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Part 3

In the few months after our first night together, me and Andy continued to have fun every few days afterwards. I had stopped masturbating on our ‘days off’ so when it came to our sexual encounters, I was always full and ready. When I told Andy this, he started to do the same and I could definitely tell the difference.

Most of the time we would give each other blowjobs, either separately or at the same time. We got so used to each others bodies and how they reacted, we began to know when the other was going to cum. This led to a period where we would continuously tease each other and during sex, edging each other to make the other person crazy with lust. I started it in earnest one night when he was on the phone. We were stroking each other when his phone rang. With great annoyance he answered the phone. A thought crossed my mind: just because he is on the phone, doesn’t mean I can’t keep him hard. So when I saw he was focused on the person at the other end of the phone, I got on the floor between his leg and wrapped my mouth around his cock.

Andy let out an audible gasp and looked at me like I was crazy. I shrugged my shoulders and continued. I flicked my tongue over the back of his cock and felt him flinch at the sudden burst of pleasure. I listened as he was stuck on the phone still, now trying to hurry the conversation along. Continuing to run my tongue around his cock, I began massaging his balls, working him slowly into a frenzy. He moaned slightly and pushed my head down, making me swallow him more which I gladly did. But making sure he knew that would mean I would go faster in future, I did so. Getting faster, I also starting sucking harder and I started tasting precum, which I lapped up with my tongue. I looked up at him and his face said stop but his eyes said ‘for god sake keep going’. I stopped for a moment and said “I’ll stop when you are off the phone, but not a second before. Can you hold it off.” His eyes went wide and I winked before engulfing him again.

Whichever family member he was talking to, really did not take a hint. Eventually, I felt the familiar twitching sensation which meant he was close to blowing. I slowed down, making sure I had control over his orgasm but I didn’t stop. His cock twitched more and he suddenly slammed the phone down on the couch.

“Bastard.” It wasn’t anger in his voice, it was shock. Shock that I was so brazen, but I didn’t care.

“So what do you want me to do?” I asked, grasping his cock in my hand.

“You owe me for that, that was so unfair. I barely kept it together then.”

“Oh dear, well tell you what then. Since I was so ‘bad’ I’ll let you cover me like I know you like to do. But then I get to cover your face.”

He smiled. “I’ll take that. Damn straight I will.” I took off my top and lay down naked on the floor facing upwards. He knelt down, straddling my legs and began masturbating furiously. I watched and waited when suddenly he erupted. Strands of cum streaked across my body and even my face. They kept coming in a surprising amount before dying away. Andy panted and looked at me, before reaching over and taking a photograph of my streaked body on his phone.

“Another one?” I asked.

“It’s so fucking hot, how can I not?”

“I’m getting one of you then this time.”

“That’s fine with me, as long as only you see it.” He said.

“Obviously.” It was still a secret what was going on between us and while our families would have been perfectly fine with us fucking each other, we were still keeping it to ourselves.

I left the cum streaks in place and sat on the sofa. Andy began working my cock and balls with his hands. It didn’t take long to get me hard again and my cock was already slick with precum. I closed by eyes and let the feeling completely take over. The waves of pleasure were wonderful and occasionally his tongue flicked the back of cock, just like I did to him. As my orgasm approached I stood up and took over. He knelt down and sat there, mouth open and waited. I stroked furiously and pushed myself over the edge. I took aim and cum spurted over his face. I tried to cover as much of it as I could, making sure to get some in his mouth since it was open and inviting. I got my phone, took a photograph and took in the sight of my friend’s covered face.

“Your right,” I said, “this is hot.”

“Of course it is.”

The next time I stayed at his over night, Andy wanted us to leave each other with a reminder of our night. After getting washed in the morning, Andy put on my boxers.

“They suit me, don’t they?”

“Why are you putting mine on?” I asked.

“Oh you can take them back if you want, but as punishment for the other night, I think you should have to wear a bit of shame.” He winked. “I’m going to fill your boxers with my sperm and then you will have to wear them all day. Oh the thought of you walking around with my cum between your legs…” he trailed off and started to masturbate.

“Oh that is evil… and so not fair.”

“Think of it as punishment for the other night.” He replied. Strangely, I actually enjoyed that thought.

“So you get to cum and I don’t? Fine, I can at least help you.” Andy walked over and I reached in to help. I stroked him with both hands and felt him throb. “Ready to fill them?”


A couple more powerful strokes and he unloaded in my boxers. He took them off and scrunched them together quickly.

“That should be them well covered. Try them on.” I did as he said and put them on. They were sticky and damp but somehow the thought of wearing boxers filled with Andy’s cum, was a huge turn on.

“Not to bad.” I said.

“Now you have something of me with you when you get to university. I hope you have a good day.” He winked again.

As time went on and we didn’t have anal, I began to wonder if the two times we had it, hadn’t been as enjoyable for him as it had been for me. Andy was and still is the only man I’ve ever felt that way about and the only person I’ve ever had anal sex with, and I loved it. I also thought I felt something more than that, more than lust so I decided to find out what was going on in his mind. I bought a few things online which could help and took them over one afternoon.

“What’s in the bag?” He asked.

“Some fun things. You’ll find out, hopefully.”


“Yes, I just need to know something first.” I walked into his lounge and saw concern on his face.

“So what’s up?” Andy asked.

I took a deep breath. “What are we and how do you feel about what we do?”

“I don’t understand?”

“Are we fuck buddies? Are we friends with benefits, are we lovers. And what about sex? Blowing each other, making each other cum with our mouths and hands is fun and I enjoy it, but what about more. What about anal? I thought you enjoyed it, I certainly did but then we haven’t done it since. I don’t think I’m gay, but bi? Maybe… I just want to know where we stand on everything.”

Without speaking he sat down and looked at me.

“I… you want the answers to those questions? I can answer most of them.”

“Ok then, please answer them.”

“I don’t want you to scare you off.” He said.

“You won’t. I promise.” I replied.

“What are we? I don’t know, to me far more than fuck buddies and best friends now. We took each others virginities and more than that, we’ve exposed our deepest fantasies to each other. I enjoy our time together no matter what we do. And the anal thing, I really enjoyed it but I’ve been afraid of asking you again. I mean, I am not gay but definitely bisexual. I didn’t want to pressure you or force my sexuality on you as I know you weren’t gay. Whatever you want to do with me, with us, I am fine with. I’ve never felt like this before.”

I sat down next to him and took everything in that he said. It was a lot to process. I had asked for honesty and he definitely gave it to me. We looked at each other and smiled and then I leaned forward and kissed him.

“Whatever happens beyond and more than this I am happy with.”

“Good to know.” Andy leaned over and kissed me back. “Take me to bed and fuck me Sam?”


Once we were upstairs, we undressed. I got the bad and up it on the bed.

“So what is in there?” Andy asked.

“Let me show you.” I emptied the bag on to the bed. “So firstly these bottles of lubes. These apparently numb both users. Makes it hurt less and makes you last longer, neither of which is a bad thing.”

“Spending longer in you, I’m fine with that.” He said.

“These two boxes contain remote controlled vibrating cock rings. One for me, one for you so we can add more control or less depending on how you look at it.”

“Oh wow.” Andy said opening a box up. “I didn’t know these existed.”

“Well they do, so prepare to be told to try not to cum.” I said grinning.

“You love telling me that, don’t you.”

“Call me a control freak.”

“And I assume that is why you bought handcuffs and BDSM stuff?” Andy said, holding up a set of ties. “You going to tie me down and have your way with me?”

“Oh yes, but not tonight. Tonight I just want you in me.” I was getting hard talking about all the toys I had bought. I had tried one of the cock rings out when they first arrived and they were fantastic. It would be even better with someone else having the controller.

Andy sat and the bed and pulled me down, kissing me. With our hand we explored each others naked bodies, our cocks now hard and rubbing together. I reached down and grabbed his cock and gave it a couple of playful strokes.

“Hard already I feel.”

“From your touch, definitely.”

I flipped over and laid down with his cock at my face and mine in his. I put my hand between his legs, spreading them and pulled him closer. I looked at his erect cock and put it my mouth. As I began sucking, I felt him pull mine towards him. A hot wetness suddenly surrounded my cock, followed by his, now expert tongue. This time felt more sensual than our previous sexual encounters and we both took the time to give the other person the maximum pleasure. In a moment of passion, I turned and pulled him on top of me. I heard a gasp of surprise from Andy and a dribble of cum leaked from his cock. I lapped it up and worked my hands around his ass. I squeezed his cheeks and then pulled them apart. I slipped my middle finger in his exposed ass. I felt him suck hard as it went in and a burst of pleasure went through me.

After a few minutes, I felt my orgasm creep up. I went to tell Andy but I couldn’t with him on top. My mouth was full and I couldn’t speak. His tongue kept working me and I got closer and closer. Wanting to cum in his ass, I worked him as fast as I could, hoping to get him close enough to stop but I realised I wasn’t going to make it. I fought back the orgasm as hard as I could, cum dribbling out of me and his tongue sweeping it up and just as I was about to go over the edge, he stopped.

“I think I stopped just in time then, didn’t I.” He said teasingly.

I still couldn’t speak so I just made an agreeing noise. He lifted himself out of my mouth and rolled on his side. My cock throbbed in anger of being denied release.

“Another second or two and I would have cum. I really thought I was going over the edge then,”

“Not in my mouth tonight Sam. But I just wanted you to know that I can control as well.”

We kissed once again and then I picked up the lube and handed it to Andy.

“You first. It gives me time to calm down.”

I exposed my ass to him and felt him apply lube to my hot skin. I felt it tingle and most of the feeling in my ass faded away.

“Oh it tingles.” Andy said, “But holy crap is it fast acting.”

“I know. Ready big boy?”

He put my legs over his shoulders and probed my ass with his cock. “Ready.”

He pushed into me and the pleasure was amazing. The pain was barely noticable. I felt him push all the way in and then hold it there. He moaned and I closed my eyes as he began to slowly fuck me. I had forgot just how pleasurable it was. I focused on his movements and tried to move with him. I opened my eyes and wrapped by legs around him, holding him in tighter. As he fucked me, we looked into each others eyes and knew that this was something new for us both. Maybe not a couple but love… maybe?

There was a sound downstairs and the front door opened.

“I’m home.” It was Andy’s mum. I didn’t know what to say but Andy told me to be quiet.

“Hi, I’m upstairs with Sam.” He said. “Did you have a good day?”

“Yes. It was OK.”

I felt Andy continue fucking me as he spoke. It was strangely titillating know that someone could overhear us.

There was the sound of the stairs creaking as his mum climbed up them. We realised that Andy’s bedroom door was wide open. I kept my legs locked around him and he made no effort to stop fucking me. There was a rush of excitement as I realised we could get caught in an extremely exposed position. I could see Andy realise that too as he fucked me faster.

The top stair creaked and I wondered if I looked over now, would I see his mum staring at us. My heart fluttered as I looked. His mum walked over the end of the landing and into the bathroom, closing the door without turning around. Andy slammed into me one last time and exploded. I felt him fill my ass and I looked in his eyes as he did. Once his cock has stopped pumping out cum, he pulled out and quickly ran over and closed the door.

“That was so close!” I said.

“I know… but I didn’t want to pull out as I was so close, so I took a risk. And boy did it make me cum hard.”

“That would have been embarrassing.” I pointed out.

“Maybe.” He replied.

Andy passed me the lube as we heard the bathroom door open. We had been so close to being caught and had he not closed the door, she would now have been staring straight at us. Well it was my turn now. I lubed his ass and my cock and positioned my cock at his entrance.

“I hope you are ready for this. That was a rush and I’ve got a ton of cum to unload.”

“Fill me.”

I didn’t need telling twice and I carefully pushed into him. The tightness was amazing and his insides gripped me as I thrust in. Even with the lube, the feeling was overwhelming. We looked at each other again as I thrust into him. He locked me in with his legs and pushed me further into him. Yes, this felt right and something special. Eventually my orgasm edged up again, but this time I was going to blow and we both knew it.

I slowed right down and the last thrust brought me to the edge. My breathing was heavy.

“Are you going to cum Sam?” Andy asked.

“Next time I push in.”

“Then do it. Fill me up Sam. I want to see your face as you do.”

I pulled out and staring into his eyes I pushed slowly in. I went over the edge as I reached the end. I pulled him tight as I erupted. I moaned as my cock pumped out cum over and over again, filling his ass just as he wanted, looking into his eyes the whole time.

I pulled out and cum dribbled out. I lay down next to him and looked at him.

“That felt different, and not just the excitement of nearly getting caught.” I said.

He smiled. “Maybe its because we know where we actually are now with each other.”

I nodded. Maybe.

Two days later, Andy came over to my house because I was going to be alone for a few hours. We spent some time playing video games and watching TV. It felt good to do something… boring for once. But if we were going to be alone at my house, we had to use the opportunity. I led him upstairs.

“Did you bring your cock ring?” I asked, hopefully.

“Of course, we need to try them out.”

Oh good I thought. We stripped off and began to kiss. I cupped his balls with one of my hands and played with them.

“I can’t wait for you to be hard.” I said as I grabbed his semi and started stroking him.

“You need to be hard for this as well.” I felt him reach between my legs and work my growing hardon. It didn’t take long for us to get solidly erect and once we had, we broke out the cock rings. I put mine on and handed the controller to Andy, while he did the same and handed his to me. I pushed the button and started his.

“Woah, that feels good.” He said closing his eyes in pleasure.

“I’m glad.” I replied pressing the button again, ramping the vibrating up a level. I was focusing on his face so much I didn’t see him turn mine on. The sudden vibrating made me gasp and he smiled.

“You weren’t expecting that were you.” He said.

“No…” Andy leaned down and swallowed my cock whole. The vibrating and the feel of his tongue made some kind of resonance and the pleasure was incredible. I wasn’t going to last very long at this rate.

I told him to give me his cock which he did and we once again got into the 69 position. I had to focus hard on pleasuring Andy as I kept getting distracted by my own pleasure. He then rolled me onto my back and moved on top of me again.

“Now lets see who cums first.” He said as I felt the vibrating move up a level. I moaned and went back to working his cock harder and faster. If I stood a chance I would have to work overtime. I sucked hard, flicking my tongue over the sensitive bit at the back of his cock, feeling him flinch each time I did. His cock began to throb and I changed the setting on his cock ring again. He gasped and did the same, then began working me at a frenzied pace. I wasn’t going to last much longer and I felt my orgasm racing up. Andy wouldn’t stop this time I knew, so I focused on the the back of his cock and continuously flicked my tongue over it again and again.

“Nice try Sam, but are gaziantep escort you ready to cum?” He suddenly said.

I made an agreeing sound as he went back down. I had seconds left as I strained to hold my orgasm back but it was no use. I then felt his cock throb rapidly, he was on the edge as well but then his tongue flicked the head of my cock and took me over the edge. I strained hard to hold it off another few seconds as his cock twitched, but another tongue flick sent me wild. I exploded in his mouth, spurt after spurt of cum, which he eagerly swallowed down. Then his cock exploded too. I swallowed down the huge amount of cum that came with every throb of his cock and then licked it clean.

“That means I’m tieing you up first in a bit.” He said smiling after we sat up.

“Tie me up first? I didn’t know that is what we were fighting over.” I said, smiling back.

“It is now.”

We gave ourselves and hour to recover after before we continued.

“So where am I getting tied up?” I asked when he got out the gear.

“On the landing, over the bannister.”

“What if someone comes home?” I asked, worried.

“Hope I cum quickly?” Andy replied. “I’m not pulling out of you until I’m empty again.”

I looked at the time and we had an hour, so I agreed. If he wanted me at his mercy for a few minutes, who was I to complain. He led me naked onto the landing and leaned me over the bannister. He tied my hands round a post and spread my legs. MY ass was completely open for him in this position and he grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them.

“Perfect. No getting away now, not until I’ve filled your ass.”

I wiggled at him. “Plenty of space in it.”

He lubed us both up with the lube I bought and waited for it to take effect. When he was ready, he moved up behind me and positioned himself.

“I love this feeling.” He said as I felt the head of his cock push into my ass. I agreed with a moan as he slowly pushed his way in. I tried to move but realised I really was bound in place. There was a rush as I knew this really wouldn’t end until he was done. He took his time, slowly thrusting in and out, keeping to his word of never fully exiting until he had cum.

“Fuck, this feels so good.” He said between heavy breaths.

“It really does.” I replied. “Keep going until you blow.”

He started thrusting faster as the pleasure grew, his cock began throbbing, the sure fire sign that his orgasm was approaching.

“Are you going to fill my ass Andy? I can feel how close you are.”

“I can never control myself inside you. However long I last, it’s never long enough.”

“Well you can keep doing it as often as you like. I enjoy it like you do.”

He slowed down and the throbs grew in intensity. I wiggled my ass while he was inside me, taking back some control over his orgasm.

“Oh that’s going to make me cum if you keep going.” He said through gritted teeth.

“That’s the point.” I didn’t stop and because he said he wasn’t going to pull completely out, he had no choice over the extra pleasure. He pushed in and left it there.

“Make me cum then. I’m almost there.”

I gyrated my ass and after a few seconds he grabbed me tight.

“Oh fuck!” He shouted as I felt his cock throb, followed by cum erupting from it. Once again he was filling my ass and I stood there enjoying the sensation. Once he had stopped cumming, Andy waited for a moment before pulling out. He took a minute to catch his breath before he untied my hands.

“Are you Ok?” He asked.

“Oh yes, I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

“Fucking hell I did, now its your turn though.”

He got himself into the same position he put me in and waiting. I tied his hands around the same post and then parted his legs.

“I hope you are ready, I’m not pulling out either.” I said.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He replied over his shoulder.

I lubed us up and once the tingling started, I probed his ass, getting into position before committing and pushing my cock into his exposed ass. He gasped and I gave him a moment to adjust before thrusting further in. Slowly I pulled most of the way out before thrusting back in. I slowly fucked him, knowing that the only way this would end was with my cum in his ass. It was exciting having this much control and just what I had hoped for when I bought the ties.

Slowly my orgasm built and I savored every minute of it. That was when, I heard a door open downstairs. I froze in horror. “Hello?” I shouted downstairs.

“It’s just us. We’re bringing hope shopping.” My dad said. I wasn’t expecting them back for a while yet and I suddenly realised how exposed we were. Both naked on the landing with me inside Andy. He looked over his shoulder and winked.

“Remember, no pulling out until you’ve cum.”

“But they can see us if they try to come upstairs!”

“Then you have a time limit don’t you.” There was that thrill of being caught again, I never understood it until I felt it myself. Doubling down on the situation, I began fucking Andy faster. I heard my parents go in and out, bring more bags in, realising I had until the door closed. My orgasm raced up but I heard the door finally close with a slam. Andy untied his hands while I continued fucking him, I was so close when there was more movement downstairs. I slammed hard into his ass and the overwhelming excitement took me over the edge. I spurted inside him over and over again, knowing that I couldn’t pull out at all now until I was finished. It was the longest twenty seconds of my life but once I pulled out, we hurried into my room and closed the door, where we both collapsed onto the bed.

“That was intense!” I said, catching my breath.

“Oh yeah.” He replied.

“Not that we can keep doing that because we will be caught sooner rather than later.”

“I know but maybe occasionally?”

“We’ll see.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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