ok I’ll go in and wake them up their still asleep. Go ahead and pull the
ATV inside out of the rain.” With that I ran back to the safe room and
woke the others from a good nights sleep. “Guys get up now! The soldiers
here!” I said excitedly to get the up quickly. They all jumped up and as
fast as possible began to at least put some under wear on. Just as the
last one of them slid his undies up over his dick the soldier walked in
the room. “Morning troops. It’s almost 06 hundred, let’s get up and
motivated.” He said loudly as he walked in the room. “6 am? Man it’s too
early for this.” Chris whined. “Early bird gets the worm.” The man said.
“I’d rather be the late one that gets the sleep.” Josiah said yawning. I
still felt kind of weary around the man after what happened the day
before. I tired my best to keep my distance from him for the moment and I
think he sensed that. A short time later the guys were all dressed and
the Sgt. made and announcement. “Ok guys from the looks of the weather it
looks like it’s going to be a wet day. I believe we should make a change
in plans to bump up our time to leave for the orphanage to as soon as
possible.” “But why? I thought we were leaving tonight because it was a
new moon?” AJ asked. “I think if the weather stays like this long we may
run the risk of getting stuck in that old truck if we try going it off
road. If we leave soon we stand a better chance of making it ok.” the
soldier said. The plan made sense to me, even though I wasn’t going to
tell him that. “Come on guys lets just get our stuff ready.” I told the
others. We all began to pack the last bit of our stuff and take it out to
the ATV. While we were carrying things out of the safe room Sgt. Williams
was hooking the trailer up to the ATV so we could take everything in one
trip. We weren’t taking every thing in the safe room with us. We had
decided to leave some flash lights and lanterns and other survival gear
behind in the mine just in case we ever needed to come back for some
reason. Within about a half an hour we had the trailer and all the
available space in the ATV crammed with our stuff and gear and we were
ready to go. “Guys its raining like crazy out so we better put those rain
suits we got from the general store on before we leave.” I told them. We
all got our suits on then got our guns ready to go. Finally we were ready
to pile on the ATV and leave the mine hopefully for the last time.

The ride to town wasn’t comfortable for us by any means. We were crammed
in the ATV like sardines in a can with all the gear on it to. We barely
had room to sit all of us. Donny had to ride on his brother’s lap because
of the lack of room. Josiah had to ride on the trailer sitting on top of
the gear as well. The dog had it worst of all. Poor Lucky had to walk the
whole distance to town since we didn’t have room for him on the ATV. The
rain made our trip a soggy nasty ride. If the ATV hadn’t been all wheel
drive we probably would have gotten stuck a few times because we had it
weighed down so much. Eventually we crossed into the towns outer limits
and stopped for a moment. “Adam you see anything out of the ordinary?” I
asked. He took his glasses off and scanned around with his onyx eyes
looking for trouble. “Looks clear to me.” He replied. “Chris what about
you? Hear or smell anything?” I asked. “It’s kind of hard to tell the
rain is messing with me. I can’t tell really.” He answered. “Ok soldier’s
weapons at the ready.” The soldier told us. We cautiously went on slowly
with our eyes peeled. We made it to the old barn where the truck was no
problem some time later. Sgt Williams had pulled it inside the old barn
to keep it out of the rain. We pulled inside the barn next to it and
jumped off the ATV and tried our best to dry off for a few minutes. The
poor dog was soaked to the bone and as soon as he could lay down to rest
his tired body from the long walk. “Tired boy?” Donny asked him getting a
woof woof in return. “He said he’s beat and cold.” Donny told us. The man
stood guard at the barn door with his machine gun keeping watch while we
unloaded everything off the ATV and into the truck. I found the bag with
the old towels in it we got from wal mart and I dug a few of them out.
“Here Donny try to dry Lucky off the best you can.” I said tossing him
the towels. The 9yo sat and dried the dog’s wet fur off while the others
and I did our best to pack everything into the truck. It took some
packing then repacking to get everything in there but we got al in with a
little room to spare. “Ok we got it all in.” I told the soldier. “Great
job troops lets stow the ATV away and get ready to leave town. I moved
the ATV deeper into the old barn and we covered it with some hay that was
inside to hide it. The man then fired the truck up and backed it outside
to warm up.

After a little while of running the truck was warm and Donny had Lucky
dried off pretty good. “Ok troops I’m pulling the truck back inside so we
can get in out of the rain. Make damn sure you have everything you need
for the trip with you before you get in because we’re not stopping unless
we have to.” the soldier told us. As planned AJ rode up front with Donny
in the middle with the soldier driving, and the others and I rode in the
back seat with the dog. Soon we were rolling down the street heading out
of town heading to what we hoped would be a new home. A few miles outside
of town we came across a part of the road that was blocked by several
cars that were destroyed by the aliens at the initial invasion. We had to
engage the 4 wheel drive and head off the side of the road into the grass
to get around the obstruction. The truck handled that obstacle no
problem, but who knows how it will act if we need to really go off road.
“I thought we were going all the way there off road?” AJ asked. “That was
before it rained. We need to avoid getting off the road if we can now.”
The man said. We motored on out of town and so far the trip was fairly
uneventful, till I almost went flying through the windshield. The soldier
slammed on the brakes locking them up making the truck come to a sliding
stop. I ended up almost on top of poor little Donny. “What the hell?”
Josiah asked rubbing his forehead from banging it on the seat in front of
him. I crawled off of Donny and looked at the windshield to see a large
splatter on the front end of the truck. “What the hell did you hit? I
asked. “A deer I think.” The man said. “Well don’t you think we should go
check?” I asked. He put the truck in park and we all got out to see what
he had hit. Sure enough he had hit a deer. It lay on the side of the road
writhing in obvious pain. Donny began to start crying. “It’s in pain. I
can hear its crying.” Donny said bawling. The deer flopped around for
about another minute then just lay there breathing slowly. Donny kneeled
down next to it and told it, “It’ll be ok. We’re sorry we didn’t mean to
hit you.” through his crying. He sat there petting the dying deer as it
drew its last breaths. “It wont hurt any more soon.” He told it as it
died in front of him. He cried like the small kid he is. The whole thing
made the rest of the boys and I feel just as bad as Donny did. “I hate
you.” Donny said to the soldier as he left the deer’s corpse and headed
back to the truck. We all got back in and felt a bit somber the rest of
the trip to the orphanage. Soon we were at the gate to the drive way
leading up to the orphanage and I had a huge lock and chain on it. “What
are we supposed to do now?” Chris asked. “WE leave the truck here and
infiltrate the perimeter of the building to see if it’s ok to go on.” The
man said. “Dude do you hear your self? We have no idea what the hell you
just said.” Joe told him. “He means we’re gonna leave the truck and check
the place out before we go in.” I told him. We al got out of the truck
and walked down a ways from the gate and found a gap in the fencing
around the property. It was overgrown with brush and tress so we would be
out of sight for now. “Eyes open guys.” I told them. We walked through
the woods with guns up and ready to shoot. “Wait!” Donny said excitedly.
“What is it bub?” AJ asked him. Donny shushed him and was looking at a
squirrel that was sitting on a tree above us. “That squirrel told me to
be careful this place is dangerous.” Donny said. The other boys and I
took the advice to heart. The soldier on the other hand thought his
training would serve him better. He proceeded on in front of us without
keeping aware of his surroundings. That’s when I noticed his foot hook on
what looked to be a trip wire. Next thing I heard was a snap then I saw
Chris being dragged upward into the air by his foot in a snare trap. The
rest of us raised our guns and pointed them in all directions. “Some body
get me down dammit!” Chris demanded. I shushed him and held up a finger
telling him to hold on. “What happened?” the soldier said. “You happened.
You tripped that snare on him, it’s your fault he’s up there.” AJ told
the man angrily. I found where the traps rope was tied off and I cut it
with Josiah standing under Chris to catch him so he didn’t get hurt from
the 10 foot fall. When he was back on the ground he cried that his foot
and knee hurt him now. I could totally understand why seeing him dangling
by his foot so high in the air, and he was literally yanked up there by
the trap. “Come on jump on my back I’ll carry you. Just keep a gun
ready.” Josiah told Chris. Chris piggy backed on Josiah and we continued
on. AJ dropped back next to me and he knew I could read his thoughts so
he didn’t say what was on his mind. “Dude he’s gonna get one of us
killed.” He thought to me. “I know.” I told him. Still we continued on
towards the big house. “Stop, stop! I heard something. It sounded like a
foot step then a twig breaking, but I can’t be sure with the rain
falling.” Chris said. We huddled in a tight group with guns in different
directions. Then I heard, “NOW!” and the next thing I knew I was falling.
I few seconds later I got my wits about me and saw that we had fallen
into a large hole in the ground. We had walked on to a false top that was
rigged to collapse and let who ever was on it fall in the hole. “What the
hell?” I said shaking the cob webs out of my head. Then large rocks began
to rain down on us from above. One hit little Donny right in the face
busting him open just above his left eye. He grabbed it and began to bawl
loudly as the blood ran. “Mother fuckers!” Adam yelled out in rage over
his brother and he began to shoot upward wit his riffle at who ever was
stoning us. I raised my shotgun and cracked off a few shots myself. When
who ever was up there heard that the rocks stopped falling. “Joe I want
you to throw me up there. I don’t care if I get hurt just throw me.” I
told Josiah wanting to use his super strength. He grabbed me by my waist
then gave me a toss and I flew out of the hole and tumbled onto the
ground. I got to one knee and raised the shot gun. “Hold it rite there!”
I screamed. There stood about a half dozen kids holding big ass rocks.
“Drop the dam rocks now!” I screamed. They complied and raised their
hands in fear. “Please mister don’t shoot us.” a girl that looked to be
about 8 or 9 said to me. “Why the hell were you throwing rocks at us? You
hurt one my friends!” I yelled at them. “We thought you were one of the
monsters.” A boy said. “Well we’re not fucking monsters!” I heard AJ yell
from the hole in a very mad tone. Now that the kids were disarmed I
lowered my gun from pointing it at them but kept it at the ready. They
then lowered their hands. “Do you have a rope? I need to get my friends
out of there.” I asked. One of the boys nodded yes nervously and I told
him to go get it. “Tie that end to that tree and toss the rest in the
hole.” I told him. The guys then climbed out one by one with the Donny
bringing up the rear. “Donny tie it around your waist and I’ll pull you
up.” Josiah told his cousin. Donny tied the rope and held his bleeding
head as Joe extracted him from the hole. “Which one of you fucking hit my
brother with the rock?” AJ demanded raising his gun at the kids scaring
them to death. “Adam they didn’t know. They were scared just like we
would have been.” I said as I pushed his gun barrel towards the ground.
“You’re lucky Derrik saved you is al I can say.” AJ said as he went to
tend to his brother. “We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt you guys. We
were just out here looking for food when we heard you guys making noises”
Another one of the kids said. “How many of you children are here?” the
soldier asked. “Just us and 2 more in the building. There’s no one else
here.” One of the kids said. “Well kids in the current situation I have
to declare military rule here. We have come a long way to get here. We
don’t have any where else to go at the moment so we will be staying here
now as well.” The man told the kids.

We were surprised to find kids here at the orphanage, and on the defense
of their home at that. They had caught us in a pit trap with little
problem. The kids led us up to the big old house and showed us the way
in. for some reason they weren’t using the front door to get in, but were
climbing in and out though a basement window. “Why don’t we just go in
the front door instead of squeezing through this window?” I asked the
kids. “We’re afraid one of those things might see us going in there and
get us so we go through the window.” One of the boys replied. It took a
few minutes for us to get in but we all wiggled through the small ground
level window. Inside the basement looked like a total and complete pig
sty. It had an odor of filth and a funk I had never smelled before. The
over whelming odor was getting to Chris’ sensitive nose. I saw him cover
his mouth and nose with his shirt sleeve to keep the smell out. “Dam have
you guys been staying down here all the time?” I asked them. It looked
like they were living in the basement and never going out. “Yeah pretty
much. We’re scared one of those things will get us.” One of the smaller
kids said. “Does this place still have power and running water?” the
soldier asked. “Yes sir, but we don’t turn anything on at night, they
might see us.” a girl said. “How big is this place? How many rooms and
such are there?” I asked. “There’s 3 sleeping rooms, 2 bathrooms, a
kitchen, a dining room, a clinic, the basement, the head masters office,
some storage rooms, and a common room.” a older boy said. “Ok I guess if
we’re all going to be here for a while we should know who’s who. I’m
Derrik, this is Chris, Josiah, Adam, Donny, and he’s sergeant Williams
from the army.” I told the kids living in the house. “And this is Lucky.”
Donny told them petting the dogs head. “Ok, I guess we should do the
same. My name’s Alicia. This is Carry, Cody, Cole their brothers and
sister. That’s Nathan and Phillip in the corner. And that’s Zachary in
the bed and Justin sitting next to him.” the oldest girl said. “Good to
meet all of you kids. From the looks of you all you don’t have many
supplies do you?” the man asked. “No sir we ran out of food in the
freezer and pantry days ago. We been finding what food we can outside,
and that’s not very much.” Nathan said. He was a cute boy looking to be
about 10 or so. “What’s wrong with him?” I asked referring to Zachary.
“He’s sick. I think he ate some spoiled food.” Justin said sitting next
to him. Zachary was laying on a make shift bed on the floor. On closer
examination I saw he was laying on a blanket on the cold concrete floor.
I walked to him and felt his dirty fore head. He definitely had a fever.
“Guys he’s sick. We need the med kit bursa escort bayan out of the truck.” I told the
others. “Hey Derrik cant you go into that transe thing you do and see if
there’s any aliens nearby?” Josiah asked. “Good idea.” I said not
thinking about checking for monsters. “Ok you check for aliens while we
go and bring the supplies up to the building. Troops when I pull up front
I need everyone available front and center to unload the supplies.” The
soldier handed out orders. While the man was going to fetch the truck I
sat down on the floor and closed my eyes and concentrated o what I
wanted. I spread out with my feelings searching for alien presents any
where even remotely nearby. So far I didn’t sense anything so I told the
others, “I think it’s ok. I don’t sense anything close to us. I think
it’s ok to go out.”� “What was he doing just now?” Carry asked. “It’s a
long story that we’ll tell you later, but he can sense when aliens are
close. He says it’s ok so we can go out now.” AJ explained.

Every one except Zachary and Justin who was tending to him made our way
up to the main entrance and outside to meet Sgt Williams with the truck.
“How’d you get through the gate? We had it locked.” Alicia asked. “I shot
the lock off and took the chain off. The rest is self explanatory.” The
man said smugly. With the extra help of 6 other pairs of hands we had the
truck unpacked quickly. “You have food?! Can we please have some?! We
haven’t eaten in 2 days.” Cody begged. “Sure soldier as soon as we get a
HQ established and an order of command going.” The soldier said. “You
know what, the army talk is getting old dude. Let em eat their hungry.”
AJ said getting an attitude. He definitely didn’t like this man after all
he has shown us so far. “Come on guys I’ll make you some pb&j�
sandwiches.” AJ told the hungry kids. He took a bag with the supplies
with him to the kitchen with 6 hungry kid’s right on his heels. He spread
out enough bread to make each kid a few sandwiches and smeared a generous
amount of peanut butter and jelly on them. The kids wolfed the first
sandwich down and savred the second one. They all seemed greatfull for
the gesture from Adam to feed them. Alicia walked up him afterwards and
smiled shyly and thanked him in her own way. She gave him a quick kiss on
the cheek. He blushed not knowing how to act or what to say in this
situation. He simply smiled and told them they were welcome. Meanwhile
the others from our group and I were packing the supplies and our things
into the building from the truck. “Where can we put our clothes and
things?” I asked Alicia. “You can take them to the sleeping room I guess
since you say it’s safe to go out now. There are 2 rooms for the boys and
1 for Carry and I.” she told me. She pointed out which rooms were what
and the boys and I carried our things to them. I opened the door to the
first room and it was larger than I expected. It had 4 pairs of bunk beds
in it with dresser drawers for each bed. It looked like some of the boys
that lived here already had some of the beds spoken for. “Guys just put
your stuff inside the door and we’ll figure out where every one’s
sleeping in a little while.” I told them. I wondered around the rest of
the house and checked out every room. I found the clinic and it seemed to
be well stocked with first aide items incase some one got a minor injury.
It had 2 beds in it and seemed to be not used much. I came to the kitchen
next where I found AJ chatting with his brother and one of the boys from
the house. “Hey guys.” I greeted them. They waved back as I inspected the
pantry and freezer. Miraculously the building still had power and running
water for some reason, so the freezer still worked. “Hey AJ the freezer
still works. I’m thinking next time we go for food, pop cycles dude.” I
said laughing. “Pop cycles hell, chocolate ice cream.” He said laughing
in return. “Good idea. I think as soon as we get everyone settled and use
to each other we go on a food run and fill the pantry and freezer up.” I
said. “Food run?”� Nathan asked. “Yeah, we’ll take the truck back to town
and fill it up with food at the grocery store and bring it back. Plus
what ever else we may need.” I explained to Nathan. I left the three boys
then to explore some more. Next I found the master bath room on the first
floor. It was a gym style bathroom with 6 shower heads one the walls of a
large shower stall. It also had 2 urinals and 3 toilets in it with 2
sinks. I looked around some more and found the head masters office. It
was a typical office with filing cabinets and a desk in it. A door in the
corner led to the head masters sleeping quarters. It was simple with a
bed and a set of drawers in it with a closet. I guessed that this room
would go fir the sergeant at this point. I went and told him about the
room then I went on to check the upstairs out. It had the girls sleeping
room, the second bathroom and the second boys sleeping room. I checked
each room out and the boy’s room was the same as the other, room for 8.
The girls’ room was a bit smaller though. It only had room for 4. I
checked further and the upstairs bathroom was the good one. Just seeing
the upstairs bathroom I made up my mind I would be sleeping upstairs. It
had 4 separated showers and 2 separated toilets. The most important
feature was the whirlpool bath tub that was enclosed by frosted glass so
no one could see inside the tub. “Oh yeah heaven.” I thought to myself.
It had been so long since I had a real warm bath. I couldn’t wait to
climb in it and test it out. I went back downstairs to the others and
told them about what I had found. I walked into the kitchen to see AJ
playing in the sink faucet. “Derrik look, hot water!” he chimed. “Great!
That means that bath tub I found will feel great.” I said sarcastically.
He smiled and was thinking, “Yes a bath tub kool!” I made my way back
down to the basement where the sick boy Zachary was laying with Justin at
his side. “How is he?” I asked. “How would I know I’m not a doctor.”
Justin thought to his self. Little did he know I could read his
thought’s. “I know you’re not a doctor ok. I just asked if he was ok.” I
told him. “How’d you know what I was thinking?” he asked me. “Long story
dude. I’ll tell you all later. For now let’s get him off this cold floor
and up to the clinic. We need to check him out.” I said. I uncovered the
small boy and picked up in my arms to carry him up stairs. Carrying him
wasn’t much of a problem since he was so little. He was about 6 or 7 I’d
say, just small enough for me to carry on my own no problem. I lay him
down on the bed I the clinic and he opened his bright blue eyes for the
first time. “Who are you?” he asked me barely squeaking it out. “My
name’s Derrik. I’m here to help you get better.” I told him. I put a
thermometer in his mouth and sure enough he had a fever. “How long’ h
been like this?” I asked Justin. “A few days. Right after we ate the last
of our food.” He answered. His answer made me suspect. The last of their
food would have made it the oldest of their food. I was beginning to
think of food poisoning. Just to be sure I wanted to check him over to
make sure he didn’t have bug bites or anything like that. “Ok Zachary,
can I call you Zach? I need to get you undressed so I can check for bug
bites or anything like that. We gotta make sure we get you well and we
need to give you the right medicine ok.” I said to the little guy. He
nodded to tell me ok so I began to slowly undress him as not to disturb
him much. I had him down to his under wear in no time and he was a mess.
The poor little guys was covered from head to tow in filth, and the
remnants of a piss stain were on the front of his undies. “Ok bud I know
you probably don’t want to do this, but I need to get those undies off
you. Their really super dirty and I need to clean you up some.” I told
him. He told me ok so I slid the nasty thinks off him. When I took them
off I got the shock of my life, “Wow!” was all I could say. I had never
seen a dick on a 6 or 7 yo as big as his was before. He had to be nearly
3 inches limp. He was kind of making me jealous in a way. “What is it? Am
I gonna be ok?” he begged me. “Oh, sorry didn’t mean to scare you, it’s
just I never seen a kid your age with a pecker as big as yours.” I told
him. He tried to laugh but ended up coughing instead. “Whoa easy big guy
calm down. Save your strength.” I told him. I wiped his small body down
getting all the filth off of him paying special attention to his groin
area. “Ok I don’t know if you want me to do this or not, but I need to
was your thing. It’s got pee all over it and that’s gross.” I told him.
He didn’t mind so I began to gently wash his good sized limp dick. I
didn’t want to get him boned with Justin sitting there with us in the
room so I just wiped him down quickly. His balls were still tight to his
body, but he sure made up for it in length. “So why was you staying with
him like that?” I asked Justin. “Cus he’s my best bud.” He answered. He
looked to be about 7 or 8 and just as dirty as Zach was. “Ok stay here
with him for a sec I’m gonna go get the medical supplies we got.” I said
but just then Joe walked in with the bag of stuff I needed. “Holy shit!”
he said when he saw the naked Zachary. “Dam dude is that real?” he asked
referring to his cock. “Sure is. You jealous?” I asked. “Yeah a little.”
Josiah said giggling. I pulled a thin blanket up over Zach then only to
conceal his goodies then I dug out some antibiotic pills for the bag and
gave them to Zach. “Take these bud they’ll make you feel better. Try to
get some sleep now to.” I told him. He swallowed the pills and Josiah,
Justin, and I then left him in the clinic to get some rest and let the
pills do their work. I the left to find Donny to check the cut on his
head where he got hit by the rock. I found him still in the kitchen with
his brother going through the food supplies. “Hey bud how’s the head
feeling?” I asked. “It hurts.” He said holding a bloody rag on his fore
head. “Well come on to the clinic and we’ll check it out. Just be quiet
when we get there that little guy Zach is in there trying to sleep. He’s
really sick.” I told Donny. He sat down on the other bed in the clinic
and I made him take the rag away from his head. “Yeah they got you good
bud. You got a nice gash right over your eye. You gonna let me take care
of it for you?” I asked him. I got a sterile pad and wiped the blood of
his fore head and face then cleaned around the cut good. He actually
needed stitches but I wasn’t about to attempt that. Instead I pulled the
cut together the best I could and used a few butterfly bandages to hold
it. I then put a band aid over it to keep it protected. “Ok sport you’re
good to go. Your head still hurting?” I asked him. He shook his head yes
so I gave him an asprin and had him lay down in the bed. “Try to take a
nap ok, me or AJ will come in and check on you in a little while.” I told
him. I turned the light in the room off and left the 2 little guys in
there to try and rest.

The more I checked the place out the more I found out about the kids that
were living there. Some basics like how long they had been there, how old
they were, and that there were more of them there but some tried to run
away when the aliens attacked. The day dragged on and by early evening we
had everything settled and everyone was getting to know each other. We
all met in the dining room and sat down for a quick dinner of sandwiches
and chips. “Ok troops I think now would be a good chance for everyone to
get to know who’s who.” the soldier announced. The guys and I all told
the orphans who we were and how old we were and things like that. Then
the time came for the orphans to tell us who they were. First to stand up
was Alicia. “I’m Alicia. I’m 13 years old and I’m the oldest of the
house.” She had light brown hair and looked pretty much like a normal
girl of her age. Next to speak was Nathan. “Hi I’m Nathan, you can call
me Nate. I’m 12 years old and glad to meet you guys.” He said smiling. He
was a cute kid, kind of on the skinny side though but cute none the less.
Light blonde hair and hazel eyes.�� “Hey I’m Justin. I’m 8 and these
sandwiches rule.” Justin said taking a big bite of food. He was also a
cute little guy with black hair and green eyes. Next to talk was Phillip.
“Hey you can all me Phil. I’m 11 and I’m the house nerd.” He was a big
read head boy for 11. Not tall big, but he was more on the chubby side
and had glasses. Now it was the other girl Carry who spoke. “I’m Carry,
I’m 12 and these are my brothers Cole and Cody. Their both 10.” Se said
pointing at her twin brothers. Carry was to me not attractive. She had a
big nose and was skinny. But her brothers were like cute little angels.
They had the cutest smiles and looked great to me. Both about the size of
Donny and every bit as cute as Donny. They had light brown hair and
bright blue eyes. They both waved his as they shyly smiled to us. There
was no doubt they were identical twins and telling them apart was going
to be tuff. “And the kid in the clinic is Zachary. We all call him Zach.
He’s the youngest of us here. He’s 7 1/2 years old and the adventurous
one of us.” Alicia told me. “Well the one of us that’s not here right now
is Donny. He’s Adam’s brother and he’s 9. He’s in the clinic taking a nap
right now. That incident with the rock to his head made him get a head
ache so he’s sleeping it off. I could see the look on a few of the kids
faces that they felt bad for stoning us while we were in the hole now.
“Look I know we all kind of freaked out on you guys at first, but you did
what we probably would have done if we was in your places so don’t feel
so bad about it.” I told the orphans. We sat for about an hour exchanging
stories back and forth of what has happened to us in the last few weeks.
Then when the topic of our special powers came up we had to demonstrate
to the kids a little bit. I read a few of their thoughts which freaked
them out, but they liked it. Josiah showed them how strong he was by
picking up the whole huge dining table on his own. Chris could hear the
faintest whisper of the kids and repeated what they said. I told them
that Donny could talk to animals and understand them. When it came time
for AJ to show off I had to warn the kids. “Ok guys I know you can tell
Adam’s been wearing sunglasses the whole time now. Don’t freak out when
he takes them off he is just as human as you and me.”
I nodded to AJ to take the glasses off so he closed his eyes and took
them off. He then slowly opened his eyes to adjust to the light level of
the room. When he had them fully open the kids marveled at them. “Wow
that’s so kool! I never saw anything like that!” Nate said. “What do they
do?” Justin asked referring to his eyes. “Well I can see like I can rite
now when it’s pitch black. I can see aliens when they are cloaked and you
guys can’t see them. Plus I can see all kinds of other weird stuff to.”
AJ explained. Just about that time Donny came strolling in rubbing the
sleep from his eyes. “Hey bub how ya feel?” AJ asked his brother as Donny
sat down next to him. “Better now. My head still stings a little.” He
answered. Adam put his shades back on and draped his arm over his
brothers’ shoulder and hugged him. I noticed Carry then stealing glances
at AJ like he was a steak. I can see why she was looking at him like that
with good reason, AJ was hot, and he loved his little brother who looked
almost just like him and wasn’t afraid to show it. “Ok everyone I’m going
to go check on Zach now and take him food I’m sure he’s hungry to.” I
announced. “I’m coming to.” Justin said. The little guy followed me to
the clinic to check on his best friend. When I walked in the room he was
still sleeping so I felt his fore head with the back of my hand. He felt
a bit cooler now, like his fever was subsiding. I decided that the best
thing for him mat be to get some good food into him so I gently shook him
awake. “Zach, wake up dude. I got some food for you.” He slowly opened
his eyes and saw me and his friend there. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and
yawned big. “Hey sleepy head look what we got pb&j sandwiches!” Justin
said with a smile. Zach slowly sat up remembering he was naked and kept
the thin blanket pulled over his lap. The little guy definitely looked
better now. He had some color to him now instead of the pale look he had
when I brought him to the clinic. I took his temp before he began to
gobble down the sandwich and it had gone down a lot. He was now at 99
degrees just slightly warm. After he ate his food he lay back on the bed
and stretched his small body out. When he did Justin noticed something.
“Dude are you hard? Your thing is sticking up in the blanket.” Justin
said giggling and pointing to Zach’s� ½ stiff little wiener tenting the
blanket. Zach’s face turned bright red then. “Hey it’s nothing to be
embarrassed about it happens to us all.” I told the boys. “Better get use
to it guys. More than likely you’re gonna be seeing a lot of stuff you
never saw before. Me and the guys I came with all sleep naked so that’s
one of those things.” I told them. The younger boys didn’t seem to act
like that mattered to them much. “Justin I’m not trying to be mean to
you, but when was the last time you took a bath or shower?” I asked.
“Uhh�^�” he started to say. “A long time ago wasn’t it?” I said. he
nodded yes. “Ok I think since we have hot running water every one needs
to bathe. Let’s go see what everyone thinks of that.” I told him. “Zach
you go ahead and rest for a little bit I’ll be back in a lil bit ok.” I
told the little guy.

In the dining room everyone was chatting and talking and Sgt Williams was
looking over his intel papers. “Hey sergeant you can check that stuff in
the head masters office there s a desk in there.” I told him. “Good idea
I need room to spread this stuff out.” the soldier said. Once he was gone
I popped the question to the kids. “Everyone I don’t mean to sound like a
dick, but EVERYONE here needs a shower bad. Me and the guys have been
using bottles of water to wipe off with for weeks now. I can definitely
use a hot shower.” I told the kids. “Great idea. We have been staying in
the bursa eskort basement since the invasion. We haven’t cleaned in weeks either.”
Alicia said. “Ok I think that you and Carry should take the upstairs bath
room first and some of us will wait till you get done I there before we
bathe. The rest of us will take the bath room down stairs and get squeaky
clean. I told the guys. That idea went into effect as Alicia and Carry
went up to their room and got clean clothes before going to take a
shower. Mean while I sent six of the boys to their rooms to get some
clothes before showering. First to go was Donny, Josiah, and AJ from our
group and Justin, Nathan, and Phillip. I just had to walk in and check
out the scenery as the boys got cleaned up. AJ, Joe, And Donny I had seen
before butt he others were all new to me. Nathan looked to be normal size
and looked just as nice as Josiah sis naked. Justin had a cute little
body for his age trim, but fit with a nice looking little mushroom cock.
Seeing them was making my own dick a little firm. Phillip was, how do I
say this. He wasn’t attractive to me. He was flabby with small boy boobs,
and a small cock. For his age he looked to have a cock the same size as
Justin’s. The wierd thing was he was uncut. It looked weird to me and not
attractive at all. “Use soap you guys and for god sakes wash your hair
good ok.” I told all the boys showering. There was going to have to be 2
groups of boys to shower since there wasn’t room for all of us at once in
the shower room, or no doubt we’d all be in there washing and doing who
knows what else. One thing occurred to me that I read on a pamphlet at
school once. It was about uncut boys and how they should wash their cocks
better than cut boys do. “Hey Phil come here a sec.” I said waving the
naked chubster over to me. “Ah how do I tell you this. You need to wash
IT really good ok since its uncircumsized.” I told him. He just looked at
me weird like he didn’t know what I meant. “Look at the other guys
peckers, and then look at yours. See the difference?” I said in his ear
so only he could hear. He nodded yes seeing the difference. “Just trust
me on this bud ok. Wash your dick good ok.” I told him. “How do I know
when I washed enough?” he asked. “Easy wash it till you get boned.” I
told him laughing. He didn’t seem to think anything weird of it and went
back to showering. AJ was washing his brothers’ hair for him and I
couldn’t help but admire the love they have for each other. AJ noticed me
smiling at him and his bro and smiled back. I then left to go back to the
kitchen with the other boys, namely Chris and the twins Cody and Cole.
“Hey guys we’re up next as soon as the girls are done.” I told them. “You
mean we dot have to shower in the open room?” Cody asked. “No I guess
not. The girls should be done first so we will go to the bathroom
upstairs. It’s got the separate showers rite?” I said. The twins nodded
yes. “Why don’t you guys like showering in the big room?” I asked them,
they shook their heads no. “Well why not guys?” I asked. “Because
everyone makes fun of us.” Coe answered. “What for?” Chris asked. The
boys sat silently and looked uncomfortable. “Look guys if we’re gonna be
living here together like this we need to get along and know about each
other. So you wanna tell me why they make fun of you?” I asked the twins.
They didn’t have to say a word and I knew why. I sensed Cole thinking,
“Because of what we did.” “Hey Chris why don’t you go get your stuff
ready for the shower. I need to talk to them a second.” I told him. He
left then asked the twins. “Guys what’s wrong? What happened? You can
trust me I won’t judge you and I won’t make fun of you.” Cody took a deep
breath, “The reason we were put in this place is because our mom caught
us playing around with each other.” He said. “Come on I know there’s more
to it than that.” I said. a tear then rolled down Cole’s cheek, “She
didn’t want us because we played with each other’s wieners cus our sister
made us and watched.” He said starting to cry. I couldn’t help but think
of how horrible that was for their mother to not want them for that
reason. “Boys that sux about your mom, but I’m not here to pass
judgement. Bad things happen to good people in life. I lost my whole
family when the aliens invaded. You guys didn’t do anything to be ashamed
of. I don’t think your sister shoulda made you guys do it if you didn’t
want to, but if you didn’t get hurt�^�” I trailed off. “You don’t think
we’re little sissy’s or fairy’s?” Cody asked. “No way dude.” I told them.
“Guy’s it’s not bad if you liked it. Did you?” I asked. They both looked
at each other then dropped their heads. I knew the answer was yes and
they were too embarrassed to say it. “Guy’s it’s ok. It’s not a bad
thing. Brothers do that stuff all the time, especially twins. And just to
let you in on something, I like doing it to.” I told them. They both
looked at me then. “Really? You like doing that stuff to?” they asked. I
nodded yes to them. “Look guys if you liked doing what ever you did
that’s great. It might just make you guys closer brothers, why do you
think AJ and Donny are so close?” I told them. “No way, they play with
each other to?” Cody asked. “If I tell you the answer it doesn’t leave
this room ok. Yes they do. AJ doesn’t like to talk about it because he
feels bad about it so don’t mention it in front of him.” I said. “What do
they do?” Cole asked. “Ok I’ll tell you, but for now it stays between us
ok. The others I came with know about it but the boys here don’t. They
have sucked each other before.” I told the cute dirty twins. “Wow
really?� What’s that like?” Cole asked. “Well only way I can describe it
is it feels awesome.” I said to them. I could them sense the dirty
thoughts flowing through their minds like a river. “You two never tried
it?” I asked them. They shook their heads no. “Well if you guys are up to
it you might lean about it some day.” I told them dropping a hint. I
hoped they would pick up on it and accept the hint because I’d truly like
to see what they looked like once they were clean.

The twins interest had been peeked by my talk of showing them how to have
fun and from the knowledge they now have of Adam and Donny. Just about
that time the girls came in and sat down with towels wrapped around their
heads to dry their hair. “Bath room is free now.” Carry told us referring
to the upstairs bath room. “You guys go on up to the bath room. I’m going
to let Chris know it’s open now then we’ll be up to.” I told the twins.
On the way to fetch Chris I walked past the head masters office and saw
Sgt Williams field stripping his riffle to clean it. I just shook my head
at his total jar head attitude towards life. “Hey bud showers open now.
Looks like the twins and us will be in there together. I’m going to go
down and check on Zach first to see if he’s ok. If he’s well enough he
might be in with us to.” I told Chris. Chris gathered his clothes and
stuff then made his way up to the upstairs bathroom. As I walked into the
clinic it looked like Zachary had just woken up, he was rubbing the sleep
out of his eyes. “Hey kiddo how ya felling now?” I asked. “Lots better.
My belly doesn’t hurt as much now and I don’t hurt all over any more.” He
answered. “Well do you think you have enough strength to go up stairs and
take a bath?” I asked him. He sat up and swung his legs over the side of
the bed. I helped him to his feet as his long little boy cock dangled
over his little balls. He stood there for a moment trying to keep his
balance, but he was shaky so I helped him. “Think you can walk up on your
own?” I asked. “Yeah if you help me I’ll be ok. But what if some one sees
me naked?” he asked. I made sure he could stand on his own for a moment
then I grabbed the blanket off the bed and draped it over his shoulders
then wrapped it around his little body. “How’s that? No one can see that
big ole thing you got now.” I told him chuckling. He smiled and we were
off to join the other three boys in the bathroom. The room was a steamy
haze when we walked in from the steamy showers running. Chris and the
twins had already stripped down and each was in a shower stall getting
clean. I just wished I had been there to see the twins take it all off.
Now there was 1 shower stall left and the whir pool tub. I had wanted to
try that baby out since I first saw it. “Well bud you want to take a
shower or jump in that hot tub with me?” I asked Zach. “Tub.” Was all he
said. Chris turned around to see us standing there then as he was
scrubbing the shampoo into his short hair. He smiled as to say hit to
Zach. When Zachary unwrapped the towel from around his little body Chris’
eyes almost popped out of his head. “Oh my god! He’s humungous! ” Chris
said oogling over Zach’s long pecker. Zach looked down then tried to
cover his dick up with his hands. “Zach you don’t have to do that. You
got nothing to be ashamed of. Shit you should be proud of that thing.
Show it off.” I told the little guy. He then uncovered it and Chris got
his second glance at it. “Dam he’s big. I wonder how big it really gets.”
Chris then said. The twins then half giggled. I’m sure they had seen Zach
naked before, but I doubt they ever thought about how long he really got
hard. My View of the twins was obscured since they were in the far stalls
away from me and the steamy room blocked my view to. I figured I’d get to
see them when the steam cleared and they dried off. I turned the water I
the tub on and figured out how to turn the jets on. In a few minutes the
tub was filled and bubbles streamed all through it. I helped the little 7
yo get in the tub first then I stripped down and stepped in with him the
whole time his eyes were exploring my bigger body. I didn’t bother to
shut the frosted glass surrounding the tub this time because I figured
nothing fun would happen this time just getting clean. I sat down next to
Zach as he laid his head back and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water
relaxing his little muscles.� Was also enjoying the tension being drawn
out of my body by the hot water and bubble jets. I grabbed some soap and
began to scrub down my arms to get the grime of the day off me from
falling into the pit outside. As iwas washing I caught my first glimpse
of the twin’s bare bodies as they walked out of the shower stalls. They
had absolutely perfect bodies. My Dick came to life instantly and was
throbbing hard. They looked to be about 2 ½ inches long limp with nice
little sacks hanging underneath. Their bodies looked like boy gods to me.
Everything from their cute faces to the tight tummy’s to their toned legs
turned me on. As I enjoyed the sight of them I realized that as dirty as
they were there was no way they had gotten clean in the few minutes they
had been in here. “Hey Cody, Cole did you guys wash your hair and use
soap on the rest of you?” at first they didn’t answer. I could sense they
didn’t because they were thinking “no we didn’t.” “Guys you need to use
soap, you’ll never get clean if you don’t.” I told them. “We don’t have
any.” Cody said bowing his head in shame. I felt bad for saying that to
them now. “Sorry dudes I didn’t know. Give me a few to make sure Zach’s
ok in here and I’ll help you out.” I told them. Just then Chris turned
his shower off and stepped towards us dripping wet. The twin’s eyes
locked on his body as he walked over to grab a towel to dry off with.
Seeing Chris naked was no new thing to me, but to the other three boys
his body was a new thing to explore with their eyes. “Any shampoo left in
that bottle?” I asked Chris. He nodded yes as he drug the towel over his
wet head. Ashe dried his small body I could see both of the twin’s cocks
swell a little. Not to the point of being totally hard, but maybe half
way. Chris didn’t notice as he dressed and left the room waving to us. In
all the focusing on the twin’s hot bodies I forgot about the sick little
guy next to me. “Guys go ahead and take that shampoo and scrub up. Wash
your hair really good to.” I told them pointing to Chris’ shampoo. They
grabbed the bottle and stepped back under the shower heads. “Come over in
front of me little guy and I’ll wash your hair for you.” I told Zach.

Zach wiggled his little body over in front of me and sat in between my
legs so I had access to his little blonde head. I squirted a glob of
shampoo on my hand and began to scrub his short greasy hair. I washed his
head completely the worked my way down to his neck and shoulders then
around to his firm little chest. He instinctively raised his arms out of
the water so I could wash them and under them. “Ok squirt rinse off then
stand up so you can get the rest clean.” I told him. He rinsed his body
off then scooped water in his hands to rinse his hair. When the suds were
gone I helped him stand up in the water. I now had his limp 3 incher
staring me almost right in the face. He just stood there and didn’t do
anything. “You want me to do the rest to?” I asked. He smiled and nodded.
The fact that I was going to get to wash his monster boy dong was
pleasure to me. I started at his tummy and worked my way down the sides
oh his thighs and legs till I go to his feet. He lifted them out 1 at a
time and balanced himself by holding my shoulders as I washed his little
feet. I had everything washed up except for one final area. “You wanna
wash that big thing or you want me to go ahead and do it?” I asked
pointing at his pecker. “You can I guess I don’t care.” He answered. Just
as I was about to reach out for his too the twins reemerged from their
shower. “All clean now?” I asked them. They both nodded yes together. “Ok
not to be mean or not that I don’t believe you come here so I can smell
your heads.” I told them to see if they really washed their hair. They
looked at each other then walked to the tub area together. The saw Zach
in the tub with me and smiled at him. My goodness their faces looked
angelic when they smiled. Good thing there was a lot of bubbles in the
water or they would have seen my cock go to full size from seeing their
perfect bodies up close. Cody bent forward first to let me smell his
head. He smelled clean as a whistle as did his brother who followed him.
“Ok guys kool you smell clean now, look clean to. I guess you guys can
dressed and do what ever for now.” I told them. I watched as their tight
pale little buns walked back to their shower stalls to get dressed. Now
my cock was so engorged it was throbbing with every heart beat from
seeing those perfect little bodies. I remembered Zach was still standing
next to me in the tub with his one eyed monster looking at me. “Oh, sorry
dude. Let the twins get dressed then we’ll finish you up ok.” I said.
Cole and Cody then left waiving to us as they walked by in shorts and a
t-shirt carrying their dirty clothes with them. Now that they were out of
the room I could focus on getting the sick boy in the tub with me clean.
“Ok Zach you ready?” I asked. He nodded and half smiled. I took the soap
and got a good lather going in my hand then gently reached out for his
now nearly 4 inch half hard cock. As my fingers made contact with his
skin he drew back slightly from my hand. I didn’t know what to make of
this at first so I kept my hand going for his glands. My fingers
contacted for a second time and this time he held his body still. I
slowly slid my soapy fingers along the length of his rod as it quickly
grew larger. In no time I was washing his full sized 5 inch cock. I
couldn’t believ that a 7 yo boy could have a dick just as big as mine it
baffled me. “This is so weird.” I said chuckling. “What is?’ he asked me.
“I dunno it’s just you’re only 7 and you’re pecker is just as long as
mine is already.” I told the youngster. “Really? Mine’s as big as yours
is?” he asked smiling. “Well yeah, it’s about the same length, but mines
thicker though.” I replied. He gave me a look as to say yah right. “You
don’t think mines thicker do you? Well let me prove it to you.” I said as
I stood up in the water to show him my hard cock. His eyes seemed to
light up when he saw my boner pointing at him. I stood in front of him
and sort of crouched down so that our dicks were at the same level. I
then lined mine up next to his and sure enough I was a lot thicker than
he was. The disappointing thing was the little shit was about a half inch
longer than I was and he is only 7. I felt embarrassed by it as he
laughed about it. “HAHAHA mine longer.” he giggled. “So mine’s still
thicker, plus my balls are a whole lot bigger than yours.” I said poking
him in his ribs making him giggle. As much as I wanted to just drop down
and suck on that long rod I didn’t want to freak the little guy out.
Instead I just sat back down and talked with him as I took a few seconds
more to wash his erect boy monster. Needless to say I enjoyed every
second of contact I had with his big dick, but the fun had to end sooner
or later. We rinsed off and got out of the tub a few minutes later. As I
dried his hair off his cock was still about half hard and was very
noticeable. “Hey bud I think you need to go and try to pee. We don’t want
the whole house to see you walking around with that big ole thing making
your pants stick out do we.” I said. He walked over to the urinal and
tried for a second then I heard him grunt and a stream of piss flew out
and splashed on the urinal. “Ok good job dude it went down a lot now. Go
ahead and get dressed. I’ll be down as soon I get cleaned up ok.” I told
the youngster. He dried off a bit more and slid a shirt on then his
briefs and some sweat pants on before leaving the room. Finally it was my
turn to have some privacy to take care of business. I closed the frosted
glass to the tub and grabed my cock. I beagn to stroke and beat it like a
mad man needing a release of tension. All the excitement and stimulation
I have had in the last little while was overloading my sexual senses and
I desperately needed a release of orgasmic pressure. My soapy fingers
flew up and down on my rod making a smacking sound as my hand collided
with my abdomen and balls. I believe that this time was the fastest I had
ever gotten off. It took me not even 3 minutes of wild stroking and a
massive wave of pleasure flooding over me.


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