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Veronica was relaxing in the bathtub relaxing her body after a very hard of both work and partying. As she was relaxing in the tub, A shadowy nude figure was standing over her in the bathroom.

It was the figure of Miss Cookie.

Miss Cookie came up from behind and stood at the back of Veronica. She turned Veronica around and drank in the lovely face that she got to know at the club Boom-Boom earlier that same evening.

Miss Cookie then proceeded to kiss Veronica on the lips. Veronica made no attempt to resist and the two of them were getting it on full blast.

“I knew that you always preferred gals over guys, Miss Veronica,” Miss Cookie said.

‘You know what?” Veronica asked.

“What?” Miss Cookie asked.

“You’re right,” Veronica said.

Under the steaming backdrop of warm water. Veronica and Miss Cookie then proceeded to drop to the shower floor to kiss and rub their beautiful and big ebony tits together. Veronica was now catching on to the beauty of lesbian sex from the very woman who introduced her to the very lifestyle at the strip club. Miss Cookie than proceeded to lick Veronica’s pussy with her fast and furious tongue. Veronica returned the favor by licking Miss Cookie’s equally hot pussy.

The two women then got up off the floor and proceeded to kiss each other on the lips even more when Veronica got out a dildo she took with her into the shower and stuck it into Miss Cookie’s pussy. For a while the motions of Veronica’s hand Pushing the pussy in and out and back and forth were starting to excite Miss Cookie.

Miss Cookie went on to enjoy such a wonderful orgasm as she came with wild abandon. Soon Miss Cookie took the dildo and did the same thing to Miss Cookie. Veronica would soon feel the excitement of her cum shooting from out of her pussy.

As the two lovers came up off the floor, Veronica put her arms around Miss Cookie and said to her.

“Miss Cookie, you are the most wonderful and beautiful love of my life. Miss Cookie…Miss Cookie…Miss Cookie-“

“What happened?” Veronica asked.

What happened was that Veronica fell asleep in the shower and that she’d dreamed that she and Miss Cookie were having sex together.

Veronica was just getting her bearings together when suddenly the phone rang.

It Was Tyrone.

“Veronica?” Tyrone asked.

“Yes”, Veronica answered.

It’s me, your husband,” Tyrone said.

“Tyrone?” Veronica asked, “what are you doing calling me up this hour of the night?”

“I just wanted to call you to check up on how you are doing. Is there anything wrong with a husband saying hello to his wife?” Tyrone said.

“No, I guess not,” Veronica said, “so how is the trip coming along?”

“Things are going along smoothly,” Tyrone said, “I hope to get business done later this week. I’ll call you and let you know when I’ll be coming home.”

“Alright,” Veronica said, “can’t wait to see you again.”

“Can’t wait to see you, too.” Tyrone said.

“I have to shower & get to bed now,” Veronica said, “it has been a long day at work. My friends & I went out for dinner to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday. I hope that’s alright with you Tyrone.”

“I see nothing wrong with that.” Tyrone said.

“All right, then, I’m getting ready to turn in for the night,” Veronica said, “I hope to hear from you soon, alright?”

“Sure,” Tyrone said, “goodnight, Veronica.”

“Goodnight.” Veronica said.

Veronica then returned to the shower for a nice relaxing shower & then went right to bed for a nice sleep.


All Kadıköy Escort through the night as Veronica slept, she suddenly had another wild erotic dream. Except for one thing. The dram was not about Tyrone, her husband or Miss Cookie.

It involved Venita her boss at work.

In the dream, Venita & Veronica were in the office going through the reports and other documents at work. All of a sudden, Veronica grabbed Venita & began to kiss her. The kisses were followed by the most beautiful tongue lapping that she ever performed on a woman.

Next, both women removed their clothes and went down together in a 69 position. As they 69ed together, Veronica told Venita how much she truly loved her. Veronica told Venita that she meant more to her than any man she had ever been with including her husband.

The two women now completely naked then proceeded to put strap on dicks together & proceeded to give each other two of the wildest fucks that they ever done together.

Afterwards, the two women came together and Venita & Veronica put their arms around each other and gave each other hot kisses.

“Venita,” Veronica cried, “I Love you.”

“Same here,” Venita replied.

Veronica awoke from her dream with her heart beating fast and sweating heavily. She couldn’t believe what she was was experiencing.

Veronica got out of bed to take a good look at herself in the mirror. “My god,” she thought to herself, “what’s happening to me? Is something wrong with me? I’m a happily married woman. I’m married to a very wonderful man. Why am I thinking about women like that?” she was thinking to herself. As far as as Veronica was concerned she had to be sick, crazy & out of her wits end to be suddenly & romantically attracted to women.

Veronica knew she had to face the truth: She had suddenly developed gay feelings for women. No matter how hard she tried, she could not erase the memory of that night at the strip club completely out of her mind. the images of Miss Cookie with her big floppy tits & of Venita, who was supposed to be her boss & superior, joining her in a beautiful three-way was simply too much. Veronica knew that even though she was happily married to a wonderful man, Tyrone, she could not escape the memory of that night at the Club Boom-Boom.

Veronica finally came to control herself then she went back to bed and tried to get some sleep.



After spending a quiet weekend at home, Veronica returned to work on Monday morning.

Day after day, Veronica worked like a dog at the office. Night after night she would head over to the Club Boom=Boom to watch Miss Cookie perform her magic on the big stage. Afterwards, the two women would engage in some of the most over the top lesbian sex that both women ever experienced.

When Veronica returned home, she went upstairs to her bedroom to take a bath. As she took off her clothes and took her shower, her thoughts were on Miss Cookie: Her beautiful blonde hair, her luscious pink lips, and her beautiful blue eyes. Her feelings for her have been growing stronger day after day.

And then at 11:00, her telephone rang, It was her husband, Tyrone, he called to let her know that he had just come home from his business trip and was now on his way home.

Veronica was thrilled to know that Tyrone was finally home at last. Now came the hard part: trying to keep the fire and magic in their marriage in place.


A half hour later, Tyrone had arrived Kadıköy Escort Bayan at the house. Veronica came down the stairs and ran over not just to kiss him but to hug him and to make sure that the fire remained in their relationship. Veronica was now hoping that with Tyrone back home again it would mean that the fire and passion that so dominated their sex life would return.

“Oh, Tyrone, how I waited for this moment for a whole week”. Veronica said, come, let’s go upstairs”.

“Wait a minute, I just got in the house, aren’t you going to let me get settled?” Tyrone asked.

“We’re going upstairs right now”. Veronica said.

And so Veronica took Tyrone upstairs and they went straight into their bedroom. There the couple kissed up a storm, their lips locked in an emotional embrace as Veronica was trying to put the passion back into their sex lives. The couple then stripped down together and wound up totally naked. Tyrone then proceeded to suck Veronica’s nipples then lowered is tongue to lick her clitoris. The couple then went into a 69 position where Veronica gave a good sucking on Tyrone’s cock and Tyrone gave Veronica’s pussy a good lick.

And yet a strange thing happened to Veronica: While Tyrone was licking her pussy, Veronica was dreaming about Miss Cookie. She was imagining that it was Miss Cookie and not Tyrone licking her pussy. She was imagining that it was Miss Cookie and not Tyrone who was giving her lots of sexual pleasure.

But before Tyrone could be able penetrate his cock into her. Veronica broke off the sex and ran crying to the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her; her husband had just come home, she not only kissed him before he could get settled in, and they made such beautiful love; yet her thoughts were not on Tyrone but on Miss Cookie.

Veronica then realized that the old passion was gone. The old enthusiasm from the early days of her marriage was gone.

Veronica ran straight into the bathroom and began to cry. She was forced through her tears to accept the fact that she was gay Tyrone ran into the bathroom to see if Veronica was all right.

Are you all right, honey?” Tyrone asked, “is there anything I can do for you?”

“Go away!!” Veronica screamed.

“What?” Tyrone asked.

“Just go away!!” Veronica screamed, “we’ll talk about it in the morning at breakfast”.

A tired Tyrone went downstairs to get his suitcase, unpacked, bathed, and went to bed for the night. Breaking the news would have to wait until morning.



Veronica and Tyrone were having breakfast in the kitchen. There were no smiles, no laughter,no talking; just plain stony silence. Finally, Veronica finally spoke up.

“Tyrone,” Veronica said, “I’m sorry for the lack of passion I showed last night with my lack of affection and enthusiasm during sex last night. But there’s a reason: you see, Tyrone, I’ve been seeing someone else.”

“What, what do mean, Veronica?” Tyrone asked.

“I’ve been seeing another person while you’re away, Veronica said, “and before you ask anymore questions the person I’ve been seeing wasn’t a he but a she.”

Tyrone’s face revealed a deep sense of shock.

“A girl?” Tyrone asked in stunned disbelief, “how could this happen?”

Veronica then came out clean with all the details.

“I was just finishing a day of work when my boss, Venita, and I went over to that strip club, the Club Boom-Boom, to unwind with drinks after a long day at work. Well, to make Escort Kadıköy a long story short, I saw this performance by a dancer named Miss Cookie. Well, to make a long story short, I became sexually attracted to Miss Cookie and on that night I saw her, Venita, Miss Cookie and I had a three way together. Since that night, I had a huge crush on Miss Cookie. I even went back to the club for a few more back room sessions of lesbian love making before you came home”.

“You see, Tyrone,” Veronica continued, “I’m in love with Miss Cookie. I worship her, I love her, I’m devoted to her…Tyrone, you might as well know the truth; I’m gay!! Yes, you heard correctly, I’m a lesbian. I’ve known practically all of my life that I was different. It all began in school when I started having crushes on my school teacher, Miss Thomas, I started to cry in the beginning; I thought I was sick and mixed-up to be sexually attracted to women. But as I got older, I realized that this is what I am and I’ve come to accept for who I am.”

Tyrone’s face dropped to the floor when he heard Veronica’s confession.

“But, Veronica, what about our marriage?” Tyrone asked.

“The marriage was a sham,” Veronica confessed, “when I came out to my parents that I was gay, they were so mad and furious at me that they decided that when the time came when I was ready for marriage that they would arrange a sham marriage as a cover-up for my true nature. I objected to the idea saying that I refuse to pretend to be somebody i’m not. I was trapped. And that was when they set me up with you, Tyrone.”

“Our marriage then was nothing but a big lie,” Tyrone said.

“I’m afraid it was.” Veronica said.

The couple, now unable to look each other in the eye, stood in absolute silence. Tyrone unable to take in Veronica’s startling confession immediately left for work without even giving Veronica a good-bye kiss.



After giving it a good deal of thought, all day long, Tyrone and Veronica agreed that a divorce was the only reasonable way out of this marriage.

“We’ll make this divorce clean and amicable,” Tyrone said, “I’m going to have to sell the house, I’ll move into a much smaller place while you can move in with your new girlfriend. And because we both have terrific good paying jobs, neither of us will have to worry about alimony payments.”

“That’s a good idea,” Veronica said, “i’ll tell Miss Cookie the good news.”

Veronica called Miss Cookie and told her the news. She then asked if she could stay at her apartment while they would search for a new home together.

The next day, Veronica moved all of her belongings out of the house and into Miss Cookie’s place. Miss cookie welcomed her with open arms. The two lovers celebrated by kissing each other followed by very hot love making that culminated in a thrilling climax. When it was over Miss Cookie made one small request to Veronica:

“From now on you can call me Claudia. Miss Cookie is my professional me.” Claudia said.

“All right, Claudia,” Veronica said.

Two months later, Veronica’s divorce from Tyrone became final. Veronica and Claudia celebrated with dinner and an evening of dancing at a local lesbian bar.

The next day, Claudia and Veronica began searching for a new house to live in. The two found a nice simple home to live in after only weeks. A 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom place, the house was just the perfect fit for the lesbian couple.

Today, Veronica and Claudia (aka Miss Cookie) are living a very happy life together as a beautiful lesbian couple. Both continue to perform their jobs during the day, but, when they got home from their jobs they removed their clothes and became full-fledged lesbian nudists. As nudists they can engage in the hottest sex ever.

Veronica had finally come home. She found that home as a full-fledged lesbian.

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