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With the next morning came the sound of more aircraft overhead. These most likely were American fighters flying up the valley looking for targets. They poked around for a few minutes looking for something juicy to shoot at and I assume they found nothing, for the sounds faded off into the distance quickly. I was now aware of something else; my naughty wicked Grandmother was down underneath the covers kissing my belly and inching closer and closer to my schwanze-wurst. She took it up in her mouth and sucked me rotten for several minutes until I gasped and filled her mouth with one-night’s sleep-worth of stored-up hot salty egg-whites. She grinned up at me and gulped down loudly, apparently enjoying her breakfast in bed!

Presently she crept up to the top of the covers and kissed me and taking my still-hard cock in her hand, guided it to the entrance of her furry pink sex. With a swoop, she pushed the head of my member and her face registered an open-mouthed staring moment of accommodation, followed by a smile as her cunny took the friendly breakfast sausage into her nest and adjusted itself to seat it properly. She began to move up and down. We fucked for several minutes until the old girl let out a loud moan and I felt a second release come boiling up from my balls to spout inside her. Half a minute of panting later, she rolled off me and said staring at the ceiling,

“I knew you had another one inside you hiding in those loins, I just had to grind it out! That should perhaps hold you and me for a little while. Alright, no sense laying here…we have animals to feed!” We got up; dressed, and set about feeding the animals in the barn and making sure they had enough water. Then Oma stepped into the kitchen to put ersatz coffee on the stove for breakfast. Like most places our village didn’t have a real coffee bean to be found anywhere, so the blackish powdery substitute was all Grandmother had – curtesy of the rationing program. We were fortunate enough to have plenty of hen’s eggs for breakfast and a few potatoes. This was a benefit of being in the country as opposed to the cities where you not only had to worry of the bombers overhead, but also of the constant scarcity of EVERYTHING making even a crust of bread a treasured item to be hoarded away from the eyes of others.

While we ate we listened to the radio set with Oma’s magic to forbidden broadcasts. The Allied radio programs had wonderful music and the news was not all rants approved by Dr. Goebbels going on and on about “ultimate victory”. From what we could hear and piece together…the Americans were very close now, we guessed two or three days away. It filled me with a bit of dread despite Grandmother’s efforts to calm me. She could see I was getting nervous hearing the radio and she switched it off and put it back in the cupboard.

“Let’s play another game Stephan,” she said- trying to take my mind from things, “I think you will find it interesting. It is more magic lessons for you…can’t let your powers atrophy when they are becoming SO strong!” She led me to the center of the room, away from all furniture. She stood back from me, pointed her wand…and muttered,

“Whiskers and tail, small furry one!” I suddenly felt the entire room (including Oma) growing to enormous proportions…I also found my clothes replaced by hair and fur. The room continued to grow and grow and then I realized, I was shrinking! When the process finally ended, I stood below my grandmother who looked a hundred feet high by my estimate. She fetched a hand mirror from a shelf and held it down to me. I was immediately startled and recoiled momentarily in terror at what I saw, but I was robbed of the power of speech ; only a few squeaks could escape my mouth, – I was a MOUSE! Oma could see how frightened I was and she set the mirror down and pointed the wand at me saying,

“Whiskers and tail, small furry one, make him a man and the spell is undone!” The proportions of the room began to change and Grandmother began to shrink from the size of a towering giant, back to the little old woman I knew. The room was as I remembered it as well, and I was back to normal size. It didn’t diminish my feeling of angst though; I swayed uneasily on my legs teetering until Oma rushed me over to a chair and sat me down.

“Well, well! You HAVE had a proper fright haven’t you!” she exclaimed, concerned but laughing slightly, hoping she hadn’t traumatized me too terribly.

“Oma! What was that?”

“A spell of transformation. I made you a mouse. You can do it to yourself; you need is to focus on the animal or plant you wish to be and then recite the incantation…you can even say it in your mind and not speak but I sometimes speak just to focus and concentrate. I figure it is another way to help you hide. Anyhow, are you alright?”

“Yes, just I wasn’t expecting it. …So I can do this THING to myself?”

“Yes of course. It takes a lot of concentration but I think your natural powers are able to make Giresun Escort it work,” she said before she suddenly realized she needed to sit down herself as well. She plopped down into a chair next to the table and continued,

“Wheew! That reminds me…I’ve forgotten what a drain it can be and it took a little bit out of me! Transformations can sometimes make you feel light headed – especially if you are casting the spell. How about trying the invisibility spell! Let me rest for a moment.”

I practiced making myself visible and invisible sitting at the chair. With a little practice I found I could snap it on and off like a light-switch. Oma sipped her substitute coffee across the table and beamed at me proudly. I figured a transformation spell would be good for getting into and out of tight spaces and all, but invisibility…especially if I could just stand still and not move…would work the best to help me hide!

“Hurrah Stephen! Hurrah! Much better; it’s only been a day and your control is more adept! I was impressed at your ability to control your seed in myself and those two ladies in the high meadow but now I see…other attributes of you are coming along splendidly!” We let out a mutual laugh of self-congratulation, me patting myself on the back for being a quick study and her for being a skilled teacher! Our happiness was short lived however as we heard the sound of a car coming down the street and approaching Oma’s house. She hurried to the window and looked outside through the curtains quickly as it approached and she muttered a word I still remember today and shudder at the thought,


“Oma, but your spell yesterday on the woman and the soldiers…they were to say it was a clerical error and that your name was Hilda Bauer not Hilda Baumer!”

“No time to figure out what happened,” she said in a voice laden with distressed hurry as she moved my coffee cup to the sink with my plate to make it look like only SHE was having breakfast, “those men will tear this place apart and you being invisible will only delay things until you are bumped into!”

“I can run to the fields, make myself invisible there too!”

“No,” she said suddenly finding a plan in the back of her head and seizing her wand from the table, “I will make my stand here for you…and you…will hide but you will be much smaller,” she said looking at a hole in the wall at the floor next to the stove.”

“Grandmother, no!” I said as I tried to get my hands up to stop her. I wanted anything but that disorienting feeling again, however she was too quick! Her wand flashed with a flick of her wrist,

“Whiskers and tail, small furry one,” she commanded. The next thing I knew, I was shrinking back to the size of something fit to run through the hole she had spied. I looked up at her; transformed into something small and furry and squeaking in alarm.

“Never mind that…get in the hole!” she said, her face etched with fear and urgency. I scampered to the hole best I could across the kitchen floor on new legs and feet that I quite frankly I was not at all used to plus having to deal with of all things…a tail behind me! It was quite strange and traumatic enough but knowing your death could be on the other side of the door pulling up in a car…well, I scampered through the hole fast as I could and then cautiously peered through the opening back at my grandmother who turned and moved to the door. She seized some household identification papers from a shelf near the door and flicking her wand at them, she then read the contents. Satisfied with what she saw, she nodded her head. A knock pounded on the door as if on cue not two seconds later!

Grandmother looked back at me as I peered from around the corner of my mouse hole and motioned for me to GET- BACK- OUT-OF-SIGHT (like a mouse would give away my presence- I mean…yes, those fellows were good but not that GOOD). I backed up into the shadow nonetheless and she placed the papers on the shelf and opened the door. Standing there was a man in a black trench-coat and two black and silver-uniformed SS men; their uniforms and submachine guns an ominous image to this day which still haunts my memory. The man spoke,

“Hilda Bauer?” He said this with a tone of immediate authority.

“Yes,” Oma answered as she was pushed back into the kitchen; the three men entering as if repeating the scene of the previous day.

“I am Klaus Dietrich, with the Geheime Staatspolize. We are looking for a deserter, Private Stephan Baumer. I assume you have time to speak with us yes?” the Gestapo official asked politely as if he were inquiring about something over morning tea.

“Yes certainly,” continued Oma, “but that man is not here. Your people came by yesterday and..”

“Yes I know” he interrupted, “I received a report from Women’s Auxillery Antmuller and her two wooden headed assistants last night. I am just re-checking a few things here with you… Giresun Escort Bayan all purely administrative, we won’t trouble you much…just a few questions and we are on our way, yes?”

“Of course!” Grandmother answered.

“Good, may I see some identification?”

“Yes,” Oma replied pulling the papers from the shelf and handing them to him, “here you are!” He took the papers and read through them. He held them up to the light checking for water-marks, and nodded his head. Then he handed the papers back to my grandmother.

“Good, so far all is in order. May I also look about the house and barn here with you?” he asked.

“Certainly-anything to help,” Oma replied. She wobbled unsteadily on her feet; possibly weak from having just executed my transformation into the tiny furry creature that I now was. Nonetheless, she remained calm.

“I’m sure,” Dietrich said in a condescending tone of feigned politeness – the Gestapo was always so polite until they were beating you senseless in a soundproof room where your screams could not be heard! He left one sentry at the front entrance and then sent another round the back of the house to watch for anyone trying to escape the house.

He took off his trench coat and threw it over a chair revealing the dark suit of a party official and the severe and neat tie – always a neat tie on those fellows; right next to his party badge. He took off his hat and through it on the table to reveal a balding head of thinning hair. Grandmother was forced to stand in the middle of the room while he walked from corner to corner of the kitchen.

Pausing by the sink, he looked into it and saw my dirty dish and my coffee cup. He looked at my Grandmother but said nothing – his suspicions sufficiently aroused. He then began to walk from room to room in the house while my Grandmother watched him, her wand behind her in the back skirt pocket. He stepped into the water closet and seeing nothing but the toilet and some newspapers, started to turn back into the kitchen. It was then my Oma moved like a flash.

Her wand flew up in her hand and she flicked it with her wrist. Dietrich stopped like he had been shot through the forehead. He stared blankly straight ahead for a moment, then presently he smiled and looked at my grandmother. He again had that professional composure about him but not as sinister, as if Grandmother had flicked a switch in his brain and the monster in the tie was now wet clay for her molding hands.

“Wouldn’t you like to see the barn, Herr Dietrich?” Oma asked, both putting the wand back into her pocket and stepping forward to take the Gestapo man by his hand.

“Why yes,…I need to see it. I am certain that I will find nothing there just as I found NOTHING here!” Oma’s spell was already soaked into his mind and working any memory of the dirty dish and coffee cup out of his consciousness! He had proven easier to overcome than the cruel blonde and her two soldiers. As he walked with Oma through the entrance of the barn, she reached into her back skirt pocket and retrieved the wand when his back was to her – stupid fool he was! Oma flicked the wand behind her back twice and I heard a thud against the wall to the house to the front, and presently there was another thud against the back of the house at the rear door.

I hid in my hole terrified for a moment and then, curiosity getting the better of me, crawled out and scampered across the floor. With my claws I climbed a window curtain and although not completely used to my limbs and tail, made the leap to the windowsill to peer through the glass. I was shocked and amused with what I saw! Outside, sleeping on the grass by the flower bed, lay the body of the SS man who had been posted to watch the front. He was snoring like he was cutting wood with his nose! A subsequent inspection I made at the back window as soon as I managed to scamper up to it revealed a similar scene; the other SS man lay crumpled against the door, sleeping deeply!

Hopping down from my perch on the window, I made my way across the kitchen floor to the door to the barn from the kitchen. It was then I heard my grandmother scream! I pushed with my paws on the door but I could not make it through there… it was closed. What was alarming was I was now small weak and helpless to do anything! I had to do something…ANYTHING!

I ran along the edge of the wall of the kitchen that bordered the barn. At the corner of the nook where my Oma’s bed rested I found a hole – sufficient for me to get through. I was now in the inner walls between the house. There was just enough crawlspace for me to move and crawl along sniffing and peering through the darkness for a way into the barn. After a few feet of travel, I saw feint light to the left up ahead. Most alarming was that the screams of my grandmother were now louder and louder. I hurried down the crawlway to the light and discovered it was a hole but upon peering out, I discovered Escort Giresun it would be a one-way drop to the ground…three feet – into the hay of the goat’s pen!

I sucked in my breath,…let it out,…and leaped. I landed and went tumbling for a brief instant in the hay…not used to how light I was now! I then made my dash to the edge of the pen as my grandmother’s screams and calls intensified, my heart filled with terror! I peered from around the edge of the post in the goat’s pen and could not believe my eyes – I should have guessed.

Not fifteen feet away from me, down on the hay, naked as the day they were born were Oma and Dietrich fucking like two wild cats in heat; she down on all fours screaming and bawling like she was being split in two, and he crouched behind her with both hands upon her hips giving her cunny thorough interrogation! He was huffing and puffing like an asthmatic steam locomotive as he slewed his cock in and out of her rump, fucking her with determination while Oma rocked her body below him, her hips slamming back to meet with each of his thrusts, her wand in her hand at the ready. Her screams and moans became obscene curses of encouragement for him; urging him on to plow her harder and deeper with more vigor and ferocity!

Dietrich’s face was beat red, his cheeks flushed and his brow already beaded up with sweat. To tell the truth, it looked like Oma was killing him! Still, he exerted himself; launching a determined blitzkrieg of my grandmother’s sex and plowing her furrow like she was some bizarre Nazi agricultural initiative! For her part Oma looked like she was enjoying herself immensely as her free hand clenched and unclenched…gripping the hay on the floor and then releasing it as Dietrich’s torture weapon savagely spearheaded its way into her low country! A few more thrusts and Oma let out an agonized scream of one who has had enough and she shouted at the rafters in unconditional surrender as her bawling screaming capitulating crescendo ripped through her body in a wonderful Wagnerian climax; her cunny-dew dribbling and piddling on the hay below her. Dietrich stared far off into space and time. In a triumph of will and Aryan supremacy…exploded his vengeance weapon in a spout of screaming grunting joy…straight up into the cunt of my grandmother! He hovered for a moment, and then toppled over away from her, onto the hay; completely spent – and more importantly pliant and harmless now!

Oma rose to her feet weakly and began to fetch her things and dress herself. After a few minutes she was done. Oma now turned to the exhausted Dietrich on the hay.

“Get up! On your feet!” she said with a severity that made her seem ten feet tall and absolutely frightening. Dietrich, under her spell…immediately hurried to his feet…still in a trance staring off into space.

“What is to become of Stephan Baumer?” she asked sternly.

“He is to be located immediately and to be shot for desertion,” Dietrich replied like he was suffering from the haze of a narcotic while he spoke.

“Are there any leads as to his whereabouts?” she asked.

“No,” he said, “his trail went cold south of Ulm and none of our efforts have led to anything new.”

“Good! Now you are to get dressed. You are to collect your two henchmen and you are to return in your car back to your offices and file your report. You are to write in your report that you have inspected my residence and found me to be Hilda Bauer! You have found NO TRACE of Stephan Baumer – IS THAT CLEAR!”

“Ja Fraulein,” Dietrich nodded stupidly staring off into space.

“How soon before the Americans arrive in this village?” Oma asked sternly again.

“I would say they are two, maybe three days away based on reporting we are getting. The Army is setting up another defense some fifteen kilometers away from here to the east,” Dietrich answered.

“Excellent, well as long as you are going back to your offices at the palace in the next valley,” she said, planting the seed of something in his brain, “and after your report is filed CLOSING THE CASE ON STEPHAN BAUMER WHOM YOU DISCOVERED WAS ACTUALLY KILLED IN AN AIR RAID ON HIS HOME CITY-EXONERATING HIM AND HIS FAMILY FROM ANY CHARGES OF TREASON OR DESERTION, then you will announce to all staff and soldiery in the village that you will all need to be pulling back to the defensive line to the east. You will give the order to your men and any SS personnel accompanying them to evacuate immediately to those new defensive positions – what again you say?…Fifteen kilometers?”

“Ja Fraulein!” came the stupid response.

“Hmmmm make that thirty kilometers. I always like round numbers. Anyhow thirty it is! You will tell them that after you file your report with your headquarters. Understood!”

“Ja Wohl Fraulein!” Dietrich answered.

“Good, and one more thing, after your report…you will feel the urge to depart by yourself in that car…to…Switzerland…you will take the southern route there…where you will remain until you can arrange passage out of Europe to…Paraguay! IS THAT CLEAR!”

“Ja Fraulein!” he said again with his stupid nodding expression. He was now nothing to be intimidated by, just thoroughly amusing instead! Silly idiot!

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