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Vicki’s response to the fact that I had bedded my nineteen year-old next-door neighbor?

Turned on……

We were at her place, laying across her wrecked bed, basking in the afterglow of mind-blowing sex. She casually mentioned seeing a younger chick on the light-rail commute into work that sorta’ turned her on.

“I don’t know,” Vicki said casually, “there was just something about how ‘young’ she looked that appealed to me in some sort of sick, perverted way.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean…..same thing with my next-door neighbor’s niece. I mean, I know she’s nineteen and in college but, shit, the girl looks fourteen and she just turned my crank.”


“Did you sleep with her? When?” Vicki asked quietly.

“Ummmm, last week…..I know I should said something before now….” I stammered, unsure of whether or not she was pissed.

“Tell me now. Tell me about it now,” Vicki said, interrupting me.

So I did.

I described, in salacious detail, my romp with Marnie, leaving out nothing. I was honest about how Marnie’s ‘tomboyish’ look and diminutive stature turned me on, of how Marnie’s straight-forwardness about accidently seeing Vicki and I making out in the hottub hit my ‘horny’ button.

As I told Vicki of that night, of how the thrill from sucking on Marnie’s almost-not-there small titties ramped up my sexual excitement, Vicki’s fingers were busy massaging and playing with her pussy and clit which were gleaming with her juices, her breathing clearly showing her excitement as she listened to my story.

Rolling onto my side so I could watch her play with herself as I told my tale of seduction, I became excited all over again. And when I had finished the story of Marnie and Me, Vicki pulled my head to her crotch, her voice begging me to eat her, to get her off.

She didn’t have to ask me twice.

I did. One after another, Ms. Vicki popped her rocks, each one seemingly better than the previous, her last orgasm violent and bed-shaking, her hands holding me tight to her grinding pussy, almost suffocating me in the process.

Finally, with one last shudder of satisfaction, her hands released my head and hair, allowing me to come up for air, her scent of sexual arousal filling her bedroom.

“Oh damn….that was good,” Vicki finally managed to say after regaining control of her breathing, pulling me to lay, once again, next to her. Smothering my mouth with hers, she eagerly tasted herself on my lips, on my tongue, her arousal fueling my own.

We lay together, quiet in our own thoughts, for quite a while before Vicki finally broke the silence.

“Are you going to ‘do’ her again?” Vicki asked.

“I don’t know, honestly, I don’t…..nothing was said about that,” I answered.

“I would,” She averred, turning her head to look into my eyes when she said it, “don’t you want to?”

“I suppose it wouldn’t be out of the question,” I answered with a chuckle.

To be honest, I had thought about it several times after Marnie and I had fucked.

“If she’d be up for me joining in, I would,” Vicki said further, sliding between my legs to kiss on my belly and pubes.

“A threesome?” I stupidly asked. Duh!

“Could be fun,” Vicki declared as her mouth found her way to my ‘little man’, all hard and standing up, begging for attention.

“Yeah…..could be,” I agreed as her tongue hit the launch button of the Orgasm Express…….

Looking into my rearview mirror to check that I had cleared the garage door tracks, I automatically reached for, and hit, the button to close the garage door behind me. I caught a ‘flash’ of something in my rearview mirror ducking under the descending door. Stepping out of my car, I saw that the ‘flash’ was Marnie.

“Oh hey, sweetie…damn, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you………”

She pushed me against my car, one hand to the back of my head, pulling me to meet her opening mouth and snaking tongue as she stood on her tiptoes to do so. Our lips met as her other hand shot up my skirt, her fingers pulling my panties aside roughly. Driving her tongue deep into my mouth and throat, she slipped two fingers into me with a hard, driving thrust, burying her two fingers to the last knuckle.

Her moans mingled with mine as she furiously finger-fucked me while tickling my uvula with the tip of, what felt like, her mile-long tongue. Sucking feverishly, hungrily, on her tongue, my hips bucked against her driving hand. Clearly, izmit escort I was loving the suddeness of her attack on me.

“Cum….cum, Shari….cum for me baby,” She cooed into my mouth, her thumb joining in the party by rubbing small circles on my clit.

“Ooooh….fuck….oh shit, I’m….I’m…..going tooooo cuummmmm…………..” I cried, my breath leaving my body in a gush, my knees and thighs turning to rubber, to gel, as I caught the mother of all orgasms there, in my garage, against my car!

Pulling her fingers from my now-drenched, well-fingered snatch, she slipped them into my mouth for me to suck, to lick, to savor.

I did.

“Oh…yeah, auntie Jen sent me over to borrow a cup of sugar,” Marnie said casually as I sucked my climax from her fingers……


That was Marnie’s answer when I asked if she’d like to get together with Vicki and I sometime at Vicki’s place, or mine if the situation was right, ‘right’ being whether or not her aunt and uncle were home.

“I don’t know, what works for you?” I answered.

“I could meet you at Vicki’s tomorrow night, after class,” She suggested, “I’m always going out for coffee and shit after my night classes.”

“That could work,” I said softly, my insides still quaking from her most welcomed finger-rape of me.

Grabbing a scrap of paper from the counter top, she had me write down Vicki’s address, snatching the scrap when I had finished.

“See you about seven-thirty’ish…..oh, yeah, the sugar?”…….

I called Vicki, making her very happy that ‘it’ was happening so soon.

“I’ll meet you at your place at six’ish, and I’ll bring a change of clothes so that I can spend the night….Marnie will be over about seven-thirty…..see you at the office tomorrow,” ending the call then.

I went straight to my bedroom, stripped, jumped into bed, and finding my favorite toy in my nightstand drawer, I masturbated while re-living Marni’s assault of me a few minutes ago………

“Damn, she’s so tiny,” Vicki commented when she peeked through her blinds after we heard Marnie’s deep-throated, rumbling Boss Mustang pull into Vicki’s driveway.

“Told ya’,” I replied before taking a toke of the joint that Vicki had rolled for us.

Yeah, another line crossed by me with my employee/assistant/lover.

I mean, I was already fucking Vicki, and when, one night, she let it slip that she liked a little weed now and then……well, there it is, another example of my poor judgement skills (or lack thereof).

“Marnie, this is my friend, Vicki,” I said in way of introduction when she entered the house.

At five-foot nothing, Marnie looked child-like standing next to Vicki’s five-nine’ish height, more so when they embraced quickly in greeting.

“Friend, huh?” Marnie smirked. Yes, she smirked.

“More like a Friend With Benefits, I’d say……not that there’s anything wrong with that, you understand,” Marnie continued, but in a teasing, friendly tone, not mean. Stopping and screwing up her face in a questioning manner, she sniffed the air, then smiled

“I’m going to have to teach you ladies how to properly mask the odor of weed ,” Marnie said, her eyes searching the room, looking for a roach or pipe I thought at the time.

“Well, shit, ladies….is someone going to offer me a hit or not,” Marnie said, looking between Vicki and I.

“Here sweetie, finish it,” I said, handing her the half-joint, “Vicki and I are fairly cooked right now.”

I wasn’t lying.

“Uh, Marnie, I was going to mix some killer Margaritas if you’d like one,” Vicki said over her shoulder as she walked into her kitchen, “you are old enough to drink, aren’t you?”

If looks could stop a clock, Marnie’s would have.

“Seriously? I’m smoking pot in your house, I’m over here to fuck the both of you into next year in a few minutes, and that’s what you’re concerned about? About whether or not I’m old enough to drink?………..Puh-lease.”

“Into next year? That sounds promising,” was Vicki’s flirting reply, complete with flirty voice and flirty eyes.

The Margaritas were, indeed, killer, made with Patron and ‘kicked’ with a shot of 151 rum.

The three of us were outside, on Vicki’s small deck at the rear of her condo, high walls blocking the view-but not the sound-from her neighbors.

Marnie was in a pair of booty-hugging tights, the kind that looks like second skin on someone. Her top was simple, izmit kendi evi olan escort a tee-homage to Bob Dylan (of course) and also tight, her small breasts pushing against the fabric.

She looked hot, actually.

“I’m glad you could join us,” Vicki said, turning her body and bringing her knees onto the chaise they were sharing, facing Marnie. I was across from them in a deck chair.

“I’m glad I was asked,” replied Marnie, turning to face Vicki, “I’ve masturbated a couple of times thinking about fucking the two of you after I saw y’all making out in the hottub.”

“Well… secrets at any rate,” Vicki said in comment.

Standing, Marnie walked over to where I was sitting and sat on my lap while pulling her tee shirt from her body, her nipples hardening quickly in the coolish night air.

“Suck on me a little bit, Shari……show Vicki how you like to suck on my itty-bitty titties,” Marnie cooed as she offered up her tit to my opening mouth.

Taking my time, more for my satisfaction than anything else, I bathed Marnie’s tits with my mouth and tongue, loving the feel of her small breasts and thick nipples in my mouth.

Opening my eyes, I glanced at Vicki who had now turned, facing our mini live-porn show, her hand inside of her shorts, which were unsnapped and down her hips a bit. Knowing that she was turrned on by watching me with Marnie, I performed, I turned up the action a bit, turned on by being watched.

“Got any toys?” Marnie asked as she rubbed and pulled at my hair in satisfaction of what I was doing to her.

“Uh-huh…in my bedroom,” Vicki answered with a voice that clearly indicated arousal, her hand inside of her shorts/panties moving with gusto.

“The same bedroom that we’re going to fuck in?” Marnie teased.

“Uh-huh,” was Vicki’s soft reply.

“Then what are we doing out here?” Marnie declared pulling her nipple from between my teeth and lips, and then standing with a hand out to both Vicki and myself.

“Who’s first?” Marnie asked with genuine curiosity, “not that it matters to me since I’m going to fuck you both anyway.”

Who indeed?

It turned out that Marnie made the decision for herself.

After taking the stash-box from Vicki who was fumbling as she tried to roll a joint, Marnie quickly rolled a big, fat doobie.

Not this kid’s first rodeo with weed, I correctly judged.

We lounged about Vicki’s bed, the three of us, passing Marnie’s masterpiece between us. I gave up first as I’m rather a lightweight with ganja, not to mention that Vicki’s ‘kick-ass Margaritas’ were also in play.

We were cruising.

“Over there….Shari, sit over there and watch for a while,” Marnie smilingly said to me, her voice showing the buzz the three of us were now sharing.

Then, kneeling in front of Vicki whose back was against the headboard, Marnie pulled Vicki’s head to her chest, to her small boobs. Vicki eagerly opened her mouth in response, nosily sucking and licking Marnie’s small, girlish tits.

I watched, my hand inside of my shorts gently rubbing and playing with myself, getting hotter and hornier by the second as I viewed their play with each other.

That Jack liked watching me with others was suddenly making a lot more sense to me now.

As Vicki kissed, licked, and suckled Marnie’s titties, Ms. Marnie started sliding out of her tights, flipping onto her back to kick herself free from the leggings. Naked as the day she was born, Marnie proceeded to get Vicki the same way, having Vicki out of her clothes in seconds.

And then Marnie knelt with Vicki’s thigh between her legs, her hands fondling my assistant’s rather nice rack. Bending to place her mouth over Vicki’s nipple, she reached and cupped Vicki’s snatch with a hand, her middle finger sliding in and out almost immediately.

“Ooooh damn…shit, that feels good, baby, sooooo good,” Vicki cooed and aaahed in response to what my nineteen year-old neighbor gal was doing to her.

Yeah….I’d been there with Marnie. I knew exactly what Vicki was feeling, the memory of Marnie’s forceful taking of me in my garage helping to fuel my masturbation.

Oh yeah, the visual of those two was helpful, as well.

Bringing Vicki to the brink and back so many times was clearly driving Vicki’s need to orgasm to hightened levels. And when Vicki thought she would burst with need, Marni backed away and took Vicki’s chin in her hand.

“Do you have a belt, a strap-on?” Marnie asked between nips to Vicki’s lips and ears.

“Yes….in the nightstand on the right,” Vicki breathed in response, her own fingers and hand now cupping Marnie’s toned ass, Vicki’s fingers sliding up and down Marnie’s ass-crack.

My shorts and panties were now down around my ankles, my tee on the floor, both of my hands busily fondling and fingering myself.

Through half-closed glazed eyes I watched as Marnie slipped into the harness and spread lubricant all over the fake dick that was bobbing in front of her.

“On your stomach…..spread you legs, yeah, like that,” Marnie commanded my assistant who did as told.

Slowly Marnie approached Vicki’s offered-up pussy with the strap-on, Marnie’s thin, boyish/girlish figure androgynous in appearance. Positioning the moderately thick dick-toy at the entrance to Vicki’s love-canal, Marnie suddenly slid it all the way in, to the hilt, Vicki’s ass slapping against the harness as Marnie pumped with increasing speed and lust.

“Ummmmm….oh God…..mmmmmmph, harder, harder, fuck me harder,” Vicki’s voice begged in earnest, her request instantly granted by Marnie with a smile of satisfaction.

It was when, after what seemed like a half-hour of pounding Vicki’s cunt, Marnie pulled out and began slowly ass-fucking Vicki that I came.

“Huuuuhh, huuuuhhh,” Vicki moaned in protest? Pleasure? I couldn’t tell but, in any event, Marnie continued to fuck Vicki’s ass.

Finally, Marnie reached around Vicki’s hip with her hand and began massaging Vicki’s clit, all the while slowly ass-fucking at the same time.

“OH……MY…..SWEET….FUCKING JESUS!” Vicki cried at the top of her lungs, the sound carrying to her neighbors, I had no doubt. Marnie let Vicki ride the waves of pleasure two or three times before finally removing her hand. Pulling out of Vicki’s well-fucked ass, Marnie undid the harness, handing it to Vicki.

“When you’re able to walk steadily, clean that up so that I can use it on our friend Shari…while we wait for that, Shari is going to get me off, aren’t you, sugar?” Marni said in a quiet voice, laying on her back and spreading her legs for me to do so.

I didn’t hesitate an instant.

Dropping to my knees between her dangling legs at the edge of the bed, I moved her legs to ride over my shoulders as I eagerly pressed my mouth and nose to her sex. There was never a question that I wouldn’t want to; I was quickly becoming almost obsessed with my nineteen year-old ‘tomboy’ neighbor.

It wasn’t until after Marnie’s third or fourth orgasm that I became aware that Vicki had returned and was sitting with her back against her headboard, her legs spread wide, one leg dangling to the floor. Backing away from Marnie’s well-eaten snatch, I positioned myself so that I was now between Vicki’s long legs, licking and biting and kissing my way up her calves and thighs.

“The strap-on….please fuck me with the strap-on, sweetie….please,” I cooed, almost begging, to Marnie. Smiling, she lubricated the freshly-cleaned dildo immediately. Getting on her knees behind my upturned ass and pussy, Marnie slipped the cock-toy into my cunt and started pumping with increasing speed and pressure. My response was to get even wetter and slicker than I already was.

I greedily began eating Vicki’s sweet pussy, the tips of my fingers digging into her thighs as we became more excited and turned-on. Vicki’s breathing was becoming increasingly labored with excitement from my cunnilingual efforts, as was my own.

Marnie’s hands were gripping my hips tightly, her thrusts hard as she slammed the faux-cock deep into the dripping pussy that was mine. The harder she fucked me, the more excited I became, which resulted in redoubled pleasure for Vicki.

“Oooooh baby…..don’t stop, not now, please don’t stop,” I moaned, my voice being muffled by Vicki’s delicious snatch. Reaching around with her hand, Marnie’s masturbation efforts to my clit produced the desired results as my orgasm shook my body, complete with stars, rockets, and body-quakes. In the middle of my excellent climax, Vicki’s hands pulled my head and mouth hard against her grinding cunt, her voice even louder than mine.

I stayed on my knees between Vicki’s legs as I fought desperately to regain control of my breathing, much as Vicki was doing after her own rocket ship to O-Ville. Finally able to move, I slowly crawled over Vicki’s legs to throw myself across her bed.

“Up here, baby, I need you up here, on my face,” I cooed to Marnie after she had, once again, removed the harness from her body.

Marnie did as asked……………..

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