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If we had just one night together…

The first thing I’d do is give you a sponge bath. I’d slowly undress you before letting you get into the water. I’d lift your nightgown over your head, letting my hands slowly brush their way up your body, caressing your sides and running over your breasts as they did so. Next, I’d stand in front of you and reach around to your back to unhook your bra. Of course, I’d have to press my face between your beautiful, small breasts as I did so, letting my tongue lightly graze up and down your cleavage. As the clasp opened, I’d drag my hands along your skin, lifting your bra off of you, but not until my fingers had completely grazed across your breasts and my fingertips had teased your already stiff nipples.

Once your bra was removed, I’d drop to my knees in front of you, inhaling the musky scent of your sex. Softly, I’d slip my fingers inside the waistband of your panties and steadily pull it down. My eyes would be locked on your crotch as I watched your succulent pussy slowly become exposed. As I reached down to pull your panties completely away from you, I’d raise my head so that the tip of my nose ran along your tender thigh, then beylikdüzü escort lightly brushed the tip of your hard, exposed clit.

Now that you are completely undressed, I’d guide you into the bathroom, where a warm, bubble bath awaited you. As you slowly sank into the water, I’d sit on the edge, my thick erection clearly straining against the seam of my boxers. I’d slide my hand into the bathing glove I bought just for this occasion and dip it into the soapy water. I begin by softly caressing the back of your neck and the tops of your shoulders, massaging you with the smooth, wet glove in the warm, relaxing water. You lean slightly forward so that my hands slides lower down your back, rubbing along your spine and down the sides of your back, then reaching even lower to caress the top of your ass, letting my index finger lightly tease the beginning of your sensitive crack.

I bring my hand back up to the tops of your shoulders and softly stroke them again, rubbing the soapy water deep into your pores. Steadily, my hand reaches down the front of your chest, lightly caressing your throat, then dipping lower to begin rubbing büyükçekmece escort along the tops of your breasts. I slide my hand back and forth across the tops of your breasts, not daring to reach down yet, but instead listening to the soft moans that escape you and watching as your nipples harden even more, until their tips jut out of the water. Finally, I let my hand go lower, gliding over your tender breasts, feeling your thick hard nipples poking into my palm as I cup and caress your entire breasts. My hand slides lightly over each breast, tenderly squeezing each one and rolling the nipple between my soapy, gloved fingers. My hand steadily slides between your breasts, slowly caressing up and down your cleavage, then reaching back over to tease your nipples again.

I lean forward a bit to kiss you as you lean back with your eyes closed. My tongue grazes delicately across your lips and yours darts out instantly to meet mine. As our kiss deepens, my hand slides further down your stomach. You rest your arm along the side of the tub and feel my cock pressing against you as I pop out of my boxers from the arousal of our kiss. cevizli escort You bend your arm and wrap your soft, tender fingers around my shaft as my hand slips between your legs. You slowly stroke your hand up and down my cock and I mimic your actions by sliding my fingers steadily up and down your smooth slit.

As my slick fingers seek out your throbbing clit, your lust grows and you lean forward and engulf my cock into your hot, eager mouth. Your lips clamp around my firm shaft, sucking deeply from me, moaning against my cock as my fingers dance soft, steady circles over your hard clit. As your head moves faster up and down my shaft, I remove the glove and finger you freely, slipping two bare fingers deep inside your juicy cunt as my thumb races wildly over your engorged clit.

Finally, your expertise is too much for me. I shudder with excitement as I explode deep inside your throat. As my cum flows into your mouth, I can feel your peak hit as well. Your pussy clenches around my fingers and your hips buck higher, slamming my fingers as deep into you as possible, as wave after wave of pleasure shoots through your body. As we each come back to reality, you slowly step out of the tub. Instead of reaching for a towel, I delicately lick every drop of water from you. Then, I kneel between your legs and make sure to lick up every other drop from your moist sex. After you achieve another orgasm at the teasing of my tongue, we slip back into the bedroom to continue yet another night of intense pleasure….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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