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Eric Walker stepped outside of his apartment building and onto the stone pavement outside. Inhaling the fresh morning air, he began to run. Most mornings Eric would run three miles around the park opposite his apartment before beginning his day of studying in college. His broad build betrayed his passion for exercise and love of the weight room within his apartment building, but he insisted on maintaining a strong cardio base since he his family had a history of heart problems. Eric often waved at other runners on the path, but none drew his eye like the beautiful woman who lived in one of the lake-side homes nearby. She never ran outside however he often caught her using the Stairmaster or treadmill through her tinted windows. He caught a glimpse of her in a Nike cap and loose shirt one morning when she was getting the mail and her captivating brown eyes and pouty lips stunned him. He hoped he’d see her on the Stairmaster this morning, her ponytail swishing behind her was a wonderful sight.

As he ran, he fell into a steady pace and slowly took his first lap around the lake. As he neared her property, he heard loud noises from inside her home, the shouts of a man and woman. A glance through her window showed the beautiful woman arguing with a taller, heavily bearded man. They paused their argument as they saw him slowing down to inquisitively stare at them. With smiles upon their faces, they moved outside of his view. He waited a moment to see if they would continue before he began to run again. It was largely uneventful, despite the early hour there were few runners on the path. He checked the house on his second lap and heard nothing. Shrugging he continued for his third lap. This time, Eric saw a woman crying on the bench near the beautiful womans’ home. He slowed, breathing heavily he came to a halt in front of her.

“I’m sorry, is everything alright?” He asked her politely.

The woman froze for a second, then looked up. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkled with tears and she responded, “My husband just left me.” Her voice was throaty and accented, betraying a noticeably non-American background.

Eric blinked, “I’m so sorry to hear that.” He said softly, “Do you need any help?”

She looked up at him and shook her head, “I just need some time to myself, excuse me please.”

Nodding, Eric replied “I run by every morning and walk past before and after class. If you need something just wave.” Without waiting for a reply, he continued his third lap.


Eric finished his run and stumbled back into his apartment. The small space had a kitchen facing into a sitting room with an elevated view of the lake. He walked to the fridge and withdrew a small protein shaker full of cold water. He slowly drank as he walked to enjoy the view of the lake. From his position he could see down to the beautiful womans’ home. He saw a flurry of cars driving past and into the driveway and around the lake. As he drank his water he watched a dozen people trundle out of their vehicles and into the home. He turned to his room and began to prepare for class.

He stepped out of his apartment wearing fitted jeans, black boots, and a white T-shirt. He began to hum along to the music in his headphones, Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. He felt his mind begin to stir with preparation for classes. An undergraduate psychology degree was almost within his grasp. He had been selected to shadow one of his professors who also worked as a mental health support worker six months earlier and wondered if he had picked up enough to help the woman should she need it. As he walked past, he heard a loud flurry of voices coming from her home which he couldn’t quite understand.

Eric reached his lecture room after a fifteen-minute walk. Within his class, the number of women dwarfed the men, something ubiquitous across psychology courses worldwide and something he greatly enjoyed. He saw his friend Josh standing at the door reading on his phone, his blond hair swept back. In contrast to Erics’s broader build, Josh had the build of a marathon runner. The story of their friendship was simple, Eric had sidled up to Josh at the start of their freshman year and said “Psychology?” Upon Josh’s affirmative, they were instant friends. They often spent time hanging out after class and another guy, a small, skinny guy from Syria named Mo had gravitated to them, but rarely spoke unless spoken to.

Eric nodded to Josh, who responded with a nod and they began to talk about their mornings, Eric’s was eventful, but Josh had just rolled out of bed and walked to class. His grey sweats and beat-up brown t-shirt told Eric that it was no exaggeration and he likely had just walked to class. More students began congregate outside the lecture room before the lecture began. Out of the corner of his eye, Eric saw Mo walking toward him, next to him a breathtaking bombshell wearing a burka and tight clothing which showed off a truly curvy body. Her luminescent green eyes were fixed on kaçak iddaa Mo with a warmth that showed deep affection for him. She was rubbing his shoulder caringly while Mo looked sourly at his friends. She said something that Eric didn’t understand, kissed Mo’s cheek and walked back outside with a bouncy walk.

Eric and Josh exchanged surprised looks, “He’s punching above his weight, isn’t he?” Josh muttered.

Eric nodded, “She’s gorgeous.” They stopped talking as Mo shuffled toward them, head down.

Josh greeted Mo, who grunted a hello in response, “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” Eric said conversationally.

Mo’s head snapped up, “That was my mom.”

Eric took the hint and moved on to discuss their exam. They had to study hard since this would be one of their hurdle passing classes and failing this late into their degree could doom their postgraduate plans.

Their teacher, an overweight old man strolled past them, “Good morning gentlemen, it’s time for a good lesson! Exams soon so you should be paying attention in class today!” Professor Waingrove was a legend in the psychology community, he was renowned for his work with children with Autism and had dedicated his life to making their lives better. “Come on in everyone!” He called with his booming voice. He was notorious within their college for his rigid adherence to timings. If his class began at 11:30AM then whoever might have been going overtime was going to be bulldozed over.

An hour class with Professor Waingrove might involve taking seven pages of notes, this class was no exception. The trio left the room with their heads spinning from Waingrove’s tales of helping children and how to safely engage with a child in crisis. They moved on to their campus coffee shop, a cramped, dark brick building which always felt twenty degrees hotter than outside no matter what time of year. They ordered their coffees and started to discuss what they thought would be on the exam while they sat in a large booth. An hour passed; they were so enrapt in their conversation nobody noticed Mo’s mom bouncing into the coffee shop.

“Habibi! I told you to text me when you were out of class! I wanted to pick you up so you could tell me about class with it fresh in your mind!” She scolded with a wide smile. Looking at Eric and Josh, she said, “You must be Josh and Eric! Mo has told me so much about you! It’s a shame you haven’t been invited to dinner yet.”

Eric blinked, his shock at her voice sounding like a lilting choir apparent before he recovered, “I’m Eric, that’s Josh.” He felt struck dumb by her voice as the perfect accentuation to her beautiful face and heart stopping body.

“You’re both invited to dinner on Friday night, I would love nothing more than to hear your thoughts on Professor Waingrove’s words!” She sidled into their booth, “I’m a teacher and we have a child with Autism. I want to help him better and I’m sure his notes can give many insights.”

Josh took over, “Thank you so much ma’am, it would be our pleasure.”

Mo’s mom giggled, “I’m not a ma’am, I’m Farida, it’s lovely to meet you both. I expect to see you both then! Come on Mo.” She bounced out of the booth and Mo followed, sourly shuffling after her.

Josh and Eric shared a look, “She’s unbelievable.” Josh breathed, “You’d have to shoot me to get me to not stop by on Friday.”

Eric laughed, “Hands off his mom buddy, it’s not worth the trouble.” He looked at his watch, an old digital Casio, “I need to get going, I want to go get some extra study in.”

They said goodbye and Eric walked home. As he approached the beautiful woman’s home, he saw her sitting outside, crying. The woman looked up at him and sighed in relief, “We spoke this morning, you said if I needed something I could come to you for help. I need help.”

“Of course, what do you need?”

“Do you live nearby, I need a shower and to be away from my family.”

Eric nodded, “Of course, I’m Eric by the way.”

The woman stood up and fell into step beside him, “I’m Amira.” She was a little shorter than him but easily kept pace.

They walked back to Erics apartment, he felt slightly uncomfortable having a weeping woman with him but felt his questions should wait until later. As he closed the apartment door Amira sighed and sunk herself into a chair. “Do you have spare towels? I need to clean myself.”

Eric nodded, “I’ll get some, my shower is in there.” He nodded to his bathroom, which had a luxurious shower for an apartment complex and was the most modern thing in the apartment. He busied himself finding a clean towel for Amira when he heard the shower start. He grinned, she’d be impressed with how fast the hot water came in, it was practically instantaneous and was a shock to him when he first moved into the apartment. After a moments search he found a spare white towel and knocked on the bathroom door,

“Found a towel Amira.”

She didn’t respond, Eric knocked again before opening the door slightly to call her kaçak bahis name. Through the steamy shower screen, he caught a glimpse of the juiciest ass he had ever seen accentuated by a tiny waist. He froze for a second, drinking in the sight before he threw the towel into the room. Taking a deep breath he shut the door and moved to his plush dark blue couch, taking a book out of his backpack he began to revise for his test.

Eric heard the water being turned off and he closed his book expectantly. The door opened and Amira came out drying her hair in jeans and a loose green shirt with a snarling wolf on the front, “I didn’t hear you throw the towel in, thank you.” She smiled.

“That’s fine, are you alright?”

Amira’s smile faded and she dropped onto the couch, her chest jiggling slightly. “My husband is upset with how I treat him and he wants to divorce me. Our families are trying to keep us together and I do not know if it is possible.”

“I see, what doesn’t he like?”

“It is inappropriate to discuss with another man.”

“I’m just a guy helping you out and being a welcome ear. You could walk out my door and we would never need to talk about it again.” Eric reassured her, “I would just like to help.”

Amira took a deep breath, “My husband does not enjoy spending time with me, and he calls me rude and short to him.”

Eric didn’t say a word, letting her continue, “I wish he would touch me more, but he does not. When he does it is not always pleasant and I feel frustrated and angry, it is not like when we were courting.”

Eric nodded, “How long have you been married?”

“Seven years, I am only twenty-eight.”

Erics’ mouth fell open, “I thought were twenty two at the oldest, you’re six years older than me!” he laughed.

Amira sighed wistfully, “I remember being twenty-one, it was a wonderful time, he was so kind then.”

“Did he touch you when you were younger?”

Amira licked her lips and shook her head, “Not as much as I liked.”

Eric took a deep breath, “Do you want to try and save your marriage with your husband?”

Amira nodded, “I do, I wish to stay with him.”

“If he were here in front of you right now, what would you say to him?”

Amira blushed, “I couldn’t, it would be too naughty.”

“It may help you have a conversation with him if you talk to me first. I won’t tell anyone.”

Amira looked at him searchingly, before closing her eyes and inhaling deeply through her nose.

“I wish you would touch me, grab my ass or kiss me, pick me up or tell me to do things for you. All I want is to please you and be pleased and when you reject me I feel foul. I feel like I am a failure as a wife and that I do not provide for you. It hurts me when I am rejected and it makes me angry. I do not want to divorce! I want my husband to do his husbandly duty and make me scream.”

It came out in a stream that got more intense before she was staring deep into Eric’s eyes and breathing heavily. “I want my husband to tell me that he wants to lick me or he wants me to get off the Stairmaster so he can fuck my virgin ass.”

Eric was in disbelief at the filth coming out of her mouth, “I think that’ll do it.” He finally managed to sputter, his eyes firmly locked on her brown eyes.

Amira shook and her intensity seemed to leave her, making her appear timid, “Would that inspire you?”

Eric nodded dumbly, “Y-yes I think I’d want to grab your ass and go to town if you said that to me.”

“Is that something you are thinking about now?”

“It is.”

“Do you like my ass?”

“I do”

Amira stood up and spun around, “You wanted me to pretend you were my husband, pretend to be him and do as I said.” Her ass looked mouth watering in her jeans and Eric stood up shakily, he put his hands on her firm ass and squeezed. She purred slightly and ground her ass into his hands. After biting his lip he smacked her ass, eliciting a moan of pleasure. She swayed back and ground herself into him, and he ran his hands all over her. Running his hand up her shirt he felt her firm muscles before he found soft flesh, which he slowly rubbed until he found Amira’s hard nipple.

“Rub my breasts husband.” She whispered, grinding her ass into groin. Eric complied and rubbed and teased her nipples, eliciting deeper moans from her.

Losing himself, Eric grabbed her jeans and yanked them down, ripping the button on the zipper clean off. Amira lost her balance and fell, her ass only adorned with black lace panties wiggling as she tried to regain her balance. He didn’t stop, instead pulling down her panties and staring at the prettiest asshole and pussy he had ever seen. Giving her no time to react he stuck his tongue out and firmly began to rim her tight little ass.

“Oh my GOD!” Amira squeaked, starting to squeal as she tried to wiggle away from the sensation. Eric didn’t let her escape, grabbing her hips and pulling them tighter to his face so he could get his tongue deep into her ass. “Your illegal bahis tongue is in my ass.” Amira crooned as she ran her hand behind her and pulled his face deeper between her perky cheeks, “Don’t stop, I love it.”

Eric ran his right hand around to her clit and slowly started to rub it while Amira began mumbling something Eric didn’t understand. He kept going until Amira stiffened and a deep guttural moan escaped her lips. She abruptly moved forward, making Eric lose his balance and fall forward. As he regained his balance Amira pulled his head to hers and slid her tongue into his mouth. Eric reciprocated and their tongues danced in a steamy kiss as he stood up and ran his hands to her ass.

“That was amazing.” She gasped, “Your tongue in my ass felt wonderful.”

Eric grinned, “Your ass is delicious, I’ll do that any time.”

Amira took a breath and said, “I want to pay you back. Sit on the couch.”

Eric complied and Amira got on her knees, her breasts jiggling freely, her ass covered in Erics spit. She slowly eased down his jeans and gasped, “It felt big when I was grinding baby, how long is it?”

“I’ve never measured it.”

“Do you have a tape measure?”

“I do, it’s in the third drawer in the kitchen.”

Amira quickly sat on the couch and pulled her jeans and panties all the way off, before stepping to the kitchen, her ass giving Eric a beautiful view. Upon her return, she got on her knees and slowly kissed and licked his thighs, before slowly teasing toward his groin. She smiled at his cock jumping in anticipation.

“You’ve grown, husband.” She grinned, her eyes sparkling mischievously, “I might not be able to take it all.” She slowly took it into her mouth, placing both hands behind her back she used her tongue to swirl around Erics cockhead. Eric moaned softly, emboldening her to enthusiastically start bobbing her head. She began to work more of his cock into her mouth and sloppily slurped. Running a hand up his thigh she slowly began to massage his balls, causing Eric to stiffen and gasp in pleasure. Her other hand drifted down to her clit and she slowly rubbed it, her moans causing vibrations of pleasure on Erics cock. Taking her hand off his balls she reached for the tape measure and withdrew from his cock with a gasp, “This should be perfect to measure.” She placed the tape on the base of his soaked cock and measured to the head, “Seven and a half inches husband, you have grown so much.”

She purred, “You’re thicker too.” Throwing it aside, she continued her oral assault on his cock. After what felt like an hour of the warmest, wettest mouth he had ever felt on his cock he felt the familiar tingling of orgasm, “I’m going to cum Amira.” He whispered, grabbing a handful of her hair and lulling his head back. Amira began to bob her head more intensely, using one hand to stroke his cock. His grip on her hair intensified as he came hard in her mouth. She moaned deeply and slowly massaged his balls to coax the last of cum out of him. When she was satisfied, she withdrew from his cock, “You taste wonderful.” Amira took a seat on the couch next to him and slowly started with her clit again, “It makes me want to cum again.”

Eric smiled, “I’m glad you enjoyed that.”

Amira sighed, “I wish my husband would do that to me.”

“How is your relationship with your husband besides sexually?”

“It can be challenging, but we have more wonderful days than bad.”

“Why don’t you come over when you’re frustrated, and we can keep the peace in your marriage together?”

Amira paused, “Thank you Eric, this was wonderful but once I leave your apartment I will pretend this never happened and try to repair my relationship with my husband.” Standing up, she walked toward the bathroom, “But if you would like to soap my back before I leave, I would like that.”

Eric stood up and followed without a second’s thought. Seeing her naked, tanned skin soaked in soap and water was a sight he didn’t want to miss. Stripping his clothes off, he followed her into the shower. As the hot water cascaded over them, he drank in her perfect body. Besides her spectacular ass, she had wide hips and a tiny waist, with two eye-catching large breasts that seemed too big for her frame. She took some of his bodywash from the shower wall and dropped a healthy amount into her hands. With a wicked grin she slowly started to rub it into Eric’s shoulders, chest and arms.

“You are a truly sexy man.” She purred, slowly massaging his muscles and lathering up his body with soap. Eric enjoyed the sensation of her strong, soft hands on him and he slowly wrapped an arm around her, tugging her closer. As the water cascaded over them, he leaned down and gave her a deep kiss which she hungrily returned. His hands ran to her ass and he gave her a spank which echoed around the enclosed shower. Her gasp of shock and pleasure pushed him to pull her tighter against him. He felt her diamond hard nipples against his skin and his cock pressing between her thighs. He flexed his cock and was rewarded with a giggle of pleasure from Amira.

“I have not had shower sex before, would you like to be my first?” Amira smiled up at him, a playful look on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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