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“They’re moving in with us? Mom! There’s hardly room for us, let alone those two!” Samantha huffed and leaned back in the deck chair, crossing her arms under her breasts, and bounced up when she felt the slight adjustment of the heavy plastic under her considerable weight.

“Sammi, baby, I love Quentin, and Diondre lives with him for the same reason you live with me; it saved you money for your tuition to stay at home.” Janine shook her head and Samantha watched the sun sparkle off of the few greys that had dared to peek through the darker auburn strands. “Besides, they’ve already moved their things over when you were at your final classes today. So they’ve actually moved in with us.

“Anyway, Diondre is an athlete, so I seriously doubt you’ll even be running into him every single day.” Her mother laughed and leaned back in her own chair, eyes narrowing behind her sunglasses as she surveyed the young woman leaning against the porch railing.

I really should invest in those steel chairs that don’t make her so nervous. The thought struck her, and she nodded to herself as she watched the way that Samantha tugged at her tee shirt, pulling it away from her body self-consciously as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

At five-foot-six, Samantha was average in height, but exceptional in so many other ways. She’d gotten the best of both worlds from her parents: her father’s big blue eyes, and her mother’s silken red hair and flawless skin. Long fingers from Andrew, and she could play the piano just as beautifully as her father had.

She was heavier, and she hated her body, always wishing she were slim and trim, no matter how much Janine encouraged her that she was a vision. The curvy eighteen-year-old sighed and leaned over the railing, mentally cursing her size-twenty body, forgetting her mother as she began to think of what life would be like with two men in the house now.

It had always been just her and her mom, ever since her father had walked out when she was a newborn. Would she be fenced in suddenly? With a family, would she not get the private time that she’d come to love? Damn, I hope I can maintain my privacy. Her eyes opened wide and she froze for several long moments.

Two bathrooms, was all she kept thinking, and the one belongs to Mom and Quentin, leaving me and Diondre to share the small one up the hall. Great. She shook her head and turned as her mother left the deck, belatedly hearing the gravelly crunch of a car pulling up the long driveway.

Samantha twisted her hair nervously as she heard laughter, low and male, and smoothed her hands down her hips, tugging at the hem of her shirt again. Ugh, a brother. And he’s older, too! She’d always longed for a sibling, but generally a sister to talk to, not a brother. Another adjustment that would have to be made.

She straightened as Janine rounded the corner, and blinked in surprise as two incredibly tall black men followed her. Quentin, she knew from previous meetings and dinners, was the shorter of the two, though not by much. He stood an easy six-foot-three, his hair still a solid black, with a high forehead, and wide lips that creased in an easy smile when he saw her on the porch.

“Sammi!” His voice was deep, and he waved, moving with an easy grace up to porch steps to hug her. In reflex, and because she did genuinely like Quentin, Samantha wrapped her arms around the big man, hugging him back.

“This is Diondre, my son….” He shifted slightly and waved the taller young man close. “Diondre, this is Samantha, your new sister.”

“Step-sister.” Samantha muttered softly, and reluctantly held out her hand to Diondre, finally getting casino siteleri a closer look at the young man who’d be invading her quiet life.

He was somewhere around six-foot-six, she guessed, and his hair was closely cropped to his skull, with wide dark eyes and a brooding stare that instantly made her squirm. His hand was warm as he wrapped it around hers, and she dropped her eyes, noting that he kept his nails trimmed and short.

She cleared her throat and nodded. “It’s nice to meet you, Diondre. I’ve got to, umm, go put my things away now … from class!” And without another glance, she dashed into the house, almost slamming the door in her haste to escape her new brother.

Casting his dad and stepmother a bemused smile, he shrugged and chuckled. “I guess she doesn’t like big black guys, after all.”

* * *

Really? God, why did you have to give me a hottie for a brother? Couldn’t you have made him a short, dumpy guy instead? Samantha huffed and threw her bag onto the bed, and slowly gathered some clean clothes to go take a shower.

It had been a long, grueling day, and nothing soothed her frazzled nerves like a hot shower, and she was already humming to herself as she walked down the hall, and shut the bathroom door with a click.

Turning some music on through her phone, she sang along as she leaned into the stall and turned the knob to get the water warm as she undressed. She dropped her shirt and bra by the toilet and sighed, unbuttoning her jeans while humming to herself.

The door opened and she squealed, scrambling for her shirt as she stared wild-eyed up at Diondre, who stood in the opening with his own dark orbs wide in surprise. Her cheeks pinkened and she blinked up at him as he just continued to look at her.

“Get out!” She cried and sank onto the closed lid of the toilet, completely unaware that the shirt she clutched barely covered the swell of one generous breast, leaving the pale aureola and dusky tip of one heavy mound bare for his gaze.

Diondre licked his lips and leaned one shoulder against the doorjamb. “Getting ready for a shower, eh, Creampuff?” He grinned as her eyes widened and the blush on her cheeks deepened in what he only guessed had to be anger.

Samantha sat straight, eyes flashing, and dropped the shirt to her lap, forgetting her near-nakedness as she was filled with sudden fury. “Creampuff? We just met, like twenty-five minutes ago, and you’re calling me a creampuff?”

“Hey, I just came in to take a piss, girl. Didn’t expect to see all that white flesh when I came in to pee.” Diondre lifted a shoulder in a shrug and straightened. “So, can I pee?”

“No! I need to shower. Go pee upstairs, and leave me alone!” Samantha stood and shoved on Diondre’s chest, just hard enough that he stumbled back and blinked as the door stopped a mere inch from his nose.

She huffed and finished undressing, stepping into the thankfully still-warm spray, tugging the curtain closed as she tipped her face up to the raining droplets. She set her hands on the slick tile wall and bowed her head, taking several deep breaths in an attempt to calm her pounding heart.

Boy, he had some nerve! To think that I’d actually let him use the bathroom while I’m half-naked. She scoffed, reaching for her shampoo, and let the music and hot water wash over her as she finally got to take her shower in relative peace.

Half an hour later, scrubbed fresh and clean, with her long hair twisted up under a towel, Samantha opened the bathroom door and waltzed out into the hallway, smack into Diondre.

Spluttering, she dropped her clothes, nearly toppling over with the sudden halt, canlı casino and was slightly shocked when she felt a hand wrap around her upper arm. She blinked up at him, her eyes meeting his, and he grinned, his hand slowly lifting.

Samantha’s cheeks immediately blazed like fire as she stared at her little pink-and-grey-striped panties dangling from his dark fingers, and she snatched at them.

“Give me those!” Her voice was a not-so-quiet demand as he held them a little higher, hooking his other finger into the side, lifting them over her head, spreading them open.

“Damn, girl, and your ass fills these?” His laughter was rich, and he wiggled the soft cotton almost derisively overhead.

“Damn you, I said give them back!” She jumped, and managed to snag the dangling crotch with her fingertips, just getting enough leverage as she dropped to tug them from his fingers. She stuffed them inside her robe and bent to retrieve the rest of her fallen clothes, making sure that her bra was stuffed between her shirt and pants.

“What’s the matter, Creampuff? Hasn’t a guy ever seen your panties before?” Diondre’s brows arched as he chuckled, only infuriating Samanthaa more as she shouldered past him to move closer to her bedroom.

“No, as a matter of fact…. Nobody has.” Her response was quiet, so low he almost didn’t hear it, and he blinked after her in surprise, just staring at her door as it clicked shut.

Inside the peaceful quiet of her room, she leaned against the door, blinking at the tears that she refused to let fall. Nobody had ever made her feel so bad about being a virgin before, and yet Diondre made her blush and make quiet admissions about things that she didn’t have any intentions to share.

Damn him! She threw her clothes at the laundry basket, and growled when they all slammed into the front, scattering around it rather that inside of it. She bent to scoop them up, and glared at the offending panties that fell from the neckline of her robe, and shoved the entire lot deep into the hamper.

Her phone! Groaning at the sudden memory of it sitting cheerily on the back of the toilet, she realized she’d better go fetch it before it fell into the pot, or something. Maybe into the hands of her stupid stepbrother.

Opening her door, her eyes flew wide again as she saw Diondre leaned against the wall just outside, almost in the exact position where she’d left him, his gaze focused on the pink and grey cell phone in his hands. Her cell phone!

“What do you think you’re doing? That’s mine!” She charged at him, and reached for the phone that he deftly raised out of her arm’s reach. Swearing to herself about his height, she braced a hand on his chest, and jumped for it in the same manner she’d gotten her panties. Sadly, the phone didn’t dangle and was still several inches from her grasp, and she was unaware that her bouncing had draped her robe open, giving Diondre an almost unobstructed view of her bouncing breasts.

“Hey, I found it in the bathroom.” His response was almost a murmur as he watched the soft globes jiggle and shudder with each jump. With a tiny, almost evil grin, he wiggled the phone, enticing more of her anger, and watched with delight as she bounced harder.

“Didn’t know whose it was, so I was having a look-see to figure it out.” Her soft nipples were rubbing against the terry-cloth and seemed to be getting hard in response to the light stimulation, which his body totally understood, as he felt himself growing against his jeans and the touch of her tummy brushing against him. Let’s see…. The little virgin might not even have a clue.

“Like hell! All you had to do was ask Mom kaçak casino if it was hers, and she’d have told you it was mine!” Samantha’s brain was starting to register that she was jumping around in front of Diondre in nothing but her robe, but she wanted her phone back, and was getting closer to her prize.

Diondre lowered the phone another inch, teasing his hot little step-sister, and smoothed his free hand carefully over the tasty curve of her hip, gently bringing her closer so that she was rubbing directly against his erection with each hop and bounce. He bit his full lip and restrained a moan at the great pressure, and rocked her gently back and forth.

Samantha felt his hand on her, almost burning her through the pale violet robe, and she blinked as her body noticed the hardness against her belly, her fingers stilling against his arm, and slowly lowering to his shoulder as she looked up into his face.

Caught up in the moment, she felt tingles erupt deep in her lower body, but her eyes were fixated on his dark face and the heat she saw there. Though she knew it was just having a woman against him, not her, she blushed and pressed into him instinctively, and gasped as his hand slid down, cupping her ass to drag her closer.

Her body was pliant as she leaned into him, and he made a low sound in his throat as he dropped his other hand to cup her breast, nearly exposed to his hungry eyes. It took one little tug, and her flesh was a feast for his eyes. So pale, so white against his dark hand. The contrast made his cock flex against her, and his thumb gently rolled one nipple, drawing a gasp from her, making her eyes flutter closed.

The pleasant tingle sprung to life, flaring into a throbbing warmth between her legs, her back arching as his fingers touched untested flesh. His hand on her hip shifted, and dipped inside the hem of her robe to carress her plump ass and lift her slightly, making him groan at the pressure against his aching cock.

He widened his thighs and drew higher between them, rocking his throbbing erection against her soft pubic mound as the phone tumbled, forgotten, to the floor. Her palms went to his chest and she shuddered as his fingers plucked and carefully twisted the tip of her breast, a quiet whimper slipping from her lips as he squeezed her cheek in his big hand.

It was so warm. She never wanted it to leave, but squirmed her hips to assauge the sudden ache in her untried depths as his fingers rubbed at the soft skin of her ass. Trembling fingers lifted, cupping his neck, not realizing she was grinding herself against his hardness, and he growled softly as his cock jumped in his jeans.

As his head dipped, intent on finding the tight little pink nipple that beckoned his lips, the sounds of a phone ringing jerked Samantha back to reality.

Her eyes went wide, all traces of heat leaving them, and she jerked from his embrace. Her chest heaved as she stared at him with one delicious-looking breast bared. “Why- You … we…. No!” She turned and fled down the short hall into the bedroom, the door slamming hard, leaving Diondre to swear, still leaning against the wall, shocked to find himself so attracted to his annoying little step-sister.

Bending, he picked up the ringing phone, and slid it carefully under her door. With that little moment stuck in his brain, he wandered down the hall to his own room. He needed to figure out what we was going to do about this, and, of course, jerk off and imagine spraying his cum all over her delectable pink-tipped tits.


Copyright ©2013 Mabry Michaels.

This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the express permission of the author.


This is just to see if there’s a following for this particular story. Feedback in the form of emails or comments is appreciated. Let me know if you think I should continue the sordid tale of Sammi and Diondre!

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