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Sitting together. She is acutely aware of his presence, his body only inches away, she imagines the heat of his skin against hers. He shifts uncomfortably. He has been aware of the strong tension in the air, and now feels himself grow restless. She swallows.

He hears her spit in her throat and turns to look at her. She feels small and deeply vulnerable as she looks up into his penetrating gaze, she is reminded of a hawk. “Kiss me,” he whispers.

Her genitals pulse and her heart skips a beat. She moves closer to him, and hesitantly, plants a soft kiss on his bottom lip, acutely aware of his hot breathing through his nose. He parts his lips for her. Gently she takes his bottom lip slowly into her mouth and begins to suck tenderly, feeling the soft flesh of his lip fill the entrance of her mouth.

She gently stops. He slowly moves his lips to the corner of her parted mouth, and touches this space gently with his tongue, repeatedly, driving her wild. She lets out a small whimper. He draws back to watch her. She slowly opens her eyes, and his gaze clouded, drunk. He kisses her more fervently, parting her lips with his, gently touching the tip of his tongue against hers, before Kayseri Escort swirling his tongue around inside of her mouth. She tastes the individuality of his breath, this warm, wet and slimy intimacy causing her to nearly lose her mind.

He abruptly stops and leads her, standing, to the bedroom.

Slow caresses against the creases of his pants, she feels a growing shape, straining against the fabric. He takes her hand in his, pressing against him. The warmth, textured. Forcing, she feels his strength, bunching up her tender skin. He bends his pelvis forward, moving her hand against his penis, she feels it throb, engorged, hot even through the thick fabric of his jeans. Feeling the tautness in his body, her knees beginning to buckle, her body yearning. Aching, she feels her insides swell, before feeling a trace of liquid seep out of her womanhood in expectation for what is to come.

He quite frantically and clumsily unzips his jeans. His penis springing out, a trickle of dewy precum dripping from the bulbous head. Her heart skips a beat at seeing his penis for the first time, she is transfixed, her mouth parted. She hopes he notices this, and feeling Kayseri Escort Bayan sexy in herself, she licks her lips, purposely, seductively for him.

Finding this irresistible he returns to kissing her, this time forcing her mouth open, hungrily tasting her spit, mingled with his, swallowing. She soon bends down on her knees, prepared and more than ready to take him into her mouth.

He lets his jeans drop to the floor around his ankles, and closes his eyes in ecstasy – feeling a hotness in his chest and tingles spreading through his body. She gently licks the precum from the tip of his penis, tasting the salty fluid, holding it in her mouth before swallowing.

She kisses the tip of his penis, enveloping the round head with her mouth, sucking gently. He exhales deeply. She takes her time with this, savouring each sensation, and concentrating on his breathing and the sensitivity of his organ tensing in her mouth.

Holding herself back, she licks around the curavture of the tip, underneath the ridge, testing, exploring. She discovers what he enjoys and revels in his pleasure. He starts to slowly thrust, edging himself in further with Escort Kayseri each movement of his pelvis. She feels the friction begin within her mouth, and feeling elated from the filling, bobs her head up and down on his cock.

Lost in the moment and unable to help himself, he grabs the softness of her hair and cradles her head before pushing her down over his body, penetrating her mouth fully. This action causes him to gasp and roll his eyes to the back of his head. His body feels alight with tremors. She continues the rigorous movement. Drunk with his cock, she begins to rub her pussy lightly, before fingering herself, digging in and out, desperate to be fucked by him, her body illuminated with passion.

He stops, and they move to lie down together on the soft material of the bed. He rolls towards her to face her. “Fuck me,” she whimpers, feeling the wet leaking from her body, aching to be filled.

He bends her over, and grasping the full flesh of her buttocks, digging his nails in, shoves his cock in desperately, and as he feels her wetness envelope and validate him, lets out a deep groan.

Feeling wanted to the very core of his being, he begins to thrust, focusing on each movement and the way her flesh ripples like warm water underneath him. It doesn’t take long before he ejaculates, and without withdrawing, explodes his warm seed within her, clenching his eyes shut, nostrils flaring, gasping for air – body tensed, con-caving towards her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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