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By the age of nineteen, Jason’s life was already a long strange trip. His story had armed robbery, rape, and incest in it. He’d read about things like that in books and seen it in films. He just didn’t expect to be the character in the lead role.

When Jason was still young, his mother and stepfather, Janice and Carl, moved to a small beach town. It was close enough to the city in which Carl had opened an office for him to commute. He spent most of his time there and didn’t always come home on weekends, which always served as a bone of contention between Janice and Carl.

For Jason, it all started with lotion. The beach was the equivalent of heaven to Jason because that’s where he got to be with his mother without any distractions. Their house practically sat on the beach and before and after the tourist season, it was usually desolated. His mother was a sun-worshipper and they went out every afternoon and weekend. Janice would hand him the Coppertone to ‘do her’. He must have slathered lotion on his mother’s back and legs a thousand times over the years without thinking about it until that day in May when reality shifted.

He got hard. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling. The confusion of excitement and guilt washed over him turning him crimson. He missed the father he never had to talk to. Jason’s father had been an officer in the Marines but was accidentally killed in a live-fire exercise when Jason was five. His mother, who always explained things to him, was now unavailable. He calmed himself and waited for it all to subside. That night he was in turmoil. His mother must have asked him ten times if he was okay; he wasn’t.

The next day as they sat in the dunes, he almost said no when she handed him the plastic bottle. Awareness now dogged his every thought and act. As soon as he opened the cap, the smell triggered a response. The white cream was now sensual in his hand. He started on her shoulder blades and became aware of how soft her skin was. Skin he had run his hand down so many times before, now felt different. The toning of her muscles from her daily run was evident to his touch. He slid down her long flanks. Had he come this close to the top of her rounded ass before? He couldn’t remember. How could this be the first time he ever felt the silkiness of her inner thighs as his fingers came so close to the mystery between her legs?

That night was the first time Jason made himself come thinking about his mother. He had had a few nocturnal emissions caused by murky images of women like her, but never thought of them as ‘mom’. He went out to the dunes and in the mild night air, touched himself. He thought of her, of touching her. With his eyes closed he watched as she touched him back. She kissed him back. She let him…she let him. The force of his release surprised him. He watched his ejaculate shoot a long distance from where he stood. Afterwards he sat in the sand feeling relieved that the feelings were gone. Somehow he thought it was over. By the time he returned to the house he realized how wrong he was. His mother was in a long tee shirt without a bra. He watched her stimulated nipples move against the cotton. Within minutes he had to turn away; he was hard again.

Janice was a beautiful woman and everyone noticed. Carl noticed everyone noticing; that made him a pain in the ass. He was always accusing her of leading men on or having affairs. When she came to his office a few days a week to help with the books he gave her a hard time about the way men looked at her. He swore he’d leave her without a penny if he ever caught her screwing around. She knew he had the power to do it.

In point of fact, Janice had two short affairs. One was with an actor in the community theater group she played in and the other was a lifeguard. She realized after a few years that her marriage was a mistake. Her husband didn’t satisfy her in any way. He was obsessed with making money, which he was very good at, and ‘banging’ Janice, as he so delicately put it, which he was very bad at. The excuses she used to refuse him sometimes bordered on the absurd. She had invoked ‘fatigue syndrome’ a few times and once even told him that there wasn’t enough sunlight that day and the deprivation made her unable have sex with him.

From anyone but Carl, Janice was always hungry for physical contact. She hugged and kissed everyone she knew. She was easily aroused and usually stayed aroused until she could find the time and place to masturbate. Even when talking to strangers her hands would end up on their arm or shoulder. It wasn’t calculation or artifice. It was just the way she was.

The sensual effect that touch engendered was always welcomed, especially from her own ‘handsome boy’. When she and Jason would walk in a mall or on the street she always wanted to hold his hand. When he grew tall enough, he would put his hand in the small of her back as they walked and gently stroke her up and down. She always smiled when he did that. She didn’t bursa escort bayanlar smile lasciviously or seductively; she just smiled. When he was done, his last stroke would lightly brush over his mother’s ass. She accepted his touch without any comment.

There was another side to the full-breasted beauty. She could look at times like a ‘sweet innocent’ but that didn’t mean she was ‘soft’. She could be tough as leather when she had to be. Jason always remembered the first summer on the beach when a big hairy guy came up to where they were sitting and called his mother something like ‘sweet cheeks’. She stood her full five ten and with steel in her eye and voice, she walked within six inches of him and said, “Move on or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.” The guy believed her and so did Jason.

Things starting going bad from the night his stepfather ‘caught’ them. Carl had been on Jason’s back all night. Jason loathed him by that time. For all the times his stepfather had barked his orders at him, Jason couldn’t remember him ever saying “please” or “thank you” to him. When they all settled down to watch a video, Janice had her legs across Jason’s lap and he idly ran his hand from her knees to her ankle. Carl noticed that Jason was hard. He controlled himself for the moment but that night, Jason heard them screaming at each other.

“Are you screwing around with your own son now you whore?”

“What the hell are you talking about you crazy fuck?” Janice thought he had really gone off the deep end when he told her what he saw. She told him that he was being ridiculous; she said that boys Jason’s age probably always had a hard on. She figured it was just Carl’s jealousy run amok. After hours of arguing and threatening, he convinced her that the best thing was for Jason to go to live at school.

All relationships are complicated. When they sent him away to school, the love and desire he felt for his mother became tinged with anger. Jason couldn’t understand how she could allow them to be apart. He listened to his pain in Eric Clapton’s guitar and Janis Joplin’s voice waiting for it to go away. It was the music his mother had listened to. The feelings always came back.

Through the years his fantasies took on a harder edge. At eighteen, he was picturing himself behind his mother’s full round ass and plunging his cock deep enough to make her scream. He was never sure if it was a scream of pain or pleasure.

He was about to graduate and leave for college when his mother made one of her frequent visits to school. As he had gotten older, she confided in him. She talked to him about everything – sometimes too many things. She told him when she had her period and how tender her breasts felt. She even admitted her affairs to him and on that particular day she said, “I don’t know Jason, I thought as I got older my sex drive would lessen but I want it and need it more than ever.”

She didn’t realize what she was doing to him until he said with a quiet ferocity, “I need it too mom…I need it too.” He held her arms and began kissing her. She was so stunned she didn’t react at first.

He pushed her to the bed and as he was about to get on top of her, she looked into the black of his eyes and softly said, “Jason…stop.” He did.

His face showed the remorse he felt as he said, “I’m sorry mom, I’ve been thinking about loving you for so long that I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.” They talked for over an hour as he poured his heart out to her. When he was spent she took him in her arms and held him. She put her face in his hair and kissed his head. She stroked his cheek with her soft hand and then kissed his lips. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. She touched him until he came.

As she left the room she said, “Jason, I’ve got to think; I’ll call you. I love you.” Her call came sooner than he expected. It was the middle of the night. She said nothing he expected. “Jason, I need to see you. There’s a bus at ten tomorrow morning; please come home.”

When he got home he had no idea what to do or say. His stepfather was gone and his mother was dressed for the beach. She said, “I’ll be out there honey…come out so we can talk.” He put on a suit and followed her. The afternoon sun was waning when he got to the empty beach.

Janice lay prone with her eyes closed and Jason said, “You look great mom.” She didn’t answer as he reached for the lotion. He straddled her legs and coated his hands with the white cream. Jason unhooked the top of his mother’s bathing suit and began coating her back. As he reached towards her shoulders, his cock contacted her ass.

Janice said, “Honey I know what you want but I can’t do it… I can’t let you…Jason…and it’s not just that I’m your mother…Oh God, I shouldn’t tell you this but it’s true…it’s that I want you to…I want you to…and if we start…”

As he kneaded the slick liquid into her back, he rubbed his hardening shaft between bayan sarisin escort bursa her meaty globes. She said, “Jason.” He didn’t know if it was ‘Jason stop’ or ‘Jason don’t stop’. His answer was to move his hands to the sides of her breasts and begin fondling her. “Jason” was the only word she said for the next thirty minutes.

He was slow and deliberate. He raised himself and removed the bottom of her suit. His greasy hands and slippery fingers found her pussy. He was surprised that it was shaved smooth and clean. He liked the feel of the velvet flesh between her legs. He massaged and explored to the sounds of her soft moans. She made no attempt to stop him when he drove a finger deep into her ass. His caressing and probing of her every inch continued at a torturously slow pace.

Janice was still on her stomach when he finally pulled his suit down and put the swollen head of his cock against the opening of her pussy; she was as primed as she had ever been. He ran his slick hand down the length of his steel hard shaft and then ran the length of it deep into his mother’s waiting channel. She hugged her elbows close to herself as if to gird herself for her son’s onslaught. It was an onslaught. Besides it being the biggest cock she’d ever had inside her it was also the angriest. All the frustrations of his wanting her, blaming her, and needing her became focused on the joining of his cock and his mother’s pussy.

Each of her son’s hard thrusts into her was welcomed with shock and pleasure. Each time his cock found the end of her she called his name. Even though her son’s cock filled her, she raised herself and gave him more access. He took her breasts in his hands and drove the last few inches to the depths of his mother’s humid pussy. Finally she made a long high-pitched sound and by her clenching he knew she had come. He pulled out of her throbbing pussy and stroked himself twice before the first cords of cum shot to her shoulders. The last of them went down her back. As she lay there breathing deeply, he ran his hand with his cream from her neck down to her ass.

When his mother got up she put her suit on and took his hand leading him to the water. It was ice cold against their hot skin but they dove in. When they came up she put her arms around his neck and said, “Thank you for not coming in me…I take the pill… but thank you anyway.” She kissed him and he tasted the sweetness of her tongue and the salty water. She looked at him with an enigmatic smile and said “Now what?”

Now what? turned into more than either one of them expected. Fifteen minutes later Janice was rubbing her son’s cock again. In the time it had taken them to dry off and go back into the house, she had changed her mind three times. Her first thought was “Okay it happened but it’s never going to happen again.” Her last thought was, “God it felt so good…I need him again…now.” So she went into his arms and kissed him slowly all over his face and eyes and rubbed his responsive cock.

Jason pulled down her top exposing her breasts. He held one from underneath and used his index finger to play with her nipple. He asked her, “Mom, did it feel good when I was in you?”

Janice laughed. “You know how it made me feel. You just want to hear your momma tell you how good you did her don’t you?” She got serious and began whispering in his ear as his cock got rock hard. “I loved it baby…I loved having your big cock so far up me I could have screamed…and I want it there again…and I’m going to want it there again and again and again.” So he put it there, every time she wanted him to and every time he wanted to.

They had sex, they had more sex and then they made love. Within weeks of frantic trips back and forth to school and spending every waking moment that they could together, the testosterone and estrogen of lust mingled with the oxytocin and vassopressin of affection and love.

As they loved into the hot summer, they spent more time together in the dunes. They swam together and once made love in the water. They were out past the breakers in the late afternoon when most of the tourists had gone for the day and Janice had her legs wrapped around her son’s waist. They rarely touched when anyone was around but that day Janice kissed her son as they played. Jason got hard and put his hand on her pussy.

Before long neither of them wanted to wait until their usual late night meeting after Carl was asleep. Jason managed to get his cock into his mother by pushing aside their suits. They smiled at a couple who floated by them and did all they could not to be obvious about it. It was awkward and chafing but fun. He was barely touching the bottom and his mother bobbed slowly on his cock to the rhythm of the buoyant water. He held her ass in hands as he attempted to rock her harder along the rod that filled her.

Her salty tongue played in his mouth as she drew herself onto him by locking her ankles bursa evi olan eskort around his back. Her fingers dug into his back as she attempted to get more leverage to move her hips. Jason slid his hand under Janice’s nylon bottom and put one finger into her ass. He knew that his mother always came quicker when he did that. As he pushed in with his finger he could feel the bulge of his cock on the other side of the thin membrane.

Janice began biting on her son’s ear before moving to his mouth as she started to come. When they were alone they both usually climaxed with loud exclamations; they managed to keep it down that day by locking their mouths together. They laughed as much as they moaned when they came. When they talked about it later, they agreed it was fun but they both preferred the sweet languor of touching each other for a long time and then fucking each other for a long time, on a blanket in the sand or in bed.

At that point they both wanted the same thing, to do it all together forever. How? That was the question. Jason came up with the crazy idea and Janice was desperate enough to agree. The first part was Janice’s fooling with Carl’s books to get some money for them to start with. The second part was a special one-act play for Carl.

On their specified night, Carl came home at about 11:30. As the garage door clanged down and he opened the door to the house, he was greeted by a man with a gun. The man he saw was all in black including a cotton mask covering his whole head. Only blue eyes showed through. The man directed the trembling Carl to the bedroom with the gun pressed against the back of his head. All of Carl’s questions were answered with one whisper, “Shut up or die.”

When Carl entered the bedroom he saw his wife tied to the bed, her eyes covered and her mouth gagged. Her blouse was torn open and her skirt was raised. The man tied Carl to a chair at the side of the bed and gagged him. He didn’t cover his eyes. The man whispered, “I didn’t expect you but you’re just in time for the show.”

Carl watched frozen as the man took a scissor from the bureau top and cut off Janice’s panties and bra; he made appreciative noises as he surveyed her tits and pussy. He roughly grabbed a tit and tweaked the nipple. She made resistive noises under the gag and wriggled but she was bound too tightly to move far. Carl’s eyes opened wide as the big hard cock came out of the man’s pants. He straddled Janice and held the rod against the soft pussy lips until they spread and yielded the hole. He pushed past the hairless opening and sank in to the hilt. A muffled cry came from beneath Janice’s gag. Carl watched as the man began fucking his wife long and hard.

Carl looked like he was struck dumb as he watched. Jason and Janice went to the second part of their plan. Jason pulled out of his mother and lifted the mask enough to expose his mouth. He began sucking on the folds of his mother’s cunt. He licked all over the smooth pussy and drew the elongated clit into his mouth. Janice began to moan.

Whether she would have been able to mask her pleasure and pretend she wasn’t enjoying it at this point was moot; they wanted Carl to know that his wife was getting fucked and liked it. Even under her gag her husband recognized the sounds he had never been unable to get out of his wife. He became infuriated. The words weren’t entirely understandable but it was clear that he was calling his wife a ‘fucking whore’ and worse.

Jason whispered something in his mother’s ear and took off her gag. He stuck his cock in her mouth and let her suck him for a while. Again he said something to her and untied her legs. He put her legs on his shoulders. He began fingering around his mother’s exposed pucker. He teased her tender asshole as she began to writhe. He took some of her juice and put it on the small hole. Her cry reverberated around the room as Jason entered his mother’s ass. As he plunged in and out of her, the screams of “Yes…yes…yes” had Carl apoplectic. When she yelled that she was coming, he was practically bouncing in the chair. Janice let out a long sigh when her son pulled his wide cock out of her.

Jason whispered to Carl that this would all be over and he wouldn’t return unless he called the police. He coughed at the smell of Carl’s sweat and stinking aftershave. He told Carl that he knew where he worked and warned him again that he would come get him if he told anyone. With the gun pressed into his stepfather’s ear, Jason relieved him of his Rolex and jewelry. He went back and loosened one of his mother’s hands and mouthed silently, “I love you” and left.

They were right about Carl. He couldn’t stand the fact that his wife was screwed by another man and enjoyed it. He moved out the next day and filed for divorce. He told Janice she would be well taken care of when all the paperwork was done because he knew that under the circumstances he couldn’t get out of paying.

A week later, Jason and his mother were in the dunes. Nobody was around. “I like you in blue eyes” his mother said. “What happened to them?”

Jason said, “I threw those contacts away, you’ll have to take me as I am.”

Janice took a deep breath and said, “As long as you have this cock to give me.” They kissed and touched for a while feeling the sun and their passions warming them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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