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With this, my tenth year on LIT, I am going back to visit some old friends, like these folks – the Cooper family. I hope you remember them with fondness and if you liked this story, let me know – my arm can be twisted to revisit them once more! Thanks ~~ BrettJ


Mike Cooper actually found himself whistling as he walked home from a busy day at the book store. He knew the reason why, his gorgeous Jessica had promised him a special surprise. Jessica’s surprises always involved sex of some kind, usually kinky. This time would be no different, he was sure of that.

Mike thanked his lucky stars that he still had the same strong libido he had had while in his 20’s. With the situation he found himself in, it needed to be. He was the lover to his gorgeous blonde stepdaughter, Jessica. He was happily married to her mother, Janis and also, he was fucking Janis’ sister, the gorgeous and redheaded firebrand, Monica. Three women shared his bed on a rotating – and sometimes, all at once – basis. There were several times he felt lucky that his cock hadn’t worn down to a nubbin.

It wasn’t all sex, of course. His three women shared duties around the house and were all involved in the care of the baby, Mike’s new daughter Olivia. It was a thrill to be a first-time father and Mike indulged the tiny tyke as much as he was able. The rest of the girls constantly chided him for spoiling a 2-year old, but when he wasn’t looking, they all spoiled the little girl just as much. Jessica in particular was relishing her role as big sister and all her work gave an overtired Janis some much-needed rest.

Mike walked in the front door and was nearly bowled over by a long-legged, blonde-haired, green -eyed bundle of sex. Her tongue was halfway down his throat before he even had a chance to say hello.

“Hello Daddy, you wonderful fucker,” Jessica grinned as she finally let him loose of her vise-like grip. “Did you have a good day?”

Mike laughed. It was always amusing to him the way that his daughter could switch from sexual to casual and back to sexual again. It also warmed his heart that she never, ever, referred to him as her stepfather. All of that was part of her engaging charm. “Yes, it was busy and interesting,” he answered. “But why do I have this feeling that it’s going to be even more interesting in a little while?”

“Because you’re a very intuitive daddy, as well as a great fuck!” Jessica trilled happily. She was dancing across the room with her usual merriment and Mike knew that something was in store. He just had yet to find out what it might be. Jessica was dressed casually, but her pink shorts hugged her too-perfect rump and her snug tank top showcased perfect breasts sans bra. The only incongruity with her casual look was a sexy pair of heels. He had never known any woman who loved heels the way that the little sex kitten did. Luckily, she more than earned enough money to afford them.

“You’re going to make yourself dizzy if you keep bopping around like that,” Mike chuckled as Jessica continued bopping all around the living room. “Where’s your mother?”

“Don’tcha remember, daddy?” Jessica grinned. “She and Aunt Monica are away for the next few days visiting relatives. I have you all to myself for the next few days,” she stated as the grin got more evil.

“Should I be worried that I might not survive the next few days, you lovely bitch?” Mike grinned back, teasing her with their usual loving banter.

“Mmm, maybe,” Jessica laughed. “I didn’t think it was fair though, keeping you all to myself. After all, you’re such a stud, daddy, and you’re used to having all the hot pussy a man could want. I didn’t want to deprive you of variety,” the girl said as she bit her lower lip and teased him back.

“Okay, what did you do?”

“Do you happen to remember when mom was preggers; I told you that one of the models I work with made a pass at me?” Jessica asked him.

He nodded. “I do, although not the specifics. You’ve had a number of sexy little playmates over the years, it’s hard to keep track.”

That was true enough. To keep suspicions away from the fact that Jessica was screwing her stepfather (and mother & aunt) she had established an alibi as her being a sexy young lesbian. It had served her well and she had brought several attractive young women home and bedded them. So far though, she had been cautious and had not yet been daring enough to share them with her family. She deemed it too risky if the family’s secrets ever saw the light of day.

“I was talking about one of the very first girls to make a move on me, daddy,” Jessica smiled. “The black girl, remember? I told you and the family that she got me really hot and how I’d never made it with a black girl before.”

“I do remember that, now that you mention it. As I recall, so far, none of your gorgeous friends have been black,” Mike answered.

“There’s a reason for that, daddy,” Jessica continued. gorukle escort “I really, really wanted her to be my first, but our schedules never clicked. Either she was away or I was, but last week, I found out we’d be working together. We spent all morning filming and I could barely keep my hands off of her. I kept giving her these looks and she returned them, so …”

“You didn’t.”

“I did,” Jessica trilled. “I brought her home, we’ve spent the entire afternoon just kissing and making out. Daddy, I brought her home for us – I want you to fuck her after we put on a show for you. Oh Daddy, this is the best part – you’ll be her first cock, just like you were mine!”

“Holy Christ, kiddo,” Mike said as he shook his head. “Just how old is this girl? Are you sure that she’ll be okay with something this wild?” He wasn’t at all surprised by Jessica’s audacity, he’d come to expect crazy and wild from his loving family.

Jessica moved around her father as if he was a stripper pole, enticing him with the body with which he was so familiar. “She’s beautiful, like café au lait or mocha Daddy; she looks like a piece of fine chocolate. I can’t wait to see her, with your wonderful daddy-cock buried deep inside her hot, wet, dark pussy. I bet she’s a screamer daddy – oh God, I want you to make her scream,” Jessica breathed.

Mike shook his head. After discovering the secret of his new family and how they shared their love and bodies, he still at times, found it difficult to wrap his head around the entirety of the concept. Jessie, her mother and her aunt Monica thought family love was the purest, most natural form of love there was. They had already made it clear to Mike that when his youngest was old enough, he would be expected to tutor that child as well. He had teased Janis that the three of them likely would not leave him enough libido to do much of anything by that point. Although he knew he was only joking at the core of that statement, there was a small ring of truth. He had married into a family of beautiful, depraved sex fiends.

While outwardly, many men would have envied him, Mike had encountered several drawbacks in his familial relationships. He would never have given them up, not for anything in this world. The sex was incredible and so was the depth of emotion Jessica, Janis and Monica felt towards him. The love was intricately wrapped up with the lust.

Despite all that, there were very few people with whom he could confide. Most people would never be able to comprehend the loving and incestuous relationship he held with the three beauties. He had not done anything wrong, his conscience was clear. The women had pursued the relationship with him after he had accidentally discovered their secret.

There was another drawback that a lot of people never realized – a major change in his lifestyle. He had to eat better, get a bit more sleep and exercise – keeping up with three sexy women took a lot of stamina. Not only that – sometimes he had an extra partner. Monica was determined not to be wholly monogamous ever again and her sister thought along similar lines.

Mike was a practical man despite all of this. The love(s) of his life would never have demanded anything of him that he was not capable of performing. They took care of the house and everyone pitched in. Mike had enjoyed more sex in the past few years than most men enjoy in a lifetime and he’d enjoyed some fun and experimental trysts. Monica loved being tied up and blindfolded while trying to guess if it was her sister or niece that was driving her crazy. Once she was on the brink of climax, Mike would fuck her savagely until he was sure they heard her screams in Europe.

Mike shook his head to remove the cobwebs and while doing so, he realized that Jessie was nowhere to be found. It didn’t take too much figuring to realize where she was so he headed for the stairs leading upstairs. He could hear muffled words and giggles, so he followed those to Jessie’s room, but stopped short when he realized they were coming from the room he shared with Janis. He sighed. Jessie was toying with him, adding another hidden depth of perversity by having sex with her girlfriend in his bed.

The door to the room he shared with Jessie’s mom was open a tiny bit and Mike knew that she had done that on purpose. He moved to one side so that he could see what was going on. Jessie spotted him right away and put a finger to her lips to insure his silence. She moved around on the bed to afford him a good look at his daughter.

Jessie was an attractive young girl growing into a truly desirable woman. When dressed normally, she was pretty at all times. Dressed as she was now and anyone would have understood her success as a Glam model. It was as if she took attractive to an entirely different level.

The green-eyed blonde was wearing a black lace body stocking and black stiletto heels. It gave the illusion of hiding altıparmak eskort bayan everything and hid absolutely nothing. Every delicious contour of his daughter’s body was on full display. Her hair was now splayed out behind her like a golden halo. There was almost a fire in her eyes and it was a look that Mike knew well. She was aroused and out of control. He wondered where Jessie’s companion was and a few seconds later, he got his answer.

The other girl entered the picture, sliding alongside his daughter and slowly kissing her. Mike saw that his daughter had not oversold the beauty of her companion, she was indeed lovely. The girl likely stood nearly 5’10” and taller in the thigh-high black leather boots she was wearing – which was all that she was wearing.

“I have loved every minute of our time together so far,” the girl said to Jessie in a soft and melodic voice. “I waited a very long time for this, you know?”

“I know Brandi, and I’m so sorry for that,” Jessie said, giving her daddy another knowing wink. “The time was just never right, but now we can do everything and anything we want without interruption.” Of course, that wasn’t quite true, but there was no point in telling Brandi that she was in for what they hoped would be a welcome surprise. Mike watched as the two model beauties rolled into each other’s arms. They began to get a little friskier and their hands began to reach out and explore. Mike had a good vantage point to see it all, what he couldn’t see directly was reflected in a large mirror. He was sure that Jessie had moved it for just such a purpose.

The lovely black girl didn’t waste any time. Now that she had Jessie’s full and undivided attention, she moved in behind. She didn’t lick Jessie’s pussy; she put her tongue in deep and rimmed the blonde’s gorgeous ass. Jessie did have such a lovely bubble butt that Mike couldn’t fault her for her actions. Besides that, it seemed to be heating Jessie up a great deal. Not that Brandi was neglecting Jessie’s hungry little pussy; her fingers were moving a mile a minute as she fucked the girl with her long, dark, manicured digits. “Oh, you black slut, I fucking love this!” Jessie groaned.

“I thought you would,” Brandi purred and rolled Jessie over so that they were facing each other. With the two girls face-to-face once again, they kissed with a fevered passion. Mike loved watching his daughter with the new player in the game. Up until now, the only women he had seen her with in such a setting had been Janis or Monica. Watching the girls lesbian fuck on the same bed she had shared with their family was quite a turn-on. Their bodies were now naked and in the throes of passion. Jessie’s tongue was licking the black girl’s dark nipples while her fingers moved towards her wine-red cunt lips. It was now her turn to finger the other woman and bring her up a notch in heat.

“We’re both sluts, don’t you know that?” Brandi countered Jessie’s earlier statement. “I see all of those gorgeous models and fuck, I want all of them!” She moaned. Then, she added thoughtfully “Of course, I’ve had, like, 85% of them,” she laughed before Jessie’s lips silenced her chuckles.

“You’ve been in the business longer than I have,” Jessie said in between bites and nibbles of Brandi’s sensual body. “How did you get started anyway?”

“I did a few shoots with my mom, she used to model before she moved in with … well, I shouldn’t give away all of the family secrets, should I?” She snickered. “Let’s just say there are things about my family that might just surprise you.”

Jessie doubted that because there was so little that could have surprised her at this point. Was in fact, Brandi hinting that she might have the same kind of familial relationship that Jessie herself enjoyed? If so, it would make things a lot easier in the long run. The girls were now fully entwined and rubbing their pussies together as they continued kissing and licking.

“So, you’ve fucked a lot of girls?” Jessie asked, trying to lead the conversation.

“Oh yeah, like, tons!” Brandi beamed.

“But – no men?”

“No photographers, if that’s what you’re asking,” Brandi grinned. “If you mean, am I totally lez, the answer is no. I like men as friends and dinner dates – but most of them can’t keep up with a chick as horny as I am! Some of them have got their rocks off just from foreplay, what fucking good is that?”

Jessie smiled because the pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together. “What if I told you I know of a man that could keep up with the both of us?”

Brandi was still very close to his daughter and Mike could see her face break into a wide smile. “Fuck baby, if you know of a cat like that, I’d tell you to marry the fucker!”

“Sorry lover, no can do,” Jessie teased. “He’d get in trouble for bigamy.”

“Shit,” Brandi said, stroking Jessie’s long legs. “Isn’t that always nilüfer eskort bayan the way? The really good guys are taken.”

“Yep,” Jessie said, shivering from the feeling of Brandi’s gentle caress. “His wife doesn’t mind if I borrow him from time to time.”

“Wow, what a cool chick she must be,” Brandi said, her hands still touching Jessie in many intimate places.

“She is,” Jessie smiled, voicing her true opinion of her lovely mom. “She also happens to be a dynamite fuck!”

Brandi’s dark eyes went wide at that. “You’re doing both of them? Wow babe, I guess there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. That’s cool though, I have time to find out!” She laughed and moved towards Jessie’s pussy.

“Oh yeah, you sure do,” Jessie breathed as the dark girl began tongue-fucking her. “Fuck yeah, that’s good. You’re so fucking hot, I love those boots, I love a girl who can sex it up with hot boots and shoes!”

“These? Oh these are my mom’s `fuck me boots’, she let me borrow them for today’s shoot,” Brandi exclaimed. “I bet she’ll get a kick out of it if I tell her that I made them live up to their name.”

Jessie raised one eyebrow, a gesture that Mike also noticed. He too, found himself wondering about the relationship Brandi shared with her mom. Had the whole world gone kinky or had it always been that way and he had just never noticed. He watched as Brandi’s long, dark hair splayed about his daughter’s body like a rich waterfall. The two young beauties were so very hot together and he had a front row view.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jessie murmured as her lover continued touching and tasting her body. “God, I should never have waited this long!”

“”You’ll get no argument from me, baby,” Brandi purred. “You’re fucking hot, you’ve got a rocking body. In fact baby, Brandi wouldn’t mind making this a regular thing, you dig?”

Mike saw Jessie smile and she winked again, teasing him. He felt his cock pulse. He wouldn’t mind having the incredible black girl around, but could his sex drive handle another girl jumping on the bandwagon?

“I’ll seriously consider it,” Jessie smiled, giving Brandi a warm and tongue-filled kiss. “Hey baby, are you up for playing a game?”

“With you? Anything!”

“Ooh girl, be careful, you don’t know what I’m capable of,” Jessie grinned evilly. Mike knew all-too well, of course. Brandi stretched out on her back beside Jessie. To Mike, she had the sexy air of a porn star, but the beauty of a goddess. He knew Jessie was proceeding with her plan and all that he had to do was to wait for her to give him a signal.

Jessie reached into the nightstand and got out a blindfold. She handed it to Brandi, who put it on without hesitation. “Don’t you dare take it off or peek, I might have to spank you,” Jessie instructed her new lover.

“Hey, how do you know I don’t get off on spankings?”

Jessie snorted. “Huh, you probably do, but behave – I promise, it will be worth it. Can you see anything?”

“Not a thing, no.”

“Good.” Jessie motioned for Mike to enter the bedroom, although putting a finger to her lips to indicate he should not yet speak. He took his cues from Jessie as she had yet to steer him wrong. He was thankful the sometimes-squeaky bedroom door had not betrayed him this time.

Jessie could see the lust Mike felt for Brandi reflected in his eyes and it pleased her. It made her very happy to know that her little gift to her daddy was appreciated. She adored Mike and anything it took to make him happy, she would do. Of course, it hadn’t been a huge sacrifice on her part because Brandi was the hottest, sexiest bitch she had ever fucked – save for her family – but only just.

Jessie smiled happily at her daddy as she blew him a kiss. She then motioned for him to undress as quickly as he could and then stand at the side of the bed. For Mike, her actions were the sexiest game of charades he had ever seen. Once devoid of his clothes, he waited for further instructions from Jessie. The young blonde did not disappoint. She motioned for him to move a bit closer as she neared Brandi’s eager, sexy body. “Ready, sugar?” She asked the other girl.

Almost as a daily ritual, Mike questioned what he had done to earn the favor of the gods that had sent him Janis, Jessie and Monica. He must have done something recently, because Brandi was equally spectacular. He saw Jessie push her friend forward and quietly whisper for her to open her mouth. The girl smiled and did as she was told and Mike knew what his job was. Not too forcefully, he slid his rock-solid cock into the soft, waiting lips of the gorgeous black beauty. Without hesitation, she started to suck on the cock that was offered to her and a huge grin crossed her face. Wanting to be in on as much as she could manage, Jessie got behind the girl and cupped her delicate breasts. “Surprise, baby,” she purred to Brandi. “A fucking nice cock, all for you – well, both of us, but later,” she giggled. “What do you think of it, isn’t it nice?”

Brandi momentarily surrendered Mike’s cock, it slipped from her lips with a loud “pop”. “Oh, my fucking God, what a wonderful prick!” She gasped. “Does it belong to the stud you were just telling me about?”

“It is baby, so, do you like it?”

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