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Jen felt something change within her as she crossed through the doorway and entered Mistress’ house. In part, it was just butterflies in her stomach, anticipation building quickly within her as she knew that all the mysterious promise Mistress offered was now within her grasp, but it was also more than that, an amplified version of the same feeling she’d had leaving her clothes in the car, that feeling that she was shedding an old skin, an old life, and becoming someone new. She knew that if just a couple of hours ago someone had told her that she’d be walking naked into another woman’s house she’d have laughed, but now it seemed like the most natural thing to do.

The house was clearly very old but had been well maintained. She walked into a large, spacious, high-ceilinged room, ancient beams supporting the walls around them, smooth warm wood on the floor. The room was sparsely decorated – a few framed stylised pictures of nude women on plain white walls, two large sash windows, an empty fireplace, a couple of leather couches but nothing else. Two closed doors in the far walls obviously led on to the rest of the house.

Mistress stood in the centre of the room, casually, her hands behind her back as she watched Jen walk towards her. Jen stopped a few paces away from her, waiting for her to say something, give her some command, but she just stood there silently, coolly looking Jen up and down, examining her nude body. Suddenly, Jen realised what was expected of her and crouched down, falling to her knees on the floor, lowering her head folding her hands in her lap as though she was in prayer. Mistress remained silent, but then Jen heard the click of her heels on the floor as she walked towards her and then around her in a wide circle before stopping in front of her. With her head lowered, Jen could still see Mistress’ leather boots, shining slightly in the sun that drifted in through the winters, flickering through the leaves of the trees that surrounded the house.

‘Excellent, dear Jen, excellent.’ She could almost hear the smile in Mistress’ voice, the soft purring tones of her voice. ‘Now, sit up straight and look at me.’

Jen had been aware before that Mistress was taller than her, but this was a revelation to her as she craned her neck back to look up at the beautiful face staring down at her. Even as she looked she felt as though she were shrinking in her presence, so completely dominant did she appear. She held her hands in front of her now, what looked like a small black leather belt between them.

‘While you are with me, I will give you many gifts, but this collar is the first, and all others lead from it. By entering my house, you have already given yourself to me, but this is to serve as a reminder that while you wear it, you are my possession. Take it and put it on, but understand that only I can take it off you.’

She held it out to Jen, who raised her hands to receive it. It was almost two inches wide, with a buckle like a belt, but far too short to fit around anyone’s waist. Jen carefully lifted it to her throat and then wrapped it around her neck, careful to avoid trapping any of her dark curly hair between it and her skin as she slid the strap through the buckle and fixed it tightly.

‘Is it comfortable, sweet Jen?’

‘Yes, Mistress, very comfortable.’

‘Good. Now roll your head around to be sure it doesn’t chafe you badly, or restrict your breathing.’ Jen did as she was commanded, feeling the leather pinch slightly, canlı bahis but not uncomfortably, already bending and moulding to her shape. ‘Is it good?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Good, now stand up and let me examine my new slave properly.’

Slave. As Mistress said that word, Jen realised that was what she had become in just a short space of time. A willing slave, someone who gave themselves to another completely, totally devoted to their owner’s wishes. It was as though she had become an entirely new person – the old Jen would have recoiled from the very concept, but the new Jen revelled in it, feeling pleasure at just being described in that way. She stood up carefully, not wanting to lose her balance and end up embarrassing herself by sprawling on the floor before Mistress, eventually standing straight with her arms hanging by her sides.

Mistress moved close to her as she stood, moving her body so it pressed lightly against Jen’s, letting Jen feel the soft warmth of leather against her legs, the cool silk of Mistress’ blouse brushing against her chest. She placed her hands under Jen’s chin, slowly raising her face to look at her, then moving her slender fingers over her cheeks, running them through her hair, her face so close to Jen’s they were almost touching, her soft sweet breath playing over Jen’s lips. Jen knew she wanted to kiss those beautiful full lips, taste her Mistress’ mouth on hers. Her whole mind seemed focused on doing that, but she resisted, remembering that she had could only follow Mistress’ orders, and she had not been told to kiss her. Then, suddenly, Mistress moved back, her hands moving down over Jen’s shoulders to her small round breasts, cupping them gently from beneath, her thumbs just below her nipples. She smiled, her mouth opening slightly to reveal perfect white teeth behind the bright red lips.

‘You wished to kiss me then, didn’t you my dear?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Jen blushed, slightly ashamed at being so obvious in her desire.

‘But you resisted and that’s good. You knew I hadn’t told you to, so you denied your desire as a good slave should. Well done, sweet Jen, you are showing me that I made a good choice in taking you.’ As she talked her thumbs moved upwards slightly so they rested on the tips of Jen’s nipples, moving slightly, making them harden with arousal. ‘When you are with me, you will feel many urges to take your pleasure now, give in to your desires, but I want you to learn to resist them. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress, I think so.’

‘Until now, I’m sure that you’ve just seen sex as a way to get your gratification as quickly as possible, whoever you’re with, whether you’re making love or just fucking. I offer you more than that, a true discovery of the world of your sensuality, a chance to find pleasures you never knew existed.’ Her thumbs were moving even more now, the tips of her fingers stroking the underside of Jen’s breasts. Her words filled Jen’s soul, the softness of her voice echoing deep within her mind. ‘You have given over control of your desires to me, my dear Jen, and in the time we have together, I will show you how to resist them, how you can earn your greatest pleasures. You want to make love to me, don’t you Jen, explore my body, taste me, explore me, make me writhe in pleasure, don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress, oh yes.’ Just the thought of it was filling her with desire, adding extra textures to the waves of pleasure moving through her body from her aroused breasts.

‘Well, bahis siteleri that is a pleasure you must earn. You are well on the way so far, but you must show me you are worthy of sharing my bed, even as a slave.’ She moved closer to Jen again, her hands sliding off her breasts and down across her stomach until they rested on her hips. Then Mistress slowly crouched down, her hands smoothly moving down the outside of Jen’s bare thighs, knees, calves until they circled her ankles.

‘Move your legs apart for me, my dear.’ Jen obeyed, carefully moving one foot across the wooden floor, feeling the air move steadily between her legs, cooling the warmth between them slightly. Mistress moved her hands to the inside of her legs now, her fingers tracing slow circles as she rose, gradually standing up, moving her feet slightly until she was behind Jen, her hands now resting flat on the front of her thighs, slowly pulling herself close up against Jen’s back, letting Jen feel the smoothness of silk against it, her rear pressed against the leather. Mistress moved her hands together, her thumbs and fingers forming a heart around Jen’s pussy, nestled in the soft hair but just short of touching her intimately.

Jen could feel both of their hearts beating, hers going hard and fast, Mistress’ slow and steady as she held them together, her breathing steady as she rested her head on Jen’s shoulder, her legs bent at the knees as she leant into her. For what seemed like an eternity to Jen, they remained like that, the room silent, only the faint sounds of the countryside outside disturbing the room. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Jen felt Mistress’ thumbs move, moving through the soft down of her public hair until they were both hovering just above her clit. At the same time, she moved her first fingers up towards them, moving them in until they were resting on the wet lips of her pussy. Mistress moved her hip against Jen, grinding against her and pushing her sensitive areas onto Mistress’ fingers which began to rub her, her thumbs making tiny circles on and round her clit, her fingers rubbing up against her lips. Jen could feel herself getting wetter as Mistress did this to her, keeping the same rhythmic movements of her body against hers, Jen doing her best to keep the control of herself that Mistress had demanded, her body filling with sensation as the pleasure from her clit met with the residual waves from her aroused breasts.

She bit her lip, closing her eyes as another wave of joy washed through her and subsided. She realised that Mistress’ had been right and that each time she resisted the siren song of the pleasure within her, those calls to give way to the pleasure and surrender to the release of orgasm, she felt better and better, the level of pleasure throughout her body already higher than anything she had every experienced before, her nerves tingling throughout her body, not just in her aroused areas. She felt Mistress slow down the rhythm of her grinding, her fingers and thumbs slowly relenting from the pressure they’d been exerting on her until it finally ceased and they were still and silent again. She could feel their heartbeats again – hers going almost uncontrollably, Mistress’ still slow and steady against her back.

‘Well done, my sweet.’ Mistress murmured into her ear. ‘You are already learning quickly and well. Now take your reward.’ She raised her hands up from between Jen’s legs and presented her with one of the fingers that had been rubbing her pussy. bahis şirketleri Jen could see that it was glistening slickly with her juices and took it into her mouth eagerly, seeing Mistress take the other finger into her own mouth. Jen sucked hungrily on Mistress’ finger, wrapping her tongue around it as it slid deep into her mouth. She’d never tasted herself so purely before, occasionally getting a sense of her own taste from a lover’s lips, but now she eagerly accepted her own scent in her mouth, knowing that it belonged to her Mistress.

When she had taken all the flavour from the finger, Mistress slid it out of Jen’s mouth and adjusted her position slightly, her left arm reaching around Jen’s body to grasp her right breast firmly, her right moving down her back, fingertips tracing her spine all the way down until it reached the soft globes of her rear. She massaged cheek and breast simultaneously for a short while, before moving her hand between the cheeks, tracing up and down the crack with the tip of one of her nails. Jen gasped in shock as she felt this, then again and louder as Mistress caught her right nipple between two nails, holding it just tightly enough for Jen to sense a tiny amount of pain. It only served to heighten the feelings of the pleasure within her.

Mistress stroked her between her cheeks a few times, then paused as she reached the tight hole there. She circled it with her nail then placed her fingertip on it, pushing at it enough for Jen to feel the pressure, but not enough to penetrate inside her.

‘Tell me something, dear Jen.’ Her mouth was right by Jen’s ear and even though her voice was low, it seemed to fill her entire mind again. ‘Has anyone gone further than this?’ She pushed with her finger again, enough that Jen could feel her hole starting to spread open beneath the pressure.

‘No, no, Mistress. No one.’

‘Are you sure, my sweet? Most girls resist a lot harder the first time. You wouldn’t lie to me, would you? That would upset me, and then you’d have to be punished.’

‘I’m sure Mistress. I feel safe with you, Mistress, ready to do whatever you want me to.’

‘Mmm.’ It was a drawn out noise, almost like a cat purring in her ear, a vibration felt between both of their bodies. ‘That’s what I like to hear.’ She removed her finger, releasing her grip on Jen’s nipple at the same time. For a moment, Jen was briefly free of her grip but then came an entirely new sensation as Mistress slapped her on her bare cheek. She heard it as she felt it, a loud slap disturbing the silence of the room as she felt the flesh around her rear sting. The shock made her gasp and cry out a little. As she recovered, Mistress walked round to stand in front of her again.

‘That was to let you know that not all of your sensations will be pleasurable while you are with me. But then, as you’ll discover, the line between pain and pleasure is thin, even at the best of times.’ She smiled again, a mixture of warmth and warning showing on her face. ‘As you do what I expect, you will move towards your ultimate reward, but you will make mistakes along the way. These will be punished, in order to ensure you don’t repeat that mistake again. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Jen thought she understood what she meant. Already the stinging sensation had disappeared from her cheek to be replaced by a healing warmth that mixed with the pleasure elsewhere in her body.

‘Good. Now follow me and we’ll proceed to the next stage of your journey.’ She turned quickly and headed for one of the doors, opening it and heading through. Walking carefully, the muscles in her legs slightly shaky after what had just transpired, Jen followed, wondering what would come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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