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“Heyy!! Ally!! Come in babe. I have missed you so much. I love you.”

Zoey greeted her childhood friend Ally excitedly into her house. Ally and Zoey had been thick friends since they were toddlers, always together – playing together, studying together, wearing similar clothes, they went to the same school too. Their parents had been neighbors and had become the best of friends and their friendship kind of got handed down to Ally and Zoey. They were the best of friends too, always being there for each other and being brutally honest when either of them were being silly. They were inseparable.

When they were 16, Ally’s parents had to move to a different city as Ally’s father got relocated at work. They were heartbroken knowing that they would not be able to see each other every day anymore. It had been difficult to console the two girls on this news. But even after they moved away, they always managed to stay in touch and share each other’s experiences, crushes, first kisses and every first and next.

It had been 4 years since Ally had moved away and she was visiting Zoey for a couple of days in the summer break. Zoey’s parents were travelling for work and they thought it will be a good idea to meet up, catch up and spend some long pending quality time together.

As Ally came inside, she gave Zoey a long and tight hug and pulled her stroller inside the house. She stepped into the living room and stood there surprised at what she was looking at.

“You remember my brother Dan. Right?” Zoey said inviting Ally inside.

Dan was Zoey’s goofy younger brother, at least that is how Ally remembered him. He used to be awkward around people and specially around Ally as he had a huge crush on her. But Ally didn’t seem to like him and always stayed away from interacting with him. When Ally had moved away, Dan was 15 and had not hit his growth spurt yet. He had braces on and used to look timid.

But now, looking at the handsome hunk that Dan had grown up to be, Ally was a bit taken aback. He had grown so much taller; his braces were off. He seemed to be working out as it looked like he had a toned body and slightly bulging biceps. He seemed to care about how he looked as his hair looked fabulous, well-kept and he looked much more confident about his looks.

Dan had never gotten rid of his crush on Ally and looking at an even hotter Ally now, his feelings came rushing back and it seemed like his cheeks were flushed. Both were looking at a better version of each other, almost checking each other out, holding each other’s gaze and it felt like they had a moment of heightened desire.

“Dan! Oh my God! It’s you! You have changed so much. I almost didn’t recognise you.” said Ally.

Dan blushed and said, “Hey Ally. How are you?”

“I am good. Thank you for having me.”

“You are welcome!” said Dan.

He then turned to Zoey and said, “Hey Zoe, I am heading out for a bit so that you guys can have some time alone to catch up. I will see you later.”

As he walked past Ally, he smiled at her and Ally smiled back. As he walked away, Ally involuntarily turned around and stared at his butt. She quickly checked herself and walked into the living room.

Zoey and Ally caught up and chatted away for hours together. They didn’t realize how the hours had passed by and it was finally evening. Dan returned home. They all had dinner together, chatting together and feeling nostalgic about the amazing years they had spent together. After they were done with dinner, they decided they would watch a movie together.

As Ally went up to the guest room, Dan’s bedroom door was open. She walked slowly as she crossed his room, to get a glimpse of what he might be doing inside. He was walking around shirtless, with headphones on, so he didn’t realize that she was outside his room and was staring at his almost hard abs, toned sides, slightly bulging biceps. His tracks were a bit lower, showing a bit of his butt crack and Ally kept staring at it while biting her lower lip. She suddenly realized what she had been doing and quickly walked away.

Ally went inside her room, took a quick shower and slipped into comfortable shorts and a t shirt. Since the time she had moved away, she had gotten interested in fitness and worked on her body. That added to her growth spurt and she had developed a sexy body – ample perky breasts and all her yoga ensured she had a round, toned and firm ass.

As she got dressed and went down to the living room, Dan was already on the couch and he looked up at her as she was walking down the stairs. Her shorts were barely covering her upper thighs and Dan could not stop looking at her. In his head, he was touching her at the place where her shorts ended on her legs. He felt his underwear tightening up due to the bulge forming inside it. He started recalling how many thousands of times he had masturbated thinking about her and imagined how hard he would cum if he touched her in real. He realized he had been staring at her legs and quickly looked away as Zoey came into the living room.

As they sat down on the couch, Ally ended up sitting in between Dan and Zoey with a tub of avrupa yakası escort popcorn in her lap. Halfway through the movie, Ally realized Zoey had fallen asleep. She looked at her and smiled.

She tapped on Dan’s shoulder and pointed to Zoey and said, “Your sister has not changed one bit. She still falls asleep in between the movie.”

They both laughed looking at her.

“Do you want to watch something else? This is getting boring,” said Ally.

Dan grinned at her said, “Yes please. Zoey’s taste in movies has still not improved.”

As they were scrolling through what to watch they got to arguing.

Ally said, “I have the remote control. So, I will be the one who decides what we will watch.”

Dan jumped at her to snatch away the remote control and she moved further away from him on the couch. He stretched further up and held her wrists and pulled her closer while wrapping her up in his arms tightly and incidentally he had his arms around her breast area, and he was holding her tightly trying to snatch back the remote control. He realized she was not wearing anything inside, as her hard nipples brushed on his arms. They both paused, caught up in the moment, as Dan’s hands got tighter around Ally, she stopped protesting. They were looking at each other and sinking into silence, when they heard Zoey moving on the couch beside them. and they both straightened up.

Zoey opened her eyes, looked up and said, “I’m sorry guys, I dozed off. Come Ally. Let’s get some sleep.”

She took Ally along with her and walked away. They spoke for a little while and Ally went to the guest bedroom to sleep.

As Ally slept peacefully, she started dreaming. In her dream, she saw that Dan was in her room, kissing her and slowly removing her clothes as she was asleep. She felt something or someone touch her in real and she got up alarmed. As she woke up, she saw her blanket was pulled aside, her shirt has ridden up exposing her navel and her door was open. She realized maybe she wasn’t dreaming and maybe she was being touched by someone. She got up and came out of her room and looked in the corridor. There was no one there. She got suspicious. There was nobody else in the house other than the three of them. She walked towards Dan’s room to see if it was open. The door was closed but there was light coming out of the room and she could see a shadow just beside the door. She realized what had just happened.

She thought to herself, “Dan! You sneaky, naughty boy.”

But instead of getting offended she seemed to enjoy it. After all it was one of her fantasies to get sleep fucked. She always had enjoyed the thought that she could just lie there on the bed and somebody would worship her gorgeous body completely. Also, she had not been able to stop thinking about Dan after she had seen what a handsome hunk he had turned into. She smiled to herself and thought of a plan to lure him into fulfilling her fantasy. In the meanwhile, the poor guy can also have some fun. He had been lusting on her for years now.

The next day, Zoey had to go for some volunteering activity which she has enrolled for long ago and could not get out of. She had informed this to Ally when she was making plans to come down to visit her and apologized to her that Ally will have to excuse her for one single day. Ally had obliged on the condition that she will also accompany Zoey to her event.

So, when Zoey woke up and came into Ally’s room, all excited to get her dressed up for the event, she saw that Ally was still asleep. When Zoey woke her up, she woke up grumpily and told her that she had not slept well the previous night as her headache had kicked back in due to change of weather.

Zoey said, “Oh Ally! I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. And I knew u had this major event today.”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it. I will stay with you today and take care of you.”

“No No. Are you kidding? I know how important this event is for you. I will be fine. Moreover, if I take my allergy medication then I will sleep for hours peacefully and you will have nothing to take care of. I will be all ok after the sleep.”

“Are you sure? I really can stay back.”

“Yes. I’m sure. You go on and have a great day. Moreover, I have Dan here. If I need anything, I will ask him.”

Zoey hugged Ally and said, “Take care babe. Get well by the time I am home. ok? I need to go now. I have made breakfast for you. Please eat something and take your medication.”

Zoey headed to the living room and informed Dan about the situation. Ally followed her outside to see her off. Zoey told Dan about Ally’s condition.

Dan looked up at Ally and said, “Don’t worry Ally. I will be at home today as I have some studying to do. I can be here and take care. Let me know if you need anything.”

Ally replied, “Thanks Dan.”

Zoey hugged Ally and as she stepped outside Ally specifically mentioned to her, making doubly sure Dan hears her.

“Zoe. I will be taking my medication now. I will be in deep sleep for hours together. If you call bahçelievler escort bayan my phone I won’t even know. “

Zoey responded “No problem Al. Get some sleep. Bye.”

Ally smiled at Dan said, “I will take my medication now and sleep.” and headed back to her room.

She knew what might happen next. She had laid down all the groundwork perfectly. She was determined to fulfill her fantasy. She took off her t shirt and slipped into a tank top that showed off her perky breasts; something that was easy to take off too. She pulled the blanket in such a way that her thighs were showing off and she closed her eyes and patiently waited for her predator to enter the room.

As expected, Dan turned up at her doorstep after about ten, fifteen minutes. He slowly entered the room and placed his hand on her thigh just to check if she was asleep. There was no movement. He started feeling her skin up her legs until he reached the end of her shorts. Still no movement. He slowly pulled away the blanket. Still no movement. He was now satisfied that she was fast asleep.

He went close to her and gently kissed her on her lips and then slowly started sucking her lower lip. He then placed his hands on both her boobs, her nipples were already erect, he flicked his thumb on them. Ally moaned a bit shifting her position. Dan got alarmed and stopped touching her. Ally became silent. He started touching her breasts again and she started to moan again. This time he continued to touch her. She continued to moan but didn’t wake up. He realized her medication was strong; she was enjoying it in her sleep and was not going to wake up.

This got him confident and he slowly lifted her top and kissed her navel and sucked it. He stopped and looked up. No movement again. He relaxed and smiled to himself. He slowly pulled up her top and put a little more effort just around her boobs to free it up and gathered her top just below her neck to reveal her bare, firm breasts. He let out a gasp after looking at the delightful sight that he was about to touch and enjoy. He touched her boobs with his hands, and gently started massaging her nipples. He was drooling and was super hard below.

He pulled off his t shirt and slipped out of his tracks. He got on top of her, bent down and started licking Ally from her neck slowly approaching her right boob, and stopped just before licking her nipple. Then with his stiff tongue he slowly circled around her nipples without touching the center. After circling for two more times he finally took her taut right nipple inside his mouth and sucked it hard. Ally was going crazy trying to reign it in as she had never experienced this slow nipple play. Dan was slow and sensuous in his movements and was teasing Ally by not giving her what she may have wanted, stopping just before her sensations hit the peak and was enjoying the way her body was responding to it.

Ally started moaning loudly now. He did the same even on the underside – licked her slowly from the bottom of the right boob till the center and took her nipple into his mouth and sucked it again. After repeating the same move with the left boob, he looked at her nipples closely, it was even more erect now. He then put out his tongue and rubbed his flat stiff tongue on her erect right nipple vigorously from bottom to top and then back to bottom and then top again without stopping for a single second, like how a dog would lick a bone before biting into it. He was hard and deliberate in his movements, his tongue stiff and only his neck moving crazily as if rubbing sandpaper on a piece of wood to make it smooth.

Ally’s nipples were being rubbed hard and rough on Dan’s tongue and they were getting harder and harder by the minute, her firm boobs bouncing up and down due to the hard action they had never experienced before. Her nipples were so sharp and erect that Dan was loving the piercing effect he was getting on his tongue.

Ally was going berserk. For the sensitive nipples that she had, this was too much for her to handle. She had never expected something so unpredictable and sensuous from Dan. She was thoroughly enjoying this and was trying hard not to reveal that she was not asleep. She was moaning loudly, and she started to touch his head and hold his hair while he was moving on top of her. He didn’t stop his movements and continued exploring her other boob with his tongue. Slowly switching between the two and giving them equal attention.

He then suddenly stopped, got off the bed and walked out of the room. Ally kept thinking what had happened that he went out like that. She opened one of her eyes to see what’s happening. After a min or two, Dan returned to the room with a jar of honey in his hand. Ally saw that and quickly pretended to be asleep again. Internally feeling elated anticipating what he might do to her body.

He gently pulled both her hands above her head, held her top that was gathered below her neck and smoothly pulled it off her. He then dripped a few drops of honey on her lips. The honey was runny and was dripping on her chin and rolling down her bakırköy escort neck. He bent down and sucked the honey off her lips, covering the entire area and biting into her lips as if it were a piece of peach dipped in honey. He then licked the line of honey formed on her neck from her throat upwards towards her chin and nibbled on her sharp chin.

He then dripped drops of honey all over her bare body in lines, circles and all possible shapes like dripping tasty sweet sauces on an ice cream sundae to make it more delicious. He bent down and sucked every single drop of honey off her. Her upper boobs, her nipples, her sides, her ribs, just under her boobs while circling them, her soft tummy, everywhere. He then cupped her boobs in his hands, squeezed it hard and bit into it at the same time taking as much as possible inside his mouth. His sucks were so hard that it was generating loud noises which was adding to Ally’s pleasure. She was getting goosebumps all over her body.

Dan got up from the bed and removed his underwear and pulled off Ally’s shorts gently, revealing her completely naked body. He paused and looked at her with lust in his eyes and then slowly turned her over. He lay on top of her with both her hands on either sides and his hands on her hands and started kissing her bare back. He lifted himself up and started rubbing his cock against her butt up and down imagining in his head that he was fucking her and moaned loudly and breathed hard on her back. He continued kissing and moving further and further down. When we reached her firm butt, he slapped it softly and waited for a reaction. Ally moaned but didn’t wake up. Encouraged by this, his slapped her butt hard again and bent down and bit her butt cheeks relishing its shape and form and leaving his drool on her.

He turned Ally on her back and gently spread her legs to examine her treasure pot. She was well trimmed down there. He bent down to take a closer look and softly dipped one finger between her lips. Ally started breathing harder. He took it off. He bent down and blew soft air on her pussy and gently inserted his finger on her clit again, this time going slightly deeper. Ally started shifting and started curving her body to take more of his touch. Seeing this, he spread her lips and gave her a soft lick on her pussy lips. This made Ally got a pleasure jolt in her and let out a loud groan.

Dan seemed to have found her spot. He put his entire mouth on her pussy and started licking every millimeter of her pussy, digging deeper and deeper with every lick, his nose on her clit and moving his face side to side as he licked her deep. Ally had been eaten before but never like this, so deep and hard that someone was worshiping her body like she were a goddess and was solely focusing on her pleasure. Her hands touched Dan’s head and she held his hair while having the most pleasurable stimulation she had ever experienced.

She started moaning louder and louder, her body moving and curving uncontrollably as she inched closer to an orgasm. Dan looked up at her while continuing to lick her and the way her body was moving. He knew she was close, and he plunged in and sucked harder and more vigorously, moving his tongue and lips faster and harder now. Ally started lifting her butt towards him pushing herself closer to his face. He slid his hand under her butt and held it tightly squeezing it while continuing to suck her. Her loud moans were making him harder and harder and he started moaning too. Ally finally gave out a loud moan as she had an intense orgasm, the most intense she had ever had.

Dan continued to suck all her juice that was gushing out as she calmed down and her breathing got steady. She continued to pretend to sleep. Dan slid up her body and kissed her lips hard. He lay on top of her, placing his chest on her boobs and his cock on her pussy and rubbed himself onto her, softly gracing at first and then rough and hard so that their nipples brushed against each other and his cock was rubbing hard or her dripping pussy. Ally gently held his head, put her fingers in his thick hair and pulled him closer and kissed him passionately on his lips. Dan was startled and quickly moved away.

Ally opened her eyes, smiled at him and said, “Finish what you started,” and pulled him closer to her.

Dan was so relieved looking at Ally smiling and was equally excited.

He moved closer to her and hugged her tightly.

He kissed her on her lips, face and neck and said, “You naughty girl! You have been awake all this while. Testing me. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to stay silent.”

Saying that he gave her a deep kiss and Ally kissed back, both hugging each other and continuing to feel each other’s body against them. Both breathed hard and moaned with pleasure. Ally reached down, held Dan’s thick hard cock and guided him inside her. He slid inside her smoothly, thanks to all his effort on her pussy and Ally moaned loudly feeling him completely inside her. Dan’s fantasy was coming true and he moved passionately on Ally’s body, soaking up her heat and sweat, both their bodies sliding against each other and moving faster as they were approaching their climax. Dan grunted hard and started thrusting into Ally harder and faster, faster and faster as Ally was screaming with pleasure. He struggled to catch his breath as he was kissing Ally on her neck and boobs while thrusting inside her and finally groaned loudly as he came inside her, depositing all his enormous load inside of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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