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Ann stared into the mirror in disbelief. What she saw in that silver screen was absolutely terrifying. The saran-wrapped upper part of her body was tightly encased by a shiny, white, rigid material. Its polished, shimmering surface looked actually pretty neat, but those two objects that sprang from it weren’t what they used to be. Their shape was like nothing she had ever seen before! Those things more resembled some weird, alien plants than anything else.

And worst of all, it was all her own fault! Why did she go cheap when ordering the resin? There were plenty of warnings everywhere, she had nobody to blame but herself! She had trouble comprehending that those two bulbous things that towered above her rib cage were actually part of her own body.

The bases of those strange objects were rather slim so that they somehow looked like gigantic light bulbs. Or mushrooms. They definitely didn’t look like they belonged to herself anymore, and they didn’t look like her own breasts at all! And worse, they weren’t in any shape or form that would have been useful for the task at hand. This wasn’t going to result in any casts she could use to make her replicas!

Ann felt incredible pressure on her disfigured boobs. This hurt! She stumbled, had to grab a chair to not collapse on the floor. Her fingers explored the hard, white shell that hugged her body so tightly. She feared her ribs would crack any moment, and that her tits would simply fall off and roll on the ground! The shell was so tight and rigid that she couldn’t even get a finger between the material and her skin! Her heart raced in panic.

Poor Ann was about to hyperventilate, on the verge of losing her mind. She feared that she would be trapped for life in this strange, concrete-like corset she just created. Somehow she had to crack the nasty thing open! But how? Ann tried once again to get a finger under her strange, body-hugging prison, but to no avail.

She looked around her room for a solution, for tools to use. Her scissors! Maybe those would work? But the blades didn’t make a dent in the hard surface when she tried to cut it open. The frightened girl searched around in panic, desperate to find something, anything that would free her. But there was nothing that seemed of help, nothing that could get her out of this nightmare.

And so she did the only thing that she could think of and called Sue, her longtime friend and fellow artist. Sue’s field of work was quite a bit different though. Ann never understood video arts, and always wondered just how many people actually watched her works. But that didn’t stop them becoming close friends in just a few days after meeting the first time.

Yes, this was definitely a Sue situation. She couldn’t even imagine to ask anybody else for help. With Sue, it was different. Sue was always easy-going. Sue would help her and Ann wouldn’t even feel awkward afterward.

“It’s 4am, bitch! What are you thinking?! Better hope this is important!”

Ann creaked, barely able to control her voice, “Listen, Sue. I… I have a bit of a …situation here. I… I need your help. It’s really urgent!”

Ann explained her situation quickly, but her friend was obviously not really awake just yet.

“Wait… You did WHAT?”

Sue couldn’t believe what she just heard. Apparently, Ann was working on some fucked-up art project and got herself into trouble. Big trouble. She sighed. Of course she would need to help her. Again. At 4am in the morning. Fuck.

“Calm down, honey. I’ll be there any minute!” Sue groaned.

When she arrived, Ann was in tears, sitting on her bed and sobbing uncontrollably. Sue’s eyebrows rose as she saw the white, corset-like thing that encased Ann’s upper body. And the two objects that stuck out of it like strange, alien creatures.

“Your boobs … look funny, sweetie!” she grinned, “So what exactly did you want to achieve with this… art project?”

“I… I just wanted to create molds! But… it kind of went sideways, I guess. Can you please get me out of this? My tits fucking hurt!”

“Molds, huh? Well, it looks like it kind of worked!” Sue giggled. The curious girl approached Ann and touched the hard surface of the material.

“Wow, feels like stone or something!”

“I know!” sobbed Ann, “It’s like a freaking corset made of concrete! Look at me!” Tears flowed freely.

“Don’t freak out, we’ll find a solution. Let me have a closer look at it.”

Sue examined the hard shell, tried to wiggle a finger underneath the material.

“Did you keep the instructions? There must be a way to cut this open!”

Ann nodded, “I think they’re still at the workshop, with all the other boxes and stuff.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a minute. Just wait here and don’t do anything stupid! Well, this is already way beyond stupid anyways, but… just don’t move, OK?”

Ann looked at her, eyes wide open and wet from tears, “Please, help me?!”

It didn’t take long for Sue to find the instructions. She frowned as she read through the rather bahis firmaları concise text. The only information that was remotely relevant was a short paragraph that explained how the ‘master object’ could be removed after the resin has hardened.

“If the resin is wrapped around the master in a manner that does not allow for removal without destruction, use a thin saw, chisel or a wire cutter to carefully cut the hardened resin away. For fragile master objects, use of a small chisel with a rubber hammer is recommended.”

Great! Just great! Sue looked around the workshop, her eyes wandering over the wooden column. A chisel, right. But wait, what the hell was THAT thing over there? And why were two holes in it? She examined the strange object more closely.

The wooden material the column was made of looked rather expensive, almost luxurious. But why the holes? And what were those funny rollers about, that were fixed inside around the rim of those holes? What was Ann’s latest project again? Did she even tell her?

Back in Ann’s little room, Sue waved chisel and rubber hammer in front of her friend’s eyes, smiling broadly.

“Found the instructions, sweetie! And got the right tools, too!”

Ann sighed relieved. “Thank god, you are back!”

“Now, let’s remove the saran wrap and get to work! Oh, and those rubber bands, too! Why did you put them on in the first place?”

“Well, I thought that would shape them nicely. Otherwise the resin wouldn’t cover my … cleavage. And I couldn’t think of a better way. But obviously they were quite a bit too strong, and now I’m stuck with two mushrooms instead!” she whimpered.

Sue grinned, “Sure. Whatever. So let’s get rockin’!”

With renewed hope, Ann waddled towards Sue and let her cut the rubber bands and rip the saran wrap away. She didn’t feel a thing; the hard cast shielded her breasts completely.

“So you’ll have to chisel me up?” Ann asked with a doubtful look.

“Yep. That’s what they say. By the way, I saw a strange thing in your workshop…”


“A huge, wooden column. Somebody apparently destroyed it, cut two holes into the beautiful piece…”

“Well, the two holes… they’re kind of necessary…”

“So you did this?”

“Yes… the column… my breasts… I’m…”

Sue looked quizzically.

Ann sighed, “OK. Listen. I’m pretending my boobs are a sculpture of their own… My take on ‘body art’, I guess. I’ll put the column somewhere public, sneak into it and squeeze my naked tits through the holes.”

“Wow. Wait. Really? I mean… wow!”

Ann blushed, “Yep. People think it’s a breast sculpture, but in fact it’s me.”

“And you enjoy being in there, touched by total strangers…”

“Y… yes…”

“So you’re a bit of an exhibitionist and look for excuses to show yourself? And what are you trying to do now?”

“No, I mean…Yes… No… argh, fuck it! Yes, yes you’re right I guess.” Ann’s face reddened even more, “Anyway, the dean liked my ‘sculpture’ so much that he now wants to have it at a freaking exhibition!”

Sue grinned, “So it was a success, right? Just what you wanted! You must be thrilled!”

Ann smirked, “Of course I’m thrilled. I’m so excited! But how would that work out? Obviously, I can’t present my art while I’m in there. So I need an actual sculpture…a replica. But now I’m stuck in this freaking thing and my tits are about to fall off! And they hurt like fuck!”

Sue giggled, “Now I get it. So, you want to create some molds of your breasts to make an actual replica of them?”

“Exactly! I… I need to create near-perfect copies of them, so that I don’t need to be in the column myself all the time.”

Sue smirked, her eyes piercing Ann, “Still can’t get my head around this project. Just to get it right, so you stay in that column and have your tits … hanging through the holes… for everyone to see?”

“Well, they were not really hanging… more bulging, but in short, yes.”

Sue whistled, “You’re a naughty little girl, Ann. Did you get wet down there? Was it exciting to have your tits groped?”

“You have no idea, Sue. It was fantastic! The most exciting thing I ever did! I’m getting all worked up again just thinking about it!”

Sue smirked, “I guess I get it now. You’re quite a hot little bitch, sweetie. And now brace yourself. I’ll try to open the cast around your boobs so we see if they survived!”

“Around my… breasts? Why… why not at my back, or my sides?”

“Well, you want your boobs bulging, right? And those molds should have the correct size at the end. But by what I can tell, your tits are way too compressed right now and have a rather weird shape. I think you’ll find that the mold, while usable, won’t accurately reflect your actual size. So we’ll need to do it again. And this… corset… for a lack of better words… will be quite helpful as it accurately simulates the column. If my estimates are right, your tits will balloon through those openings just like when you are in kaçak iddaa that… thing!”

“So you think the molds are not usable?”

“Actually, no. But let’s see!”

With that, Sue took the chisel and told Ann to lie on her back. She inspected the cast once again and said, “I’ll open it here, just around the base of those melons of yours. Then we can pop it off and see if those forms are still useful. Now hold still so I won’t hurt you!”

Slowly but carefully Sue hammered away, chiseling a small gap into the hard material. Ann closed her eyes, hoping that her friend would be careful and not injure her in the process.

Sue expertly opened the cast around the bases of her breasts piece by piece. It took almost an hour until she declared, “This is it, I think both sides should be ready now. Let’s try to get your tits free!”

Sue pulled at the bulbous object that still trapped Ann’s left breast. The tugging caused the hard form to move a bit, but her breast stayed firmly inside, stuck in its strange prison. Sue pulled harder and harder, but the tit wouldn’t budge.

Desperate to get out of there, Ann grabbed hold of her hurting breast and, with combined efforts, the girls pulled the hard object away from Ann’s body. Her trapped tit stretched further and further. And then, with a mighty bang, it suddenly popped free.

Ann howled in pain as the resin was ripped from her skin. She clutched her red, hot breast, tears welling up in her eyes. She was so relieved that at least one of her breasts finally was free again! If just the pain wouldn’t be so nasty!

And Sue laughed like a maniac. She had to actually hold her tummy while she cackled hysterically. The one, giant, red boob that was now expanding just in front of her eyes was just too much for her. What a stimulating sight! One breast still trapped and compressed into a tight, white light bulb of sorts, the other one red and hot, wobbling and shaking like a bulging melon!

“Tits is udderly s-boob-tacular!” Sue giggled, “I never saw a boobie like tits before!”

“Oh come on, Sue,” groaned Ann, “You’re ridiculous! Your jokes never were funny, so don’t try now. Let’s get the other sucker out, too!”

“Aww, don’t you have any sense of humor? That was incredible! But well, let’s free your other melon.”

Again, both pulled at the cast and ripped the tight mold from her other breast with force. Ann howled and cursed as the material finally gave way and her other tit popped out of its prison.

“I could do that forever!” giggled Sue, “Look at you, look how nice and puffy your melons are! Tasty! There, head over to that mirror and see for yourself!”

Sue helped Ann from her bed and pushed her in front of the large mirror.

“Oh fuck, this looks ridiculous!” Ann squeaked, “My fucking tits look like some gigantic tomatoes or something. Look how red and puffed up they are! And still bulging like freaking balloons! And they itch!”

Ann scratched her tortured flesh, squeezed and mauled her hot twins. “Owww… fuck, what a nightmare! And I don’t even have the mold yet! How should I ever make those stupid fake boobs?”

Ann’s friend picked up the two, now hollow, mushroom-shaped objects and inspected them with interest. These were fascinating! The surface showed the very structure of Ann’s skin! The area around her hard nipples looked particularly interesting, as every detail of those little hard nubs was clearly visible when she shone a light into the hard form. Certainly, the resin’s capabilities were top-notch!

“Look at those things, Ann! They’re awesome! You could create boob-vases out of them!” she grinned.

“Wow, and look at the surface! I knew it was the right stuff! Just a bit too small though. Not my natural size, I guess!” Ann laughed embarrassed, “So what now?”

“How about trying it again? But this time, I’ll help and make sure that your tits are adequately replicated!”

“No other choice anyway, right? Did you check if there is still enough of that resin stuff left?”

“Should be plenty. Let’s head into the workshop. Here, put your sweater on, so nobody gets a heart attack when we hit the streets!”

There were indeed some awkward moments as both girls walked through the city. A bunch of young guys were openly staring at Ann’s impressive, ballooning bust which was jiggling under her sweater. They heard some catcalls and awkward …invitations… for lack of a better word.

Some people were ogling Ann’s jumping melons like they were some tasty fruits or something. And one older creep actually tried to feel her up, tried to touch Ann’s itchy assets with his sweaty hands. But when Sue stared straight into his eyes and raised her eyebrow in disgust, he hustled away.

Once they arrived at the workshop, both took stock and put all the supplies they could find on the table. Ann couldn’t wait to get started again, and rummaged through her stuff to find what they needed.

With Sue’s help, the whole ordeal became just so much easier! Ann climbed on two sawhorses and kaçak bahis positioned herself so that her corset was flush with the wooden supports and her naked, swollen boobs dangled freely below her. Sue then knelt down and started teasing her swaying tits. She grabbed Ann’s hardening nipples and pulled at them, jokingly imitating a milking motion.

“This will be fun,” she giggled, “It definitely was worth it to come here, even at 4:30 in the morning!”

Ann laughed, “Glad you enjoy this! But can you be a bit more careful please? Those suckers still hurt! Also, we have stuff to do!”

“Oh, sorry! And yes, we’ll need to prepare you now. I’ll need to wrap your boobs up a bit to get them in shape. They need to be bulging through those holes, right?”

And before Ann could even answer, Sue pulled at one tit and wrapped its base with some kind of elastic bandage. Ann was curious to find out what her friend actually did, but she couldn’t see a thing as her view was obstructed by the wooden sawhorses that supported her body.

The feeling was nice though. Somehow, Sue’s actions increased the sensitivity of her tits, and Ann definitely liked those sensations caused by the stretchy material. Once Sue had wrapped up about a hand’s width of her flesh, she snapped some strong rubber band around each base for good measure and marveled at the spectacular sight.

“They are so pretty, honey! I just love the puffed up look of your gigantic udders! Never seen something even close to this before!”

“Uh-huh…” Ann groaned, not knowing what to respond. She had the feeling Sue was a bit too enthusiastic. Was this level of constraint really needed, just to create those casts? She had some doubt.

Sue was getting busy again and continued with her work. She wrapped another layer of bandage around her twins while she explained to the complaining Ann, “We’ll need to get them nice and puffy first, before we cover them with resin again. This way they get into the proper shape!”

Ann still couldn’t see what was happening, but she was definitely concerned. Everything seemed quite a bit tighter than previously, and she could feel her boobs swelling up quickly.

But Sue was totally absorbed in her task as she covered Ann’s still itchy twins with a thin layer of resin. The itching only got worse by the new coating, and Ann simply couldn’t stand it anymore. Her hands suddenly moved towards her bulging beauties and she scratched herself, messing up the already applied resin.

Sue watched with displeasure as Ann grabbed her itching breasts. She shook her head and whispered, “You really shouldn’t touch yourself there. You’ll damage the resin! The instructions are quite explicit about this! In fact, you already destroyed what I have applied, and I have to do it all over again!”

“I know!”, Ann creaked, “But I can’t tolerate this itch any longer! It’s hideous!”

“Well, in that case we need to do something about it so you don’t mess up again. Right?” Sue murmured, grabbed Ann’s hands and pulled them together behind her back. Within moments, she wrapped some zip ties around her wrists and pulled them tight.

“Hey! You can’t do that!” Ann complained, but Sue just shook her head and groaned.

“I’m just taking care! You’d jeopardize everything again! And you won’t die just because you can’t scratch yourself for a few hours, so deal with it! We’re doing this for you, remember?”

Ann sighed. Of course Sue was right, but binding her hands for this? Really? She couldn’t move them a bit anymore! She was totally helpless!

Sue smirked and nonchalantly returned to applying the resin. She cleaned the messed-up bits and carefully covered the entire breast in a thin layer, until everything was nice and wet again.

Ann thought Sue was done already, when she saw her kneeling down in front of her and poking her with some kind of Q-Tip. Well, actually she wasn’t poking her but slid around her boobs, like she was drawing a fancy pattern into the resin. What the hell was the point of this? But Ann didn’t want to complain again so she kept silent and tried to feel what exactly Sue was doing.

Sue knew exactly what she was up to and carefully scratched away pieces of the already hardening material. She had to be very careful and thorough if her plan should work out as intended. She examined the two glistening bags of flesh closely, carefully checking if she removed enough of the resin from the first layer already.

Ann couldn’t wait any longer. She had to know what was going on! She asked, “What the hell are you doing down there? This has nothing to do with creating my casts, does it?”

“Oh, so you noticed?” Sue grinned gleefully, “Didn’t expect you would be so attentive! Just a little experiment of mine, couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. No worries! Just relax and enjoy!”

With that, Sue started to work on the second layer, applied more resin and again scratched off some of it with her Q-Tip. On and on it went, as Sue applied layer after layer while Ann felt the pressure on her boobs increase slowly but steadily.

The resin was beginning to set and tighten up. Ann knew exactly how it would feel in a few hours. After all, she had gone through that ordeal already a few hours earlier!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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