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Thanks for stopping by to read my story. This story is based on pure fiction.

Every character in this story is older than 18 years of age.

If you are squeamish about having affairs or sexual intimacy within a family then skip this story.


Kayte’ had enough.

Her life in a sexless marriage was going to end.

Although, to begin a new, it was going to require some very radical steps.

Kayte’ had been married for over 20 years. And even though she loved the man, he lost interest in being a husband. He wouldn’t touch her, and hardly ever look at her as his wife. He treated Kayte’ more as a distant friend than his life partner. And it seemed that sometimes he didn’t even treat her as that.

It’s not like Kayte’ hadn’t tried.

When she married Henry, he was full of intimacy, love and sex. For her, it was nearly a fairytale romance.

Yet as Henry aged, it turned off. Everything. Emotions. Sexuality. being a father. It’s like a part of him just died.

And it didn’t matter if Kayte’ wore sexy and skimpy lingerie, or went completely naked. Even trying to give Henry a blow. Henry just was not interested.

She wanted him to go to counseling. He blew her off. It was just a waste of time he told her.

So, the day after her 50th birthday. It was obvious that Henry didn’t care, one way or another. That was when she made the decision.

She was going to give herself to her 27 year old son.

Kayte’ had two children early on in her marriage to Henry. A son, named Roger, and a daughter named Helen. There were only two years separating Roger and Helen. Yet their lives were like night and day. Roger grew up to be a quiet man, loving, passionate, smart, and kind of shy. Where Helen was much more of an “A” type personality. She had met her future husband in college. And at 25, she already had 3 kids and was Assistant Chief Operating Officer of a nearby company.

Roger had never married, nor had no kids. Oh, sure, he loved women. And he did date quite a few of them. But they never managed to add up to his expectations… the ones created from the one person in his life he loved the most, his Mom.

He loved her curves. He loved her as a mother, and loved the woman in her. He never could remember through his early years when his mother wore pants. She was always in a dress. Her legs were always on display. Sometimes she would wear shorts when working out in the yard, but she never hid her legs.

Oh, sure, he had his fantasies about her. Most women don’t realize that most boys and some girls have their own fantasies about their parents. Even about their siblings. And in this case Roger had his fantasies about his mother. As raunchy and perverse as they might be to most.

What Roger didn’t know, was that his mother had found out about those thoughts and fantasies that he had been having about her.

Roger had turned 18 the month he graduated from high school. Kayte’ had been worried that her son was not dating enough. Henry didn’t seem to care. Every time that Kayte’ brought it up to Henry, he just blew it off and said to let the boy turn into whatever he’s going to turn into.

Kayte’ wasn’t happy about that answer, but didn’t know what else to do about it. She consulted with friends and the family doctor, and everyone seemed to agree with Henry. They said he had to figure out his own path in the world.

One day, Roger received a call from one of his buddies, and had to leave in a hurry to catch an event that they didn’t know was happening.

“Have a good time dear!” Kayte’ said as he flew out the door.

Kayte’ had already started doing her housework, and it was vacuum time.

She went into Roger’s room to vacuum. She was proud to have raised her son right. His room was neat and tidy, and his floor had nothing to get into her way. Shoes were neatly put away, laundry in the hamper. This was a stark contrast to his sister Helen. Her room was always a mess. She was always in a hurry, so her belongings would be strewn across the floor. She don’t know how were kids were opposites, but they were.

In vacuuming the floor, Kayte’ accidentally bumped Roger’s desk. Hard enough that the mouse moved, and the computer came on. Unlocked.

Kayte’ at first didn’t notice it, but then going around the desk, something on the screen caught her eye.

There were pictures of women on the screen, wearing bikinis.

That at least gave a little relief to Kayte’, that Roger was into girls. A double-take of the screen took her breath away.

It wasn’t a bunch of women. It was only one woman. Kayte’, his mother.

One photo in particular was the largest in the center. She remembered that day. They had went on a family outing to a secluded spot down on the river, near town. It was pseudo-private, as not many knew about it. And it was such a pain to get to, most didn’t bother trying.

Roger and Helen were goofing around by the waterside, and Kayte’ got in the middle of it and was casino siteleri accidentally shoved in. About the same time, Roger and Helen ended up in the water too. Only Henry was left out. In this particular instance, Henry had managed to take a picture as Kayte’ was climbing out, but her bikini top had slipped, giving a clear view of her nipple and areole. Kayte’ realized it only too late, as Henry had already snapped it before she realized it and recovered herself.

When the film had been processed, Henry picked it up from the photomat and he threw it on the table for everyone to look at. Roger had picked up the photos first, and in scanning through the batch, the nipple slip picture came up. Roger’s mouth opened, as he saw his beautiful mother and her beautiful left breast exposed. It happened so fast at the river that day, he didn’t catch it. But the camera did. Being alone in the dining room, Roger sneaked the photo into a pocket. Carefully he set the package of photos back down on the table (to make it look undisturbed), and disappeared.

Roger took the photo to school the next day and scanned it into digital image.

Kayte’ could see that the photo was there, cropped and the largest one on the screen. Over a dozen other photos of his mother(either in short dresses or bikini swimsuits) had encircled the big one.

Thinking back, it all made sense to Kayte’. Seeing the picture with her nipple exposed told her when it happened, but she wondered… where did the original picture go? Shortly after the beach incident, several odd-ball things begin to happen around the house.

Kayte’ knew something was up. Dresser drawers in their room has been opened and lightly looked through. Her lingerie drawer had been disturbed, as was her swimwear drawer.

She definitely had to admit it… Roger would have made a decent spy.

So what Kayte’ saw on the screen told her that her son had the hots for her. And in apparently a big way.

Nine years later on this particular day was the last straw. A huge fight with Henry was the catalyst. Kayte’ confronted Henry. It was her last ditch attempt to get through to him… to get him to provide his wife with some sexual attention or walk away. It was the day after her birthday… and she was begging her husband to make love to her. Henry declined and walked away.

She would have to call her son. She knew that at least he would want her.

“This is Roger”, Roger answered his desk phone. The phone registered his parents phone number, but he was in the middle of a project and just answered the phone out of habbit, without looking at the caller ID.

“Roger, this is Mom,” she sobbed.

“Mom,” hearing her sobbing on the other line broke his focused attention. “Are you ok? What’s going on?”

“Your father,” sob… “and I just had a huge blowout fight. I” sob… “need to see you. When do you get done at work?” sob…

“I can leave right now if you need me, Mom.”

“I don’t” sob… “want to interfere with your” sob… “work.”

Roger was pained to hear his mother sobbing like that. He knew of the issue between his Mom and Dad. He even tried to help out, by trying to talk to Dad. But even he figured it would be no use.

“It won’t, Mom. I need to take a lunch break, so I can leave now.”

“Its 2:30” sob… “in the afternoon. Are you sure you can leave now?” sob…

Roger replied, “No problem. The project is going smoothly. I’ll just clear it with Mark. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“Can” sob… “I meet you at your apartment?” sob… “instead?”

“Sure. Just use your key. I’ve got some soft drinks in the refrigerator. Make yourself at home.”

“Ok. I love you Roger.” his Mom said. Roger could detect her voice sounded a little bit brighter.

“I’ll see you in a bit, Mom.” Roger wish he knew what he could do about the two of them. He loved both his parents, but Dad could be quite a stubborn ass.

Kayte’ had already decided what she was going to do. She was going to wear a mini-dress that she had bought for a business function that she and Henry had attended. And under that, she was going to wear her favorite most sexy black babydoll. She bought it to try and seduce Henry, yet her shock came when it didn’t even budge him. Kayte’ was beginning to think that Henry was either turning gay… or (heaven forbid) permanently celibate. But at this point, she honestly didn’t care.

She looked smart in the mini-dress, and the mini-dress perfectly hid the babydoll. Although, she thought to herself… she’d have to be careful… going without panties could be revealing. Her black pair of 3 inch heels capped off her outfit smartly, but sexily too.

She just hoped it would be enough to entice her son… and that he could be open to seeing past the weird part… of having his Mother be his lover.

Kayte’ got to Roger’s apartment just about 5 minutes before he got there. She had let herself in, sat her purse down on his table by the door and headed canlı casino to the fridge for a cold beverage. She found the bottle of cola, and the bottle of rum, and made herself a rum and coke.

“Hi Mom.” Kayte’ heard, just as she was closing the fridge from putting away the bottle of cola and rum.

Kayte’ was standing behind a cabinet, so Roger couldn’t see what she was wearing.

“Hi honey. I hope I don’t get you in trouble.”

“Nope,” he said, “not at all.”

Kayte’ stepped out of the kitchen into the living room, in full gaze of Roger.

“Wow, Mom!” he explained. “That outfit is hot! When did you pick that up?”

“I bought it a few years ago,” she said after taking a sip of that sweet and spicy drink. The Cap’n’s spiced rum is delish, she thought. “…for one of your father’s business awards luncheon. It didn’t work as I had hoped it would.” she replied.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Roger asked.

“It was a feeble attempt to stir something out of him,” she said.

“And that didn’t do anything?” Roger asked.

“What do you think?” Kayte’ asked him with that snarky tone of voice.

“I can’t figure out or see what’s wrong with Dad,” he replied. Roger really wanted to know why his Dad was behaving that way.

Kayte’ asked Roger if he’d like a rum and coke and he noded.

Kayte’ made Roger a rum and coke, and after handing it to him, went over to the couch and sat down. She saw Roger watching her out of the corner of her eye. She wanted to know if her outfit was having an effect on him. She was hoping that it was strong enough… to complete it’s part of her mission.

She sat down on his sofa, and patted on the spot right next to her. Kayte’ wanted Roger to come over to sit next to her. And after sitting down his blazer and briefcase, he did just that.

She looked into the eyes of her son. Did she really want to turn her love for her son into the love of her lover? For this would be her last chance to back out. A resilient ‘Yes” came into her mind. She did. She loved Roger as her son, and loved what he had become. But would he be willing?

Her son Roger, was a beautiful man, with a lot of Henry’s features. Roger was two inches taller than she was wearing her 3 inch heels. If Kayte’ were barefoot he would have to look down on her.

Kayte’ knew that crossing the mother/son line could cause both of them issues. She had to ask herself again: was she sure she really wanted to go there and cross that line? A resounding ‘Yes’ echoed in her head again.

“Roger…” she said, her gaze staring straight ahead. “Four years ago, when I had the breast cancer, you came see me in the hospital when I had the partial mastectomy.”

“Yes, I remember.” he replied.

“You told me that it made you mad then that Dad didn’t want to be intimate with you anymore.”

“Yes. I did. I remember.”

“You encouraged me to find love and happiness. Even if it meant divorcing your father.”

“Yes. I did.”

“I’m at that point now, Roger.” She turned toward him and said, “Henry and I had a huge blowout. I’m done with him. We’re done. He now is only my husband because of that one piece of paper.”

Roger had been looking at his mother. Her words cut him like a knife. He turned and looked down at the ground. He knew this day had been coming, and it was so hard to swallow that his Dad was now this way. But he did want her to be happy. She deserved that from him.

Roger knew about their non-existent sex life. He wanted his mother to be in a loving, contented relationship. Roger knew that if Dad wasn’t going to give it to her, someone should.

A sob escaped from Kayte’. She was so mad, so hurt, so frustrated with Henry. Yet she didn’t want to show that side of her to Roger.

The sob brought his attention back to her. “Hey, now… it’s ok.” Roger said and pulled her near. He saw a tear welling up in his mother’s eye, so he reached behind them and grabbed a tissue from the box. Very gently and carefully, he folded it up and handed it to Kayte’. She dabbed her eye.

After holding her for a while he asked her, “So what do you want me to do? I’m sure as hot as you are I could probably find someone at work and set you up on a date.”

“Roger,” she replied. “I already found someone.”

Kayte’ reached out to put her hand on her son’s hand.

Roger caught the motion of her hand. It was like watching it in slow motion. He watched the beautiful hand of his mother reach out, her hand coming in for a landing on his hand. He slowly looked up at his Mother. At Kayte’, his beautiful mother.

Roger’s brain seemed to go into overdrive. What was this signifying? Was this what he thought it might be? Could it really be happening?

“Roger,” Kayte’ said. “You are my wonderful, and loving son. You’ve turned into a beautiful man.” She paused. After a few moments of silence, she said “I don’t know if I could give myself over to another man. A stranger.”

Roger looked up at his mother’s face and blinked. He (all the kaçak casino sudden) realized he could smell something. It was her perfume. His favorite. It smelled so sweet… and now so seductive.

“Mom…” Roger said, but was interrupted.

“You can call me Kayte’, if you’d like.”

Roger blinked again. “I don’t know what to say or to think.” Roger glanced back down to the floor. With a feeling of almost disgust about thinking of his own mother as his lover, his sexy partner.

But after a few seconds, he looked up at her, directly to her eyes. Roger’s brain was already doing calculations. Could this actually work? Could we be happy? What about rejection? What about the taboo?

“Mom…” Roger started to say.

“Kayte’, please call me Kayte’.”

“Are you sure about this? I mean are you really sure?”

“Roger,” she said looking into his eyes… “I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’ve known for a long time, that you have wanted me. And I’m sure I want you.”

Roger was caught off guard by what Kayte’ just said.

“How do you…”

Kayte picked up his hand and held it in hers. “Do you remember the day a long time ago when you rushed out to meet your friends?”

Roger replied… “Yes… I think so.”

“I was in your room… was doing the vacuuming. I bumped your desk, and saw the pictures on your computer.”

Roger’s face turned white. It had been a long time ago, but he had been caught. He figured Kayte’ could have been a spy, she knew secrets and never told anyone either.

Looking back at the floor, Roger replied… “I’m like a ton of other younger guys who’ve had that secret crushes on their mother’s,” he mused. “And before you ask…” Roger turned to face his mother, “I did masturbate to them too.” He turned his head away again too look at the floor, in a way he was ashamed of his admittance, but felt relieved, because that deep, dark secret was finally exposed.

A smile came to Kayte’s lips. “Roger, honey,” Kayte’ used her finger to gently turn his chin back around to look at her. “I’m not upset. I’m rather flattered, actually. I figured you might have. Had I have known, I would have let you know about it years ago. Today, it’s perfectly ok.”

“Really Mom… er Kayte’?” She smiled when he called her by name, not by her rightful title of Mom.

“I’ve always had this fantasy that we were so much more than Mother and Son.” Roger said. “I knew it would never be. I know of it being a taboo thing in society.” Roger paused to think for a few minutes. “This is like a dream come true,” he noted. Standing up, and walking over to the bookcase, Roger said “but this crosses boundaries. Taboo boundaries. Being a fantasy, it was ok, because I knew it would never happen.” he said. “If we start something, our lives will never ever be the same again.” Roger turned to look at Kayte’. “Are you sure about this?”

Kayte’ had never looked away from Roger. Her gaze was on him, like a hawk looking for the rabbit for dinner. Was he 100% sure she was 100% about this? That gaze, alone, said yes.

“Roger…” Kayte said. “Yes. You are my son. That means that I know you better than any man out there. As good as, or even better than your father. Can I say the same thing about a guy I might meet on a blind date? Or at a bar? Would you want me having sex with strange men?” she said, standing up.

“Roger, you also have to understand. This is not just about intimacy. You know as well as I about my drawer full of toys at home.”

Ouch, busted again, he thought.

“I don’t just want sex. I don’t just need sex. I need the intimacy of love. I need the kissing, the holding, the feeling, the understanding. I’ve used my ‘collection’ for years. That’s why I have a ‘collection’ and why it has grown to take up an entire drawer in the dresser.”

A look of shock and awe appeared on Roger’s face.

“They give me the sex, in a very cold and dry fashion. But there is no substitution for receiving love. Sticking one of my dildo’s in my mouth is not the same as another pair of warm willing lips on a man, or playing tonsil hockey with our tongues. A toy just can’t give that.”

Roger heard her words… but was still trying to get his head wrapped around his mother talking like his lover.

“And like I said earlier,” Kayte’ responded. “Would you rather have me be with an unknown man doing all of this with?”

“But Mom, Kayte’… how do you know you’d like to be with me?” Roger asked, thinking it might be a good question to ask. After all, maybe they wouldn’t be compatible in the sack.

“How do I know? Because of Jennifer,” she replied.

Jennifer was Roger’s last LTR. They were together for a year. Apparently from their last communication, Roger was too much for Jennifer, and that was a turn off to her. Roger loved her, and her body, but her personality and his were a constant clash.

“Well, that was Jennifer’s side of it.” Roger replied.

“But hon, you don’t understand. What Jennifer didn’t like about it, about you…” long pause… “I want.”

Could it be true? Could it be that Roger picked up on, and was the way he was… because of his mother? Hmmm… Roger thought.

Kayte’s first rum and coke was drained. “Would you like a refill?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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