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Again, like with all my stories featuring my girlfriend Angelina and I everything is fact and nothing except names are changed.

The previous story (Angelina: Night Out With The Girls) took place in August 2007. You don’t need to have read it to enjoy this story, but you might want to read it after if you do enjoy this. This story is a flashback to a previous night when we had some sexy fun. At the end of Angelina: Night Out With The Girls she was planning to go out to a club dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, teasing me that she was going to enjoy herself again. Unfortunately, it happened to be the wrong time of the month and she stayed in instead. She is going out again this weekend, so perhaps there will be more to tell in a future chapter. Onto this story now.

There was a Saturday night in February 2005 that kicked everything off when it came to Angelina’s naughty antics outside our relationship. A friend she hadn’t seen for two or three years happened to get back in touch and had arranged to come up for a drink that night. As she was driving up and wanted to have a few drinks Angelina had asked her to stay overnight, so she could drive home the next day. Her friend, Alicia, agreed. I was immediately joking about a threesome. It was a joke. I didn’t think anything would happen at all. I had met Alicia once for about ten minutes and didn’t know her at all.

Alicia is a year older than Angelina, so at the time she would have been 27 and Angelina 26. I was 24. Alicia had lost a lot of weight but she was still a bigger girl than Angelina. She had bigger tits, rounder thighs and her ass more curvy. She wasn’t bad looking and the first time I had met her I said to myself that I would have given her one – if I wasn’t with Angelina. She is one of those girls who you’d imagine would have a mouth like a sewer. You would be right. But she is a great girl and with the right balance of personality and looks to make sure she could pull any man.

Saturday night came and I had planned to leave the girls to themselves so they could catch up and have a girly chat. Perhaps it was the fact Alicia had brought a bottle of vodka or because I’m a horny bastard, I honestly can’t remember which, but the three of us ended up drinking together at a table in our house. I was facing Angelina, and Alicia was between us on my right. Alicia was wearing jeans and a vest top. My Angelina was wearing a boob tube, denim skirt, patterned tights and boots. We were talking about everything and nothing, but I became more and more aware that Alicia was constantly looking at me when she talked. She didn’t divert half as much of her attention to Angelina. As the vodka hit us the subject inevitably turned to sex. I can’t remember who started it or how we got on to it, as Angelina and I are very private with our sex life and wouldn’t normally openly discuss it with friends. But Alicia’s the kind of girl who calls a spade a spade. And a cock a cock.

Somehow it came up that my fantasy was to watch Angelina get fucked by another man as I watched. My fantasy wasn’t nearly as strong then as it is now and at the time I doubt I had given it too much thought. In fact, I am sure of it. It was a fantasy and nothing more. It wasn’t something I was determined to make sure became a reality. Quite the opposite. It was just something to talk about in bed and to spice up our sex life. Alicia told us not to do it, that it would come between us. My suspicion was aroused. She explained that everything but fucking was ok. Angelina inquired further. What we heard next was more of a shock to Angelina than me. I didn’t know Alicia. I had no prior opinion to shock. Angelina had known her for ten years! And she had no idea.

Alicia and her partner Connor would invite different couples, sometimes more than one couple, sometimes just a man or a woman on their own, down to his house most Saturday nights while the kids were out of the way. Then each couple would have sex in front of the others. It didn’t sound like they were swinging, but both me and Angelina were very interested. We didn’t hear at the time, but later – I cannot remember whether it was that night or another night on the phone – Alicia said that the women would usually get it on with each other while their partners watched. Alicia explained how once they had got carried away and as she had sucked Connor’s cock another man had come up behind her and asked if he could fuck her. She told him to shove his cock up her cunt. Connor went with the flow but afterwards he wasn’t happy about it and asked the guy to leave.

Alicia got a text on her phone and Angelina started flicking through a holiday brochure. The conversation stopped. I couldn’t let the moment of horniness pass. Angelina had never done anything Bostancı Escort with a girl. She denied that she had even kissed one. But we regularly fantasised about it and she had told me many times she wanted to taste a pussy. With Alicia so flippantly talking about the women getting it on with each other I think we both knew what we were up for.

Somehow I got Angelina’s attention quietly. She was still facing me with Alicia between us to my right. I cannot remember whether I signalled for her to do it or whether she did it off her own accord, but the next thing I knew Angelina was pulling her top down to flash me her lovely little titties. Alicia didn’t flinch. I made sure she knew she had missed something by saying something like “yum” and making my approval clear.

Alicia finished using her phone and asked what she had missed.

“Angelina flashed me her tits.”

“Oh really,” Alicia started. “Do it again!”

Angelina pulled her top down – she wasn’t wearing a bra – and her sexy titties were on display. Alicia reached out and cupped them. Then she moved off her seat and tweaked and kissed them. Angelina smiled and moaned. I asked her what it was like.

“Lovely,” she said, caressing Alicia’s head as her tits were smothered in kisses.

My digital camera was sitting on the table and needless to say I was snapping photographs of what was happening within seconds. I took 37 pictures in all and Alicia was up for them all, posing with each of Angelina’s nipples between her teeth. Angelina’s top eventually came off and Alicia could really get to work on those tits. She was bent over with her ass in the air, her low-cut jeans exposing her thong. She would look right into the camera as if this was far from the first time she had been snapped being naughty. Then she would return her attention to Angelina’s nipples. Angelina isn’t one for having her tits touched too much. She gets too much pleasure from other areas. But this time she just sat there and smiled from ear to ear. She later told me that nobody had touched her tits as well as Alicia. And certainly no man.

Angelina was smiling, almost laughing in every picture while Alicia was the model professional with a sultry, serious look. But it was obvious who was the more experienced. Alicia is one dirty bitch and if she wouldn’t admit to being bisexual, I’d love to hear her explanation.

“Mmmmmm,” Angelina moaned, running her tongue over her lips and putting her other hand around Alicia’s back.

In many of the photographs you can see Angelina is pulling Alicia back into her tits. My cock was aching in my jeans.

After about fifteen minutes of snapping pic after pic Alicia grabbed the camera off me and told me to get myself over there. She ordered me to down on my knees and to take over the pleasuring of Angelina’s tits while she took some photos. Angelina and I kissed for the camera, I took her nipples in my mouth and I squeezed her breasts for all they were worth. I couldn’t believe what was happening, or that it was happening to me. I was overwhelmed to say the very least. Her tits tasted lovely, especially mixed with Alicia’s saliva. They were as erect as bullets and I enjoyed every last second that I felt them.

Suddenly one of them told me to stand up – most likely Alicia as she was certainly taking charge. I did as I was told and Alicia undid my belt buckle and unzipped my jeans. I looked at Angelina. I half-expected to get hit, but she just kissed me. She was more sure of what was happening than I was.

Angelina broke the kiss and pushed me to stand up straight again. My erect cock was sticking out and she took it into her mouth. Alicia snapped the camera on me getting my cock sucked good by my girlfriend. She would suck the head, run her tongue all round it and then deepthroat me as far as she could. I could tell she enjoyed being watched and that she was determined this would be no run-of-the-mill blowjob. Angelina was determined to show her friend that she was a great cocksucker.

I never realised my girlfriend was capable of being so filthy in front of someone else but yet here she was taking every inch of my cock into her mouth and down her throat as her friend looked on. It wasn’t long before Alicia had seen enough. She took my cock away from Angelina and started to wank me. She knew exactly how to pleasure me. I can’t get enough of it when a girl combines jacking me off and sucking me, bringing me close to orgasm with each and then swapping to the other before I can cum. Suddenly I had two girls taking it in turns to do that to me. I moaned as Alicia wanked me and rubbed my cock all over Angelina’s nipples.

Then came one of the best moments in my life. I think any Bostancı Escort Bayan guy who has been lucky enough to experience it would agree. My cock was as hard as stone and jutting straight out in front of me. Both Angelina and Alicia were on their knees. The camera was back on the table. These two weren’t about to take it in turns anymore. They both started to lick my shaft, either side, from tip to top and back again. I tenderly stroked their heads, hoping this would last forever. Angelina took my cockhead in her mouth while Alicia continued licking the shaft. I had to do everything in my power not to shoot my load. Alicia was licking my balls. I had to last.

They swapped. Alicia started to suck my cock as Angelina licked everywhere else. It was utterly fantastic. My girlfriend letting another sexy girl take the lead. I was living out the greatest fantasy of my life.

Suddenly Angelina sat back and watched for a short while as Alicia sucked my cock in front of her. This wasn’t what Alicia wanted just yet. She reached over and started to pull at Angelina’s tights. She was going for her pussy! I wasn’t getting my cock sucked anymore, but it wasn’t much of a price to pay.

Alicia and I pulled Angelina’s tights down to her ankles. Her panties too. Her skirt was up to her waist as she sat down with her pussy and tits exposed. I drove my fingers inside her as Alicia took a couple of snaps with the camera. I was told to lick her. The last of the photos was of my tongue in Angelina’s pussy, below her clit, as Alicia’s fingers started to probe. The camera was quickly forgotten as Alicia and I took it in turns to fingerfuck my girlfriend. I don’t remember Alicia licking Angelina’s pussy. I cannot be certain due to the alcohol. But as far as I can remember she didn’t.

“Fuck,” Angelina moaned as her friend’s fingers plunged deep inside her pussy.

I sat back to enjoy the sight and Angelina licked her lips at me. She was loving the attention. Her pussy had been soaking wet. Alicia seemed to be loving it too.

I stood up and Angelina sucked my cock again as she spread her legs wider for Alicia to fingerfuck her. The moment was sheer ecstasy. The harder Alicia fingerfucked her, the harder Angelina sucked my cock. I just stood there enjoying myself and watching all that was on view. Angelina’s face and moans were enough to almost have me coming, never mind the beautiful blow job. Alicia didn’t fingerfuck her for very long before she was back to sucking my cock and Angelina sat on her own, touching herself as she watched us.

Alicia was fantastic at sucking cock. I was enjoying every second, every slurp, every suck, every minute detail that this dirty bitch was providing me. I started to fear I would be in trouble with Angelina in the morning, as it was obvious I wasn’t just enjoying the dirty fact that another girl giving me a blow job – I was enjoying the blow job itself. I was loving it. I was making more noises when Alicia sucked my cock than when my own girlfriend did.

Angelina and I hadn’t had an easy start to our relationship and at this stage we had only been together for a year. I didn’t know how she would be feeling inside. I had to keep that thought in my mind or anything could happen. Alicia certainly didn’t seem to mind how far we took things.

Alicia sucked my cock harder and harder, stopping at the tip now and again to seductively tongue round the head. Her technique was very different to Angelina’s and I loved it. I couldn’t deny it. I wouldn’t deny it. I would maybe have to play it down, I thought. At the very least, I wouldn’t rave about it. But I didn’t want it to stop. That was the truth. I could have had Alicia suck my cock for an hour while Angelina watched and I still wouldn’t suggest she stopped.

Alicia pulled her mouth away and told me to lie on the floor. My nerves were going crazy. Never in my wildest thoughts and jokes about us having a threesome had I seriously thought it would go this far. I lay down and the two of them stripped my top off and forced my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. Alicia dropped her jeans and thong, exposing her shaven bald pussy. She wanted to sit on me and even had my hard cock in her hand and at the entrance to her juicy cunt, but here is the bit where alcohol can be a bastard. I cannot remember what stopped us. Angelina says she didn’t tell her not to and I cannot think that I would have. But I was worried that when the drink wore off that Angelina wouldn’t think it was such a good idea for another girl to sit on my cock. So I can only imagine either Angelina or I or perhaps both of us showed a little reluctance and that was enough to put her off.

Alicia played with my cock for a Escort Bostancı short while as Angelina rubbed her clit teasingly above my face, ever so slightly brushing her pussy lips against my tongue. But the moment for Alicia and I fucking had passed and these actions on the floor were nothing more than a come down. Eventually we all got up and I went to the toilet. When I came back downstairs the two girls were talking about a completely different subject and acting as if nothing had happened. Round 1 was over. It did come up again in conversation sooner or later, though.

Alicia taunted that her man, Connor, a good 19 years older than me, would have given her a good seeing to, and that I would have to be a lot better if I wanted to keep up with him. I tried to explain what had happened but Angelina interrupted, asking more questions about what her and Connor get up to. Alicia went into only brief details but said she would tell him we were interested in the same things and suggest the four of us meeting up for a night at Connor’s. She asked us not to tell him what the three of us had done. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would think. Would he be annoyed if he found out that his girlfriend had sucked my cock and almost fucked me behind his back?

Alicia stayed the night but in the spare bedroom. Angelina and I fucked for hours in our room. I had her up on all fours, facing the door. We both later confessed to fantasising that Alicia would hear us – we were both deliberately reckless with our noises – and join us for a proper threesome in the bed.

Again the next day we confirmed that we would be up for the four of us meeting. It was only a matter of hours later that Alicia was in touch to tell Angelina that Connor was very excited by what she had told him – whatever that was – and that he wanted to meet us first, to check us out or give us the once over. We weren’t sure. I overheard Angelina suggest Tuesday night, only 48 hours away. Alicia agreed. It was set.

Tuesday night came and Angelina drove us to Alicia’s. They didn’t live together at the time, and both were coming out of serious relationship break-ups. In Alicia’s case, a marriage. Every time I looked at Alicia I couldn’t get it out of my head that she had sucked my cock and fingerfucked Angelina. It was mindblowing. The two girls seemed to take it in their stride. I fantasised they had done it before with each other, but they had both already laughingly denied it and Angelina still to this day denies it. She also says she had never even had an inkling that Alicia was in any way, shape or form into other girls, threesomes, foursomes or swinging.

Alicia drove us to Connor’s and he was a very quiet but friendly guy. He made both Angelina and I welcome, handed me a beer and put on the Champions League football on the tv. He had also left out a few lads mags to flick through. FHM, Loaded etc. A bit softcore for my liking, but then again Angelina and I might have been put off at the time if this older man had thrown in some hardcore pornography. Then again maybe not. Not when the beer kicked in. Alicia led the conversation and there was no discussion about if the four of us would get together for a sexy night in. Just a discussion of when the four of us would get together for a sexy night in! I didn’t know if there had been a secret signal between Alicia and Connor, but he had obviously gone from wanting to meet us to wanting to meet us again. Dates started to get thrown about as the girls planned around their times of the month, while Angelina and I were about to go on holiday for a week so that had to be accounted for. A Saturday night for 3 and a half weeks later was finally chosen as the best time.

“Any chance of a sneak preview from you two?” I asked the girls, as I opened the third of three beers.

Alicia laughed. “That’s what he’s been asking me since Sunday.”

We received no sneak preview.

Angelina mentioned a couple of times on holiday that Alicia had sucked my cock and that she would have to return the favour to Connor. At the time this was something I wasn’t happy about. In fact, I was downright insecure about it and pleaded with her not to do anything with him. I begged her just to get it on with Alicia for us to watch. She seemed annoyed, reminding me of what we often fantasised about in bed, but she agreed. My doubts raged when she coyly mentioned how attractive he was for a man 16 years her senior.

In the week running up to us going to Connor’s I was both nervous and excited, wondering if Angelina would keep her word. I asked myself, what if she kissed him or briefly touched his cock? I was terrified of the consequences. I was young. I was naive. I didn’t know how turned on certain things could make me. Even in the car on the drive to Connor’s I again pleaded with Angelina not to do anything with him. I could tell her opinion was very “Well what’s the point of going then,” but she promised.

In the next part, you can find out all about our night with Alicia and Connor and if Angelina kept her promise to me.

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