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Big Tits

My girlfriend (Fay) and I (Don) met my younger eighteen-year-old sister (Candis) at a party last night and, after the party was over, we’d decided it was too early to go to bed, so we invited Candis to our apartment for some drinks.

After a couple of strong drinks at the apartment, I passed out in the bathroom. After a while, I awoke, splashed some cold water onto my face, and went out to the girls—what I saw on the couch was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life! I stripped off all of my clothes without saying a word. I was so horny, I didn’t care that one of them was “my sister”, and I was so drunk, I didn’t care who owned it—I was going to penetrate the first pussy I saw.

Lucky for me, they were so drunk and horny, too, that neither Fay nor Candis objected when I placed myself on my knees behind one of them and drove my cock into her pussy. When I looked up, I saw Fay sitting on the couch and being licked. She just looked at me while biting her teeth together.

“Oh, hell, yes! I’m next, baby!”

She pulled Candis’ head harder against her pussy. I immediately heard Candis scream out her first orgasm into Fay’s pussy and, at the same time, Fay squirted all over Candis’ face.

“Now, it’s my turn!”

She got up, took Candis’ hand, and walked toward the bedroom.


I must admit, the mood is a little strange in the bedroom as we wake up (all three of us naked) in the same bed this morning. That is, until Fay throws the bed cover onto the floor and starts sucking my morning wood while Candis is watching. After a couple of minutes, I’m really close to cumming, but she suddenly stops and invites my sister to sit on it.

Perhaps Giresun Escort it’s the sober me who starts to think as a thought comes into my head.

“Maybe this is wrong?”

I can tell by Candis’ reaction to my question that she’s thinking the same, but seeing her lying next to me with her big, soft tits and her newly shaven pussy, which I’d actually had my cock inside of last night, makes me horny. I’ve fantasized about fucking my sister for many years!

Candis suddenly says.

“Well, we can’t exactly do anything worse than what we did last night. Right?”

“Yes, that’s true!”

As my Candis is climbing on top of me, Fay is spreading my sister’s pussy lips and guiding my dick to my sister’s opening as Candis slowly lowers herself onto my cock. Fay sits behind her with a firm grip on my sister’s boobs.

Suddenly, Fay is grabbing my hands and placing them on my sister’s tits, so I’m taking a good grip as I slowly begin to fuck her. Fay is grabbing my sister’s hair, pulling her head back, and kissing her on the mouth.

“You kids have fun! I’m going to take a shower.”

Fay is walking out of the bedroom. Candis and I stop, look at each other, and simultaneously express our shock.



It appears my sister is unsure of the situation so, fearful of her jumping off of me, I’m grabbing her hips and driving my cock into her as far as possible.

She’s surprised and screams out.

“Oh, my god!”

She’s starting to ride me, aggressively, and after five minutes of intense riding, she begins to moan.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

My stomach is getting Giresun Escort Bayan wet, I’m starting to hear splashing sounds, and I can feel her juices running down around my hips and between my thighs. She’s continuing to ride me and I’m getting wetter and wetter with her juices. She’s beginning to tremble so I think she’s had multiple orgasms.

I’m close, too, so I’m holding her hips and beginning to fuck her faster and faster.

“I’m cumming, too!”

She’s tilting backward and pulling off of me.

“Not inside of me, not inside of me!”

She’s lying on her back in front of me.

“Cum on my tits!”

I’m getting up onto my knees, grabbing my cock, and beginning to masturbate. She’s starting to massage her tits and that does it—my cock is exploding all over her. It’s so powerful that I’m hitting her face and neck with the first squirt before drenching her tits and stomach with the remaining squirts—I almost completely cover her upper body with cum!

Suddenly, I remember I was too drunk to cum last night. I had sex for two to three hours, but I was unable to cum. It appears all of my cum from last night was saved up so I could shoot all of it onto my sister, this morning!

She’s lifting her head and starting to lick my cock clean. After she’s finished, I’m bending over to share a long, emotional kiss with her. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever kissed my girlfriend this way. I’m getting horny, again, from the kissing so I’m bending down and starting to lick her pussy. She begins to moan for a moment before pushing me away.

“No, my pussy needs a rest!”

I didn’t want to stop, but at least I Escort Giresun got to lick my own sister’s pussy!

She’s smiling and says.

“Thank you!”

She’s grabbing my hand, leading me to the bathroom, and we’re joining my girlfriend in the shower.


After we all have a shower and we’re almost finished eating breakfast, I have to ask.

“How did all of this get started last night?”

Fay explains.

“We both had to pee after you passed out in the bathroom, with the door locked, so we went outside to pee in the bushes, but we suddenly heard something. We were so scared, we ran back into the apartment with our pants around our ankles! After we got inside, Candis bent down to pull up her pants so I slapped her ass and shouted, ‘Nice ass!’

Candis just laughed, dropped her pants, spread her buttocks and sang, ‘Hit me, baby, one more time!’ Before I could slap her ass again, she buried her finger in her pussy and therefore, our clothes are still spread from the hallway to the sofa.”

Their story has given me a boner that’s sticking out of my bathrobe. Fay sees it and is starting to jerk me off while she’s looking at Candis and moving her other hand up and under my sister’s shower towel.

“Oh, my god! Your sister’s pussy is dripping wet! We can’t send her home like this.”

Fay’s bending down and starting to lick Candis’ pussy while I’m lifting Fay’s robe and driving my cock into her pussy. Watching my sister massage her own tits and watching her pussy being licked by Fay is making me cum almost immediately.

Fay takes my sister’s towel and is wiping off the sperm I’ve just squirted all over her back and buttocks.

“Jake, why don’t you call your mother and tell her Candis will be staying here with us until tomorrow!”

Fay is taking Candis back to the bedroom, again.


Candis visits us every weekend, now, and Fay doesn’t know that I visit home more often, too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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