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I felt excitement and nervousness as I kneeled alone in your bedroom waiting, not sure when my Goddess would arrive. Today was our 1st anniversary and I looked forward to seeing you. Earlier in the week you locked up my tiny dick, telling me that waiting for a week would make this special day even more special.

So when I got your text an hour earlier telling me to strip out of my clothes and wear the present sitting on your pillow and wait on my knees until you arrived. I felt excitement and couldn’t wait for you to arrive home to unlock me so I could make sweet love to you. I stripped excitedly out of my clothes and ripped open the present. Inside was a cute, silk pair of panties. Why would my Goddess want me to wear panties. I felt a bit ridiculous when I pulled the panties onto my body. I felt my face flush with embarrassment, but I wanted to make you happy, so I kneeled on the floor and waited.

Suddenly I heard the front door creak open and your sweet voice talking quietly. “Was there someone else with her or was she talking on the phone”, I thought to myself. Nervousness filled my body and my tiny dick uncomfortably filled my cage. My body wanted to run, but my body was frozen. I waited.

Suddenly there was giggling as you entered the room. “Wow what do I see here. You look so cute in those pink panties my sweet Şerifali Escort boy” you whispered to me. “I really want this anniversary to be special for both of us. But my sweet boy, your tiny penis has never made me cum. That is really unfair for me don’t you think my sweet boy?”

My face turned bright red with embarrassment, anger and hurt. My tiny dick was straining through my cage. I felt so useless as I sputtered “I’m so sorry my Goddess”.

You reached down and gave me a hug and a kiss and whispered in my ear “For our anniversary, my sweet boy, I’ve reached out to my old boy toy to join us tonight. My boy toy has the perfect cock. It’s so much bigger than your dick, the girth fills me up so much, it is perfect. I’ve cum so many times from his cock, I’ve really missed it over the last couple years. You want me to be happy don’t you sweet boy?”

Part of me wanted to crawl in a hole and die but the other side of me was so turned on. I really wanted you to be happy as I mustered a head nod as an answer.

You smiled a sweet smile, as you stripped off your clothes. The scent of your desire overpowered me and I wanted to please you so much. You pushed my head back and asked me not to move. You called out to your boy toy as he strode into the room. He was like a Greek god, chiseled chin, muscles everywhere İstanbul Escort with his perfect cock semi erect. I knew at that moment how inadequate I really was. He whispered something in your ear and you playfully giggled.

You fell down to your knees and licked his perfect cock to full erection. I looked on dumbfounded at the sight. I couldn’t believe my eyes as you fully took your boy toy’s cock in your mouth. You never gave me a blowjob, so I felt huge pains of jealousy. You worked his cock deep into your throat, saliva and precum spilling from your mouth. Suddenly he pulls you up and pushes you onto your knees with your beautiful butt in the air. He swiftly pushed his perfect cock into your dripping wetness from behind. He roughly fucked your sweet hole with a mesmerizing rhythm.

I looked on with lust and I just wanted to reach out to you. You stared at me lovingly as your boy toy fucked you. You signalled for me not to move as you moaned through your first orgasm. Your eyes closed as the orgasm washed over you, my heart breaking that you were cheating on me right in front of my face but my body willing you to continue and be fully sated.

Your boy toy continues to pound your pussy, showing me the kind of stamina that you deserve, that I have been unable to provide for you. There is an increase in his Ümraniye Escort pace, as you both near orgasm. As he grunts, you scream with another orgasm; he fills your beautiful pussy with a load of his potent seed. You both collapse in exhaustion and I suddenly realize that my panties are soaked with cum. I didn’t realize that my dick betrayed me and filled my panties with cum.

Your boy toy rises, dresses, and leaves the room. You sweetly smile at me as you pat for me to lay on the bed. I get up and lay down on the bed. I’m lying in a pool of moisture from your fucking. You quickly straddle my body and scoot up towards my face. You see the look of bewilderment on my face, but you quietly whisper “I really need your sweet tongue and lips on my pussy. I’m so sore please be gentle”

I want to make you happy so I plunge into your sweetness with my lips as I softly lick your pussy. You moan quietly as you increase your pace. Suddenly from deep inside his cum floods my mouth. I try to lick the salty sweet mixture from your pussy, but I gag with the volume that flows out. I try to swallow as quickly as possible enjoying the treat you’ve laid out for me. Suddenly your arousal increases as you orgasm and squirt more of your combined juices into my waiting mouth.

Fully satisfied, you lie back in the bed cuddled up on my side. Your hand gently caresses my tiny encased dick. Your breath slows, you whisper “I love you” as you fade into a deep slumber. I’m left hot and bothered. I’m still in shock from what happened but my heart is full knowing that you are happy and satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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