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(edited by horrotica)

Chocolate Gour

Tammie’s small apartment was cluttered with books and stuffed animals, as she sat in front of her computer feeling lonely and distraught; she rubbed the moisture away from her teary eyes. Over a month had passed since she last saw her mom, and with Valentine’s Day approaching she felt alone and confused. Unsure how to express her feelings about what had happened the last time she visited, she understood they were both drunk, and not entirely responsible for what happened. However, Tammy couldn’t forgive herself for pretending to be unconscious as her mother had feasted on the feces from her soiled panties. It has taken over a month for her to accept she also enjoyed the experience. Seeing her mother delving into her excrement, and lapping up the puddle of yellow urine as it spread on the bathroom floor made Tammy’s tender sweet vagina tingle with delight every time she thought about it.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to forgive herself for the way she stormed out that night, and for not contacting her mom since. She felt overwhelmed with guilt, because she knew how her mother must be feeling ever since that night, and allowing her to mother to carry the burden on her own. Since then, Tammy has spent her nights alone in her small apartment searching the Internet for scat porn and stories. Until now she had thought that she had seen and heard it all, but when she found a story on .com called Alyssa’s confession. She was shocked to read her mother’s account of what had happened that night posted on the Internet. It broke her heart even more when she read how sad it shameful her mother felt.

Tammy couldn’t stop herself from repeatedly reading her mother’s confession. Causing her to relive the evening’s events, conflicting escort bayan bursa emotions stirred in her as she fought with feelings that sexually aroused her and the gut-wrenching shame that came with her carnal lust. When she finished reading the confession for the tenth time, she scrolled down to read comments left by other readers. Every comment was sympathetic and understanding toward Alyssa’s plight, not one harsh word could be found against her. However, many encouraged her to continue exploring her secret desires, advising her not to feel ashamed of her sinful hunger. By the time Tammy reached the last comment, she was crying. Tammy knew she had to find a way to make things right again with her mother. Furthermore, she knew she had to make a choice between doing what society dictates as the right thing to do, and doing what her heart told her. She spent the next several days trying to decide. During these few days all she could think about were the compassionate and understanding comments left by the other readers on .com. A week before Valentine’s Day, Tammy decided on a plan on how to confront her mother.

During one of her Internet searches, she discovered an article by a Mistress who called herself: ‘The Queen of Scat-Play’. The article explained dietary techniques to create different textures and flavors of excrement. The article inspired her to make her own special chocolates to give to her mother for Valentine’s Day. She only had a week to prepare her special gift, so she went to the health-food store and bought a bottle of chlorophyll. Drinking chlorophyll helps eliminate the foul smells emitted by feces. Her next stop was the farmers’ markets to buy enough fresh fruits and vegetables to last the week, so her chocolate treats would taste delicious. She bursa sinirsiz eskort made one last stop at the grocery store, and picked up several bags of black beans. This added a smooth pliable texture that made her pooh easy to mold into various shapes.

For the following few days, Tammy ate nothing but fruits and vegetables, and drank chlorophyll. She kept a white Tupperware bowl in her bathroom that she used to poo into, so she could do a taste test and check its texture. On her first attempt at trying this, she felt awkward defecating into the bowl. Then she sat on the toilet seat holding a bowl of excrement on her lap, with a spoon in her hand. She struggled to compose herself as she scooped a spoonful of soft warm pungent brown stool, lifting it to her lips. She hesitated and gagged on her first attempt. On her second effort, she managed to get the spoonful of savory, slightly sweet, excrement into her mouth. Again she gagged at the thought of what she was doing, but the delicious flavorful taste gave her a sensation of utter freedom from all her inhibitions. The mouthwatering delectable flavor made her shiver.

On the fifth day of her endeavor she knew that she had found the perfect recipe. On that day she squatted above her bowl as the first silky smooth log slid from her perfectly white delicate rectum, the bathroom filled with an aroma sweeter that she had ever smelled before. She was not done yet as she gently pushed out a few more of her edible logs. As usual she sat on the toilet with her spoon ready to taste her pooh; she no longer had any hesitation in fact now it felt natural to her. This time she took a mouthful of her brown delight, her palette began to tingle with a wonderful, scrumptious sweetness that sent escort bayan rippling waves of sensual bliss down her body; to her pink rosebud that peeked out from between the smooth, pale, young lips of her vagina. The waves of ecstasy continued all the way down to the very tips of her pretty pink little toes. Her mind reeled with a furious pleasure, her heart pounding inside her chest, as her body quivered and shook in ecstatic joy as she climaxed without ever touching herself. She had made a perfect gourmet aphrodisiac. She panted heavily as her delicious decadent excrement delight continued to melt in her mouth, as a gentle stream of nectar oozed from her tender sweet young flower onto the toilet seat. As she regained control of her breath, her body was covered in sheen of sweat that glistened from the bathroom light above. As the clouds of carnal pleasure began to dissipate, her mind tried to grasp what had happened. She never knew that it was possible to climax by eating something, and never having to touch herself.

Once her body cooled, she got off the toilet and carried the bowl into the kitchen sitting it on the counter. She wobbled to her bedroom to lie down naked on her bed as the shuddering echoes of carnal bliss slowly calmed to a simmer. Tammy had never had an erotic experience this intense before. It took her about an hour to gain her composure; she got up, took a shower, got dressed, and went into the kitchen to begin working on her wickedly scrumptious treats.

A sweet robust aroma permeated the kitchen as Tammy kneaded the logs into in to a large brown ball. Then she flattened the ball and used a rolling pin to create a three-quarter inch thick slab of appetizing excrement. Next she used a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and carefully cut-out over a dozen perfectly heart-shaped fecal-candies. She wrapped each gently with a ruffled paper, then placing each candy filled wrapper into a heart-shaped box. On the inside of the lid Tammy wrote: I love you mom, from Tammy. She closed the box placed it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for tomorrow Valentine’s Day.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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