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The following entertainment is for adults only, and anyone not an adult is hereby warned to go away.

* * * * *

So far the convention is ordinary, and beginning to be boring. It’s the end of the afternoon, the large room only half filled, a dozing crowd. Nearly all of them are physicians, medical people from various places, even a few Europeans, although this is primarily an American meeting.

I’ve had my eyes on two women in the row in front of me. They seem to be a couple. The older one is a brunette, the younger one with long blonde hair. The blonde reminds me of Cassie, and every time I look at this blonde in the row in front of me I think of a time with Cassie, a hot time with Cassie in my arms. One can’t help thinking. I tell myself I’m exonerated. How can I help not think about Cassie?

At the end of this paper, when the applause is finished, I rise to ask a short question. Nothing confrontational. Mere information. Almost trivial. When I sit down again, both women in the row in front of me turn to look at me. We exchange glances. Friendly eyes. Yes, these two women are definitely a couple. And I’m envious because I’m alone.

I leave the meeting afterward, and in the early evening, bathed and refreshed, I decide to have dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. I hate sitting alone in a restaurant, but it’s much better than eating alone in a plastic hotel room.

As I enter the small restaurant, I notice the two women who were at the meeting with me in the afternoon. They notice me as I wait for the restaurant hostess, and the older woman gestures to an empty chair at their table. An invitation to join them. When the hostess arrives, I say: “Some people I know are over there, and I’d like to sit with them.”

The hostess nods, picks up a large menu, and escorts me to the table.

The two women smile at me as I sit down, and I say: “This is awfully nice of you. I’m Gwen.”

And so we meet. The older woman is Melanie, the younger one Denise. We talk about the meeting as we choose dinner. Like myself, Melanie is an endocrinologist. She practices in Minneapolis, and Denise is her office assistant. Not a usual pairing at a medical convention, of course, but it’s quite obvious to me that at least Melanie is gay, and when I learn they live together everything is explained. Denise always travels with Melanie. How convenient. I’m envious of Melanie, desperately envious because Denise is so attractive.

We talk about other medical meetings, other conventions. Melanie mentions a women’s music festival. “Have you ever attended one of those?”

“Oh canlı bahis yes,” I say. “I’ve been to a few.”

“I love music festivals,” Melanie says. Then she adds: “I mean women only festivals.”

I’m amused. “Oh, I know what you mean.”

Melanie gives me a significant look and says: “I told you, Denise.”

Denise nods. “Yes, you did.”

So now the fact that all three of us are gay is out in the open. My envy grows as the dinner progresses because they seem so well-suited to each other in an obviously polarized relationship. Melanie is apparently the top, and this becomes even more apparent when she says:

“Denise was talking about you after the meeting. Weren’t you, Denise?”

Denise blushes. She has such long eyelashes. Exquisite. “Yes,” Denise says.

Melanie directs: “Tell Gwen what you said.”

Embarrassed, Denise says she thinks I’m very attractive.

Melanie chuckles. “Denise appreciates beauty, don’t you, darling?”

Denise blushes again and nods, her eyes on me.

The dominance-submission polarity and tension between them is almost palpable — and it makes me uncomfortable. But I’m fascinated.

Melanie says to Denise: “Don’t blush. You’re not a child.” Then Melanie looks at me and casually says: “She has something inside her. You might call it a reminder.” She looks at Denise again. “Where is it, Denise?”

Her voice almost a whisper, Denise says: “In my ass.”

I feel an electric astonishment, then excitement as I imagine it, imagine the bond of control between them. Melanie’s control. Or is it the bottom who really has the control? Some people say it’s the bottom who has the real control because the top is always working to be a top.

Melanie says to me: “She’s sweet, isn’t she?” And then casually: “Would you like to play with her awhile?” As though she were asking would I like to use her tennis racket awhile, or would I like to use some of her jewelry. Well, Denise is definitely a jewel. And Melanie adds: “Denise will love it.”

So I look at Denise. Denise blushing. Hunger in her eyes. And I wonder, estimating what might be happening. This couple. Nothing ever quite like this couple. I’ve never had sex with another doctor, although maybe only Denise will be involved.

My eyes meet Melanie’s and I nod. “Yes. I think I’d like that.”

Melanie looks pleased. “We’ll have our coffee and we’ll go up to our room.”

And that’s it. Nothing more said about it as we finish our dinner, nothing said but the eyes tell all. Denise avoids my eyes, but I look at her and I look at Melanie and my excitement bahis siteleri grows as I realize I am probably at the beginning of something memorable here. One more bead on my little necklace of memorable intimate events.

In the elevator, Melanie hugs and fondles Denise. In silence. I watch Melanie’s hands. I watch Denise’s eyes. I wonder, anticipate, imagine what will happen later on.

Inside their two-room suite, Melanie tells Denise to prepare drinks at the small bar. The layout is impressive, dwarfing my own single small room, an indication that Melanie’s medical practice must be substantial.

Melanie relaxes on the sofa as she talks to me about the convention again. “It’s not that interesting this year. I don’t think I’ll stay until the end. How about you?”

“There’s a paper I want to hear on Thursday.”

She nods and smiles. “Well, enough of that. Let’s forget about medicine for awhile.”

After Denise serves the drinks, some wine for me and vodka for Melanie and herself, Melanie calmly tells Denise to show me what she has in her ass.

Denise blushes and puts her drink down. She turns and lifts her skirt, then tugs her pantyhose down to expose her buttocks. When she bends forward slightly, the black anal plug becomes visible.

The madness of it excites me tremendously. I hardly know these women. Denise has perfect buttocks, not a single blemish anywhere, nothing but firm-looking flesh, smooth white skin.

“Come closer to us,” Melanie says to Denise.

And Denise shuffles backward to stand closer to the sofa where Melanie and I are seated. She stands with her back turned to us, her ass exposed.

Melanie smiles at me. “Do as you like. Touch her if you want.”

Since I have already decided to participate fully, I accept the invitation and I put my hand on Denise’s buttocks. I touch the protruding end of the anal plug and gently wiggle it to test how firmly it’s captured.

“She does everything,” Melanie says. “She’s completely docile. What would you like to do with her?”

“I don’t know.”

Melanie is amused. “Is this a first for you? First time with anyone like Denise?”


I remembered a girl in college, a tall skinny girl who followed me around like a puppy, and who, when we finally went to bed, wanted me to whip her with a belt. I did that twice, and then I became bored with it and I sent her away. And then two or three women after that, women who wanted to be sexually dominated. Hungry bottoms. Interesting, sometimes. But I’d never felt any excitement as strong as this — I’d never been as excited bahis şirketleri as I was now with Denise and Melanie.

Melanie casually ordered Denise to strip naked.

That gets me hotter. Anticipation. I want to see Denise naked. She does it easily, peeling her clothes away piece by piece, and then when she’s naked I’m even more excited when I see her nipples are pierced by small gold rings.

She has a shaved pubis, bald, as smooth looking as an egg.

“Come here,” Melanie says, and when Denise approaches us, Melanie makes a gesture and Denise lifts her left leg to place her left foot on the couch between Melanie and myself. This forces Denise into a half turn, so that now she’s facing me more than she’s facing Melanie. Of course I look at Denise’s bald pussy, and my heart pounds because now the small gold rings piercing her labia are exposed. A ring in each nipple, a ring in each lip. And she’s wet. She’s dripping. The pink slit glinting with her cream.

“Show your clit,” Melanie says, her voice throaty as she reaches to the table at her end of the sofa to retrieve her glass of vodka.

My eyes are fixed on Denise’s pussy. Her clitoris is already partly visible, protruding thickly between two elongated wattles. She opens herself, her fingers pulling the lips apart and pressing back on her mons to make the pearl-like knob of her clit pop out.

I can’t resist touching her. My hand comes up, my fingers touching the two rings. I probe a moment, and then I slide my middle finger deep into the well, deep inside her vagina. She’s hot. And from the feel of the walls, I suspect she’s ovulating. My finger comes out wet, and I deliberately wipe it on the underside of her raised thigh.

Melanie says: “You can do anything you want to her. But not her ass. Her ass belongs only to me. Why don’t you have her suck you now? She’s good. Show her your pussy and you’ll see how good she is.”

Why not? I slip my shoes off, peel my pantyhose off, and show everything.

“Suck her,” Melanie says to Denise. And Denise immediately drops to her knees to bury her face in my cunt.

This is raw sex, no frills, no amenities, no gentility. I’m not used to it, and it arouses me tremendously. Denise is talented. She knows how to work a woman. She might be passive in other things, but her mouth on my pussy is quite aggressive.

Melanie leaves the sofa to crouch behind Denise. She removes the anal plug, and as I watch, she pushes one, two, then three fingers inside Denise’s stretched anus. She moves the fingers, turns them, pistons them, fucking Denise’s ass as Denise sucks me to an orgasm.

My eyes meet Melanie’s over Denise’s bent back. Melanie smiles. I smile in return. The night is young and we haven’t even reached the bed yet. Two doctors working a patient between them. With collegiality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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