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Chaz woke, aware that Lora was no longer curled up next to him. A smile danced on his lips as he thought about the night before with her. He wondered where she had gone. As he looked at his watch, he realized it was after 10a.m. and they still had plenty to do on the house this weekend. Stretching, he got up, pulled on his shorts and headed to the bathroom. Kim and Dan were sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking coffee but Lora was nowhere to be seen.

“Good Morning,” he said as he was passing through.

Dan chuckled, “Seems like you had a pretty Good night too.”

Chaz laughed as he continued down the hall.

When he came back, he grabbed a cup of coffee and looked around for Lora. Before he could ask, Kim touched his arm and pointed to the patio door. He went to the door and there she was sitting on the back lawn. He slid the door open and headed out toward her. She was sitting so still and so quiet, he wondered what she was doing. He walked across the cool morning grass to where she sat, with her eyes closed and her face upturned to the early sun. Her hair was pulled back up but he could see the tendrils drifting around the frame of her face and back of her neck. And as his eyes drifted to her luscious lips, he couldn’t resist the urge to bend down and brush his lips against hers.

She opened her eyes, startled, and smiled at him shyly. Her innocent gesture touched him deeply. He almost wondered if he had actually made love to this angel last night or if it was a dream. She continued to sit with her hands folded in her lap and lowered her gaze to the ground.

“Is something wrong?” he asked her

“Not really. I, just…well,” she let out a long sigh, “you must think I’m some sort of slut, after last night..and…well..”

Before she could finish, he kneeled on the ground next to her, placing his hand under her chin and lifting her face so he could look in her eyes. He saw a sadness there that threatened to make his heart stop. “Lora, how could you even believe I’d think such a thing? I mean…last night..well, let’s just say it was pretty clear to me that you didn’t sleep around. And even before that, I knew what kind of person you were by what my brother and Kim said.”

He reached out and took her hand, “I’m sorry I let things go as far as they did. I should have thought or realized but I couldn’t help being so damned attracted to you and I just…well, I just reacted to what I was feeling. So did you but I should have known it would be different for a woman like you.”

Suddenly, she didn’t feel so overwrought. She could see, the way he was looking at her that he was being sincere and feeling completely guilty over the whole matter. And she really did not want last night to be some sort of burden for either of them. “That makes me feel better. I just didn’t like the idea of you thinking that way of me.”

As he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. They sat that way, quietly enjoying each other’s comfort and the sun warming them.

“Okay, okay,” Kim yelled, “you two aren’t going to get a lunch whatsapp escort break if you don’t get to work soon.” Laughing, they got up and headed toward the house to get started.

The rest of the day was a blur of painting, cleaning and putting furniture in its place. There was plenty more work to be done, inside and out, but it was coming along nicely. At least it was livable and that evening Dan decided they all needed to go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate how much they had gotten done.

Lora hadn’t brought anything to go out in so she had to borrow one of Kim’s dresses. It was more form-fitting than she owned but draped around her curves perfectly. As she walked into the living room, Dan let out a whistle. “Look at you all dolled up.” He said.

Chaz turned around and couldn’t even speak. Though she hadn’t lost that angelic quality, with her raven hair cascading around her face and a touch of makeup and the dress hugging her in all the right places, she could easily have passed for the vixen of his dreams. She was simply breathtaking. He couldn’t even find words adequate so he just smiled and took her hand as they headed out for the evening.

It was a wonderful and relaxing evening, as they ate dinner, drank and shared stories and laughs. All evening Chaz could not take his eyes off of her and began to wonder if he wasn’t in over his head. Her laughter was contagious; the conversation interesting and he felt like he was under some sort of enchanted spell.

It was getting late and as much fun as they were having, no one could deny how tired they were after such a long day. The ride back to the house was quiet, with Lora and Chaz snuggled up in the back seat. Though both were conflicted about the events of last night, there was no denying a connection between them. Chaz did not want to hurt her and feared he may have already done so. He had been in relationships; married and divorced, and he was hard-pressed to go down that road, especially with someone he genuinely liked so much. At the same time, Lora was conflicted by the fact that she didn’t take being intimate with someone lightly but realized they had known each other one day and she couldn’t expect a relationship when they didn’t even really know each other.

By the time they got back, both seemed tired and a bit jumpy by their quandries. As Lora, went into the bathroom to change out of her dress, Chaz went into the spare bedroom to change his clothes. Lora had gotten completely undressed when she realized she had left her bag in the living room. Taking Kim’s terrycloth robe off the hook and wrapped it around herself as she headed down the hall. The door was open to the spare room, as she passed by, and the glanced in to see Chaz laying on the bed; shoes off, shirt off and lying on his back, where he’d evidently dozed off.

Lora crept in and pulled the cover up from the bottom of the bed to cover him but as she got close started to pull it up over his chest, she was close enough to smell his wonderful manly smell; earthy, musky and intoxicating. She stopped short, thinking about how istanbul escort bayan incredible this man was: masculine and hard on the outside but so kind and gentle underneath. She wanted him, if only this weekend, and would let the rest work itself out. For the first time, in her life, she felt like a woman; a sexy, passionate woman and she wasn’t ready to give that up just yet.

She tossed the blanket aside and leaned closer to his chest, taking in his fragrance as she began planting kisses on his bare, tattooed chest. At the same time, she could not resist the urge to run her hands over his belly, gliding up to his nipples, rubbing them with her thumbs. Not only was he waking to her delicate assault, he could smell her coconut shampoo and springtime fragrance. He sighed as he opened his eyes. She looked up at him, waiting for his response, as he smiled down at her and reached to stroke her hair. Taking his cue, she climbed on the bed, straddling his hips and continued her exploration and attention to his torso, working her way up his neck, kissing and nibbling as she went . She could feel his heart pounding in his chest as she pressed her lips to his, which she also kissed and nibbled at before sliding her tongue between them and weaving her spell over him more completely.

God but she was making him crazy with her slow, persuasive movements. Did she even know how erotic she was? Straddling him, it was all he could do to patiently let her touch, lick, kiss and nibble her journey of his body. His breathing was becoming more and more ragged as she swept over him, giving attention to every little detail of her actions. He was fascinated how she responded to his reactions to each touch and action. His hands brushed the belt holding her robe and with one quick pull the tie pulled away. As she was nibbling attentively on his ear, making him harder and harder with each lick and bite, he pulled her robe open, slid his hands up her stomach to her bodacious breasts. He began massaging and kneading them, brushing his thumbs over each nipple, as she let out a low moan and arched toward his hands. He slid the robe from her shoulders and pulled her closer, taking in the sensual smell and feel of her breasts against his bare chest.

Not wanting to give him control, she drew herself back and slid down until she was face level with the button of his jeans. Deftly, she undid his pants and backed further down the bed, taking his pants and boxers down his legs as she went. She pulled them off and dropped them to the floor then began working her way back up. Though she wasn’t entirely sure how to go about what she was planning on doing, she’d done some reading and figured she’d gauge his reactions to know what to continue and when to stop.

Just above his knees, she began running her hands up his thighs and licking as she went along. He could do no more than close his eyes and control the exquisite feelings she was sending through him. She had never gone down on a man before but as she neared his stiff cock, she was getting excited at the prospect of the pleasures she knew she wanted to bring Chaz.

Just özbek escort above his knees, she began running her hands up his thighs and licking as she went along. He could do no more than close his eyes and control the exquisite feelings she was sending through him. She had never gone down on a man before but as she neared his stiff cock, she was getting excited at the prospect of the pleasures she knew she wanted to bring Chaz.

As she took him into her mouth, she started by taking the tip into her mouth and rolling her tongue around the head. He groaned in sheer ecstasy and a touch of frustration as his need was beginning to quicken but the electric sensations were so exquisite he didn’t want it to end either. She wrapped her hands around the base of his shaft and began slowly but intently sliding her mouth up and down over his growing erection, taking in more and more with each stroke of her mouth. As he started moaning, she increased the pressure of her hands and speed of her mouth over him, up and down. She was thoroughly enjoying the power she was having over him.

“Oh, baby, please,” he moaned and she knew she was bringing him to the brink and wanted to possess his passions. She nimbly moved over him and securing her footing on either side, squatted toward him as she took his swollen cock and guided into her wet, waiting pussy. She started by sliding onto him just past the head of his manhood, gliding up and down, stimulating his already sensitive tip of his cock. He was breathing hard and moaning, still trying not to impede her progress. He could feel her need to control their coupling but wouldn’t be able to take much more. After a few more short strokes, she plunged herself completely down on him, causing him to gasp in bliss. She was astounded by the different areas inside her and sensations this new position was invoking. Unable to take the teasing pace herself, Lora began thrusting him in and out of her as quick and hard as she could move up and down. He could feel himself building up but knew she wasn’t there yet and he had no intention of cumming without her. As she panted and pushed herself on him, he focused his attentions on her clit, reaching between her lips with his thumb and rubbing the swollen nub as she rode him toward orgasm. At his first touch, she moaned and her efforts increased, as she bucked at him harder and harder.

“My God, Chaz, how do you know just where to touch me? That feels so fucking good,” she panted out through labored breaths. As he kept rubbing, applying more and more pressure, she got the most intense tingling jolts of electricity through her pussy she had ever felt. He felt her begin to tighten and as she threw her head back, letting out a scream of delight, , he grabbed her hips and continued stabbing in and out of her, and as she vibrated from the power of the orgasm consuming her entire body, and as he felt her relax, he finally let himself go, cumming with a growl as he held himself deep inside her.

As she dropped to his chest, gasping for breath, he wrapped his arms around her. It felt so incredible having her in his arms. When she finally gained her composure, she looked up at him, “was that okay?”

He let out a laugh, pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. When they parted, he said, “Baby, if that was only okay, I’m not sure I would live through incredible.”

She smiled, as they lay entwined and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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