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I had a hell of a day in front of me at work, and I think it was the first time ever that I had been in the office before 8 o’clock. The building was all but deserted when I arrived. There was just Craig’s car sat alone in the car park, and I knew straight away, I would get the peace and quiet I needed to get through the backlog of paperwork that was piled high on my desk.

Craig has been one of our senior managers for a couple of years, and whilst he has always been polite and friendly, he tends to keep himself to himself. He’d been really good to me earlier in the year and saved me a packet by fixing a couple of things on my knackered old car that I am sure would have cost me a couple of hundred quid otherwise. I had been pretty stressed with life at the time, and every time I saw him I always felt a little guilty that I had hardly even taken the time to thank him for his help.

Once inside the building I headed straight for the coffee machine, and as I stood and waited for my brew, Craig walked passed me. We exchanged greetings, then as he walked away, I could not help but let my eyes follow him down the corridor, taking in his whole body and his delicious tight arse. Strangely as he walked away, I felt my heart beat faster and my nipples harden and press against the soft cotton of my tight vest-top.

Oblivious to the impact he had made on me Craig disappeared out of sight, and I retrieved my coffee from the machine. As I headed towards my desk, I was very conscious of my nipples’ excited state, but it was still early and there was no-one else about to notice.

I think unbeknownst to Craig, he has been the centre of gossip amongst the girls all year. He’s in his late twenties, not bad looking and has taken up running. He is training for a marathon and as a result has dropped a good few kilos and looks slim, fit and healthy.

Our company operates a smart-casual dress policy, which means absolutely nothing as it is not enforced with any enthusiasm, so during the hot spell, the dress code for most of the younger girls was a vest top and either three-quarter length trousers or a short skirt. I had chosen the skirt option today.

Craig, clearly more confident with his new trimmed down body, was dressed in a pale grey pair of linen trousers and a slim fitting granddad shirt that highlighted just how tight his torso had become.

The first coffee of the day didn’t last long and when I headed back for a refill, Craig was leaning against the wall, awaiting delivery of his next caffeine hit. In his new snug fitting trousers there was no mistaking the outline of his cock as he stood up straight when I approached. It was as much as I could do to tear my eyes off it and immediately my nipples hardened again.

What the hell was wrong with me, I thought. I felt like a dog on heat. He smiled as I got close to him. I could smell his aftershave and as he bent over to retrieve his coffee, his eyes, for once, fixed onto my large breasts and my stiff nipples straining to be free from my top. His eyes lingered before rising up to my face. His eyes shone as they met mine, and I smiled sweetly back at him. Nothing was said, but our eyes did not break contact for several long, seconds.

“All yours.” He said finally, breaking the trance by motioning towards the coffee machine.

“Thanks.” I replied and finally looked away, only to look straight back once his back was turned and once again admire his arse as he retreated back to his office.

Coffee in hand, I walked the long way back to my desk, passed his office, in a route that took in most of the small office building. By the car park, the silence and the darkness in the individual offices, there were still no more than a couple of people about. My heart hammered as my mind suddenly raced, thinking about getting my hands on that giant looking cock of his.

I dumped my coffee on my desk and started another lap of the floor. When I reached the ladies, I ducked through the door and stood in front of the large mirror that covers most of the wall behind the washbasins. I looked myself up and down.

I am 5″2 with long black hair and a decent figure, which is deceptively slim once you get passed my large tits, which tend to make me look a little round whatever I wear. As you can imagine, I’ve never really had a problem attracting the lads who find it very difficult to keep their eyes off my chest, although I have to admit that Craig had always commanded my respect by talking to my face.

“What the fuck are you thinking?” I asked myself out loud, but my own eyes rested where Craig’s had done so. My sensitive nipples rubbed on my top every time I moved and they stood proud and hard, fighting any urge to hide away. What Craig had not known when we met at the coffee machine was that my pussy was also now sopping wet, hungry and aching. “Are you really going to do this?” I asked myself, but the sudden break in the silence made me jump and I turned and checked both cubicles to make sure they were empty.

I knew it was a rare opportunity. I was never in this early and liked to escape home as soon as the clock turned five. I was nearly always one of the first out of the door, so I knew hanging around until 6 bursa escort o’clock one evening, when the office was all but empty, would not go unnoticed. Besides, I just couldn’t get passed how hot he looked and my body was on fire with lust and had been starved of any sexual gratification for several months. I took a deep breath, straightened my skirt and strode confidently out of the toilet towards his office.

As I approached, my heart beat faster and harder and I wasn’t convinced I would be able to speak when I finally got to his office. I paused briefly and took another deep breath, holding it for a few seconds, in an attempt to calm myself down.

I stuck my head around his door and he looked up almost immediately, smiling again as our eyes met.

“Urm.” I mumbled. “Urm, have you got a minute?” I eventually spat out. I could feel sweat beading on my forehead. Craig nodded and pushed his chair back from his desk so he was facing me.

“Grab a seat.” He said, but I simply stood gormlessly and said nothing.

“Urm,” I repeated. “Actually, umm, I wondered if you could, um, give me, um a hand with something in the library.” I finally managed to splutter. My usual out-going confidence was shattered and my neck and cheeks were glowing red, making me hot and uncomfortable. I really must have looked like I was up to something and for a moment I thought he was going to say he didn’t have the time. I thought he could tell that I wasn’t being myself.

“Yeah sure,” came his reply as he picked up his plastic cup and drained his coffee. I continued to stand motionless on the other side of the desk, “do you want to go now?”

“Er, yes, sorry.” I said and turned away so he would follow me.

As we passed through reception, I could see one or two more cars outside. It was just gone 8.20am and part of me was rapidly losing my nerve. Jesus, what was I thinking?

We began to climb the stairs with Craig dutifully following me. The first floor was almost always deserted. It had no offices, just the conference room, a small kitchen, a staff room and the library. I tried to wonder what the hell I would say once I got there, or if someone was actually already in there, although the latter was most unlikely.

We walked passed the kitchen, up a couple of stairs and I pushed open the library door. The stale air was already stifling. The heat of the summer seemed to collect in the paper and there were no windows to even try to get oxygen to circulate. The tiny room only has four rows with shelves from floor to ceiling, all crammed with back copies of our products. I had to go all the way in and around the back of the door before Craig could squeeze in with me and shut it behind him.

“Did you want the lights on?” He asked as we stood there awkwardly in the gloom.

“Er” I started, no it really wasn’t what I wanted, just in case someone came up to the kitchen and decided to come in and switch it off. “Actually,” I began again, finally grasping the nettle, “I’m afraid I’ve got you here under false pretences.” I said, more confidently. “I never did really say thank you for sorting out my car.” I continued, beginning to get closer to the point and edging backwards towards the last row of shelves. Craig looked at me in quiet confusion.

“It’s no problem,” he said, looking at me a little oddly, “but a visit to the library, sure is a novel way to say thanks. Most people would have just been obvious with wine or chocolates.” He said, still smiling, but looking at me in a slightly strange way. Oh fuck it, I thought.

“Well actually, I thought there was something you would like better than a bottle of wine,” I said, “come over here a second.”

He took a few steps towards me, still with no idea what I had in mind. As he reached me, I grabbed his shirt and gently swung him around and into the last aisle so he was leaning against the rear wall. Immediately, and before he could ask what the hell I was doing, I dropped to my knees and left him in absolutely no doubt.

I unzipped his fly and reached into his black cotton boxer shorts and wrestled his manhood free. It was immediately clear that the outline I had seen in his pants was his cock in its soft, sleeping state. As I held it, my fingers wrapped around it and him staring down at me, it began to swell and harden. I peeled back the foreskin of his rapidly hardening cock and kissed the tip. It was growing so long and fat in my hand that I just had to get my lips around it, so with no foreplay, I opened my mouth wide and leant into him. Inch after inch disappeared into my hungry mouth but as he reached his full potential, I was not sure I had much more than half inside me. The idea of deep-throating him was definitely out as his girth filled me completely, and my jaw already ached.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and held his big, heavy balls in the other, squeezing them gently as I wanked and sucked his delicious cock. As I relaxed and built up a steady rhythm, I found I could ease a little more inside me, until his tip was nuzzling against the back of my throat. I could hear his moans as I pleasured him, but when he wrapped his fingers into my hair and pushed me slowly but forcefully onto his pole, bursa escort bayan I almost gagged and knew I would have to explore other avenues if I was to pleasure him fully. I pulled myself clear, and was immediately presented with what must have been an 8″ cock that was the thickest I had ever seen bobbing delightfully before my eyes, his helmet wet and shinning with my saliva.

I pulled my top off and unclipped my bra, letting my firm, 36D breasts free. I quickly grabbed a stool and sat in front of him. I licked up and down his whole length, making him slick, then enveloped his thick tool between my breasts. He immediately leant forward and began to buck his hips too and fro, plunging his cock the entire length of my ample cleavage. Every time his cock popped out from between my tits, I gobbled his tip hungrily, taking whatever he offered into my hot and willing mouth. My saliva mixed with sweat, as it dripped off his forehead and ran down my neck in the stifling heat.

He fucked my tits hard. Each stroke slow and long as he made the most of his opportunity. I heard the kitchen door open just a few feet away and looked up into his eyes, but he did not flinch and continued his strokes, now holding my head in place to accept his cock each time it was offered.

He groans increased, as did his rhythm. I reached forward and gently tickled his balls, teasing the cum from his monster cock. Suddenly, with one huge thrust and a loud grunt, his cock shot out from between my tits. Before I could wrap my lips around it, he fired a huge, hot clot of jizz onto my forehead, where it ran down the side of my nose and onto my lips. I enveloped his cock with my mouth and wanked it hard, milking every last drop from his balls. I sucked and swallowed every last drop of his hot and salty semen as he continued to spew forth his seed. He grabbed my hair again and bucked his hips, pushing himself deeper and deeper into my mouth, again filling my throat to capacity. Finally, his orgasm ended, and he withdrew his cock, as the final dribble of cum leaked from the corner of my mouth and ran down my chin.

He leaned forward and wiped the cum off my chin with his thumb and smeared it all over my nipples as he pinched them, making them tingle and me moan at his touch.

“I agree,” he said, “that was definitely better than chocolates.” He smiled down at me, his huge cock, still pointing skyward. I could taste his cum in my mouth and smell it on my skin. The dry air of the room stank of sex and sweat and semen. Even if anyone came in and we were fully dressed, there would be little mistaking what had happened.

I stood and retrieved my bra and top and looked longingly back at Craig’s cock as he began to tuck it back inside his pants. My clit was tingling with excitement and my tight little pussy was wet and desperate.

“Stay here.” He said as he stepped passed me. He walked out of the door and I thought he was just making his escape so we didn’t reappear together. I heard the kitchen door open and close and then the library door was pushed open again and Craig returned, tissue in hand. “Think you had better wipe yourself down before you go back to your desk.” He said, handing me the coarse catering tissue from the kitchen. I wiped my forehead and face then looked straight at him. He nodded his approval. “Probably a more acceptable look.” He said smiling and taking the tissue back off me. He held my chin in his hand and for a second I thought and desperately wanted him to kiss me, but he lifted my head and tenderly wiped my neck and the top of my cleavage. He smiled at me almost apologetically. “Sorry, went pretty much everywhere, but I think you’re probably presentable.” He smiled his perpetual smile.

I just looked back at him, unable to tear my eyes away. He turned to leave, the moment suddenly a little awkward. I cleared my throat and he turned back.

“Well, thanks for helping me with my car.” I said and giggled like a nervous schoolgirl. Craig laughed out loud.

“Well, it was definitely all my pleasure.” He said. Then he did stoop towards me and peck me on the lips. I felt his tongue brush mine, then instantly he was gone. I had closed my eyes and when I opened them the door was swinging shut and I was alone. I straightened my top and skirt and quickly headed for the toilet to check for any remaining patches of cum.

The car park was almost full and the place buzzing. The coffee machine had a queue and life seemed to be continuing at a lazy pace all around me. I dived into the toilets without seeing anyone and thankfully they too were deserted. I gave myself a quick once over in the mirror, to make sure I was clean, then damped down some toilet roll and wiped my face and neck to try and stop me sweating.

I tried to concentrate on my workload — the real reason I had been at my desk before 8am — but the thought of sucking Craig’s monster cock was never far from my mind. My nipples were in a state of constant arousal and my whole body was still alive with the buzz I had got from both the risk and the new adventure of tasting another cock, only the third one I had ever touched.

At lunchtime I grabbed my salad and headed out into the sun with some of the girls. escort bursa We are lucky when the weather is good. Although the office is not air-conditioned and hopelessly and uncomfortably hot, the building is set in a couple of acres of land, and we have a couple of picnic tables to use and plenty of grass to lounge about on.

As I headed outside, I literally ran into Craig as he came out of the gents. My eyes immediately dropped to his crotch, then guiltily back to his face.

“Hey, you’d have me in HR if I did that to you.” He said jokingly. He went to step passed me and I deliberately stepped in front of him, not wanting the moment to pass. I looked back up at him

“You can have me in HR, Marketing or wherever else you like.” I whispered, pouting desperately up at him.

“Well…” he said, letting his voice trail off agonisingly.

“Well what?” I asked, but he just shrugged and nodded towards the door. I started to look around, when I heard the click of the card entry system and one of the girls stuck her head in.

“Come on,” she said, beckoning me outside, “our break will be over before you get out here.” She said almost grabbing my arm and pulling me through the door.

As the heavy glass door swung shut behind me and I stepped out into the sun, I glanced back over my shoulder, but with the tinted glass and bright, sunny day, I could not see if Craig was still watching me from the other side of the glass.

“What’s going on with you and him then?” Samantha asked, taking my breath away and making my cheeks flush.

“Nothing.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady and innocent.

“Well there was a lot of whispering going on when I was stood at the door.” She continued, goading me.

“We weren’t whispering, we were just chatting.” I said trying to regain some poise. Samantha just shrugged, then dug here elbow into my ribs forcing all the air from my lungs.

“Bet you wouldn’t mind though.” She said as we reached the end of the car park and stepped onto the grass, where a couple more of the girls were looking our way from one of the tables.

“Wouldn’t mind what?” I asked innocently.

“Come on,” she said, “he looks like he’s got the biggest dick.” She continued with no shame. “You can always see it. It doesn’t matter what he wears. You’d have to be a giraffe to stuff it all down your neck.” I just shook my head.

“You’re foul.” I stated, giggling as we approached the others.

“Anyway, he’d fucking split you in half, you tiny little bitch.” She concluded as we reached the table.

“Whose a bitch?” Asked Tina as I grabbed a place at the table and tucked into my tuna salad, keen to be away from this conversation.

“She is,” said Samantha not ready to let this drop, “I just caught her flirting with cock-man.” She kicked me under the table to make me look up and I knew I was blushing. I just shook my head at her and tried to retain some decorum.

“Now there’s some pork that wouldn’t need stuffing to make it taste good.” Tina said rising to the occasion. They were as bad as each other once they got going. Women like to think that men talk about sex all the time, but for these two it was a constant topic, a hobby which they practiced constantly and in the crudest manner possible.

“You two are appalling.” I said as I crunched through my leaves.

“Wouldn’t be able to talk with that in your mouth.” countered Samantha. I was beginning to think that they knew something. I tried to tell myself that that simply couldn’t be true, but whilst they often went on like this about sex, it was rarely actually directed at me, or anyone in particular. Then I realised that they couldn’t know, they would have just blurted it out if they had. I stuffed a fork full of salad into my mouth and stood up from the bench.

“Can I get either of you a drink?” I asked, trying to change the subject. “Gin and tonic” said Samantha. Tina nodded. Everyday was the same. I shrugged and started back towards the door.

“If you’re not back in five, we’ll come and get you.” Tina called after me.

Back in the building, I took a quick detour to the toilet before grabbing a tray of water. I peeled my panties down, but their dampness made them stick to my pussy. I sat down and as I peed, I looked at my swollen lips. They were moist and stuck invitingly out from my clean shaven cunt. I have always liked to keep it smooth and I had prepared it just the previous night.

Almost absent-mindedly my fingers touched my lips and I rubbed them gently between my thumb and forefinger. They were sticky and desperately sensitive to my touch. With every nerve ending on red alert, it felt as though electricity was flowing constantly through my body. I stretched out my legs and tried to brace them on the back of the door, but I was too small. Instead I placed my feet flat, spread my legs, then spread my lips, licked my index finger and rapidly polished my clit. It was over in less than 20 seconds. The nagging arousal that I had had since I arrived at work to find Craig’s car already there, exploded almost instantly into a blossoming, satisfying orgasm. I bit my lip and held my breath, trying to keep as quiet as possible as I pleasured myself in the relative privacy of a toilet cubicle. Then it was over. My orgasm subsided and with my body’s appetite at least temporarily sated, I felt as if I could at last concentrate on everything else that was going on around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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