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Is the name of a region in southern Spain, bordering Gibraltar Straight and its approaches. From many places on its coastal line you may see the chains of mountains in Morocco, the light is magnificent and the air is embalmed. Nights are romantic and the breeze is warm.

I was there in Moger, a small town in the southwest of this region. I am an engineer and was working for a multinational company engaged in mining activities near the town. I was lodging in a small hotel down town in a typical andalucian building with the windows covered with forged grids, interior Arabic style patio. My room had a balcony facing west and had to its right another balcony pertaining to next room.

This story starts with me watching a magnificent sunset with an orgy of orange tones, reds, pinks, violets and blues tangled with beams from the diving sun into the hills in the horizon.

I was fully concentrated in contemplation, everything seemed to respect the solemnity of the moment, the town was silent, only some distant noises even made the silent deeper, the air was still. When the yellow disc fully disappeared I noticed a slight movement in my neighbor’s balcony. I slowly turned my head and saw my neighbor. A delicious creature, caramel skin, Spanish eyes with spectacular eye lashes, big mouth with an exquisite pair of lips. Hairs tighten to her head, dressing with a sort of pale blue tunic with two narrow straps that framed perfect shoulders.

When I first turned my head I felt disturbed from the contemplation of the sunset but when that beauty got into my sight I forgot about sunsets, town and all. That woman had gained all my attention and I remained still and silent looking in ecstasy at the part of her body that the architecture of the building permitted me. I studied every detail. The breeze started and I tried to catch her scent on the air.

She must have felt my presence or my gaze because she turned her head towards me, I felt her eyes examining me and making an overall evaluation. She smiled at me showing two rows of teeth that put a hint of wilderness in her picture, she turned her torso slightly towards me displaying a wonderful cleavage, then she turned around and disappeared from my sight as I was trying to correspond to her smile.

I found that unfair and painful because she left with my insights with her and I remained with a frozen smile looking dumbly to where she stood some seconds ago.

I thought on peeping into her room but I found it inappropriate and that that would break the magic of those seconds we shared. I tried to recover and I sat down in the balcony, had a small brandy and continued to read a roman I had already started a couple of days ago. I could not concentrate on the reading, her image would come and go into my mind, the television would not help and after a while of continuous zapping I decided to go to bed and try to sleep. As the night was deliciously warm and a light breeze was blowing I turned the lights off and lied totally naked on the bed. My pubic hair was smoothly caressed by the breeze coming through the wide open door to the balcony. All the light in the bedroom came from the street lights and some other in the building in front of the hotel. From my position in the bed I could barely see the plants and the chairs and table seating in the dark of the balcony and I saw very clearly the upper façade of the building in front clearly framed by the curtains of my room.

I started to doze and the world around me started to vanish as I slipped towards a profound sleep. In this process I heard a strange noise like something rubbing on a wall, I half opened my eyes and looked at the balcony and couldn´t see a thing. I was reclosing my eyes when I saw a shadow jumping into my balcony. A burglar I thought, alarmed raising my torso with my elbows.

The shadow approached the door and shaped into a feminine silhouette with a negligee to mid thighs. She tiptoed towards the bed hesitating as she tried to adapt her eyes to the scarce light in the bedroom.

I watched her approaching to the bed and was going to say something when she put her finger on her lips in a clear sign of silence. She stood beside the bed staring straight to my eyes and smiling with humor at my astonishment. After a while, keeping her eyes in mine and her smile on her face her hands moved towards a lace close to her neck and pulled the ends. The negligee opened displaying the splendid central strip of her body. She remained eye to eye and a hand graciously on her hip while studying my reactions. I suppose she only saw astonishment. There I was motionless like tantalized by her, mouth slightly opened and incredulous. She smiled wider and with one of those movements that only natural born woman can do she pulled aside the straps on her shoulders and that negligee fell to the floor gifting me with the unspeakable beauty of that human female body.

The proportions were perfect, two strong and well-designed shoulders for long arms, beautiful perky tits with just the volume for that body, a flat belly between the perfect curbs of her hips, a memorable pubis, all supported by two long and sculpted legs.

My inferior jaw still fell although I managed to sit on the bed turning towards her with one leg extended and ankara escort the other bent with my heel close to my crotch. She smiled wider noticing the effects she was producing on me. She moved, like floating to the edge of the bed, put a knee on top of it in between my legs and then the other. She stayed some seconds with my foot right under her crotch and then she moved ahead supporting herself with a hand on the bed to approach her mouth to mine. When I thought she was going to kiss me she stopped and said in Spanish: Soy Lola (I am Lola) and kissed me passionately.

She held my face between her hands caressing me while kissing with her pulpous lips. She then pushed me on my back and I could mumbled. Soy Steve (I am Steve).

My arms freed of the weight of my body started travelling her body, from her perfect butt through her back to her tits, pulling out sighs of pleasure from Lola. My mouth kissed, licked and sucked everything within reach, concentrating on her tits, nipples, neck and armpits.

We turned like crazies with arms and legs tangled like wanting to fusion into one single body until I kept her on her back and started to rub her mons pubis, she looked at me in delight and close her eyes as my hand went down and cupped her lips using my mid finger to separate them and feel a wave of heat and humidity coming out from her pussy. My thumb entered easily and started to press and rub her clit making her shake at regular intervals, in the meanwhile my mid finger searched for her asshole and started rimming it and pushing deeper and deeper inside it.

She breathed profoundly and she held her breath or breathed in short inspirations as she went through multiple orgasms appreciating my work.

My fingers started to ache and therefore my work wasn’t as productive so she reopened her eyes sat beside me and grabbing the hand that had been working her pussy kissed and licked each of my fingers then kissed me and sat on my hips facing me with my cock erect and rock hard on her crack. She extended one of her legs which had the effect of separating her crotch from my pubis and reaching with a hand she fisted my cock and with a skillful whipping movement she placed the head of my cock in the very entrance of her pussy, she folded her leg again causing my cock to penetrate balls deep in her. And there she was eagerly riding my cock!

We looked at each other, she had the expression “watch what I’m doing to you” type. I had the expression “I must be dreaming” type. Then “Te voy a dar una Buena Follada” ( I’m gonna give you a great fuck) After some seconds she raised her arms to her head finalizing the movement with a sudden grip to her pony tail. Boy! That was like the commanding movement of a bull fighter that makes the bull initiate his run. Her wonderful tits well in display, my body recovered his motion abilities my hands started a smooth while firm movement starting on her knees and continuing through her hips, waist, ribs and culminated in a tight hold of her breasts. Holding her by her breasts my cock, pushed by my hips and even my soul trusted into her aiming for her throat desperately to fuck that gorgeous woman, human female. God dammed she drove me out of myself! I was completely concentrated on that pussy and his owner and wanted to fill her with a respectable amount of my seed as the cherry on top of the cake.

I started working that pussy systematically as I watched her face and follow every stage of the orgasms that she was getting through.

Modulating my rhythms to those of hers and filling my hearth race like crazy. My cock was well harbored in that welcoming pussy and I had never felt those sensations before. She rubbed firmly her clit to my cock’s base as she hugged herself and sexy caressed the sides of her trunk and tits to increase my already sky high excitement.

We fucked like that for a long time and I started to feel heading to the point of no return so I stopped thrusting and sat on the bed with her still impaled and kissed passionately. Then turned her on her back on the bed keeping her deeply penetrated. I pulled out looked at her with legs elegantly spread. I even remember her cute feet with a fresh pedicure and red painted nails hovering on the bed and her precious pussy brilliant of mixed juices. I couldn´t help myself but to dive on it an start licking it and finally giving her a clit massage, specialty of the house, with lips and tongue and some help of the teeth. My goodness! That throw her over the fence, she put her hands on my neck firmly as not permitting me to go anywhere else and close her thighs around my head while she went through a serial of orgasms with her body trembling at different frequencies and moaning grasping for air. Talking about air luckily over the years I had developed the ability to keep at least a nostril clear of obstructions so I could comfortably avoid the death by suffocation while mercilessly continuing my attentions to her clit and surroundings and swallowing all the fluids coming out of that gorgeous pussy. At a point, when she could get grip on herself and her clit got close to the point where just a touch would have made her jump to the ceiling, she released her thighs pressure, grabbed me with both hands in each side of my face and tugged me towards her çankaya escort mouth where she kissed me like trying to swallow me. Meanwhile one of her hands disappeared and reappeared guiding my cock to the entry of her pussy which reabsorbed it with the help of me ramming inside her as if I wanted to put all my body into that greedy lady.

I fucked her hard and she kissed me continuously and liked the juices I had spread all over my face. The crescendo went on and on the sweat built up between her tits and my chest and I felt again me racing to the non-return point. I had to fight against my anxiousness to fill that woman, that fantastic and beautiful female, to the brim but my will to continue fucking with her gained, so I pulled out caressing her tits and to her interrogatory expression I responded pulling her up and turning her. I did not have to say anything else and I loved those moments that she took to accommodate herself to withstand the imminent assault from her stud. She stood on a knee she separated the other, then she stood on the other and separated this and repeated the process until she was satisfied of her legs separation, then she bent over put a pillow at her arms reach pointed graciously her perfect ass to the air and waited for my approach. This spectacle of a woman preparing for hers stud new assault is a gift that women give men, crowned by the display of a freshly fucked vulva, brilliant, attractive, greedy and framed by two gorgeous thighs and a pair of delicious buttocks. It’s something you could die for.

As I was close one of her hands appeared between her legs, cupped my glans and drove it to her pussy in a harmonic movement that ended in its collision with her cervix, very deep inside her. She loudly sighted when she felt full.

I grabbed her by her hips and started to work that inviting pussy with different attack angles and from time to time I run my hands from her knees all through her tits and back, also I indulged myself in some light spanking, with my open hands, on her incredible buttocks. That boosted her lust and desire.

Once she had driven my cock into her she stayed with two finger around my shaft and caressing her mound. From time to time she reached my low hanging balls and caressed and pressed them.

We were both approaching our climax, we worked hard one against the other, my breath turned to a hiss as I was reaching my point of no return. She must have felt it, she was shivering, then she reached again for my balls but this time she kept them firmly in her hand and said with a voice rather hoarse “dame toda tu leche caliente!” (Give me all your warm cum). That just got me out of myself I grabbed her hips pull them against me lifting her from the bed and send several ropes of cum into the deepness of her. I felt like a bolt coming from the base of my scull all through my well buried cock. I kept her over the bed for a while and then both collapsed on the bed on our sides she pressed her back against my chest and her ass against my pubis. She was trembling like jelly and had her hands on her pussy motionless.

I remained there kissing her neck licking her ears and cupping and caressing her tits.

After a while she stood up turned to me, kissed me long and said “Adios” (bye). I tried to hold her hand but she pulled it, grabbed her negligee and when she was about to head for the balcony she frost, clenched her legs put a couple of fingers on her pussy and pull them out showing them to me covered by our juices. As she smiled at me she licked them and ran to her room through my balcony.

I remained on the bed longing for her and for another fuck that I was about to give her when she left.

The following day, after such a great and unexpected fuck I felt well, relaxed and…..still looking for more, so I made discreet investigations about my neighbor without getting any close to get in contact with her. All I could find out is that she was there for around a week with another person, presumably her husband or boyfriend, and she wouldn’t stay much than just the nights in the hotel. I peeped as I could that day and the following her room without seeing any sign of habitation. As I had to wake up early every morning for work I couldn’t stay all the night trying to see something, I was frustrated and desperate because my trip back to my main office in Canada was approaching.

My last night in the hotel I looked for her more intensely but couldn’t see a thing,, I walked all the hotel and the surrounding restaurants as well as openly looking into her balcony, just nothing. Angry I went to bed, tried to relax and sleep. My plane was leaving late therefore I would be able to take it easy in the morning.

I was in the verge of the sleep when I heard a thud in my balcony. I startled and looked at the balcony to see a shadow besides the division and then another shadow jumping in my balcony. I managed to sit on the bed while I watched the two shadows approach and cross the balcony door. In the dim light I recognized Lola, with my dick starting to wake up eagerly. She walked to put ajar the door of a cupboard whose light illuminated the scene. Lola smiled at me, approached and kissed me deep. “Hola cariño” (Hello dear). I stammered a hoarse “Hola” and kızılay escort swallowed. She looked at my growing crotch and smiled again at me. She extended her beautiful, strong but rounded arm, towards the other person in the room that started to approach us. She was a perfect copy of Lola. “Mi Hermana Tere” (My sister Tere). Tere smiled at me deliciously and invitingly. I stood up from bed and approached to kiss her, I shyly tried to pull my hips back not to touch her, yet, with my swollen cock. She approached me she wrapped herself around me forcing my erection against her and deep kissed me. After almost a minute of passionate kiss she step back and smiled. “Encantada de conocerte Steve” (Glad to meet you Steve). Me e e too! I managed to stammer.

Lola approached me and pull her sister towards me in order to bond the three of us in a big hug in which we caressed and kissed each other for a while. Then with simultaneous movements that I observed all along that night Lola pulled up the top of my pajama and Tere pulled down my pants giggling at the sight of my manhood totally liberated and looking well above the horizontal.

Lola pushed me towards the bed and made me fall on it. I stayed in there on my elbows, with legs comfortably spread and a great erection pointing at my belly. I watched them smiling at me, as if I were her next meal, as they started to strip teasing me. They would also interchange some complicity stares.

Then they kneeled on the bed and approached me from both sides. Once in reach my hands went straight to their peach feeling asses and I started to firmly caress them. We fell and I became the meat of a delicious sandwich I turned towards Lola to hug her and wrap myself madly against her, kissing pinching and caressing her while I felt Tere pressing her tits against my back and rubbing them up to my ass until she pulled me towards her… time to turn and give her the same treatment than to her sister. Lola also pressed herself against me while I was devoting myself to Tere.

The world did no longer exist for me beside those magnificent females all for me. The scent of her sexes filled my head and I felt as the happiest bastard in the world.

Tere started to rub my balls and going up till the head of my cock. God what a FEELING!!!, her cold hand on my balls in fire made me tremble up to my scull.

They pushed me on my back and Tere kneeled besides my hips looking at my crotch and the apparatus coming out from it as trying to figure out how to handle it. She didn’t take longer she grabbed my shaft by the base engulfing my scrotum in such a way that my balls where firmly pressed against my shaft, then she lowed her head until all my cock was inside her mouth and her tong licked my balls. Ouahh! I helped her rising my hips trying to introduce all of me inside her mouth, she made eye contact with me and blinked.

Lola by then was kneeling beside my shoulder and both hands were down to her pussy separating the labia, her arms would put her breast together making them go forward in the sexiest way. Then she straddled my head and put the open labia of her pussy direct on my chin. When she started to notice her fluids coming down she moved her pussy on top of my mouth and gently lifted my head pulling a pillow underneath it, she looked me in the eyes meaning you may get to work, which I enthusiastically did. She didn’t need any additional humidity I managed to spread the flows coming from the depths of her pussy and swallowing the excess. My tong and throat got busy for some time with quite a success as I judged from the moans and frenetic self-caressing on her tits, hips and pussy. Then she helped herself rubbing furiously her clit on my chin with the aid of my sudden jumps provoked by the Tere’s work on my cock that was rapidly arriving to that point….

Lola was about to cum when Tere stopped sucking me when about to explode and pulled her arm. Lola said “shh” and made an unmistakable sight of Wait!. Then she started to shake and quiver and came collapsing with her arms over my head, I had to really swallow quickly that torrent that came down to my mouth.

In the meanwhile Tere had been caressing slightly the head of my dick to keep the erection going and when she saw that her sister was back again she showed her my cock. Lola understood and went for work with it. Then Tere smiling gaily to me occupied the space left by her sister. So here I was working on Tere’s tasty pussy. She did not go for my chin, I noticed she preferred long slurps on her clit and firm rubs of my tong behind the root of her clit. She was also faster than her sister to cum because she came violently a couple of minutes after starting with my attentions sending rivers of fluid straight to my throat. She collapsed in a curious manner leaving her head hang down towards her perfect tits and staying like that until she returned from her orgasm, perhaps helped by my anxiousness feeling that I was going to explode and…..I did. Tere moved just on time to allow me to see the picture, Lola was bobbing on my cock and doing magic things with her tong, when she felt the imminence of my ejaculation, giant, she pulled it a little bit out to receive the sperm directly on her tong, lips still sealed tight against my shaft. She looked at me amused as she received and tasted my cum and after six or seven bursts she told me by her eyes: Boy this is huge!. When I finished she pulled slowly away of my decreasing prick and leaving it clean as her lips went over all the length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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