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I tried not to laugh at Anya’s shocked face as she was watching her apparently lesbian little sister lick the length of my cock. Jenny was surprisingly good at this; although she hadn’t yet taken my head in to her mouth yet. As she was lowering her tongue to my balls, I put a hand on her head, and stroked her hair. Jenny just kept licking my balls and cock, until Anya snapped out of her shock.

“I think you better put it in your mouth now love, he’s been teased enough,” She instructed, although there was still some shock in her voice.

Jenny did as she was instructed, but only put my head in her mouth. She used her tongue to pull back my foreskin, and tickle the underside of my head. I groaned, but resisted the urge to force her head on my cock. For the first time Jenny raised her hand, and started to play with my balls, she gripped one, and then gripped the other; squeezing my juice out of them. I could fell precome rising to the top of my cock. Jenny pulled her head away, and stared at the pool forming on the tip of my member. I looked over to Anya, and she just smiled back at me. I grinned at her and let Jenny take her time to slowly lick it off.

After Jenny had licked my juices off, Anya quickly intervened and grabbed hold of my cock. I quickly grabbed her head, and shoved it down her throat. But Anya had other ideas; she scrapped her finger nails along my thigh, and I let out a scream. Anya took this opportunity to pull her head away from me.

“This is her first time… I think,” Anya Isparta Escort said; but looked round for conformation. Jenny nodded, “I think you should leave the rougher stuff till later!”

I groaned my agreement. So Anya again put my head in her mouth, and started to jerk me off with her hand. She pulled off, and gave my cock to Jenny. Who put it in her mouth, and did the same as Anya. I had been standing up, with the girls lying on the bed until Anya told me to lie down in the middle of them. Whilst Jenny was giving me rather amateur blow job, Anya was driving me wild by tonguing my balls and nibbling at my ball sack. I could feel that I was about to come, because Jenny had spent so much time licking my length, I really needed to come. I groaned, and Anya told Jenny to keep her lips tight around my cock.

I blasted come in to Jenny’s mouth, because I had already came in Anya’s mouth before; I didn’t have much juice left. So Jenny could easily contain my juices in her mouth. I finished coming, and with that Jenny pulled me out, and swallowed my come. Anya then pounced on my cock, licking off the remaining juices.

After we had settled down; with the girls resting in each of my arms, I started off the questioning.

“How long have you been… Bi?” I asked with caution,

“About 20 minutes. The show that you and Anya put on really turned me on, and then the smell and taste of your come was delicious. So I had to see if it was that nice… From the source.” Jenny Isparta Escort Bayan replied with surprising coolness,

“And was it?” I smiled; but Jenny just smiled back.

“Are you alright sis?” Jenny asked; Anya leaned up on her elbow, looked at her sister, and said;

“We need to practise your blow job technique a little,” Anya smiled, and then dropped back down and closed her eyes.

Jenny and I laughed at this and followed suit. I was a bit disappointed that both girls had come-breath and so I didn’t really want to kiss any of them. Anya turned so her back was facing me, and Jenny did the same. I thought that I may as well test the new fruit out, so I turned to Jenny and put my arms round her stomach. By her breathing she was asleep already, and so I reached up to her breast and cupped it. She wasn’t as big as Anya but they were certainly as firm. I sucked, and kissed her neck. I’m not sure when I drifted off to sleep, but I knew what had awoken me; I had a very hard cock resting in between Jenny’s ass cheeks.

I grabbed hold of her leg, and raised it so I my cock had access to her pussy. I teased her pussy lips, with my cock; rubbing them up and down. I reached up to her boobs and tweaked her nipples. She giggled and I knew she was awake. She wasn’t giving any objections to my cock sliding up and down her pussy; so I started to apply a little pressure. I slowly entered her steamy love pot. I had put about half of my length in when Jenny let out a gasp. Escort Isparta I held my cock in her; but Jenny told me to keep going. Jenny was moaning now as I reached the hilt. I slowly pulled out, and rested my head inside my girl friends sister. I again pushed back in; but obviously Jenny didn’t like this speed. She started to push her pussy in and out of me with much more speed. I matched her thrusts with my own; and we were soon having a hard and fast fuck. Her ass cheeks were slapping against me, as I moved on top of her. Opening her legs, I started to fuck her missionary. I lowered my head to Jenny’s boobs and started to suck, and nibble at her nipples. Every now and again I would completely pull out of her pussy and dive back in again pushing her further up the bed with my force. Jenny started to come, so I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her, whilst keeping my cock buried in her pussy. Her mouth was surprisingly void of any come-breath; in fact it was minty. Jenny must have eaten a mint whilst I was fucking her on her side so she could kiss me now. It just occurred to me that my cock probably didn’t just happen to slip in between her ass cheeks. Jenny’s orgasm was subsiding, and my balls were thoroughly drenched in her pussy juice.

I started to fuck her pussy again, but this time Jenny lifted her legs so they were on my shoulders. At this angle I must have been hitting her g-spot or something because her moans had turned in to grunts mixed with screams. After four more strokes we both erupted in orgasm. I plunged my cock fully in her pussy, and came with enormous pressure. I kissed her once again, as she lowered her legs and wrapped them around my ass; pulling me in further. I shot my last rope of come, and lay down next to her lost in our kiss.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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