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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. Although this story can stand on its own, reading my last Christmas story, “Down the Chimney, Up her Chute”, will give you some background on this one. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)

Dear Santa,

Hey it’s me Chloe, writing again, asking for my Christmas gifts. I know it seems childish, to be writing this letter, but it’s the only thing I can do. I mean I’m 20, single, and definitely adult, I should have outgrown such things. But I still believe, even today, that you could still be very real. I can’t say this to anyone, they’ll think I’m crazy, but the truth is they are the dumb ones. Because every year I’ve written, a letter to you, I’ve almost always received what I wanted. But the truth is, I’ve not always been good, so you must have a soft spot for me. But there is one thing, I’ve never received, even though I asked the last few years. So I’m starting to think, the truth might be, my parents might have just spoiled me rotten. Because the thing that I want, more than anything else, my folks would never give to me. So I’m appealing to you, jolly old St. Nick, even though I’m starting to think you’re not real. So prove to me Santa, show me the truth, please prove that you really exist! Because if you don’t, a lifelong believer you’ll lose, I’ll never believe in Christmas again. No more stockings, no letters, no big Christmas trees, no more of me singing Christmas carols. I love Christmas so much, it’s my absolute favorite, so please just listen to my plea. I’ll tell you exactly what I want, so I want you to hear, I want you to give me what I want this Christmas year.

It’s a million to one shot, supernatural intervention, but I’ll do anything that it takes. I’ve tried everything, I’m desperate, I have no other choice, you might be the only one who can help. But you have no idea how badly I want this, need this, have to have this, and I’ll never ask for anything else. It’s the only thing I’ll ever ask for, want or need, so please grant me this wish. There’s only one thing I want for Christmas, I can’t get the thought out of my head, I want my sister’s husband, naked in my bed.

I want to fuck my sister’s husband, it feels so good to say it, I just can’t wait any longer. I’ve wanted this for years, I know it’s an odd request, you probably don’t get many like this. I’ve been coy when I’ve asked before, the last few years, looking for some way to make him love me. But now here’s the truth, the thing I want more than anything else, is my brother-in-laws big fat cock. It’s meant to be, I know it is, I just need help to make it happen.

I met him months before he married sis, it was Christmas at the time. He looked so hot, as soon as I saw him, I knew he should be mine. My sis is Dory, short for Doris, an old ladies name, quite fitting. Her man is Hank, a southern gent, not used to the big city. I met Hank then, and watched the way, his shirt clung to his body. He wore cowboy boots, a cute touch, made me smitten all the more. He was six years older, same as Dory, but that did not stop me one bit. I crushed on him hard, but didn’t say a word, trying to be a good younger sis. I watched them get married, a beautiful day, a day that should have been mine.

I remember the day, when Hank and I met, I was just 15 at the time. He met Dory in College, and she brought him home, eager to just show him off. He was so hot, so sexy, so perfect, I could tell Dory loved to parade him around. Mom fawned over him, and Dad was impressed, her daughter’s new man a true gent. They all sat around, sharing their stories, Mom and Dad let them both have drinks. But there I was, just a kid to them, not fit for the adult’s table. My folks loved Dory, she was their fave, but I always thought she was quite dull. A whiz in school, a total teacher’s pet, all you could want in a daughter. To them she was perfect, an upstanding girl, a productive member of society. She liked to help out, to volunteer, to help those that were far less fortunate. But I know the truth, she didn’t do it to help, she did it to make herself feel better. That was the worst, why I hated her, because everything she did was for show. So what if she helped, so what if she donated, so what if she traveled abroad? My parents were floored, when she spent her summer, abroad building homes for the poor.

I hated that bitch, and I think she knew it, but she never let it show. She was always so nice, a perfect big sis, even though she was totally jealous. Even though she was smart, a big shot in College, she knew I was the hot one indeed. She was threatened by me, by my imposing chest, ten times the size of her itty-bitty tits. She looked down at me, as if escort bursa jealous, just cause I had lots of friends. She was always a bookworm, always a dork, always so incredibly dull. Not that good looking, chest totally flat, it’s a wonder she could land a man. I was pretty and popular, loved by the boys, I had already had many boyfriends. She talked down to me, giving me advice, implying that I was a slut. I was a slut, it was true, but who is she, to be treating me like a kid? Just because I had, boys vying for me, something she had never known. Boys didn’t like her, they’d never had, too boring and dull to be hot. She was jealous, that bitch, I knew it was true, she knew deep down I was hotter. So when she had me meet Hank, she made sure to say, I was her young little sister. Not little in all ways, I thought to myself, my cup size was quite expansive.

I had to admit, that when I met Hank, I was incredibly nervous. His smile made me shudder, his looks made me wet, his accent made me weak in the knees. But sis had gotten to him, souring his opinion, he treated me like a kid. But he didn’t get the chance, to know the real me, and learn I was very mature for my age. I watched from afar, my eyes on Hank, the fires of a crush being ignited. I’d never seen a guy, as sexy as him, he was truly a man.

But I was not included, not mature enough, I didn’t belong with the adults. Hank tried to include me, but Dory pointed out, that it was getting awfully late. She made sure to point out, to everyone there, that it was in fact a school night. I was sent to bed, by my smiling mom, just as they noticed my blushing red cheeks. Mom and Dad felt bad, but not Dory, that bitch, she wore a smile quite smug. I was not a child, so I did not listen, I snuck down a few minutes later. I had to listen to them, talking about me, talking about how school was going. Dory asked about my grades, I knew she expected, for them to still not be very good. The joke was on her, as my grades had improved, coincidently at the same time that my tits grew. I could tell she was threatened, that I was getting smarter, so she had to find something to attack. She told my folks I was spoiled, that they should cut back, and not give me all that I want. She said I had to learn, that I had to be humble, or else I’d be a spoiled brat. I liked having clothes and shoes, as much as I could, so what if I wanted the best? And then she let slip, for her boyfriend to hear, that I was a bit of a slut. That bitch, how dare she, I knew she was jealous, worried that Hank might like me more. I vowed from that moment, that Hank would be mine, that me and my sis were at war.

She kept up appearances, she was my big sis, acted like she wanted to help me. She wanted the best for me, she wanted me to grow, and not be a child anymore. She wanted me to be, just like her, as if that was the best I could hope for. I didn’t buy it for a second, because I knew for a fact, a girl like her had to feel threatened. Cause when you’re as plain as her, she had to be scared, to be around someone as sexy as me. She was totally threatened, cause she knew deep down, I was capable of so much more. I was pretty, and sexy, so fucking hot, girls like me were successful. But she didn’t want me, to get by on my looks, she was hopeful for so much more. As if, stupid bitch, I knew the truth, that you could be happy being a young sexy whore. I knew for a fact, that being a slut, was not an insult like she had said. Sluts like me, we had much more fun, we were quite popular with the boys. While girls like my sis, were studying hard, sluts like me were getting fucked!

But she had poisoned Hank’s thoughts, his opinion of me, he always treated me like a kid. Even when I grew older, became totally legal, he still did not make a move. He treated me like sis did, like a little kid, not like the adult I’d become. I flirted with him, whenever I could, but he simply just brushed me off. Again and again, I flirted with Hank, but I never had much success. He acted like I was kidding, like I was a joke, but the truth was I was deadly serious. I think deep down, he knew the truth, that I had a burning crush. But he was a good husband, a good brother-in-law, and he never did anything wrong. He brushed me off, spared me the embarrassment, of exposing my indecent crush. He never said anything, our shared little secret, a bond that me and him shared.

I fumed with jealously, every time I was around them, knowing what could have been. He would have chose me, if he had just met me first, I knew that truly to be. But now he was stuck with the inferior sis, a fact which just drove me nuts. I mean I’m taller, I’m hotter, with much better hair, brown, full, and super sexy. Much prettier face, and much bigger tits, I’m hotter than her by a mile. EE cups, so soft to the touch, not flat like a board like she is. My butt’s like a shelf, stands out from my back, perfectly round and perky. But he’s married to her, that no-titted bitch, with as flat of a butt as could be. Not very pretty, not very hot, and particularly funny, she’s not.

So bursa merkez eskort why choose her, that uninteresting bitch, when I’m clearly the better sister? I flirt like crazy, wear low cut shirts, and he never says one word of thank you. He never says hey, you’re wearing a thong, it looks perfect above the hem of your jeans. So much cash, spent on such tiny scraps, and he never says a word of praise. Meanwhile wifey, wears grandma panties, and she’s the one he’s fucking at night. I witnessed them once, together in bed, I don’t think they ever saw me. Hank’s sweet southern charm, was very much gone, becoming a rutting beast like no other. His rock hard-muscles, his perfect ass flexing, filling my sis with his meat. I spied it from the door, and suffice it to say, it was clear he was packing some heat. Ten-inches I’d say, the biggest I’d seen, I would freely admit I’m a size queen. And he was filling my sis, that sexless twit, his dick would feel perfect deep in my slit. My tight snug pussy, built for big meat, bare as the day I was born, bald, clean, and neat.

I’ve flirted, I’ve winked, I’ve preened and I’ve prodded, but still of fucking me he does not think. What else can I do, but show off my gifts, and hope he indulges a bit; a leer at my ass, a friendly kiss on the lips, or dare I dream, grabbing a firm handful of tit. I’d slip him the tongue, cause I’m just such a slut, that’s probably why he hasn’t kissed me underneath where the mistletoe hung.

So what can I do, but rip off his clothes, and jump his bones till he likes it? His smooth southern charm, his accent so sexy, he treats every girl like a lady. I wished he’d drop the act, forget about morals, and treat me like the slut that I am. I’m 20 years old, no longer a kid, a completely mature, sexy woman. But he was raised right, his parents did well, he would never do anything wrong. So that’s why he’s loyal, he would never cheat, especially with his wife’s older sister.

So now I ask you, for help what to do, to get my brother-in-law to fuck me? I know it’s a long-shot, a miracle needed, but this just has to happen. He would be happier with me, and he’s such a good guy, don’t you think he deserves the best? I know it sounds naughty, a bad thing to do, to steal my older sister’s man. A girl on the naughty list, that’s what I am, but I deserve a nice gift at least once. Maybe if I do, maybe if I’m rewarded, I might not be bad anymore. I’ll be a good girl, I promise to you, for nothing else I’ll ever ask, if you help get Hank’s cock up my ass.

I’m at their house now, and it’s Christmas Eve, the snow is just starting to fall. Just the three of us here, they opened their home, to give me a warm Merry Christmas. I’ve kept up the act, as has my sis, as if there were no hard feelings between us. I’ll sneak down in a sec, the happy couple in bed, and tuck this letter deep in my stocking. I’ll hope for the best and bide my time, and maybe this year my sister’s husband will finally be mine.





Chloe, my dear Chloe, thanks for the letter, I’ve been a fan of your work for some time. I’m not Old Saint Nick, it’s me Mrs. Claus, but not the one that you think. That fat bitch is gone, kicked to the curb, growing old in some retirement home. She was replaced by me, much younger and hotter, a hot slut in Santa’s big bed. St. Nick’s not what you think, a hot young stud he is, more than enough man for me. My name is Beatrice, Bea Clause to be formal, we married early this year. I’m the new bitch in town, so things are quite different, the rules have definitely changed. So unlike that fat bitch, that lived here before, sluts like you have a chance. Now Nick knows the truth, that sluts are the best, girls on the naughty list are a lot more fun. So they get rewarded, as they should be, with gifts, clothes, jewelry, and nice things. But in some special cases, like yours here tonight, some intervention is required.

Your brother-in-law, that fine looking man, totally, definitely deserves better. Trust me, he’s big, I know such things, he’s got to be close to ten-inches. He’s got nice big balls too, perfect for you my dear, you two would be such a hot couple. Dory’s a bitch, that much is clear, she doesn’t deserve all the fun.

You’ve fucked a lot of men, a true slut are you sweetie, so you’re clearly one of the best. Gorgeous face, huge tits, round butt, tight cunt, and by the way girl your hair is amazing. So that you’re not married, is just such a shame, but I am about to help change that my dear.

Look under the tree, my dear, look closely you’ll find, some gifts made especially for you. Open them in private, cause if you don’t, you’re bitch sister will know something is up. Also check your stocking, some surprises you’ll find, including a clear glass vial. It’s ‘Magic Christmas Powder’, slip it in Dory’s drink, it’ll keep her out of the way. Use all of your gifts, you have quite many, and really show Hank what you’ve got. My presents should help, just slip them on tight, bursa sınırsız escort it should make you look irresistible. I wish you the best, honey, but you don’t need it, you definitely have what it takes. Please write me back, let me know how it goes, just write my name on the letter. It should get to me, we have our ways, my empire is quite expansive. Now if you’ll excuse me, Nick’s about to go, I have to slip this letter in his bag. I have to get ready, so when he gets back, he’s got someone warm to come home to. I’ll help him relax, take him to the bed, and help him take off his clothes. I’ll slip off his socks, and suck on his cock, and give him a very Merry Christmas.

Good Luck Sweetie, Merry Christmas, XOXO,

Mrs. Beatrice Clause



Oh my God, I can’t believe it, thank you for the help! But I’m getting ahead, let me set the scene, make this all dramatic.

We woke up early, all of us, excited for Christmas morning. I padded downstairs, in my silky robe, joining the happy couple. I was nude underneath, I had to resist, letting it slip off my shoulders. Just show Hank the goods, watch him drool with lust, and kick my dumb sis to the curb. But I played it safe, kept my robe clinched tight, hiding my jiggling tits. But my hard nipples, showed through the robe, if somebody happened to look. Dory made coffee, as we got all set, to open gifts this Christmas year. Christmas songs playing, the tree looked amazing, I knew this year would be something special.

We started with stockings, and I looked in mine, and found your letter tucked in nice and neat. I read it in private, so no one could see, my eyes glowing with surprise. So Santa was real, and as it turned out, he was a fan of dirty sluts. So he was happy to help, of course thanks to you, to help make my bro-in-law mine. I found the vial you mentioned, and pocketed it, knowing I would use it soon. I hid the stocking, I hid it with care, its other contents a surprise.

We went under the tree, all of us three, each of us searching for presents. It became clear to me, the fanciest gifts, just all happened to be mine. I pulled them aside, tucking them away, as per what you said in your letter. So we opened the rest, from friends and our family, as I anxiously waited for yours. They sat next to me, drawing my stare, I wanted to see what’s inside. But I had to wait, a smile on my face, keeping up boring pretenses. I acted happy, I acted surprised, as each boring gift I received. Dory bought me the gifts, from both of them, purchased with her boring tastes. Ugly cheap blouses and nasty perfumes, all the stuff that she would like. It wasn’t all bad, my friends knew what I wanted, so the gifts I received from them were great. Low cut tight tops, much more my style, those ones did make me smile. Skin-tight jeans, breast molding sweaters, which would show off the gifts that I got. I got fun stuff too, a new laptop and phone, keeping me hip and current. None were from sis, not surprising, boring and lame as can be.

But Hank was great, he acted happy, to each boring gift that she gave him. He smiled at me, when he pulled from under the tree, the new pair of boots I got him. He had no idea, how expensive they were, that I spent a pretty penny. He looked like a cowboy, every girl’s dream, on him they looked like perfection. All I could think, is how good they would look, if he wore them as he fucked me. I had it planned out, a naughty fantasy, to help us get to that point. He’d come in for the day, shirt soaking with sweat, looking for real female comfort. And he couldn’t wait, he’d unzip his jeans, so he eager was he for some pleasure. He’d scoop out his dick, we’d fall to the bed, eager to get down to business. My hands on his ass, covered with denim, as he drove himself into me. He’d be so desperate for it, that he couldn’t wait, to strip off his clothes and get naked. He’d get balls deep , as soon as he could, he couldn’t resist any longer. I’d rub my bare feet, on his cowboy boots, as he brought me incredible pleasure. I woke from my dreams, they were looking at me, I smiled as if I weren’t horny. My nipples were hard, my cheeks were flushed, my cunt was dripping on the couch. Shaken from fantasy, Christmas resumed, I acted like everything’s normal. I was the good sister, as we all adjourned, around the table to eat breakfast. But finally, I slipped away, all of your gifts in my hands.

I went to my guest room, locked the door tight, letting the gifts hit the bed. I ripped open the presents, with childish glee, eager to see what was inside. I emptied my stocking, let the presents fall out, and widened my eyes with surprise. And let me just say, you went above and beyond, the best gifts a slut could receive. Bra’s and undies, the best I had seen, every color I could imagine. All sorts of thongs, thin and tiny, each tinier than the last. I also received, expensive shoes and lingerie, the finest shit money could buy. Expensive perfume, exclusive shit, the stuff you cannot find in stores. A nice subtle smell, dripping with pheromones, making any man throb with lust. A couple sprays to the chest, and I had no doubt, that very soon Hank would be drooling. I dug into the stocking, and with a giggle I noticed, from within came more stockings, ten pairs in all. Each sexy and smooth, some mesh, some fishnet, they’d be perfect for my long smooth sexy long legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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