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A big shout out to MacRaven for the story suggestion, and the encouragement to keep writing.

I stood there under the spray of the shower, letting the hot water and steam wash the sweat from my body along with the smell that covered me. It was the smell of pussy, not just my own, but the smell of my little sister, Amy, and her best friend Andrea too.

I had come home from school to find the two of them naked in MY room, engaging in lesbian play, but it was what I heard that made me want to join in. You see my sister had been sniffing my used panties while getting her cunt lapped, and had been fantasizing aloud about eating my sopping snatch. Naturally, I was disturbed, but the urge to let my little sister fulfill her dream and eat me out won me over and soon I was in the midst of a pussy party.

Now I was rinsing off the musky odor of sex and womanly juices. A giggle interrupted my reverie as Amy reached around my body to cup my breasts as I stood there, wet in more than one sense of the word. The two younger girls were in the shower with me, supposedly rinsing off as well, but it was turning out to be more of an excuse to be sexual with each other than anything else.

Amy’s hand slid from my soft tit down my body to my pubic hair, moist with more than the shower water. She trailed her fingers across my slit, spreading the petals of my labia with her caress.

“Oh, just go for the gold.” Andrea said, massaging her own box with one hand and reaching out with the other to fondle my ass.

“Well, fine then,” my sister said as she dipped her fingers into my love canal and ground her palm against my pleasure button. My clit responded by sending waves of pleasure through my body, and my knees nearly buckled. I reached out to grab Andrea as I steadied myself, and she stepped into my embrace, pressing her tits against mine only seconds before her lips did the same.

We kissed hungrily, mashing our lips together before hers parted and her tongue slid into my mouth. We French kissed for a bit while Amy fingered me steadily towards my orgasm. Finally, Andrea and I broke apart, though we began to rub each other’s glistening wet boobs, teasing each other’s hard nipples and circling around the dark aureoles. I reached down to pet her damp pussy hair, stroking her labia, teasing her clitoris with the end of my finger. She moaned softly, breathing heavily.

Behind me, my sister dropped to her knees in the shower, spreading my butt cheeks. She inhaled my aroma before placing her tongue against my dark anus. She began circling my backdoor with the tip of her tongue, alternating between rimming me and running her rough taste buds the length of my ass crack.

My sphincter contracted with pleasure before opening up to her erotic caress. Her tongue went in the opening, and I could feel it worming around inside my ass. It felt so warm and squishy, and I wanted it to go on forever. Andrea had different ideas, though, and she too knelt down and began tonguing me in front. She spread my thighs for easier access to my snatch, but that forced Amy to stop licking my butt hole. I would have been upset if Andrea hadn’t immediately begun licking my slit, probing my vagina with her moist tongue and sucking my clit.

Of course, that left Amy with nothing to do, so she stood up and leaned over my shoulder to kiss me. My sister and I locked lips as she grabbed my breasts from behind, kneading them and massaging them. I felt like I was in heaven, especially when her perky nipples poked me in the back, letting me know that she was as horny as I was. I reached behind me to feel her sopping pussy, and she immediately ground her hips against my ass.

It was getting pretty steamy in the bathroom, and soon we decided that our antics would be better served if we moved out from there. We took turns toweling each other off, although certain areas remained wet despite how much we rubbed them with the soft terry-cloth towels. Then we moved back to my bedroom. This time, however, we were careful to lock the door and turn on music, just in case anyone else came home unexpectedly.

Amy practically jumped on me, pushing me down on the bed. She kissed me deeply before moving down my body, caressing and kissing my breasts, my stomach, my pubic hair. Then my sister’s face disappeared as she occupied her pretty mouth with my slit, licking from my clit, down the length of my labia to my honey hole, and on past to my sphincter. She alternated between rimming my ass and licking my clitoris, driving me to such pleasure that I barely noticed Andrea lie down beside me until she gently turned my head towards hers and kissed me.

After a little lip play, my sister’s best friend indicated what she was really after by sliding up the bed until her furry box was in my face. I didn’t hesitate, but dove right in, appreciating her musky aroma for only a second before seeking out her source with my tongue. I focused on bringing her off quickly so Andrea could switch places with my sister and I could drink her savory nectar.

Amy’s warm tongue wormed its way into my Gümüşhane Escort butt hole once more. I gathered that she liked it there, and would probably appreciate me returning the favor. I filed that in my mind, somewhere past the pleasure centers being stimulated, and returned my focus to Andrea’s tender pussy. I licked her little love bud as I gently inserted first one finger and then a second into her vagina. Curling my fingers, I sought her sensitive G-spot. I pushed gently while keeping a deliberate rhythm on her clitoral area. Soon, she was cumming all over my hand, as my sister’s fingers found my pleasure button. With her tongue squirming in my anus, and her fingers drumming a staccato rhythm on my pussy lips, I was also being driven to the heights of orgasm. I kept masturbating Andrea, hoping to give her another climax before mine hit me, but the tidal wave of pleasure kept mounting in my tender slit until I couldn’t control it anymore. As my orgasm hit me, I locked my lips on Andrea’s sweet love hole and sucked until she too was climaxing with me.

I could hear my sister’s ragged panting as her tongue was forced out of my rectum, and realized she was rubbing her own moist genitals, desiring to be a part of my and Andrea’s pleasure. Quickly, I dropped off my bed and circled my kneeling sister hungrily. I pounced on her, biting her ass cheek gently as I forced her upper body on to the bed. She immediately latched on to her best friend’s nipple, sucking Andrea’s tits greedily.

I dove in to Amy’s box, licking, tonguing, and probing her tender folds. I wanted my sister so badly. I savored her taste as I licked from clit to anus and back. Then (knowing it would drive her wild) I poked my tongue in her ass, while pinching her sensitive clitoris between my fingers. I was right; my sister gasped in delight, and with a little urging from my fingers and tongue, she came.

Spent, she collapsed on the bed, and I climbed up after her, where Amy, Andrea and I lay cuddling on the blankets, inhaling the aroma of our sexual activity. We fell asleep naked together, and one of us must have pulled the blankets up in our sleep, though none of us recall doing so. We were too exhausted from our sexual frenzy.

I awoke to the sound of pounding on my door. My mother was yelling for me to open up. Slightly disoriented from sleep, I sat up, pulling the blankets off of my sister, Amy, and her best friend Andrea. All three of us were naked, the room smelled like sex, and my mom wanted me to open the door.

“Just a moment, Mom,” I called, hurriedly grabbing one of the discarded towels from the shower we girls had enjoyed, “I’m not dressed yet. I must have fallen asleep after my shower.”

Hurriedly, I pushed Amy and Andrea under the bed, hoping to deal with my mother quickly. As I walked to the door, I kicked Amy and Andrea’s clothes into the closet. I grabbed my robe, wrapped my hair in the towel, sprayed some hairspray to cover the smell of pussy, and unlocked the door.

“Are you okay, hon?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, fine.” I answered vaguely, “Cheerleading practice really tired me out, I guess.”

“I thought it was cancelled today. That’s why I didn’t wash your uniform.”

“So did I,” I lied quickly, “but I found out wrong. Anyway, I had to go in my normal clothes. That’s why it smells in here. Sweat.”

“I can’t smell anything but hairspray.”

This time I could be honest, “Well, I tried to cover it up. Kinda stinks.”

“I don’t know about that. Let me smell.” With that, my mom pushed past me into the room. She walked around, sniffing the air. “It doesn’t smell that bad, dear. Actually, it’s almost pleasant.”

She sat down on the bed. I could just imagine her accidentally sitting too hard on Andrea or Amy and discovering them naked under there.

“So,” I said, hoping to get her to leave, “what were you knocking on my door for?”

“Well,” she replied, “we haven’t really talked much lately. I was hoping we could have a heart to heart.”

She must have seen me roll my eyes, because she said, “Dear, you’re growing up, and soon you’ll be moving out. I’m not going to get many more chances to just sit and talk with you in your room before you’re off in college.”

“Does it have to be now? I’m kind of in the middle of getting dressed.”

“Well, no need for modesty here. I’m your mother; it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Yes. But still…”

“I know, you’re a grown woman now. And a very beautiful young woman at that. You know your sister really admires you.”

“Yeah.” I said vaguely, “I sort of gathered that.” I knew Amy and Andrea were probably having trouble keeping quiet under the bed. I walked over to the bed and gently sat down beside her, careful that the bed wasn’t hanging too low.

Mom continued, “I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of your looks.”

“Jealous? Mom, you’re beautiful. What could you be jealous of?”

“I know that young men your age love the way your tits bounce, and the curve of your hips. Even men my age look at you wishfully. That’s Gümüşhane Escort Bayan why you’re on the cheerleading team, you know. Boys like the way you look.”

“Aw, Mom, you’re just flattering me. You’ve got a biased opinion ’cause you’re my mother.”

“No, it’s all true. You have a very sexy body, and I know lots of people have crushes on you. Men my age, guys your age. I’ve noticed girls your age checking you out too. There are lots of people who want your body. Even your sister.”

I had to pretend to be shocked. “Amy? But she’s my sister. You must be joking.”

“I’m not joking about her,” Mom’s voice got a bit huskier, “and I’m not joking about me. You have a fantastic body, and I’ve been thinking about you for a long time. I knew I shouldn’t say anything, but masturbating every night thinking about you just isn’t enough anymore.” I sat there, a shocked expression clearly evident on my face.

Mom plowed ahead, “I know you’re probably moving out soon, so I just had to tell you how I felt before the school year was out.”

“So,” I began hesitantly, “what are you saying? You want my body…sexually?” I knew that I wanted her right then and there. But in order for it to work, she needed to seduce me. I had to play this charade through right in order to get my mom in bed. She had to be my “first experience with a woman.”

If I was lucky, I might even get my sister and Andrea involved too. But I had to let her be the seductress in order for this to work, for her sake. If I could make her feel like she was in control, then she would want it again at some later date, but if I seduced her, she’d push me away next time. That was just the way Mom was.

Mom scooted closer to me on the bed, and I worried that she might be squishing one of my hidden lovers. She put her hand on my shoulder.

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” she said, and I nodded meekly. “I also don’t want you to feel pressured.”

That was just Mom’s way of doing things. I knew from watching and eavesdropping on the various men she had brought home over the years. She was letting me know she was about to seduce me

Mom put her hand on my shoulder, gently rubbing circles on the exposed skin. Her fingertips brushed the edge of my towel, and then under the terry cloth as she widened her circles. She turned me to face her on the bed. I looked at my mother innocently, even though I knew what was next. She leaned in towards me. I froze, pretending I was scared. She kissed me.

I knew it was wrong with my sister, but it was even more wrong with my own mother. She was in a position of influence over me. I knew I was playing it right to keep her. I backed away from my mom and put on my best “shocked” look. Mom looked at me. She had this weird expression on her face.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” she said.

“No, mom. It’s just…I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know what to think.”

“You think I shouldn’t have done that,” Mom was half telling, half asking me.

Looking confused, I said, “I don’t know. It was just weird. Unexpected, but kinda nice, though. Soft and warm.” I brought my hand up to my lips, touching them, then my Mom’s.

She kissed me again. This time, her hands gently pulled the towel from under my arms, exposing my naked skin. Her fingers trailed down my back, and along my sides, then around the bottom of my breasts. Soon, my mom was pinching my nipples, teasing them until they stood out. She leaned me back on the bed, and sucked first one breast, then the other into her mouth.

I moaned, and my mom took that as her cue to go lower. Trailing kisses down my stomach, she went lower, arriving at my cunt and inhaling my musk.

“Mom,” I whispered, trying to sound like I was uncertain, even though truthfully, I wanted nothing more than for her to eat my pussy. She looked up at me with a smile on her face.

“Trust me, you’re going to like this.” I already knew it, but my mom didn’t know that. She was oblivious to the fact that Amy, Andrea and I had been licking each other’s slits all afternoon.

Mom spread my cunt lips wide and began circling the top of my sex, teasing my clit with her warm tongue by coming close, but not touching it. Evidently, she was no novice to this either. Interesting.

That realization was swept away as my mother dove into my love canal with abandon, seeking the source of my juices and prodding my button with her wriggling wet tongue. She sucked my lips into her mouth, pulling my labia and my clitty at the same time. Slowly, she began inserting first one, then two, and eventually three fingers in my vagina. Her tongue kept flicking across my sensitive bud, circling, twiddling and lapping at the center of my sexual energy. She wanted to bring me off badly, I could tell. She was hungry for my orgasm. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I gave it to her, and I let my gasps and groans let her know how close I was.

When I came, it was titanic. My hips launched off the bed, my hands flew to the back of my mom’s head, running through her Escort Gümüşhane hair and pulling her face into my quim. She kept lapping my clit, slurping my orgasmic fluids until finally I came down from heaven, only to hear the feigned gasps of my sister and Andrea, now no longer hiding under the bed, but standing in the doorway to my room, faking shocked and outraged looks on their faces. Still, I guessed they had loved the show.

It seems that Amy and Andrea had quietly left the room and redressed from the clothes we left in the bathroom and strategically placed themselves outside the door, looking as if they had just walked in. I silently congratulated Amy for picking up on my ruse with Mom.

Mom blanched, “Amy. Andrea. What are you doing here?”

“We heard some noise, and came to investigate,” my sister said innocently, “I guess we should probably go now.”

“Just wait until my mom hears what happens at your house.” Andrea said casually.

“Girls, wait! Maybe we should talk a little.” Mom was desperate. She knew that she had committed a felony that could put her in jail for a very long time, unaware that she was being drawn into our impromptu web of deceit

“Talk about what?” My sister asked, “It seems pretty obvious what was going on here.”

“Amy, you can understand. You told me that you thought your sister was very attractive. You’ve told me how sexy you think she is.”

“Mom! I told you that in confidence. You weren’t supposed to tell anyone!” Amy acted so upset, it was amazing. She easily had Mom convinced that she was mad, as if I didn’t already know that she wanted my body. “I can’t believe you just blabbed that. Maybe I should just blab what happened here to everyone.”

“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to…I…” Mom was backpedaling furiously, but everything was coming out wrong. “Oh, shit. I’m in trouble aren’t I? Well, I guess you might as well call the police and take me away.”

“No!” I exclaimed. “Amy please, you can’t do this. Andrea, please. Let Mom go. It was all my fault. I encouraged her.”

Mom turned to me, “Baby, no. It was really my fault. As soon as I saw you in the towel, I wanted to seduce you. I’ve done a really terrible thing. Your sister would be right to call the police.”

We had Mom right where we wanted her. So I figured it was time to play this out to get all of us in bed together.

“Amy, you can’t. You can’t take Mom away, not now that we’ve discovered this. It was so good. You have to feel it. Please, give Mom a chance.”

Amy looked like she was wavering, but Andrea was pretending she was ready to bolt out of there and call someone.

“Andrea, please. It was heaven. You have to believe me. It felt so good, you wouldn’t believe. Just let my mom take care of you, and you’ll see. I’m okay with what happened here.”

“You are?” Amy, Andrea and my Mom all said.

“What exactly did happen here?” Amy asked.

“Well, Mom came in, and we started talking, first about life, then about sex, and my body, and then we were kissing. And before I knew it, Mom had me naked on the bed, and she . . . um . . . ate my . . . you know.”

“What was it like?” Andrea asked, “You know, what did it feel like to have someone’s mouth down there?”

“Oh my god, you have to feel it to believe it. In fact, I bet Mom would do it to you, and I believe I owe her the favor as well. Wanna try?”

The two looked at each other, still faking uncertainly, although I knew they thought there’d be nothing sexier than having my Mom in our lesbian fun. The two of them caved in, and soon there were four of us naked in my room and lounging on my bed.

Mom started on Amy, kissing her other daughter fully on the lips, their tongues darting back and forth past each other’s lips. I began to touch Andrea, rubbing her breasts, and sliding my hand down her belly to her pubic region. Since my mother and sister were caught up in each other, Andrea didn’t have to pretend anymore, and she moved her legs apart to allow me further access to her more than dripping snatch. She was so turned on; her pussy fluids were coating both her inner and outer lips.

I brought my fingers up to my mouth, tasting Andrea’s juices even as my mother began working her way down Amy’s body to her eager snatch. I copied her, maneuvering her so she was lying next to Amy, and I was kneeling next to Mom. In tandem we licked, sucked and fingered the nubile women before us, pleasuring them as only a woman knows another woman wants it.

I lapped up Andrea’s freely flowing vaginal fluids, enjoying her taste, as I had when I first walked in on her and my sister. It was only hours ago, but it seemed forever. By now, I already knew what drove her and my sister crazy. So far, though, I had only tongued Amy’s ass, so I started moving lower on Andrea’s pussy, down from her clit, past her vaginal opening, all the way to her anus. I began rimming her sphincter, knowing that it would feel great. I waited for her to relax from the initial shock, and then slowly began edging my tongue closer to her rosebud opening, until finally, my face was pressed against her ass cheeks, and my tongue was inside her nether parts. Andrea sighed with pleasure, and I knew she wanted more. I alternated between darting my tongue in and out of her ass and worming deeper within her, drawing gasps of pleasure from Andrea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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