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Amanda sat anxiously on the hotel room bed, awaiting her lover for the evening. Clad in nothing but her matching bra and panties (in a color dubbed magenta by Victoria’s Secret) she was a vision to behold-her body was toned to feminine perfection, a fact that belied the fact that she had become a single mother at 19. At five-foot-seven and 115-pounds her pert A-cup breasts merged gracefully with her tight, washboard stomach, which in turn veered ever so slightly outward to her hips. She had gone through great lengths to look her best this evening, her blonde-highlighted brown hair styled to flow gracefully past her shoulders and her face painted in such a manner to best accentuate her sparkling blue-green eyes and full lips. She wore a pair of open-tow three-inch heels on her long, perfect legs, and a silver chain dangled from her navel, offering a stark contrast to her gently tanned skin.

Amanda thought to herself how she had gotten to this point, how she had come to the conclusion that her body was for sale at the age of 23. Her intentions seemed innocent enough a year earlier, when she and her friends began frequenting the clubs near the university with the stated hope of becoming a soon-to-be-star athlete’s wife. Amanda even seemed to succeed at this almost immediately as she found herself on the arm (and in the bed) of the team’s All-American quarterback. So close to her was her chance for redemption of a youth wasted she did things she previously wouldn’t have considered, like agreeing to a threesome with the quarterback’s best friend and favorite receiver. From there it didn’t take her long to dyke-out with an 18-year old sorority girl for the team’s entertainment, then became the team’s entertainment as she was passed around from player to player, punctuated when the entire starting offense ran a “train” on her one Thursday night. Before she knew what was happening her quarterback boyfriend had moved on to another conquest, and she was left as little more than another jock groupie.

What separated Amanda from similar girls was her staying power-she had managed to keep the team’s attention to the point where a fuck of Amanda Clark was the ultimate reward for a great game, and players who thought of each other as brothers would come to blows if a few minutes with the petite nymph were at stake. The university’s powerful booster club took notice of this and decided that she could be very advantageous to their goal of continued athletic dominance. It didn’t take much to convince Amanda that becoming an “employee” of the booster club was in her best interest-she’d be paid $10,000 up front in return for her first “job” (bedding the nation’s top quarterback recruit) and would receive $1,000 for each future recruit she slept with. She saw no downside to the proposition-at worst she’d not like it the first time and stop $10,000 thicker, and if she did like it her earning potential was unlimited during the school year. After a year she could virtually have a new life for her self.

As Amanda day-dreamed of this new life she heard the handle to the hotel room door turn. Her heart began to race as she quickly swung her long legs over the edge of the bed and crossed them demurely, doing what she could to belie the fact that she was about to become a prostitute. Part of her mind was filled with apprehension and questions like “Why are you doing this?,” while excitement and thrills ran through another part of her mind. Amanda had always loved sex, and the thought that people thought enough of her body that they’d pay her for sex filled her with a sense of pride. The hotel room door opened, and the young man that stepped through it looked exactly how a star quarterback was supposed to. He had a tall, slender-yet-muscular physique, with close-cropped blond hair on his head and a strong, confident jaw line. He’s young, Amanda thought to herself while gazing at him, but she was undoubtedly attracted to him. She shot a closed-mouth smile in his direction, expressing her approval.

“Hi there,” Amanda greeted her soon-to-be lover, seductively eyeing him with her sparkling aquamarine eyes. “I’m Amanda .”

“I’m Trent,” the quarterback said in response, his voice tinted with a slight sheepishness. “You’re really pretty.”

“Why thank you!” Amanda answered, giving her immaculate hair a slight, playful toss. “I bet you have a girlfriend back home.”

“Yeah,” Trent answered, sounding a little relieved now that the source of his apprehension had been revealed.

“I thought so,” the lingerie-clad beauty said, motioning for him to sit next to her on the bed. For all her flaws and poor choice in men Amanda had always had an innate ability to read the opposite sex, and Trent was no different. “I don’t want you to feel you have to do this, but I think you really like me and want to feel what it’s like to make love to me.”

Amanda reached up and gently kissed the quarterback with her full, lush lips, and she felt his tongue slip inside her mouth. As they released bursa escort from each other she smiled again at him, with Trent this time returning the smile.

“Don’t worry, no one’s ever going to know,” Amanda re-assured him. “Besides, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight.”

Trent leaned in and kissed her once again, this time lengthening their embrace by several seconds. Amanda held her hair back and directed his lips towards her neck, and he promptly started to suckle on her neck as she gently cooed in delight. Trent’s sheepishness had disappeared completely by now, expertly covering Amanda’s exposed tan skin with expertly-delivered kisses. He reached a hand around her back and unfastened her bra, allowing Amanda to remove it from her small breasts. She leaned back until she was lying flat on the mattress, and the young man’s mouth followed her, running his tongue slowly around the pink areolas of her breasts. Starting with the left breast he made a circular motion with his tongue, resisting the urge to engulf her hardened nipple in his mouth, then did the same to her right breast, completing several circles on her sensitive flesh. Amanda’s breathing began to grow heavier, her coos grew louder and more intense, and she felt her magenta panties dampen slightly from her arousal.

“Mmmm,” Amanda whimpered as she felt herself inch closer and closer to the state of pleasure she was often engulfed by during sex. “I’d love it if you sucked on my nipples.”

After completing a few more circles around each areola Trent hesitated in fulfilling Amanda’s request, giving the tips of her nipples slight kisses in between the circles he had been sketching with his tongue. Though it wasn’t what she had requested Amanda’s coos had erupted into moans, as the pleasure she was feeling took its grip on her body and mind. In spite of his initial sheepishness and hesitation it was clear that Trent was an experienced lover, as he seemed to have a better sense of what Amanda wanted than even she did. During one of his kisses he stopped and slid his tongue out of his mouth, quickly meeting the tip of the beautiful girl’s nipple with the tip of his tongue. The quarterback’s teasing and refusal to engulf her breasts fully was enraging Amanda’s hormones, and she soon realized that this 18-year old had taught her something new sexually that she couldn’t imagine doing without. She ran her manicured fingers through the young man’s blond hair, though it was more like a grasp as she focused on his tongue work. Now Trent allowed his lips to part and embrace Amanda’s right nipple, then sucked in for several seconds to bring it further in his mouth.

“OOOOHHHH!!!” Amanda cried out in pleasure. “Oh god that’s good…I need more.”

Trent moved on to the other breast and repeated what he had done before, then began alternating between his licks, kisses, and suckling. He had nearly brought Amanda to orgasm without even touching her beneath the waist, and he decided to complete the job. He placed his hand firmly on top of Amanda’s panties and between her parted legs, starting to rub her pussy through the magenta lace. Amanda responded accordingly, flexing her pelvis in order to grind against his hand, and she felt an overflow of her arousal fluids release from inside her. Trent responded to Amanda’s grinding by increasing the pace of his rubbing, and Amanda moans gave way to loud, passionate screams.

“UH! UH!! UH!!!” Amanda grunted as the inching towards orgasm that had been taking place now sped up to an uncontrollable. “THAT’S IT BABY, RUB ME, RUB MY WET PUSSY!”

With the two lovers working feverishly towards Amanda’s orgasm she felt a tingle stir from the depths of her womanhood, reverberating throughout her body and frantically searching for an outlet. Trent steadied his hand as he sensed her body tense up, and allowed Amanda to grind her way through her final climax. She worked her pussy frantically against her lover’s still hand, and Amanda erupted with a primal cry of passion, a guttural “OH” that was surely heard by nearly every hotel guest, releasing her pleasure out upon the world. As his petite lover halted her grinding Trent lay by Amanda’s side, and every muscle in her body seemed to loosen and relax in exhaustion from the heights it had reached.

“Oh wow,” Amanda said as her breathing began to slow again, her limp, topless torso glistening with sweat and the remnants of her lover’s saliva. “That was fun!”

Resting his head on his hand Trent looked at the teal-eyed beauty with a sly grin, hinting at what he was looking for next.

“I take it you want some fun now,” Amanda said to the quarterback, expending the small amount of energy she had built up since her orgasm to stand to her feet. “I guess that’s what I’m here for.”

Trent jumped to his feet, leaning in to allow his lips to embrace with Amanda’s. Following several seconds of passionate kissing Amanda tugged the bottom of Trent’s shirt, running her soft, tiny hands up his bursa escort bayan chiseled torso as each worked towards removing his shirt. Amanda gazed in awe for a moment at the etched rips that constituted Trent’s body, making a mental note of each and every muscle above his waist. Her luscious lips suckled at his neck as his had at hers earlier, and she proceeded to gently kiss his broad chest and marble-sculpted stomach, slowly making her way down his body. Soon she found herself on her knees and slightly above eye level of his belt line. Amanda leaned back slightly, allowing her round bottom to rest on the back of her heels, then smiled and looked longingly up at Trent. She expertly unfastened the buckle of the black belt that wrapped around his jeans, then undid the button and zipper near the top of his pants. She reached around the back of his jeans and slowly removed them as she had his shirt, paying careful attention to embrace his muscled buttocks and the back of his ripped thighs. Trent stepped out of the jeans as they fell to his ankles, and Amanda stared intently at the beast she could see rising in his boxers. With her hands on his waist she quickly slid the underwear down his body and found herself facing eight-inches of semi-aroused maleness. Amanda was pleased at this development, looking forward to getting impaled by the distinguished member.

Tenderly holding his still flaccid cock with her thumb and pointer finger, Amanda adjusted the angle of her head and took a long, slow lick along the underbelly of Trent’s manhood, which instinctively grew slightly more rigid in response. With her lover gently running his fingers through her hair Amanda engulfed his half-hard cock between her thick pink lips, bobbing her head back and forth so that his member slid effortlessly inside her warm, wet mouth. As Trent became fully aroused Amanda would release him from her mouth, using her tongue to navigate the entirety of his rigid maleness. She repeated the move she had originally performed, the long caress on his cock’s underside. Then, in a fluid motion she swirled the tip of her tongue completely around the ridge that connected his hardened shaft to its semi-round tip, mimicking almost perfectly the same movements that Trent had performed on her nipples. The young quarterback now had both hands entangled in Amanda’s blonde-accented locks, nearly massaging her scalp between pleasured groans as she meticulously worked him over with her mouth and tongue. With his cock still jutting outward from his pelvis Amanda took a long stroke along the top of his shaft, moving in towards his body and then back out. This was followed by the fluid circular caress of his manhood’s crown, then another loving lick of the shaft’s sensitive bottom portion. Even though she had sucked a fair share of cocks in her sexual life Amanda was determined not to give head like the high-priced whore she had become-the fact that Trent had delivered her such an earth-shattering climax made that task all the more easy.

Amanda continued to perform amazing acts of satisfaction with her savvy tongue, flicking the tip of Trent’s cock with it followed by a corkscrew motion down his shaft, eventually engulfing him completely for a brief moment. She was sure not to hold it in her mouth for any longer, since she knew that his climax would be infinitely more enjoyable the longer he delayed his final release. Amanda had a nearly exact rhythm established for the hardened cock-the popsicle-esque licks along the underside of the shaft. The circular caress of his dick head. The mirror motion of those popsicle licks, this time along the top side of his shaft. The playful flicks at the pre-cum soaked tip of his manhood, and finally the corkscrew-to-oral embrace of his member. Amanda’s mouth teasingly made love to Trent’s cock, and he expressed his satisfaction vocally.

With her tongue playfully pleasing her lover Amanda felt her loins grow warmer, and once again she could feel the damp magenta lace fabric on her pussy. Whether or not he was ready for her to finish him off was irrelevant by now; Amanda was once again in need of climax and knew she had to fully embrace Trent’s maleness with those luscious pink-painted lips and hope that he’d be able to perform in her pussy. Amanda hungrily smothered the eight-inch rod with her mouth, holding still for a moment as Trent moaned something about her re-defining the term “dick-sucking lips.” Now she was bobbing her head up and down his cock, alternating between a rapid motion and drawn-out savoring of his shaft. Trent could also feel Amanda’s tongue tricks at work even with her mouth stuffed, and seemed almost paralyzed from the pleasure she was delivering.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, I’m right there,” Trent groaned as he shifted his hands to the side of Amanda’s head. “Suck me dry whore.”

Amanda increased her pace one last time, then felt Trent explode inside her mouth. She struggled to break free in hopes of not having to swallow his seed, but the young escort bursa quarterback would have nothing of it as Amanda gulped down stream after stream of his seed. Trent helped Amanda stand to her feet, then reached around her and placed his cusped her tiny round butt in his hands. He felt her nipples harden again as she was pulled into his body, indicating that she was ready for their next interaction.

“I want you to fuck me,” Amanda cooed at Trent, erasing any question in the matter. “I want to feel your big cock in my tight pussy.”

Amanda squatted down on the bed directly behind her, leaning back and spreading her legs slightly. Trent gave her body a quick glance-over, reaching for her visibly dampened panties as his gaze settled over her pelvis. With the help of Amanda’s squirming he quickly removed the lingerie from her petite frame, leaving her completely unprotected to his eyes. The scent of Amanda’s arousal permeated the entire hotel room, and Trent was fixated on her neatly trimmed pussy; he grabbed hold of her slender legs and dragged her towards the edge of the bed. Again Amanda’s heart began to race, as the young quarterback pulled her up towards his loins. Trent expertly navigated his cock into Amanda’s waiting pussy, slowly easing his rigid eight-inches inside her warm, moist body. Amanda let out a slight gasp as she was entered, something she seemed to do instinctively every time she got fucked, and Trent paused for a moment after he had fully immersed himself inside Amanda, feeling her pussy tighten around his hard shaft. He started with slow, rocking thrusts inside her, with Amanda grinding along with him. As her breathing grew heavier Amanda began to gently moan in pleasure, and Trent’s pace increased as he felt himself slip and slide between her legs. He could feel the damp, trimmed hairs around Amanda’s pussy rubbing against his cock, and Trent now alternated between his rapid-fire thrusts and the rocking chair motions he had started with.

“You are so tight,” Trent said whilst ravaging Amanda ‘s sopping pussy. “That pussy’s milking my dick for everything I’ve got.”

The young quarterback pulled out of Amanda momentarily, enabling the two lovers to re-position themselves. Trent lay down on the bed, his hardened maleness protruding upwards, and not long after was straddled by the petite whore, her hungry pussy swallowing his cock as she slowly slid down his rod. Amanda’s sliding quickly gave way to full-on bouncing, while Trent bucked his hips in response to the young woman’s enthusiastic love-making. Amanda threw her head back while working her body closer to another orgasm, screaming out in delight as she rode the throbbing monster inside her pussy.

“OH! OH!! OH!!!” Amanda squealed as she felt Trent’s strong hands cusp her round, tiny butt. She gyrated her hips whilst tightening the walls of her femininity around the phallus inside her, her lover unleashing a loud moan and growing still inside Amanda. “I want you to make me cum.”

Trent watched contently as Amanda lustfully rode his cock, her pussy sheathing him perfectly. Hot. Tight. Wet. Amanda used nearly a full range of motion on his rock-hard member, sliding from his pelvis to just at the crown of its rounded tip, and both of their bodies were visibly slick from sweat and Amanda’s feminine nectar. After several minutes of the tan-skinned beauty working over her lover’s cock Amanda took a pause, to which Trent responded by sliding his hands off her butt and around her waist. In one motion he slid Amanda off his rod and placed her on the bed, then stood up from the bed.

With her back turned towards Trent Amanda turned her head to see what he was doing, struggling to stay propped-up on her trembling knees on the mattress. The young man stepped towards her, wrapping his arms around her slender body and his erection jutting into the tattoo that adorned the small of Amanda’s back. Trent began kissing her neck as he had earlier in the evening, moving his hands up her toned stomach and engulfing her breasts in his hands. Amanda bent her arm so that she could cup Trent’s head as he kissed her neck, and she felt his muscled body come up behind her on the bed. Trent stopped his kisses and gently nudged Amanda on the shoulder, signaling for her to bend at the waist and sit on the bed on all fours. Amanda obliged, and was rewarded by the return of Trent’s hard cock to her pussy. The quarterback began to work inside Amanda’s slit, using firm, moderately-paced thrusts inside the soaking-wet pussy, his semen-filled balls bouncing off her tiny, round bottom. It only took a few seconds for Amanda to start vocalizing her pleasure once again, screaming out what she wanted Trent to do to her.

“Uh! Uh!! Uh!!! Fuck me with that cock!” Amanda screamed whilst her lover ravaged her pussy. “Fuck me ’til I cum!” Trent loved how Amanda felt, how her wet, moist pussy gripped his cock perfectly, how she snuggly hugged his member inside her yet still allowed him to slip around in her warm juices. He slid his hands down from the young woman’s pert breasts until they rested on her tiny waist, and he continued to masterfully penetrate Amanda , working towards the moment he would expel his seed deep inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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