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The name is Dean Brown Jones Jr. I’m a tall, average-looking black guy currently living in Massachusetts. I’m new to this state. And so far, I really don’t like it. First of all, the place is mad weird. Seriously. Don’t even get me started about all of them cold-shouldered folks I see walking around the city of Boston. Does anyone say hello around here? It’s just ordinary human courtesy. Is that too much to ask? And they say Boston is home to the most educated men and women in the world. Their behavior doesn’t reflect that. I’m just a Southern brother from a small town and I got more manners than that. Respect the gentlemen and the ladies. That’s how we do it down south. Oh, well. Since I’m stuck in Boston for a while, I’m going to give the locals something to remember me by.

When I first moved into the dorms at Horace College, I thought it was an okay place. Horace College is a small private four-year college with only about four thousand students. It’s got two campuses, one in downtown Boston and the other in nearby Milton. The school has an interesting history. It was founded in 1980 by James Horace, a famous Boston architect. He died three days after the inauguration of the school. Horace College has expanded since then. It’s now one of the best liberal arts colleges in the state. I’m a Criminal Justice major. I still don’t know what I want to do but I know that this is the field for me. I could be a great policeman. I know people. The human animal holds very little mystery to me. Or I could work for the Department of Corrections. I don’t know. Oh, well. I’ve got some time to figure it out.

I enrolled at Horace College on a Wrestling scholarship. Horace College recently added Men’s Varsity Wrestling to their sports program, to compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Two. Division Two Colleges and Universities don’t offer as many athletic scholarships as those in Division One but I’m not complaining. I checked out the Horace College Department of Athletics before enrolling. I just wanted to know what they were offering. They offer Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Rugby, Rowing, Water Polo, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Football, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Golf, Lacrosse and now, Wrestling. For female student-athletes, they offered Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Archery, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Water Polo, Swimming, Soccer, Rowing, Squash, Golf, Lacrosse and Field Hockey.

I was impressed. Not a lot of small colleges and universities have so many sports to offer. Then again, Horace College was filthy rich. The James Horace Foundation donated millions to the school every year. The Boston Campus was a commuter campus. The dorms were located in Milton, along with the athletic facilities. I’ve visited the Athletic Complex. It’s quite nice. The Football Stadium is huge, built to seat around twelve thousand people. It also serves as practice spot for the Men’s and Women’s respective Soccer teams. The Gymnasium was really big, almost NBA-big. That’s where the Men’s and Women’s respective Basketball teams, along with the Men’s and Women’s Volleyball teams had their games. The Men’s Wrestling team rolled out its mats and practiced there as well. The Outdoor Track Course was almost Olympian in size. The almanbahis Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams had their meets there. The Diamond hosted both the Men’s Baseball and Women’s Softball teams. Yeah, we were in good hands at Horace College.

I liked spending time in Boston. That’s why I chose to take a few classes at the Boston Campus. It was so different from my native Atlanta. I love Atlanta. It’s my hometown. It’s home to some of the best schools in America. The Georgia Institute of Technology. Morehouse College. Clark-Atlanta University. Oh, man. Those are awesome schools. My fraternal twin brother Edward is a Morehouse College freshman. He’s majoring in business administration. He plays for the Morehouse College Football team. My sister Annabelle is a senior at Georgia Tech. She’s on the Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby team. My mother Rose Harold Jones died when I was only two years old. She worked for the Atlanta City Department of Corrections. My father , Dean Brown Jones, is a police sergeant at the Atlanta City Police Department. He coaches Pop Warner Football on the weekends. He’s a good man. My idol. He wished for me to attend Morehouse College like my brother. I love Morehouse College. There’s no better place for educating black men. However, I wanted to travel outside Atlanta. I’ve lived in the South my whole life. Besides, I wanted to attend a school with a varsity wrestling team. So I traveled far from home. From Atlanta, Georgia to Boston, Massachusetts. It was quite a trip. Now, my adventures can truly begin.

I walked up and down the city of Boston. It was nothing like Atlanta but Bean Town had its charms. The people around here were busy, rude and obnoxious but hey, they’re New Englanders, right? They don’t know the meaning of Southern Hospitality. They’re Northern roughnecks. Oh, well. I visited lots of places. From the Museum of Science to Harvard University and Boston College. I liked the Boston College Football team. I hope they go far. Horace College’s Football team was alright but they paled in comparison to Boston College. Boston University no longer had a Football team but they had a kick-ass Men’s Ice Hockey team and a great Men’s Wrestling program. It’s too bad Boston University’s wrestling team is Division One and not Division Two. We could have faced off against them. Oh, well.

Yeah, there were some good things about Boston. I met a lot of people. I’ll tell you about the more interesting ones. There’s Alex Conroy, of the Boston University Men’s Volleyball team. He’s a tall, good-looking guy with long black hair, green eyes and pale bronze skin. We met at a Football game. He comes to watch Horace College Football games because his own school lacks a Football team. Division One colleges really don’t know how to manage their sports programs. Schools like Boston University have billions of dollars to spend yet their sports teams are lackluster. Northeastern University is somewhat better off athletically than Boston University. Northeastern University has excellent teams in both Men’s and Women’s Basketball, along with Men’s and Women’s Rowing and Men’s Intercollegiate Football. Emerson College, a much smaller school, has an outstanding Men’s Baseball team. Their Men’s Lacrosse team and Women’s Softball team are pretty good too. It’s at Emerson College that Alex almanbahis yeni giriş met the young lady who would mean a lot to him in later years. I’m referring of course to Jessica Quincy, a tall, good-looking tomboy with short red hair, alabaster skin and pale gray eyes. She’s a member of the Emerson College Women’s Lacrosse team. When these two met at a Horace College Football game, it was love at first sight. I was happy for them.

I hung out with them a lot. Alex and Jessica were good people. However, eventually, I felt like a third wheel. I could go out there and find myself a young lady but I like being single. My last relationship ended spectacularly bad. Have you ever met a crazy woman? Of course you have. Stacy Almond was my crazy woman. A tall, good-looking gal with light brown skin, almond-shaped golden brown eyes and long, curly black hair. An African-American princess. When we met, it was lust at first sight. I was a student at Atlanta Military Academy, an all-male private High School. She was a student at Saint Joseph Preparatory, an all-female Catholic High School.

Yeah, she came from a rather privileged world. In a way, so did I. You better believe that. I was the son of the man who would one day be the city’s Police Chief. And I attended a school packed with rich white boys. Stacy Almond was something else. She too came from impressive stock. Her mother Jennifer Albright Almond was the CEO of Albright Enterprises, a multi-million-dollar engineering firm. Her father, Lloyd Almond, was the former Fire Chief for the City of Atlanta Fire Department and a member of the Georgia State Senate. Anyhow, when Stacy and I met, I thought she was awesome. She looked so fine. I asked her for her digits and she gave them to me. Two days later, I invited her to a House Party. We met on the dance floor. Sparks flew. The rest, as they say, was history.

Stacy became my first serious girlfriend. I was in love with that girl, I’m not even going to lie. If you had seen her, you’d know why. She was tall, sexy and smart. And she had money. It was a whirlwind romance. Stacy was also the first person I ever had sex with. It happened one night. We were hanging out at her house, a big mansion located near CNN. I was sitting on her bed, lying down while she danced to some music. She stopped dancing and looked at me. I smiled. My girl was giving me the let’s-get-freaky look. With that, she took off her shirt. I did the same. I sat back and watched as she began undressing.

Stacy undressing was a gorgeous sight. I mean, the girl was so sexy. As she got naked before me, I was thrilled. Her tall, lean, athletic body looked simply heavenly. And she was simply hot. Her breasts were large and firm. Her ass looked simply perfect. Big, heart-shaped and full. Oh, and her face was pretty too. She long, sexy legs that seemed to go on forever. Hot damn. She gestured for me to come to her. I got up from the bed and went to her. She kissed me, then pushed me back down on the bed. I was suddenly very nervous. I told her I’ve never done this before. She laughed and said that she already knew. Then, she resumed kissing me. Pretty soon I was naked. Stacy climbed on top of me. I felt my manhood harden. She smiled, and pulled a condom out of a drawer and put it on me. Then, she lowered herself onto me. Until my almanbahis giriş cock was inside her pussy. She placed her hands on my shoulders and told me to put my hands on her hips. With that, I thrust into her. She squealed and told me to fuck her. I did just that. Although hesitant at first, I got the hang of it. I filled her pussy with my dick. Hard and fast, I pumped into her. I sucked on her big tits while fucking her. I made her scream my name till we both came. You’d never believe it was my first time.

Yeah, it was fun. Ever since that time, we began doing it regularly. I liked Stacy. The girl liked sex as much as I did. Word up. I mean, the girl would ask for my dick several times a day. Not several times a week but frigging three to four times a day! She liked sex! The lovemaking was good. The other aspects of the relationship weren’t so hot. For a girl who came from such a privileged background, Stacy could certainly act rude and crazy. She could be mean as hell too. I loved her, though. So I ignored those warning signs. She was nice to me most of the time and sex with her was awesome. Seriously. Porn star quality sex right here!

One time, we had anal sex. It was my birthday and my girl offered me a special treat. We did in my bedroom. I got funny looks from my big sister Annabelle when I went into the room with Stacy but I ignored her. I’m a grown man. I can’t be talked down to by my older siblings anymore. I do my own thing. So I smashed that with Stacy. She was really wild that night. I bent her over my desk and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I rubbed some lube on my cock and her ass. Then, I pressed my dick against her asshole and pushed it in. Oh, man. The first thing I noticed upon penetrating her was how warm and tight her ass felt. Keep in mind that I’ve never had anal sex before. Stacy grunted as I took her and asked me to slow down. I did. Slowly, inch by inch, I pushed my cock into her ass. I worked my way in there. Until I had most of it in.

Once Stacy had gotten used to my dick, I began to pump her up. She seemed to be enjoying herself too. She backed up her fabulous ass, grinding it against my groin. Hot damn, this felt good. Her warm, tight ass gripped my dick like a vise. A very pleasurable way of being stuck, I can assure you. My girl started to go buck-wild. At some point, she told me to pump her butt hole and spank her. I laughed, and did just that. Hell, I took it a step further. I grabbed a handful of her long black hair and yanked her head back while fucking her in the ass. She screamed in delight and told me not to stop. I didn’t stop. I fucked her good, thrusting into her with all of my might. Until I finally came, many moments later. To this day I can tell you that this was the best birthday present ever! After this hot session, we fell asleep on my bed. It was one of the best nights of my life.

Sadly, our relationship didn’t last too long after that. She got way too crazy for me. By crazy, I meant controlling and bitter. She felt that the world owed her something. A lot of rich people do. I loved Stacy but I realized that she’s not the kind of person I wanted to spend my life with. So I ended the relationship. I graduated from the Atlanta Military Academy and at the end of the summer, I was ready for a fresh start. I moved to Horace College in Boston. And I’m not looking back. This is a place where I can have a new beginning. I’m going to get my degree and possibly find a job in the city of Boston. I don’t know if I’ll get used to the people but I embrace a challenge. Anyhow, smell you later, folks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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