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Big Tits

My name is Britney, I had just turned 18, graduated High School, and was getting ready to head off to College. My future was fairly mapped out, or so I thought…

I have an older brother, Alex, who has been in the Marines and in Afghanistan for the past 6 years. I was 12 the last time we saw each other. Growing up we were very close. We always referred to the other as our “best friend”. Needless to say, I was extremely happy to hear that he was coming home about the same time as my graduation.

We live in Florida near the coast, so I take full advantage of the free rays and hit the beach as often as I can. Looks here are very important. I’m not superficial at all, but I try to stay looking my best. I run 5 miles a day, eat right, and do lots of Yoga. My body started developing shortly after Alex was shipped out. I’m not the skinny, short, shapeless little girl he remembered. In fact, I don’t look anything like I used to. I’m 5’8″, 109lbs, light red hair, dark tan, with a swimmers body. And for the guys reading this, I’m a full b-cup… I wondered if Alex would even know who I was when he saw me again. Sure he’s seen pictures, but nothing very recent.

Graduation was to be in 2 days and Alex was coming home tonight. A very exciting sequence of events were unfolding in my life. My parents were planning two parties. A welcome home for Alex and Graduation for me two days later. Everything was set and was awaiting Alex’s flight. We first got word that the flight was delayed due to bad weather, then, delayed again. We weren’t even sure if it was coming that night or not. My Mom and I were very upset. It was getting late so we went home and Dad stayed behind at the Airport to wait for him.

I woke up a little after 4 to use the bathroom. As I walked into the hallway, I saw all of Alex’s things on the floor. HE WAS HERE!!! I ran to his room, flew open the door and jumped on him. He woke up very startled as I was hugging him with all my might, which was now difficult. The Marines had turned my chubby, older brother in to a buff, lean stud. I was not expecting that. Once he gained conciseness, he smiled big and hugged me back. I had forgotten how good looking he was. I was reminded very quickly by his now chiseled features. We sat there talking for an hour then I gave him another hug before letting him go back to sleep. He promised we’d spend the whole day together in the morning.

I woke up early to go for a run and hit the gym so I could maximize my time with Alex. I put on my sports bra and running shorts and headed downstairs. When I got to the kitchen I found Alex having a cup of coffee.

“What are you doing up so early?!?!” I asked him.

“I’ve been in the military for 6 years, I’m used to being up this early” he said with a smirk. Alex was always a smart ass. “Looks like you’re going to Church”, he said. Yet another example of his quick wit.

“Confession, actually”, I fired back with some wit of my own.

“Like you’d have anything to confess. Did you forget to clean your room or was it much worse, like drinking straight from the milk carton?” Told you he was a smart ass.

“I am not the innocent little girl you remember, big ‘brother. There have been a lot of changes since you’ve left.”

“I can see”, he said, as he took me by the arm and spun me around. “Where did you get this ass, and those hooters?” Well done, Mom and Dad!”

As he was asking about my “ass”, as he so eloquently referred to it, he smacked it which was accompanied by a loud crack. His words and forwardness made me a little uncomfortable. I dismissed it as this is how soldiers act. And of course, he didn’t mean anything by it, he’s my brother!

“Thank you”, I said with some hesitation. I quickly changed the tense air by saying, “I’m going to go for a run so we can spend the day together, as you promised!” I was looking forward to hanging with him since we haven’t seen each other in so long. During my run, I was filled with emotions. I kept thinking about Alex smacking me on the rear. My initial reaction was to be offended. After all, no body has ever done that to me before. I’ve never even been spanked by my parents. On the other hand, as much as I was embarrassed to admit it, the action kind of aroused me. What the hell was wrong with me?!?!?! Did I actually enjoy my brother slapping my ass??? It was beyond wrong.

I got back home around 7am, and my parents were having breakfast with Alex. They were talking about his surprise welcome home party that was ruined by the delayed flight. Alex told tem that he appreciated the effort but didn’t want anyone to make a fuss over his return.

“Besides, this weekend is about my beautiful baby sister graduating and starting a new chapter in her life”, he said proudly with strong conviction. His words almost brought me to tears. After all, he’s been the one risking his life for 6 years so I could have the opportunity to start a new life chapter.

I wrapped my arms around his firm chest and back, squeezed tightly, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and softly istanbul escort said, “thank you, I love you.” I felt the bulge in his pants become more pronounced. It should have startled me, but again, I dismissed it as loneliness from years of neglect. He quickly escaped my embrace and went back to breakfast. Did I now cross a line? Why did he react that way?

I excused myself to go get cleaned up. I stepped out of the shower to the sound of my parent’s car leaving the garage. Surely, Alex didn’t go with them. I opened the door, suck out my head, and yelled, “Alex?” There was no response. “I’m sure they won’t be long”, I thought to myself. I opened the bathroom door all the way to vent the steam. Standing there in nothing but my towel and still dripping, I started to think about Alex getting aroused during our hug. This actually got me turned on. I’ve done a few things with boys but never all the way. And none of them looked anything like my brother. Alex is very handsome. 6’1″, 220lbs, ripped body, from what I could tell through clothing, and deep blue eyes. He is enough to make any woman swoon, including me. Thinking about Alex’s erection, I started to get very turned on. I justified my attraction to Alex by the fact he’d been gone for 6 years and didn’t look anything like the brother I’d remembered.

Having the house to myself, I took full advantage of this rare opportunity. I went to my room and closed the door most of the way leaving it cracked only to hear when they return. I pulled the towel loose and let it fall to the floor, laid down on my bed, opened my legs, and closed my eyes. My bed strategically faced the door so I could have a good vantage point to the hall. This served me well over the years. I immediately started thinking about Alex in a way that shocked me, but it was too erotic to ignore. I rapidly became wet at the thought of my brother’s hard member pushing into my tummy during our embrace, and thought of how good he would feel inside me. I started saying his name quietly, as if I would get caught. Suddenly I remembered that I was the only one there and became more audible. I was reaching orgasm very fast. Hearing the floor in the hallway squeak immediately broke my concentration. It was Alex, standing right outside my door, his shorts open, dick in hand, and stroking it feverishly. I must have been too lost in my moment to hear him coming up the stairs.

“Oh my God, Alex?!?!? I screamed, What are you doing?!?!?”, as I jerked the covers over myself.

“The same thing you are, getting off!” he snapped.

“I thought you were gone, you weren’t supposed to see that!” I said with complete embarrassment.

“Now that I have, we can really discuss this thing.”

I barked, “What thing?!?”

Nearing me, he paused, “The obvious attraction between us.” His words were so matter of fact and confident that I had no rebuttal.

After a long moment I muttered, “We’re brother and sister….”

Unexpectedly he said, “Do you love me?”

“Of course I do,” I said defensively, “you’re my brother.”

With his confident tone he said, “It looks like a little more than brotherly love.” Again, I had no rebuttal. I couldn’t deny the fact that over the past 6 years, writing back and forth, I found myself wanting to be his. And in my mind, I guess I had become that very thing. His next statement floored me.

“I have been in love with you for 3 years. Your letters and phone calls keep my sanity. I guess being away from you for so long changed my feelings for you. I can’t live without you.” At that moment, I didn’t care that we were siblings; I didn’t care if Mom and Dad came home to find us. His words melted me. He took me into his strong arms and kissed me more passionately than I thought was even possible. I turned to putty in his grasp and was powerless against it. As we continued to kiss he reached down and pulled off the blanket that I ripped from the bed to cover myself when Alex caught me rubbing my swollen clit. He then picked me up; cradling me in his arms the way a Husband would carry his new bride across the threshold, took me to the bed and laid me down. Alex climbed on top of me and was kissing me even harder now. I could feel his engorged member pushing against my hip and it was making me hotter than I’d ever been. He kissed down my neck and continued down to my completely erect nipples. Taking the fist in his mouth, my body trembled. Knowing it was my brother giving me this kind of pleasure excited me to the point of near orgasm.

I cried out, “Oh my god, Alex, you’re going to make me cum!”

He stopped and said, “Not yet, I’ve got a whole lot more in store for you.” I always thought his arrogant confidence was his most attractive attribute. He sat up above me and ran his hands down the length of my legs and back up to my thighs. With strong conviction, he threw open my legs to expose my excessively wet pussy. Without hesitation, he buried his tongue between my aching lips. Swirling his tongue around my labia and my clit, I actually got dizzy. Taking halkalı escort two fingers, he thrust them deep in my wanting hole. The next sensation was amazing. He took his pinky finger and was probing the entrance of my ass. Definitely something I did not expect. But it was fantastic! The feeling was so overwhelming; my hips sprang from the bed into the air and I threw my head back. The excitement of the moment was too much for me to handle. I released the most violent orgasm I’d ever had. Convulsing with pleasure, I came with such force that my body became numb for several minutes. He removed his fingers from my now dripping pussy and brought them to my mouth.

“Open your mouth,” he demanded. Placing his fingers on my tongue I reluctantly started to suck my juices off his fingers. I soon discovered that the taste of my own ejaculate was something I loved. I feverishly licked his fingers clean and begged for more. “In a minute,” he said with a smirk. He stood up and removed his clothes. As he slid down his underwear my eyes were transfixed on is rock hard cock. I have to admit, he has a beautiful dick. It’s not very long, about 7″, but it is very girthy. It’s about the circumference of a baby bottle with a full bulbuls head. I couldn’t wait to get that giant prick inside me. I immediately dropped to my knees to service his manhood. It was difficult just to get the head in my mouth but I managed. I could taste the pre-cum and wondered what the whole load would taste like. I assumed that I would soon find out.

He took me by the arms and raised me to face him, kissed me deeply again then said, “Are you ready?”

My voice quivered with excitement as I managed to say, “Be gentle with me. I’ve never even seen one that big before.”

“I’ll be gentle until you beg me not to be”, he said with that confidence that I so love. It suddenly dawned on me that our parents would be returning soon.

“Alex, I exclaimed, Mom and Dad will be back any minute!”

“No they won’t, he said with an assuring tone. “They’re insistent on throwing me this welcome home party. They said for us to meet them at the clubhouse at 4 o’clock. I have hours to explore you.” Oh my God, his confidence is sooo sexy. I sat down on the corner of the bed facing him. My bed is very high off the floor. I was just about the right height for him to enter me as he was standing. Staring into my eyes without breaking our intense lock, he spread my legs and moved in close. This is it. I was about to loose my virginity to my brother. He positioned the large head against my lips and started to push. It was a combination of pleasure and pain. I let a whimper escape my lips.

“Relax, he said with the most loving tone I’d ever heard. I tried to control my breathing as he was pushing that monster in my soaking wet virgin pussy. I let out a howl as the base of his shaft reached the exterior of my labia. The pain I was experiencing was quickly replaced by the greatest feeling of my life. I sat up wrapping an arm around his neck so I could match his thrusting with equal velocity. Our strides synced up rapidly, and we were fucking like we’d been lovers for years. Squeezing my breasts, pounding me like a jack hammer, and kissing me in unison was bringing me very close to climax again. My face started to contort and Alex knew I was about to cum again. As soon as the moment hit, Alex pulled out and buried his face in my pussy. With another violent orgasm, I came all over his mouth. He stood up and kissed me hard. Tasting my juices from my brother’s lips was so dirty I momentarily felt like a pervert, but then realized, this is the man I love. I regained my senses and climbed onto the bed on all fours. Alex positioned himself behind me and with one fast-paced fluid motion; he sank his throbbing cock in my still spasming fuck hole. He ravaged me like an animal and I loved every second of it.

“Oh Alex, fuck me like a little whore!” I demanded.

“Are you mine?!?!?” he asked in matter-of-fact tone.

“Forever”, I screamed between aggressive rhythmic slams of our two bodies.

In a deep husky voice Alex announced, “I’m going to cum!”

Without hesitation I retorted, “Cum inside me. Fill me up. I need all of you!” Then, like something from a movie we both came together in a mind-blowing orgasm that seemed to last forever. After convulsing for several minutes, we both collapsed onto the bed in complete elation. Drained of energy we laid there deeply panting, desperately trying to catch our breaths. We finished our marathon with a long, deep, passionate kiss.

“I love you, Alex” I said in an almost whisper, “I never want to be without you.”

He looked deep into my soul and assured me, “You never will.”

After showering together and engaging in a few aquatic extra curricular activities, we got to the party on time. Everyone that our family had ever known was there. It was a true hero’s welcome and rightfully so. Alex had risk his life for the past 6 years and it was time to pay our respects. All of his mecidiyeköy escort childhood friends were there to welcome him back. Several of his ex-crushes were there along with past girlfriends. Alex only ever referred to them as “playmates” nothing serious, but still, I found myself insanely jealous of the attention these little sluts were paying him. I knew this was his day and I wasn’t going to make a scene. Besides, how would I explain beating some bitches’ ass for flirting with my brother? Alex and I exchanged several coy glances before he made his way through the crowd to talk to me.

“How’s my girl?” he reluctantly asked. He could tell I was a little annoyed by the flirting of the ex-sluts.

“I’m not sure. Which one of these little whores are you talking about?!?!?” I snapped.

He gently kissed me on the cheek on his way to whisper in my ear, “I love only you. We have some things to figure out, because I’m never letting you go.” His words again melted me. Alex is a charmer and definitely knows how to talk to a woman.

I changed the subject by telling him “I have been feeling you ooze out of me all night.”

Seeming to be shocked by my bluntness he replied, “That’s sexy as hell!” Wanting him even more than before, and not willing to wait for another opportunity to present itself, I told him to meet me in the woods behind the clubhouse in 15 minutes. He agreed and we separated. It was just starting to get dark out and no one would be able to see us during our quickie. A few minutes pasted before Alex emerged from the thick brush. We ran to each others arms and kissed for what seemed like for hours.

“I have to confess something to you,” I said. “I really enjoyed when you were lightly fingering my ass.”

“Your reaction to it made that pretty evident” he said with a smirk.

“Does it hurt?” I sheepishly asked.

Like a true smart ass he said, “I don’t know, every time I’ve been ass fucked I was either drunk or sedated.”

I slapped him on the arm, “Seriously, you asshole. It felt good what you were doing and I would like to see how it actually feels!”

“In all seriousness, baby sis, you won’t know until you’ve tried it.” I knew Alex was fairly experienced with girls and assumed he’d done it before.

“Well, how has other girls reacted to it?” I inquisitively asked.

“I’ve never done it before. I was kind of hoping it would be another first with you.” With reasoning like that how could a girl argue? We started kissing again which quickly led to both of us being mostly naked. Suddenly he spun me around, spread my ass cheeks, and sank his tongue deep in my ass. It was the most amazing sensation, ever. He started tracing the opening with his finger and it felt incredible.

“Slide it in”, I directed. I felt his finger start to push through the opening. I must admit, it did hurt at first but it quickly changed to complete pleasure. While he was fingering my ass he instructed me to rub my clit. I reached down to my once again swollen box and was wetter than I thought I was. My pussy juice was actually running down my hand. Another one of his fingers entered my ass in turn made me finger my pussy harder. I could feel the climax building inside me and within a couple of minutes; I released an orgasm that rivaled the one from earlier. I went weak in the knees and Alex had to steady me.

“Lick you hand clean you dirty girl,” Alex demanded. I love it when he’s forceful with me. I sucked on my fingers until every drop was gone. “Now we’re going to find out the answer to your question.” He turned me around and pushed me against a tree. “Stick out that beautiful ass,” he instructed, and spread your ass open.” He licked my ass some more using his saliva to lube me up for his fat cock. He spit on his raging hard dick for extra lubrication. He rubbed the tip of his cock around the opening for several moments. Finally, with a persistent push, the head was in. It hurt like hell!! Never did I imagine it would be that painful. Alex saw that I was not enjoying this by the look on my face. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he said as he started to withdraw.

“No, don’t take it out,” I said, “It may get better. Just keep going, but go very slowly.” He was very gentle and patient with me as he continued to slowly push his cock deeper in my ass. Pumping in and out, the pain turned to pleasure. Alex was reaching around the front of me rubbing my clit to detract from the discomfort of this new adventure we’d embarked on. Moments later I figure out why several of my girlfriends raved about anal sex. A warm chill ran through my body and it suddenly felt fucking amazing.

“Harder,” I said. Alex responded by increasing his speed. His balls were slapping against my pussy giving me a secondary sensation. Oh my God was this awesome?!?!? Here was my big brother, fucking my ass, in the woods, just mere yards away from my whole family being able to catch us. “Fuck me harder, baby” Alex was eager to oblige my demands. He slammed his cock into my ass with unrelenting speed. My brother fucked me hard and furious until he let out a groan that sounded like a bear and drained his balls in my ass. He stayed in me until his dick had gone limp. Slowly, he removed his sated prick from my well fucked ass. I could feel his spunk drain from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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