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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


As the two strippers (one was a stunning curly-haired, artificial redhead with purple highlights and the other was a beautiful woman of mixed African American dark, dank and with a reddish haze over the place from the bad 80’s neon lighting. And the place had a stupid name, even by strip club standards.

Amy was blonde, 5’6″, very pretty and her business attire was “sassy-casual” (a term that she had made up) with white blouse unbuttoned at the top, short white skirt (with thong underwear to avoid panty-lines), a cute pair of knee-length black go-go boots and stylish glasses that accentuated her pert nose, cute freckles and blue eyes. Amy was an assistant director of human resources and had been assigned as the official chaperone for the sales team to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand. That’ll give me an advantage over that bitch, Theresa Amy thought as she worked on her presentation.

Cherry, the red-headed stripper (pretty face with a prominent nose & cheekbones and intense expressive green eyes) made eye-contact with Amy and waved her forward to join them onstage, which was met by cheers from her semi-drunk, sales team coworkers who chanted, “AMY! AMY! AMY!”

“C’mon sweetie, bring that sexy body up here and let’s give your friends a show!” Cherry said as she waved.

Looking up from her phone, Amy put on her practiced, semi-condescending smile and body language that said, Thanks, but I’m good.

Not giving up, Cherry said, “C’mon, honey, don’t be bashful. Let’s have some fun together!”

Amy shouted over the crowd, “That’s a tempting offer, but I don’t think my boyfriend would approve, but thanks anyway.” This was sort of a half-truth, as her fiance, Dan, a rookie cop for the Sierra Diabla PD, had recently broken up with her suddenly and without explanation, but he definitely would disapprove of her cavorting with strippers.

The strippers put on sad pouting faces (Cherry looking sincerely disappointed) as the guys booed Amy for not being a good sport.

Looking around the club, Amy noticed that a few of her people seemed to be missing. Walking towards a hallway at the back of the darkened club, Amy heard the sounds of 2014’s sales team leader, Bill Grosbeck having sex with a stripper/whore.

No. No fucking way is this crap happening on my watch! Amy thought as she dialed the number for the Sierra Diabla Police Department.


After 40 minutes waiting in the inside lobby, Amy saw the red & blue police lights and thought, Finally!. Amy left the lobby and approached the two police officers. Both were caucasian, middle-aged, somewhat stocky with short hair, wide faces and looked tired. One was a man, one was a woman.

“Hi officers, I’m the one that–” was all Amy got out before the male cop gently grabbed her by the arm.

“Sorry sweetie, we got an anonymous tip about acts of prostitution going on in your club and we have to check it out. You know the drill; hang out in lock-up for a few hours and then you’ll be out.” the male cop said with a semi-apologetic look on his simple face.

Amy rolled her eyes, shrugged off the officers hand on her arm and said, “What? No, you idiots, I’m the–” was all she got out before the female cop had roughly spun her around and slammed her face down on the hood of the car.

“And that is insulting an officer and resisting arrest!” the female cop said as she cuffed Amy’s hands behind her back. As the stocky peace-officer threw Amy into the back of the squad car (ignoring her outraged protests of innocense), other squad cars arrived for the raid on America’s Moist Wanted. As the officers walked away to join in on the raid, Amy kicked against the door in rage, prompting both officers to turn around and give her a Hey Now! look.

Over the next few minutes, Amy watched as other patrol cars and paddy wagons arrived and started loading up strippers, bar patrons and her co-workers into them but no sign of 2014’s sales team leader, Bill Grosbeck Amy thought to herself. Amy was so fixated on looking for Bill Grosbeck, that she was completely surprised when her lefthand door opened and Lulu, the mixed race Black/Korean stripper

was ushered into the squadcar and sat down next to her and smiled. Just then, the righthand door opened and the curly-redheaded stripper entered (“Watch your head, Cherry.” the female cop said) and sat on her other side.

Eyes and smile going wide as she recognized Amy, Cherry Pepper said, “Holy shit! Look who it is, Amy! What’re you doing here?”

Amy gave a barely-civil nod, thin smile and said, “There’s been a misunderstanding.” there was an edge to her Ümraniye Escort voice.

“Uh oh, you’re wearing cuffs. Only bad girls get the cuffs…” Cherry said and then made a tsk tsk tsk sound. Talking to Lulu, Cherry said, “I think Amy’s been a naughty girl…” Lulu nodded in agreement

as both strippers started to snuggle closer to Amy. Too close Amy thought.

Cherry ran her finger down the front of Amy’s blouse, tracing the curve of her cleavage and causing Amy to squirm,”I came here from Russia; I actually learned English from watching porn!” Cherry said,with a certain amount of pride. “One of the reasons I came here was because you American chicks are soooo hot”, Cherry said, her face very close to Amy’s, their lips, almost touching.

“I think Amy is a little overdressed, don’t you?” Cherry said to Lulu and then both strippers started to simultaneously unbutton Amy’s blouse.

Oh No No No No! Amy thought as she said, “Ah…ladies, w-what are you doing?”

“Ah…hey, ah…look, I have nothing but respect for the LGBT community and I’m flattered by the offer, but I self-identify as hetero-normative and, uh–”

“Oh my God, shut the fuck up!” Lulu said as she continued to unbutton Amy’s blouse.

Cherry turned to Lulu and mischievously said, “Too many buttons.” and then ripped the front of Amy’s blouse open, exposing her A cup sized breasts.

“Stupid bitch, that’s a $300 blouse you just ruined and you’re go–uhhhh!” Amy started to say angrily, but stopped as each of her pert breasts was covered by a feminine mouth; the sudden sensations of her nips getting sucked, nibbled and teased by expert lips, teeth & tongues made her shiver and sent sparks of delight straight to her pussy. Oh God, that feels soooo goood! Amy thought as she said, “H-Hey, s-stop it!”

In response to Amy’s protests, the strippers sucked harder on her tits, causing her to quiver and moan helplessly. I can’t believe this is happening to me! If I wasn’t wearing these fucking handcuffs…!

“Ladies, seriously…please, please don’t do this to me.” Amy begged, while struggling to keep her body from responding to their attentions.

Ignoring her pleas, Lulu continued her erotic assault on Amy’s breasts of sucking, tweaking and nibbling, while Cherry began to kiss her way down Amy’s taut & trembling stomach.

Oh no. No no no no! Please God, don’t let this happen! Amy thought, as Cherry’s tongue circled around her bellybutton as her hands started to caress Amy’s legs, slowly moving upwards…

Amy felt Cherry’s hand on her inner thigh. “Goddamn it, get off of me you fucking whores!” Amy screamed as she started struggling. Biting her lower lip and peering out the windows of the squad car, Amy desperately looked for someone to call for help. In these cuffs, I’m helpless! These fucking lesbo whores can do whatever they want to me and I can’t stop them!

With Lulu’s help, Cherry flipped the still-struggling Amy over so that she was laying across her lap, face down. Cherry gave her skirt-covered ass a sharp spank and said, “Hey, that’s enough of that!”

“Hey, stop it!” Amy screamed as Cherry playfully tugged down the zipper of her skirt, slowly revealing her ass, cheeks completely exposed with just the thin fabric of her black thong between them; the creamy-white cheeks had a slight shade of flushed pink from the slap they had received and from Amy’s embarrassment.

Tugging Amy’s skirt down to her knees, Cherry ran her hand over the exposed cheeks of her ass (which trembled under her touch) and said, “Wow Amy, nice ass!” Still caressing her butt, Cherry asked, “Seriously, very nice. What do you do, yoga?”

“No. I do pilates and I run–” Amy said, before stopping herself. Why the fuck am I answering her? Amy thought as Cherry continued to grope and fondle her exposed buttocks while Lulu continued to tweak and tug at her increasingly sensitive nipples.

With her hands cuffed behind her, Amy was helpless to prevent the two strippers from rolling her over, so that she was sitting up with her back leaning against the car door. In spite of her struggling and desperate pleas, Amy was unable to keep Cherry & Lulu from yanking her skirt off and pulling her legs apart, spreading them wide to gaze upon her pussy, covered only by the thin fabric of her black thong.

Pulling her thong aside and with Amy’s completely shaved and helpless pussy exposed before her, Cherry said, “Wow, what a beautiful pussy!” and then used her fingers to stretch apart Amy’s pussy lips and then ran her tongue over the tender flesh before twirling and teasing over her sensitive clit.

Where the fuck are those cops? Amy thought as Cherry’s lips, tongue & fingers Ümraniye Escort Bayan caused pink lightning bolts of pleasure to radiate from her pussy. Amy had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning. Meanwhile, Lulu continued to tweak and pull at her nipples, creating a delicious contrast to the wonderful torture that Cherry was inflicting on her pussy.

When Cherry started to lightly suck on her (now engorged) clit, Amy’s eyes rolled back in her head from pure pleasure.

Amy’s entire body felt taut like a rubberband and her pussy felt like a dam ready to burst and flood her with ecstasy. Through half-lidded eyes, Amy made eye contact with the female cop, who was in the front seat, watching the show, while her partner was driving. How long have they been back and why aren’t they stopping this?

Whimpering in her “cute baby-girl”voice (that she hated and always did on those rare occasions when she was close to an intense orgasm.) Amy said, “Oh God, oh God, oh God…I’m going to cum!”

Except she didn’t.

Just as Amy was on the edge, the door she had been leaning against, suddenly opened and she fell out onto the cold cement of the police garage; Amy had been so lost in her near-orgasm, that she hadn’t realized that the car had even stopped. “NO!” she screamed as her hips thrust upward trying to ride the sweet sensations that were already fading.

Amy was keenly aware of her hungry and frustrated pussy and was also aware of the laughs, whistles and catcalls of nearby cops and with that came the sudden realization that her skirt was still in the squad car and the tattered remains of her blouse had gotten wadded up around her cuffed hands, leaving her completely naked except for her go-go boots and thong panties.

As the two cops helped her up, Amy angrily yelled, “COVER ME UP, YOU IDIOTS!” as she felt a breeze go across her exposed tits and pussy, still moist with stripper-saliva.

Grabbing her by her arm, the male cop said, “I’m getting tired of your insults. Words hurt, y’know, especially since we were nice enough to let you gals do your little lesbian thing in the back of the car.” and started to drag Amy towards the precinct entrance.

Although her legs were still a little wobbily from her near-orgasm, Amy yanked herself out of the cop’s grasp, Amy yelled a little more quietly, “Are you fucking kidding me? You can’t drag me in there like this, I’m naked! Don’t you guys have blankets in the trunks of your cars? Fucking cover me up already! At least let me put on my skirt! Also, I’m not a fucking lesbian!”

The male cop, stopped, looked at Amy as though she were stupid and said, “Why would we have blankets in our squadcars? We’re not allowed to sleep in them. Not anymore, anyways…” and then continued to drag Amy away as the other cops continued to whistle & catcall.

Now crying tears of anguish, Amy tantrumed, “No! Fuck this, you’re not dragging me through the police station with my tits hanging out! No way!”

The female cop roughly grabbed Amy’s other arm and was about to help drag Amy away, when Cherry said, “Hold up, sweetie. I gotcha covered. I’ve got some extra pasties.”, got out of the car, smiling and looking into Amy’s eyes and suddenly her head went down and she took Amy’s left nipple into her mouth.

Amy sucked in a breath of surprise as Cherry’s warm sucking mouth and swirling tongue on her hardening nipple as the hooting/cheering from the cops became even louder. Suddenly her left nip was exposed to the air and she felt Cherry’s mouth on the other one, with the same delicious sensations going right to her pussy, causing her to close her eyes and moan softly.

With a soft “pop’, Cherry removed her mouth from Amy’s right nipple, reached down and then brought her hands up to reveal the two pasties, which she then applied to Amy’s nipples, covering them.

Looking into Amy’s dazed & aroused face, Cherry said, “They need moisture to stay on…” and then leaned in and kissed Amy. Surprising Cherry and herself, Amy found herself responding to the kiss and pushing against Cherry as her tongue intertwined with hers. In addition to the renewed hoots & hollering from the peanut-gallery cops, in the back of her mind, she also heard her voice screaming at her, What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you kissing her, she just sexually assaulted you! Ew, I can taste my own pussy, gross! but Amy was lost in her own passion, until the 2 cops pulled them apart.

“OK, that’s enough ladies and Cherry, thanks for helping defuse the situation; it’s always nice to work with a professional. If you and Lulu could just check in with the desk sergeant when you get a chance, that’d be great.” the male cop said as he and Escort Ümraniye the dyke-cop dragged Amy to the garage entrance to the precinct.

The peanut-gallery cops applauded as Amy, wearing only pasties, a skimpy thong and go-go boots was marched between them and a mustached cop held the door open, making an exaggerated bow.

Amongst the whistles & catcalls, Amy thought, God, I’m mortified! This can’t possibly get any more humiliating!

Amy could not have been more wrong.

The cop holding the door open for Amy & the two cops, looked down at her groin, did a double-take and said loudly, “Looks like roast beef is on the menu today!” and then laughed and left through the door.

Looking down, Amy realized what the cop meant: her thong was still pushed towards the side, leaving her completely shaved pussy exposed to view. She freaked. “WAIT! STOP! I have to adjust–“, but the two cops weren’t listening and dragged her forward in spite of her protests. Christ! My whole cooch is out and these idiots won’t let me cover it up!

Pissed off, the dyke cop turned to Amy and said, “If you keep acting out like this, we’re going to tase you!”as she dragged her forward by her right arm, with the male cop dragging her by her right arm.

Paraded past other amused cops and lowlifes, Amy was dragged to the booking desk where the older desk sergeant was watching the game on a portable TV set. The male cop asked, “What’s the score?”

Not looking away from the TV, the Desk Sergeant answered, “Tie game right now. You two are missing the game of the year.”

Clearly pissed off, the Female Cop answered, “Yeah, thanks to lesbo Barbie over here.”

Still held by the two cops, Amy turned to the Female Cop and said, “Again, I’m not a lesbian and you have no–HEY!” Amy’s indignant speech came to a sudden halt as, behind her, she felt a rough, calloused hand on the completely exposed left cheek of her firm ass, squeezing and fondling it. “Hey, there’s some–!” Amy started to say, but was shushed by both cops, engrossed on watching the game on the portable TV. This is fucking unbelievable! So what, I have to just stand here and deal with having my ass felt up and groped because these two idiot cops are too busy watching the game?

Which is exactly what Amy did for the first two minutes, seething in anger and idignation as the hand roamed over her butt, but finally that hand went too far when one of the fingers started to trace the crack of her ass and started to push inward…

Yanking herself free of the grasps of the two cops, Amy whirled around and took a wild kick (missing completely) at the owner of that intrusive hand, which turned out to be, sitting on a police bench, an older, homeless guy with a semi-toothy grin and leering eyes. “Keep your hands to yourself, you fucking, filthy homeless perv!”. Other police station regulars (call girls, drunks, gangsta’s) who had

been watching the exchange, burst out into laughter, getting a scornful look from Amy.

Irritatedly, the two cps grabbed Amy’s arms, only now she was facing away from the booking desk (and missing a great game on the portable TV) and was looking down at the homeless perv, who was at eye level with her exposed, shaved pussy (still moist from Cherry’s mouth and her own pussy juice).

An old blonde wig-wearing hooker sitting on the bench, laughed and said, “Her whole clam is hanging out!” while pointing a bony, long-nailed finger at Amy’s bare pussy, which drew comments from the rest of the precinct lowlifes (“Yo, check out that shit!”, etc.). Everyone was looking at her exposed pussy, except for the two cops holding her, watching the game and oblivious and/or uncaring of her plight.

Pissed off, Amy snapped. “Why don’t you scumbags mind–AAAH! AAAH!” Amy started to say, until she felt the Homeless Perv’s hand rub her bare pussy and graze over her clit.

“Here, clitty, clitty” the perv said, drunkenly as he reached out with his two middle fingers extended.

Amy, still held in place (by the two cops who were engrossed in the game), tried her best to squirm away from the Homeless Perv’s fingers. Looking at the precinct lowlifes, Amy said, “C-could one of you assholes please s-stop this!?”, but they were enjoying her predicament, they liked watching Amy try to squirm & dance away from the Homeless Perv’s curious fingers.

Amy’s movements distracted the female cop enough to get her attention long enough for her to say, “Last warning Barbie – keep it up and you’ll get the taser.” while never looking away from the TV screen.

Amy was about to respond, but went rigid as the Homeless Perv’s fingers, finally found their mark, sliding knuckle-deep into Amy’s moist pussy.

She almost came.

“G-get your f-fingers out of m-my puss!” Amy whimpered in her baby-girl voice, as the perv’s fingers started to slide in and out, occasionally grazing her now-engorged clit. Fucking A, that feels sooo good! Amy thought as her hips began to involuntarily undulate in rhytmn to the Perv’s finger-fucking.

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