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We both woke up on the couch this morning and Kelly was feeling much better. She was actually able to walk this morning. We ate breakfast together and talked about other things besides sex. Then as I was about to leave for the gym she asked me I could restrain from cumming for a week, but just pleasure her. I told her that it was a little unfair but I could try.

So when I got home that night without my usual supplies, I went into her room and there she was lying on the bed naked in a split telling me to go to work. I ate her pussy to five orgasms that night and then went to bed.

I decided to wake up the next morning and wake her up by eating her out. She climaxed before she even woke up. Then she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me. I left that morning to do my daily activities. Again I went home with out supplies and continued to eat her out.

By the third night of the week my grapefruit balls were getting bigger and starting to hurt but I said that I would hold off. I went to bed after I did my duty for Kelly.

On Thursday morning Kelly was walking like the morning she walked through my door, I guess the combination of Advil and the tightening solution I bought her helped. She came up to me as I was cooking breakfast and gave me a kiss and asked me if I was all right. I told her I was getting uncomfortable but that I would hold out. She kissed me again as I headed out the door, I could no longer see the line between friends with benefits and crazy sexual lovers anymore.

Friday morning came around and I felt like my balls were going to rip through my skin, Zonguldak Escort it actually looked like they were growing into my body. But I only had one more day to go and I was curious to see what her plans were. I got home that night and dinner was ready and so was Kelly, she looked gorgeous with a red dress that shows ample cleavage and all her other curves. We sat down at dinner talking about old times that we used to have. When we were done we cleaned up and watched TV and didn’t bother with any sexual activities.

Saturday morning came by and I was in pain, my balls had grown so much that they started to painfully stretch my scrotum. I could barely walk. I decided to skip the gym that morning and sleep in. I went to work, which was not fun; I was thinking about masturbating right there but I decided to hold off. I got home that night and Kelly saw that I was in pain. We ate dinner, which was a Columbian fruit dish and was not very filling. And then she escorted me to her room.

On the floor was a plastic sheet, she told me to undress completely and then she left the room. She came back in her short robe, stocking and that garter belt. She dropped the robe and besides the stockings she was completely naked.

She then sat down in front of my cock and started stroking it. Kelly then took one of her legs and put it behind her head and left the other on the floor, to my surprise her pussy stayed sealed. I was getting hard as a rock and my balls were painfully hurting but I was still trying to figure out why she had me do this. She took my cock in her mouth and Zonguldak Escort Bayan took about twelve inches of it in and started sucking it like it was her last meal.

About half-hour went by and I still hadn’t cum, maybe something went wrong over the week, I started to panic. I finally started to feel something and told Kelly, she slowly started to withdraw my cock from her throat and then I started erupt. She got a mouth full in less than a second. She told me to aim it at her and spray her down.

This orgasm was unlike any other I’ve ever had, it looked like I was taking piss rather than cumming. Three minutes later I was still going strong and Kelly was gone, all that was sitting in front of my was a white glob. The plastic sheet that prevented me from making a total mess had puddles of cum in it.

My balls finally went back down to their normal size and after five minutes I finally stopped. I looked down at her and I could say that she was smiling but I really didn’t know, I couldn’t see through the goo that covered her.

She finally spoke, “wow that was a lot more than I expected but I guess I have to finish what I started.”

I told her to hold on a minute because I wanted to get my camera and take pictures, when I got back she posed for me. Thankfully she uncovered her eyes and mouth so that the camera could tell there was a person there, she was smiling at me the whole time and asked me for copies when I was done with them.

When I was done taking pictures she got to work and started to eat all that I left her in. I sat down Escort Zonguldak on the edge of the bed and watched and took pictures. Kelly was a mad woman, actually eating as much as she could, but she had a long way to go. She first started with the puddles that I left on the plastic she sheet, while she let the cum on her body dry. Now I thought that after she was done with the cum on the sheet that would be more than enough to make her stop and fulfill her needs but to my amazement she continued with the cum on her body.

She sucked her fingers looking into my eye she said, “mmmm, so sweet it tastes like fruit.”

I then realized why she had made what she did for dinner and why she made so little, so she can fulfill her appetite later. Her body was clean except for her hair, there was no way she could get that clean, so we went into the shower and I helped her clean it. She later thanked me for what I had done to myself in order to fulfill one of her fantasies. I told her that she was welcome and went to bed. I was thankful to get my load out because I don’t think I could have bared it any longer.

Kelly continued to stay at my house for the next 2 weeks that were left of her vacation. She fucked and sucked me all over the place. After new years eve she flew back to New York and my parents flew back down. My parents then asked if anything you know happened and I told them no. The house was so clean that they would never know. I still speak to Kelly weekly and she can’t wait until her next vacation. She hasn’t fucked anyone since me and doesn’t plan to. Meanwhile she sends me pictures of herself with baseball bats in her pussy showing me that she is ready as well as other erotic pictures, while I fill up gallon water jugs with my cum and send them to her. Kelly is trying to get transferred to a Florida college so we can spend some more time together and maybe even date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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