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Tamara had always lived a very protected environment. With two born again, puritanical parents, she never experienced some of the social liberties of being a teenager growing up. Instead, Tamara focused on school and getting into the very exclusive university of St. Anne, a small all girl college in southern California.

After saying goodbye to her boyfriend and packing her things, awful thoughts of catty classmates, boring classes and endless lonely nights of wishing Peter was holding her, clouded Tamara’s otherwise cheerful and somewhat naive and innocent attitude. Suddenly she felt as though her freshman year, although barely beginning was going to be filled with tedium and endless homework.

All that changed the minute Kathy, a 22y/o very curvaceous brunette, entered her dorm room, as she was reluctantly unpacking. Wearing a pair of worn, torn jeans, barefooted and with a skimpy tank top, Kathy pounced into the room, with the confidence of one much beyond her years and the natural sexual exhuberance, Tammy had never known.

“Hey there, welcome to the 6th Floor,….wow, you look young, you sure your not looking for the local high school….?”, taunted Kathy.

“I’m old enough to vote, turning 19 in a couple months, actually….” replied Tammy, rather defensively. She did have a late blooming body, and she wasn’t exactly worldly looking, in her oversized tee shirt and droopy skirt, which hid any curves she might have, making her look like a stick with dress, as she peered at Kathy thru her nerdy glasses.

“I’m just teasing….take off that sweater and come out and meet the gang…” soothed Kathy, trying to lighten up the moment. She just prayed this wasn’t going to be another boring roommate out to prove she was too slutty to live. It was one thing Kathy couldn’t stand is the judgment of others, especially bookworms too scared to live.

After meeting the girls of the 6th Floor of Stephan Hall Dorm, the rest of the day and week proceeded uneventfully. Which was fine, as Tammy had no taste for too much excitement. She called Peter every night, did her homework Anadolu Yakası Escort and tried to get her beauty rest.

The following week, after a late evening reading, Tamara turned her light out and tried to sleep, although she felt somewhat restless, she knew she had a biology test early the next morning. It was then that Kathy got back from who knows what. She pretended to sleep and peaked as she threw off her skirt and blouse and slid into bed. Kathy tried to see if Tammy was still asleep, so Tammy played possum. Kathy then slid into her bed next to Tammy.

The moon was bright that evening and shone threw the half open window over Kathy’s bed. Tammy was staring at the sky, when she noticed Kathy stirring in her bed. Then, the most marvelous thing began. Kathy began to slide her hand between her legs and softly moaned with pleasure. Not knowing whether to look or avert her eyes, Tammy opened one eye a bit to catch Kathy sliding her covers down and could see her hand slither over her white cotton panties. After a few moments, Kathy slid her hand inside those panties and began to probe herself in earnest. This continued for a few more fascinating minutes until Kathy raised her hips and shuddered with a slight sigh as she released her body’s sexual tension through a sweet little orgasm. After regaining her composure, Kathy shot a glance over to Tammy and thought she saw the distinct glint of Tammys peaking eye. Tammy quickly closed it, hoping she had not been caught staring at this taboo activity, something her mother had warned her was forbidden in the Bible and would lead to sexual promiscuity and lifetime of a slutty reputation.

The next morning, as Tamara slithered over to the closet to get her robe, Kathy, ever the morning person, asked her repeatedly how she had slept. Tamara thought it was odd Kathy should be so concerned about the soundness of her slumber, but by the time she got halfway thru her shower and her brain began working, she realized that Kathy may have been hinting about how much of the “show” Tammy had caught. An instant Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan flush of embarrassment filled her face….how could she face her now, having to confront the girl who she must share a room for 8 more months, with her invasion of her privacy.

Kathy didn’t mention it again, relieving Tamara of further paranoid thoughts over this most embarrassing of situations.

It wasn’t until late one Saturday night when they had both had too much coffee and were starting to chat in bed late into the night, Tammy began to feel a true friendship blossoming with Kathy. How could she be so gorgeous and so nice to me, thought Tammy. The beautiful girls in her high school had always been such catty bitches, filled with clique conciousness and always purposefully ignoring the less overtly sexually sophisticated girls. Yet, here, Kathy was totally cool with her, telling her about all her boyfriends and college adventures from the past three years.

It was when Kathy finally felt this intimate vibe between them, that she got up the courage to confront Tammy about her voyeuristic tendencies.

“It’s ok, you know…about what you saw the other night,” said Kathy out of the blue.

“What do you mean?” Tammy tried to act innocent.

“Come on, I could tell you were peaking, its ok to be curious about other girls, ….I could tell you some wild stories about what goes on around here.” confessed Kathy. “Most of the girls are pretty straight, but we’re not all that way… I mean what could more natural than wanting to know how your fellow girlfriends get off and what turns them on…”

“I’m not curious at all, Peter is my confidant, I don’t like knowing what other people do…” defended Tammy.

“Could it be that you’re defensive because you know you liked to watch me” quipped Kathy.

“uh…no I don’t think so….” Tammy was so confused now.

“I’d love to watch you or anyone cute like you do it” probed Kathy.

“I don’t do that” Tammy revealed.

“No way!” retorted Kathy. “Is it cuz you don’t Escort Anadolu Yakası know how?”

“I guess i never got around to experimenting that way…I always had a boyfriend for that.” lied Tammy, she had never let him get passed kissing and fondling her top thru her bra.

“Well, if you ever need a tutor…let me know sweetie…” said Kathy, a slight flirtatiousness in her voice.

“You’re offering me lessons?” inquired Tammy innocently.

“It’s not like I’m lez or anything…but a guiding hand might help you get off to a good start so to speak”, Kathy being only partly honest, as Tamara was not her first dorm buddy lover, and would not be her last.

With that Kathy got up and slid over next to Tammy in her bed, pulling the covers over both of them.

“What are you doing?”

“Just getting cozy….I won’t bite….didn’t you ever sleep next to your sister or best friend….”


“relax, I won’t tell a soul…just give me your hand….” With that Kathy slid Tammy’s hand down to her mound covered up by her oversized tee and sheer cotton panties. Her fingers guided her middle finger to her slit and slowly moved her middle fingertip right to where he clitty would be. Tammy was frozen, awestruck by this sudden sexual advance, yet excited in a way she had never felt. Afraid yet thrilled.

Slowly, Kathy moved this finger up and down, until the moistness began to stir within Tammys pussy, and her tender clitorus slightly protruded against the fabric. Sensing Tammy’s stiff hands and complete inhibition in this area, Kathy decided to take an even bolder approach, now using her own fingertip to trace small circles over the increasingly protruding fleshiness.

Tammys thighs finally relaxed as her eyes closed and she began to surrender to this utterly heavenly feeling. Kathy was so tender and delicate, she could scarcely believe how natural and good this felt. Why was Peter so awkward and rough, when Kathy instinctively knew just when to stop and start, the amount of pressure and sense of rhythm was so exquisite.

Then, Tammy’s pussy began to flow and her moistness leapt onto and through the white cotton that separated Kathy’s fingertips from their secret goal. “oh god, don’t stop” stammered Tammy, as she began to writhe on the bed sensually. Kathy’s leg moved her young friends leg, slightly pinning her and also pulling her leg back a bit.

To be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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