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After signing off from my early morning chat with Amber, I was so aroused that there was no way I could go to work right away. Thoughts of lovely, innocent Amber in her room, peeling off her panties, and vigorously rubbing her pussy filled my head; blood quickly fillled my cock. During my shower, I soaped my cock and stroked it. Amber had me so aroused that I barely lasted two minutes before a hot load of cum went down the drain.

Around two pm, Amber called me. I had just dismissed my last class for the day, and getting ready to grade last night’s homework papers.

When I saw her name on the caller ID, my heart raced. I answered eagerly, “Hello, sexy!”

“Hello, Mr. Corlucci,” she said teasingly. “What are you doing?”

I told her, and she said “We have a problem.”

I was a bit alarmed at this, imagining all kinds of bad possibilities in just a moment’s time. Did someone see us in the act at the lake? Did she not want to see me any more?

Before my thoughts ran on too much longer, she said, “I have more Physics problems to do, plus there’s going to be another test eventually. But now when we are together, I don’t think we are going to be able to study. I have other stuff in mind,” she said with a giggle.

I laughed too, and said, “When we get together, we’ll have to satisfy our desires right away, then get right back to studying.”

She said, “Yeah, right. I have not been able to think about anything except yesterday at the lake. How your penis felt in my mouth, hard and kind of rubbery, and how your mouth felt on my nipples.”

I told her, “Oh man, you are killing me talking like that! I am still at school, you know. Where are you?”

“In my room, I am changing into my work clothes. I have to be there at three,” she said. “But I have been thinking all during class about everything we did yesterday and I am so horny! I keep wishing I had gone ahead and let you go down my pants and finger me. I usually don’t do that to myself, I just rub on the outside, but I bet it would have been awesome to feel your finger in my pussy!”

Looking around the room guiltily, I made sure no one was around. “Why don’t you try it now?” I suggested.

“OK,” she said breathlessly. “Oh, my hands are shaking, I am so horny”, she said as she moaned. “Ahhh ha haa, my middle finger is in as far as it will go.”

I was nearly speechless. All I could say as I listened to her labored breathing was, “How does it feel?”

“Ohhh it’s so wet inside. I want you to feel it! It’s really tight on my finger.”

Her cries of “Oh yeah, oh yeah” beacame “Ha ya, Anadolu Yakası Escort ha ya”,then simply pants of “Huh huh uh huh,” as she no longer had the breath to form whole words. Then she orgasmed with a sultry moan.

All I could say was “Damn, I am so hard right now, and I can’t do anything about it, girl!”

“I’m sorry,” she giggled as she caught her breath. “I’ll be working until seven. Why don’t you come and eat dinner there? At least we can see each other, even if we can’t do anything.”

“OK, I’ll be there”, I said.

She said, “I better go clean up. I kind of made a mess here in my panties.”

I told her, “I’d like to feel how wet they are.”

Amber said, “They are saoked. I’ll have to change.”

I told her, “OK, I’ll see you later. I have to try to calm down before someone comes in.”

We both said, “I can’t wait” simultaneously, laughed, and hung up.

With a superhuman effort, I finished my work and went home. “Maybe a giod workout will burn off some of this sexual tension,” I thought. I put on my sweats, stretched, and warmed up with a run. Returning the house, I took off my sweats and hit the weights in my garage. I statted with my legs, then abs, then chest, and finished with my arms. I worked the muscles until they could do no more. My muscles were almost as engorged as my cock had been listening to Amber as she fingered her pussy. I took a quick shower, and it was time to go to Chapp’s for dinner and a visit to Amber.

As I drove there, I thought about our “relationship. I had no expectation of it going on long-term. For now, she obviously wanted me, bad. Philosophically, I thought, I had two things going for me with Amber: First, though nothing we had done was illegal, there was an element of forbidenness. Second, before we had even touched, there was a month-long period of anticipation. I had a hunch that once we consummated things, both of those elements would vanish, and perhaps her interest would wane. So, despite my desire to make love to her as soon as possible, I resolved to make each encounter as slow as possible, and delay actual sex as long as possible.

I entered the restaurant for the first time since we met. Seeing her there in the same environment made me feel not only sexual excitement, but also kind of romantic. I caught her eye, and she gave me a bit of a smile, but that’s all. I stayed in the line that she was not working and placed my order and found a place to sit.

When my food was ready, Amber brought it to me, in a replay of our first meeting. Our hands touched a little as Kurtköy Escort she handed me my basket of food, and it sent a thrill through my body.

“Here are some extra napkins,” she said pointedly, nodding her head toward the stack as she laid them on the table. Once again, I longingly gazed at her perfect ass as she walked back up front. Again, she turned and knew how much I liked it.

I looked at the stack of napkins, and found a note hidden inside. I read it as secretly as I could.

“Most of these other kids working here know who you are,” she had written. “They go to your school, so we can’t let on we know each other. But when you finish, park your car around the back of the building. I’ll be off right after that and we can be alone for a few minutes before I have to head home.”

I finished eating, eating only half and not tasting any due to my excitement. As instructed, I went outside and went around back of the strip mall. All the other businesses were closed except the restaurant. It did indeed look like low-traffic rendezvous point.

A few minutes later, Amber’s car came around the end of the building and parked next to me. She got out and motioned for me to move to the back seat, which I did eagerly. “Hey, sexy,” she said. “Oh God, I thought I would go crazy before I saw you!” She barely got these words out before our tongues found each other and intertwined.

I told her how after our chat this morning how I had had to stroke myself to clear my head. Between kisses’ I placed her hand on my cock, which she rubbed through my pants. “You see how hard you make me, Baby?” as my hand went under her shirt and caressed her breasts through her bra. Her nipples were as hard as my cock.

“Oh God, you turn me on so much too, Baby,” she told me. “I should have rubbed myself after that too, but I couldn’t. It just built up inside me all day until I called you.”

“I was kind of surprised how much you told me about how you would rub yourself after our tutoring sessions,” I said. “But I loved it.”

“I feel like I can tell you anything, Honey,” she said. “And I can’t stay long, and I so want you to rub my pussy and finger me.” With that, she unfastened her jeans and lifted her hips and pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees, revealing an oval shaped patch of thin, soft pubic hair, her toned, sexy thighs, and her pussy. She pushed my hand from under her shirt and down between her thighs.

Remembering my resolution, I fought back my desire. Instead of imnediately fingering her, I slowly brushed my fingers through her pubic Pendik Escort hair, barely making contact with the skin underneath.. Then, I let my fingers explore up and down her slit several times, again with the goal of tantalizing her more than stimulating her. As I explored, I felt her outer lips, then the inner lips just barely protruding. As I moved higher, my finger barely grazed the tip of her clitoris, which seemed to be barely peeking from within her outer lips. I made a few gentle circles on it with my finger, causing her to gasp and shove her tongue even deeper into .my mouth.

“Oh, Baby, yes! Rub it harder, please! I can’t wait!” she cried. But I was determined to make her wait, at least a little longer.

I moved my finger up and down the length of her pussy again, this time letting my finger dip down between her inner pussy lips, which were now wet and slippery, however I only went in about halfway to the first joint of my finger. I slid back up to her clit, and now that my fingers were lubricated with her pussy juice, I gently rubbed the tip of it. As I rubbed her clit, I felt the center of the tip harden until it felt like a button. This caused Amber to thrust her hips up and moan. She had both arms around my neck, and as she moaned, I felt her hot breath on my face and in my ear.

“Is this where you like to rub yourself, Honey?” I asked.

“Oh God, yes! Oh, yeah, oh yeah!” was all she could manage to say. I continued to rub her clit, and it felt like it flattened a little, and now her inner lips opened wide. Her pussy was now wide open and was so wet that it made wet sounds as I rubbed her clit more vigorously. Amber rocked her hips involuntarily as her orgasm approached. As she appeared to almost orgasm, finally I plunged my middle finger deep inside her tight pussy.

“Ohhhhh Goooooood,” she wailed, as I felt the inside of her pussy spasm. Once, twice, three times, the front wall of her pussy squeezed my finger. As the first powerful surge ended, I kept sliding my finger in and out, loving the hot, tight, wetness, and Amber’s contented sighs. She held her arns around me even tighter, and moaned more quietly as I felt a smaller wave of spasms pass over my finger. As they subsided, I let my finger slide out., loving the feeling of her pussy seeming to envelope it right up until it was all the way out. My finger and most of my hand was wet with Amber’s cum, and I licked it clean.

“Oh, Jack, I love you!” she said. “You are the first to touch my pussy, touch me all over! I want you to take my virginity too. But no more making out in the car. I want to come to your house!”

As she re-dressed herself, she said, “Oh my, it’s almost eight! I have to go!” She felt how hard I still was. “Oh, Baby, I have to take care of that, don’t I?”

I said, “No, Honey,you are right. Not in the car. We”ll figure out when you can come over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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