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An Age To Wait Ch 2

I walk unsteadily into the en suite and turn on the shower. As I step in I see Jade and Martine lying on the bed naked whispering to each other. Martine strokes Jade’s hair. Maybe this is my chance to turn the cold tap full on and regain my senses, but having busted through such a powerful taboo I seem to be locked in a zone of sexual madness I can’t escape. Either that or I’m just being self-serving. Throwing my morals out the window.

I presumed this was the extent of Martine’s plan, that she and Jade and I would fuck all night, but I soon discover she has gone to further lengths, further extremities. As I walk back towards the bed I hear footsteps on the stairs.

‘What the…’ I whisper, thinking we’ve been broken in to. ‘Relax,’ says Martine. ‘It’s a guest.’ ‘What do you mean “a guest” ‘ I cry.

The bedroom door slowly opens revealing Martine’s younger sister Alison. ‘You must be kidding,’ I say. Martine is holding a digital movie camera. ‘You have to be kidding.’ Jade jumps up and, fully naked hugs the interloper. ‘Hi Auntie Al. You missed the first act. It was sooo hot!’ ‘We were just warming up,’ says Martine, reclining on the bed, and offering Alison a quick wave. ‘Well I’ll just have to make sure it gets hotter,’ Alison says lewdly.

Alison is recently divorced, a 37 year old with a less curvaceous but more athletic frame than Martine. She still possesses the family tits though. No-one in the extended family can fit into anything under a D cup. The reasons for the divorce haven’t been made clear to me. I know that Mark left Alison and something Martine once said made me think it had something to do with their son. I’m starting to think she might have been sprung in a sticky situation. I never considered she might share Martine’s tastes.

So here she is staring at me with a towel wrapped around me and my daughter naked in my room, and she couldn’t be more delighted. I tell Martine that this camera idea is a bad one.

‘Oh, come on,’ she says. ‘How could you not want a record of your little girl’s 18th birthday party?’

Jade is suddenly behind me, whipping my towel away and pressing her hands hard down my pelvis towards my dick. I can feel her nipples stiffening against my back. ‘I hope you’re going to get all this auntie,’ Jade orders. Alison nods and holds the camera up in front of her face, watching the image she’s recording on a small screen.

‘My name is Jade Williams,’ my daughter says, slowly sliding her hand around my half-erect cock. ‘And I just fucked my daddy, because I adore him.’ Jade squeezes gorukle escort bayan and I moan. ‘He liked it so much he’s going to do it again. Mom also ate my pussy while dad was giving it to her hard up the ass. Isn’t that right daddy.’ I have no option but to nod. My knees feel like water. Jade has turned my member into a taut pulsating pole you could fly a flag from.

‘But first,’ says Jade reaching now into her bag. ‘Voila!’ Out comes the birthday dildo. Jade tears at the plastic wrapping wildly until the gel dong springs out; 14 inches of sex toy. Jade hops on to the bed knees first and gazes at Martine.

‘Open your legs mom,’ she demands. Martine smiles and obeys. Alison moves around to the top of the bed for a better angle. Jade kneels and playfully rubs at Martine’s clit. ‘Oh honey that’s so nice,’ says Martine. ‘Oh dear, then it must be time to get nasty,’ Jade says. Martine spreads her legs further, and with fascination as well as unabashed lust, Jade begins to slowly fuck Martine. ‘How much can you take mom?’ ‘I… I don’t know baby.’

Jade increases the rhythm, using both hands to drive the weapon into Martine’s dripping cunt, then with Martine gripping the vertical poles on the bed head for dear life, Jade slides her crotch towards her mother’s and positions her own pussy lips at the other end of the dildo. I watch as it dissapears between the two women until their respective clits are burning against one another’s. Martine starts screaming.

‘Oh Jeeesus yeah! Oh…!’ Jade pants and grinds her pelvis into her mother’s. ‘Fuck this is unbelievable!’ cries Alison. I find myself tugging at my dick. It feels like heated concrete. ‘Paul, get over here and get my fucking clothes off,’ demands Alison.

I’m happy enough to oblige now. I don’t really care who turns up and joins in now. And at least with Alison I can now live out the occasional thoughts I’ve had about sex with her without thinking so much about repercussions. I jab my hard-on into her butt cheeks and unzip her skirt, dragging it to the ground roughly. She keeps filming as Jade and martine approach orgasm.

‘Quick,’ she cries, momentarily pointing the camera at the ceiling as I remove her sweater. ‘Oh daddy, let me see aunt Ally’s tits,’ breathes Jade. I unclasp Alison’s bra and her jugs barely move. Jade smiles then closes her eyes and lets out a primal howl as she’s swamped by an orgasm. Martine follows suit, her arms flailing. The girls gasp for breath, but Jade can’t be stopped. She’s quickly extricated herself from the dildo sandwich and wants to change tack.

‘Gimme nilüfer escort bayan the camera,’ she says. Alison hands it over dizzily without thought. I’ve got her tits in my hands now and my dick pushed flat between her ass cheeks and my belly. ‘Come on dad. Fuck her,’ Jade demands ‘Bend her over and shove that cock inside her.’ ‘Oh, yes,’ says Alison. ‘Do it, do it.’

I lift one of Alison’s legs onto the bed and let my dick slide down between her legs until the head of my organ finds its target. With one thrust I’m up Alison to the hilt. Jade slide under Alison and points the camera. ‘Oh that looks amazing!’ she cries. ‘God you’ve got big swollen balls dad. Don’t you dare empty them yet.’ ‘No I’m saving that for you sweetheart,’ I hear myself say. ‘Oh, shit… oh, harder Paul. Harder you fucker. Do it to me!” screams Alison I pound into Alison, gripping onto her ass and digging my fingers into the firm toned flesh. Martine pokes the dildo into Alison’s face and she sucks it.

I know I’ll come if I keep this up, so I push Alison down on the bed and the others are on her like vultures. Jade virtually throws me the camera and I record the action as Martine sits on Alison’s face and Jade dives onto her aunt’s pussy. Within a minute or so, Alison is set to explode.

‘Oh, Jade baby,’ she whimpers. ‘Put your whole fist in me honey.’ Jade can’t think of a better request. She grabs the lube and smears some on her hand, then like some crazed gynecologist she makes a fist and begins to force Alison’s cunt lips apart. Alison braces against the intrusion and with a subtle twist Jade’s hand vanishes inside Alison. I film her dragging it back a little then pumping forward again. ‘Oh God,’ Alison whispers, then sits up. ‘Just wait hon.’ Alison slowly turns over with Jade’s hand still deep inside her. ‘Martine fist me in the ass,’ she begs. ‘Please sis, fist me in the ass.’

Martine’s eyes open wide and she instantly grabs the tube of lubricant and pours a stream onto her hand. With just a few fingers, she begins to explore and knead Alison’s butt-hole. ‘More,’ Alison says, and Martine gently presses all four fingers and thumb, overlapping to form a kind of point, into the opening. Alison bows her head and Martine’s hand slides inside. I keep filming, my pulse racing. Jade and Martine are kneeling on either side of Alison. They look like their hands have been chopped off, so neat is the image of them stuffing Alison’s orifices. As my wife and daughter pump in turn like human pistons, Alison begins to crash towards bursa otele gelen escort bayan a wild orgasm.

‘Yeah… make me cum… fuck my holes, make me cum!’ and she does, almost unable to move but shuddering all over. The three women collapse on the bed gasping and laughing, and wiping themselves on towels.

I have to get my rocks off now or I’ll shoot my jizz straight up in the air from the cumulative effect of all this.

‘I gotta get off now,’ I say. ‘Yes… in Jade’s ass,’ says Martine matter of factly. That sounds too good to be true but I don’t know if Jade can take my cock. Jade confidently says, ‘That’s where it’s going to happen daddy. Hot spurting cum up my asshole.’

Alison excitedly squirts a worm from the tube and corkscrews it around my twitching cock. Jade gets on her knees and offers herself to me, her loving father. She wants this more than anything, and I can’t help but give it to her. Martine points the camera as Alison kneels beside me and guides my dick to Jade’s ass. I’m met by resistance. I don’t know if this is a good idea. Then Jade’s butthole opens and the head of my hard-on pops inside. I want to thrust straight away; plunge my manhood into her like a maniac, but I wait. I can feel Jade’s muscles struggling with the intruder, but bit by bit I’m sucked inside. Jade is already starting to lose it.

‘Oh Jeeeezuz… oh I don’t believe it. Don’t stop, keep pushing.’ I ease forward and Jade suddenly opens up. My cock slides forward and I feel my balls slap against her pussy lips. ‘Now fuck me daddy. Come on, fuck my dirty slutty, bad girl ass.’ I don’t really want my daughter to be a slutty bad girl but she can be that with me. She can be whatever she likes, and so can I it seems.

‘How does that feel you horny little bitch,’ I say. ‘Getting reamed in the ass by your own father.’ ‘So good, so fucking good. W…wa… want you to fuck my ass in front all my friends. Want you to fuck me at your office.’

Alison grabs the dildo and quietly forces it into Jade’s cunt.’ ‘Oh yeah,’ shouts Martine, filming in close up. ‘Come on dad,’ Jade gasps. ‘Spurt that stuff into me. Cum up me…cum up me.’

I begin to hammer against Jade, taking her breath away, pushing her up the bed. My balls begin to contract. Jade is squeezing her muscles around my primed cock. I only have seconds.

‘That’s it!’ I yell. ‘Be a whore for daddy, take it all in… aaaagh.’ And I orgasm and it feels like my heart will stop, spasm after spasm racks my body. Jade squeals in a way which would have once had me running to her room in a panic. Now that sound means something different. I feel like the flow of semen will never stop but eventually the climax subsides. I feel faint. I slide out of Jade and flop on my back on the bed.

For long minutes there is silence. Not from shame, but disbelief. I wonder where this will lead. I wonder what kind of can of worms I’ve opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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