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Amber forced the thoughts from her mind as she went and sat down at her desk and did some of her homework from her classes. The work helped, though, every now and then, she would think back to her fantasy of her friend. And she would occasionally hear laughter from outside her window, of the other girls in her building. Amber tried over and over again to get her mind on her work, but to no avail. She would always end up daydreaming again.

She finally gave up on her school work and turned on her computer. She kept telling herself that the only reason she kept thinking about her friend in a sexual way was because she hadn’t had sex in months. Lisa wouldn’t be there for a couple of days, so Amber had the idea of getting a hold of Max, her online lover.

They had met almost a year before and had had a few trysts during that time. Max lived about forty-five minutes from where she did. They both had never wanted to start a relationship. Because they both were having a great time with the free life of being single at college.

Max is 6′ 1″, has green eyes, and has sandy-brown hair. He’s very muscular from being a football and a basketball player. The two of them met online when Amber happened upon a college chat room during her research for a college paper. They had hit it off from the first hello. They started talking through e-mails and instant messaging for a while. Finally, after a month or so of constant contact online, Max asked Amber out on a date, so they could meet in person. Amber was hesitant about meeting someone she had only known online and for such a short time. She finally agreed to the meeting, but only if they met at a public place. Max agreed and they set up the date. They would meet on Wednesday afternoon, at a restaurant that was about twenty minutes from Amber’s dorm.

After their first meeting, they had gone out together three more times, until Amber finally invited Max to her dorm room. That night was the first of many times that they had met for sex.

The computer finally connected to the internet and Amber turned on her instant messaging system, looking to see if Max was online. To her disappointment, ataköy escort he wasn’t online. So she turned on her e-mail and wrote to him.


Hey, it’s me. I was just wondering if you had any plans for tonight. I need a little company. Haven’t seen you in a while. Miss ya. Can’t wait to see you again.


Not five minutes after she sent the email, an instant message from Max popped up on her screen.

“Hell, yeah. I will be there in an hour and a half. Can’t wait to see you, either. Be ready for one long evening.”

Amber was shocked, but happy at the same time. She was about to message Max back, but he had already signed off. Slightly bummed about him signing off so quick, Amber turned off her computer and went to finish cleaning up her apartment. The cleaning only took Amber about thirty minutes. She still had an hour before Max got there, so she decided to go and take another shower and change her clothes.

The outfit she chose was a black skirt that came to the middle of her thighs. A matching black, lace and satin bra, bikini panties, and a purple top completed the outfit. She slipped on her knee-high, side-zip black boots, which have a two-inch chunk heel. After dressing, Amber looked at the clock and saw that she still had about thirty-five minutes left. She dried and fixed her hair and put on some simple make-up.

As Amber walked out of the bathroom, she looked at the clock again. Only ten more minutes, she thought to herself. With everything picked up and the apartment cleaned, she walked out to the kitchen and fixed two drinks, one for herself and one for Max. Just as she finished making the drinks and was putting away the ice, there was a knock at her door. She picked up the drinks and walked out to answer it.

Setting one glass on the table next to the door, Amber unlocked and opened the door. There was Max’s handsome, smiling self. Amber’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at Max. He had a bronze tan that made him look devilishly handsome and his green eyes brightened as he smiled.

Amber opened the door ataşehir escort the rest of the way, letting Max in. Her heart skipped a beat as he stopped in front of her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply. After what seemed like a few minutes, they broke the kiss and Max pushed the door closed and said, “Hey, babe. God, you look hot in that outfit.”

Amber blushed at Max’s comment about her outfit. She held out the glass in her hand while saying, “Thanks, Max. I’m so glad you could come down today. Here, I made you a drink. I kinda figured you could use one.”

Max took the drink and drank it down quickly.

“Thanks, babe. You thought right. I did need a drink. Oh, and I’m not just here for the night. I’m here for the weekend. I have a few plans for you.”

Amber was about to say something about him staying the weekend, but it was quickly forgotten as Max took her in his arms and started kissing her again. She whimpered softly against his lips as he kissed her passionately and deeply. His hand slid all over her back and butt as they kissed. Before Amber knew what was happening, Max scooped her up, into his strong arms, and carried her off to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Max carefully set Amber on her feet once again. As Max set her down, he broke the kiss. Amber’s breathing was coming in short, little whimpers, which Max noticed. He pulled her back into his arms and looked into her eyes.

“You really missed my touch. Didn’t you?” he asked.

Amber nodded slightly as Max looked over her body. Then he slowly started to remove her top and skirt. His smile broadened as he saw her in the matching lace and satin panties. It was then that he realized that they were the ones he’d bought her, to replace the ones he’d ripped on the first night they’d had sex. Before he could say anything about them, Amber started removing his clothing. As she did, she kissed every inch of skin she bared.

Max shuddered as she undid his pants and pushed them down over his hips and thighs to pool at his feet. Amber kissed each of Max’s thighs, before helping avcılar escort him get his shoes and pants off. Once he could easily move again, Max helped Amber up and pulled her close again.

As they stood together, their naked flesh rubbing, Max looked into Amber’s eyes, before lowering his lips to hers. She moaned softly, her mind and heart racing. Slowly, as they kissed, they moved to the bed. As the back of her knees touched the side of the bed, she slowly started to lay back. Max followed her, not breaking the kiss. Amber whimpered softly when Max’s hard cock touched her inner thigh as he lay on top of her.

Her hips lifted slightly, trying to bring Max’s cock closer to her aching pussy. Max felt her moving under him, almost begging him to take her then and there. Max had another idea, though. He slowly moved, so he could kiss along her body. He started with her left ear and slowly moved down her neck. With each soft touch of his lips, Amber shivered with pleasure. She was whimpering and moaning as she pressed her body against his.

Both their bodies melting from the heat of their passion, Max moved his lips to Amber’s perky, full breasts. He loved to lick, suck, and caress them each and every time they were together. His tongue slowly circled around her left breast as he cupped the other in his palm, taking the nipple between his index finger and thumb.

As he was teasing her, Amber was grinding her thighs together, trying to get some relief to her wet, willing pussy. When Max’s tongue found Amber’s hard nipple, he could tell she was reaching the point of telling him to stop teasing her and fuck her or get out. Amber hated long, drawn-out teasing. Though she did enjoy some teasing, which helped the experience last.

As Max closed his mouth around her nipple, his other hand moved to her left thigh. He slowly opened her thighs as he slid between them, positioning his cock at the opening of her dripping pussy. Her eyes flew open when she felt him slowly pressing into her as he continued to suck, nibble, and flick his tongue over her left nipple.

All of a sudden, he pushed his rock hard, thick cock deep into her with a powerful thrust of his chiseled hips, causing Amber to gasp and clutch at the sheets. The two of them moved together as one, their bodies glistening in the soft light drifting through her window. Soft moans and cries could be heard throughout the apartment as the pleasure continued for both Amber and Max.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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