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I awake to the familiar warm wet feeling of Mara’s mouth toying and licking my limp dick as she plays under the covers of our bed. She likes to wake me up like this; it pretty much guarantees that I wake up in a good mood. I pretend that I’m still asleep so she will continue her ministrations a while longer. It’s soon hard to hide anything due to her talented mouth’s technique. I am as hard as a rock now and she knows I’m awake, but she keeps on licking and sucking like there is no tomorrow.

I feel her weight shift and her body start to slide up mine as she emerges from under the crushed velvet comforter. I see her beautiful hazel eyes and her lovely smile that would light up any gloomy room. “Good morning” she says with a shit-eating grin. “Good morning my little alarm clock” I respond back to her. She throws the comforter off exposing her beautiful 110 lbs. frame. “I’m WARM,” she says to no one in particular. I know that this is just a way to get me to look at her body and it’s glossy sheen of sweat. She has the most beautiful A-cup breasts that mach her tiny frame. Now exposed her nipples are crinkling and hardening in the slight breeze of our room.

As soon as I start to move to attack her, she’s out of bed and walking toward the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower,” she mumbles as she looks over her shoulder at the tent I’m still pitching with our comforter. Oh, I see how it’s going to be. She’s going to play coy today and make me work for it. She must be feeling extra kinky today. Mara knows that the harder she makes me work for it the more forceful I become.

I hear her start the shower and close the bathroom door. I quickly make my way to the bathroom and see her placing her towel on the rack near the shower door. I shoot across the bathroom floor and rap her in my right arm as tight as I can and immediately cup her hot pussy in my left hand. I begin to suck on her nipples and run my finger up and down her warm slit, that I find completely sopping to the touch. A soft moan escapes her lips and she gives in to my tight grasp. I slide one finger into her moist slit and run up and down the front wall of her cunt. Her knees start to buckle and she closes her eyes. Inserting another finger I put more pressure on the front wall of her little cunt. I can now hear her starting to wine and whimper a little bit. I then realize why she is whining instead of her usual moans of bliss. Her bladder is ready to burst from just getting out of bed. I had thought that she had used the toilet before I got into the bathroom, but she must not have had enough time.

Playing dumb I ask what’s wrong. “I have to pee sooooo bad,” she says in a whimpering voice and pouting. “Are you saying that you are going to interrupt this so you can pee,” I ask, looking at her all stern. “I’m sorry, bahis siteleri but I really have to go” she says still trying to take the edge off of my stern face with her pouting eyes. “Well, in order to not lose any of my hardness you’ll have to put on a show for me that will keep me aroused and interested” I say wondering what her response will be. “Like what”? She now looks curious. “Get on your hands and knees and piss on all fours, like the little sex-pet you are,” I tell her and immediately her eyes light up.

She gets down on all fours and places a towel under her glistening pussy lips. Kneeling behind her for a good view, I begin to stroke my shaft slowly anticipating what was soon to come. She puts her head to the ground closing her eyes, and reaches back to part her pussy lips. After a minute or so of waiting I ask, “Well, are you going to piss”? “I can’t now” she whines. “For someone who had to pee so bad, you sure don’t seem like you have to pee now” I say in a stern voice. As I say this I slide two fingers into her waiting hole. “NO, Don’t” she cries. “If you’re not going to piss for me, then I’m going to continue playing” I say as I start to put pressure on her front wall. Soon I add a third finger trying to get her to feel as full as possible. No sooner than I have inserted the third finger, she starts to piss all over my and arm. Letting out werewolf-like howls she starts to cum as she pisses all over me and I jam a fourth finger into her sopping fuck hole.

I continue to slam all four of my fingers in and out of her sloppy and stretched cunt, as an orgasm like I have never seen rips it’s way through her body. Her piss just won’t stop and as long as it’s continuing to shoot out of her gaping piss hole I’m going to continue to finger fuck the living hell out of her. I take the index finger of my other hand, lube it up in her slippery slit, and slide it into her tight ass. Her head shoots back to the point that she looks like she is going to snap her neck. She isn’t even moaning or howling anymore. She’s just plain screaming as she rams her hips against my hands.

Soon the flow of her urine is tapering off and she has slowed to just heavy breathing. I remove my hands and look at her used body. “God your sexy” I say as I stare at her gaping pussy. I can hear the air slowly escaping out of her cunt as it narrows a little bit. Her anus closed right away indicating that it didn’t get used enough, but I can change that. Then I notice a pungent smell, but can’t locate the source. I look at her anus, and it looks clean. Then I look down at my hand and realize that the finger I had in her ass has a little bit of shit on the tip of it. I raise my hand over my head and bring it down hard on her ass cheek. CRACK! “OUCH!!! What have I done to displeasure you sir” she canlı bahis siteleri says. Wow, she is really playing this up. “I have your shit on the tip of my finger. You know I want your ass ready to be fucked at all times” I tell her. “I’m sorry sir,” she whimpers. “You will be” I comment with a smile on my face.

“Go get some rope and your wrist cuffs” I demand. Like a shot she is scrambling to her feet and is out the bathroom door. While she is gone I clean my finger off in the sink and place her favorite white towel on the floor of the tub/shower. She stole the towel from one of those fancy hotels a while back and fell in love whit it because it reminds her how bad she is. Mara returns to the bathroom with everything I asked for in record time. I guess she is trying to make her punishment as minimal as possible. I attach and lock the wrist cuffs into place and tie one end of the rope to the cuffs. “Get into the shower” I tell her opening the shower door. She sees her towel and shoots me a puzzled look, but continues into the shower. She knows better than to question my commands at this point in the game. I feed the other end of the rope through the eyebolt in the ceiling of the shower that I installed. Letting the rope end fall to the shower floor I tell her to bend over and put her hands on the edge of the tub.

I walk up behind her and insert my rock solid cock into gaping cunt. I barley can tell that I’m in she is so loose from the fingering I gave her. I get my cock nick and lubed up and remove it from her hole. I place the tip at the entrance of her anus and start to apply pressure. Normally I give her more of a warm up, but this time she knows that she is being punished and doesn’t protest. I hold myself steady with one hand and grab her hips with the other. Soon I can feel the outer ring give way and I’m sliding in. I get about a quarter of the way in and withdraw for more lube. I ram it back into her pussy and get it nice and wet again. Once more she is starting to moan. I slip back into her anal ring and go as far as I can into her ass pushing the lube into her stomach. I do a few warm up strokes and then sink balls deep into her tight ass. I’m not one of these giant cock owning self-proclaimed porn stars. I have a comfortable 7″long, 1 1/2″ thick dick. I like it because it works well. I stay balls deep and grind into her ass. I can feel the resistance of her full shitter, but push in anyway. I’m trying to make her a little uncomfortable, and I think it’s working judging from her flinching. Then I start my barrage of pounding and start to slap my balls against her clit. She starts to go wild. This is what she loves and will freely admit it.

I continue to pound her ass and start to slap her ass cheeks, first one, and then the other. “You’re my little anal canlı bahis slave aren’t you” I ask. All I hear are her continued moans. CRACK, I lay a hard hand down on her little ass cheek. “YES!!! I’m you little anal fuck puppet” she responds quickly. She knows I’m close and starts to milk my cock with her ass. I feel my orgasm as if it’s coming from my heels all the way up my legs through my ass and exploding out the tip of me cock as it swells and stretches her even more. “YES!!!! Give me your cum in my ass, fill me up, Oh god it’s so warm” Mara cries. Soon I’m slowing to a minimal pace and then to a stop. I know she thinks that the torture is over, but it is just beginning.

I stay in her ass as I start to get soft. I have yet to have my morning piss and know that that has contributed to my last longer this morning. I tell her for not keeping her ass clean she is going to get an enema. “Tighten you ass,” I tell her. Obeying she tightens her ass thinking that this is just for my pleasure. Then I start to release my urine inside her bowels. “But” she starts to say, but doesn’t finish the objection knowing that her punishment could still get worse. I continue to fill her anus with my piss and can tell that she is getting pretty full. With her own shit, my dick, my cum, and now my urine taking up space in her tight little ass Mara starts to whimper. Soon my stream is starting to subside. “Keep your ass tight” I tell her as I start to withdraw. I slide from her ass with a quick POP and am amazed that my dick is clean. I guess all the urine washing around inside cleaned me.

I step from the shower and pull on the loose end of the rope that’s still hanging from the ceiling. This raises her hands above her head and gets her to stand up straight. “Now, don’t loose control of your enema, or you’ll ruin you favorite towel” I say pointing to the bottom of the tub. She starts so whimper and I can see the urgency on her face as she pleads with me to let her release it. “How are you going to keep you ass for me” I bark at her. “Spotless sir” she whines. “And why are you going to keep it that way” I ask. “For you to fuck any time you want sir. I’m your little anal whore,” she says as she’s almost crying. “Good. As long as we are clear on this. Are we clear on this” I drill at her. “YES sir, we are. I will always stay clean for you” Mare says now on the verge of tears. “Kick the towel out of the tub and you can empty your full little asshole.

Mara can barely move as she tries to kick the towel out of the tub. I can tell she is trying to hold her anus shut and at the same time move the towel. Finally she gets the towel out of the tub, and no sooner has the tower hit the floor than Mare is leaning forward and letting her bowels empty into the tub. “Aaaaaa” is the only sound that escapes her mouth as her anus gapes wide open and the last dribbles of cum and urine come dripping out of her. “Thank you sir for letting me empty my ass for you” she says trying to earn back some brownie points. “No. Thank YOU” is all I respond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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