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I moved back, in awe of the beautiful open folds of soft flesh that I had just invaded — watching little dribbles of colorless liquid leak down her crease.

Bending my head, I planted a soft kiss on the wet little bush of soft hair, making Sue flinch.

“I’m so sensitive there now” she said, placing a cupped hand over her pussy, as her tummy gave one final involuntary heave.

“Too much for a gentle touch with my tongue?”

“Give me a kiss first” she said, “on my other lips!!”

I lay between her legs and covered her warm body as my mouth met hers and we shared tongues. I slithered backwards, planting little kisses down her smooth tummy.

I heard a soft groan and felt her flinch again as my mouth reached the rise of her quite prominent mound.

I licked the creases between thighs & labia — discovering that it was yet another of her sensitive spots and then held both knees wide apart as my tongue ventured to her inner lips.

Sue’s moans became louder and I saw her grasp one breast and pinch the nipple as she lifted & tried to push her hips into my mouth.

After pausing for breath, I buried my head down again and let my tongue lick around the hard little clit that had grown from its hood.

“Oooooh MAAAARK” Sue gasped, “THAT is unbelievable”

I could feel her lips contracting and expanding as I caused more liquid to ooze from her aroused cunt.

“I feel as though I’m on the edge of a precipice — and I’m going to fall off any minute”

“Keep your balance there for a little bit longer” I prompted, moving my finger from her clit.

I slipped both hands under her firm cheeks and squeezed.

“You naughty man” she sighed, “That’s rather nice.”

I let one slippery finger stroke down her crease, making her arch and moan softly.

“I’ve never realised how sensitive I am there” she gasped, reaching to pull my head closer to the furnace that was burning between her thighs, “It’s helping me to feel so wonderful, although your tongue is doing most of the work!!”

“D’you want me to see just how sensitive you might get?”

“Ummmmm” she moaned.

I let my finger press very lightly on the tight puckered ring of her bum, and felt her respond by pushing back a little.

“If there’s the slightest pain or you want me to stop, just say so” I whispered, pushing a little harder and feeling her cheek muscles contract.

“Just go ever so gently” she said, “I’ll tell you if I don’t like it”

As I put a tiny bit more pressure on my finger I felt the tip enter her — accompanied istanbul escort by her throaty groan. “Oh Mark, Oh Yeees”, and my mouth was again filled with sweet tasting liquid as her body demonstrated how aroused I was making her.

The mere sensation of feeling her so excited made me eager to bring her boiling volcano to a tumultuous eruption as I sucked the molten lava juice from her innermost core.

Without warning, Sue’s whole torsos lifted from the bed and, with an ear-splitting scream, she climaxed. Her body fell back onto my finger, taking it deep into her flexing bottom.

“Aaaaaaaah — OH GOD – OOOOH MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She writhed, totally out of control, gasping and moaning as her fingers raked my shoulders.

“Oh my dear, sweet, sexy lover” she said as I sucked voraciously at the quivering flesh of her labia.

Then I felt her tense and go rigid, as she pulled away from me.

“Mark — oh Mark – I’m so sorry”

I understood her concern as the taste in my mouth changed; it wasn’t so sweet, but much warmer.

Sue clutched at me, clenching her legs together.

“Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed” she whispered, her hand reaching between her soaking thighs. “I’ve had a little accident. It just happened”

I kissed her hard and assured her that I wasn’t disgusted or put off by her slight lack of control.

“D’you want to pop up for’d for a minute?”

“I think perhaps I should” she said apologetically, sitting up and hobbling to the heads with her legs together.

She returned, looking much happier& more relaxed, and immediately cuddled me.

“I’ve never done that before — either alone or with a man” she exclaimed, “You really did something to make me lose every last bit of control. I think it was that naughty finger!!! — but if you’re OK, I don’t regret it — the sensation was unbelievable”

“Something only to be enjoyed when you’re totally aroused” I replied, “and only if you really want it”, I added.

“I don’t think it will be the last time!!” she chuckled, “But I will try to control myself next time!!”

We lay close together, slowly calming down and exchanging little soft kisses every time we looked at each other.

The clock on the bulkhead showed just after 11 pm and I suggested we could stay exactly where we were, unless she wanted me to go.

“Don’t you dare!” she retorted, “I intend to make you a cup of tea when we wake up in the morning. I feel quite tired now — can’t think why!!!!”

“Me too” I said, yawning.

We lay in escort bayan the spoons position, my arm just cupping one breast, and were soon asleep.

It was just after seven when we woke and I felt her wriggle against me, letting my morning erection slip between her thighs.

“I’m afraid it’s my turn to make a visit now” I said sleepily, aching to get to the heads.

Sue giggled and let me slide from under the duvet.

When I came back, she was laying with her hands behind her head and the sweetest smile on her face. “I’m afraid I’m not a very nice lady to know at the moment. The perfume in this bed isn’t one I’d like to advertise!”

I cuddled against her and rolled her over on her side, facing away from me.

“We aren’t in a hurry for tea, are we?”

“No” she said softly, pushing back against my growing erection.

She lifted one leg and with her hand between her legs, maneuvered me into the slippery softness of her silken folds.

“Now wake me up properly” she moaned as I started to thrust gently.

It took only a few seconds for me to realize that my sexual batteries had recharged overnight and it wouldn’t be long before I would be unable to stop.

“Oh Mark, don’t take too long, will you” she moaned breathlessly.

“I just hoped I could wait until you were ready”

“I am — ooooh – I am — right NOW” she cried out, pushing back hard as I felt her vagina clench around me and her orgasm take over.

“Good morning, you beautiful sexy girl” I managed to gasp as I felt myself swell and then explode into her pulsing vagina. It seemed as though I hadn’t cum for days, and jet after jet pumped into her until I felt myself shrink and slip from her cheeks.

We stayed together for a few minutes, breathing hard, feeling little bodily tremors every now and then.

“Time for tea” said Sue, clambering over me into the galley area & lighting the gas under the kettle. “If we shower now, we could have our tea with breakfast” she suggested, “and showering alone, I think” she chuckled, “there are limits to my resistance”

“Good idea – off you go”

I tidied the bed and set up the folding leaf on the saloon table. Sue emerged from the shower in only a towel and I was so tempted to take her in my arms, but she pointed to the heads and said “Get in there, you wicked man”

By the time I was washed and dry, Sue was dressed in her more usual jeans & sweater, and had cereal & fruit juice on the table. I could smell toast under the grill too — realizing I was quite hungry.

While escort istanbul we sat eating, Sue suddenly reached across the table and look at me with a very serious expression.

“May I say something rather important — to me anyway? But you mustn’t laugh!!”

“Talk away” I said, munching toast.

“In the course of only two days I have begun to have rather deep feelings” she started, hesitantly.


“About you, Mark”

“Oh” I said, unable to think of a sensible reply

“And I have to ask, am I being silly, or do you have the beginnings of any special feelings for me? I shan’t be hurt if you say No. I’m a big girl now!”

“I think I’m ahead of you, Sue. I’ve been wondering how to tell you that what we have shared and enjoyed has been so different to what I imagined”

“Now I have to ask the BIG question”

“Go on”

“Are you planning to take “Brigand” anywhere? You know, a real voyage”

“Wow, that IS the BIG one. To be honest, Yes. I was hoping to try the Med maybe — when I’d got her properly fitted-out”

“Did you intend to have any crew?”

“Hadn’t crossed my mind — don’t really know anyone who would tolerate me”

“Well, you do now! There, I’ve said it; but there is a plan in my mind”

“OK, let’s hear it then”

“I’ve been living on “At Last” for a while now and don’t really think it’s for me — long term. So, I could sell this Tupperware plastic thing (it’s worth about fifty thou) and help with voyage expenses with you — provided you would have me”

“What about work?”

“There would be ample funds for us to both live comfortably”

“You really HAVE been doing some thinking” I said incredulously.

“Well, when you’re back on board Brigand — on your own — would you give it serious consideration? I won’t do anything until you give me a reasoned answer”

“Bloody hell” I managed to stutter, “Today is going to hurt my brain”

Sue stood up. “Had enough to eat?” she said with a smile.

“Plenty, thanks. I’d better get back and do some thinking!!”

Sue came around the table and held her arms out.

“Now kiss me — and remember, this hasn’t all been the result of what you awoke inside me, or that you stoked my fire into an inferno. That would be part of our trip too, I hope, but only when we were sure we weren’t going to collide with another ship!!”

I returned her kiss — and we shared tongues — each knowing how easy it would be to head back to the bedroom.

“I’m going” I said, looking into her sparkling eyes. “I shall see you again very soon – when I’ve worked out how to re-jig the cabin with a double bed!!”

Sue took me up on deck and leaned over the rail as I strolled back to Brigand.

I wonder where our voyage will take us,


The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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