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Pushing my bike up the steep part of the hill: it’s dark and the road is wet but it’s not icy. So I can concentrate on the little fantasy that we talked about. I imagine the bed creaking as your wife gets up and you wake up: your mind still foggy with glimpses of blonde hair and long legs. You try and cling on to those images but they vanish the way that dreams do and instead you feel a strange dull excitement in the pit of your stomach, the way you used to feel as a kid, waking up and half remembering something good was planned for that day. You frown and look at the clock. A quarter to seven. Tuesday morning. You grin as you remember and you snuggle back down under the duvet.

You remember a deal made with a woman who would be making her way home from work right now. A woman who would be thinking of you as she pushes her voluptuous arse down on her bike saddle as she wends her way through the cold dark English countryside. Your hand has already made its way down to your cock, one step ahead of you with its early morning ardour. You close your eyes and reach out to me with your thoughts as you start to stroke your beautiful cock, grinding the base with the palm of your hand.

You push my legs slightly, so that my thighs are parted but my sex is still closed. You run your tongue up and down my lips, not forcing then open, wanting them to swell and open like a carefully nurtured hothouse flower. You make your tongue very wet as you lick up and down slowly; providing the moisture yourself for the moment, knowing you will be paid back handsomely. You continue almanbahis adresi to lick, with just the tip of your tongue and I feel my heat rise. You cause me to jump when, unannounced, you poke your tongue through and lick my clit, now emerging from its hood. But this is just a tease, a taste of pleasure to come, and content for now, you carry on with your vertical licking. By now though my lips are parting and I try and shift my legs so that I am totally on display for you. You won’t let me though and pin my thighs down with your forearms. I feel your tongue slide in between my lips at last and you circle your tongue lazily around my clit, avoiding any more direct contact. You probe with your tongue along the inside of my labia; up and down again. I am wet now and your tongue glides up and down easily; dangerously close to my entrance. I squirm to enable your tongue access, but you hold my legs more firmly, retaining control.

I can feel your tongue tracing a figure of eight, cleverly avoiding any contact with my clit or my hole. I can feel my juices flowing now and my sex wide open; begging to be filled with your tongue. I place my hand on your head and grab hold of your short dark hair, applying pressure, trying to guide you. You lift your head up, look at me and shake ‘no’. You are trying to look stern, but mostly what I notice is your chin and lips glistening with my juices. You lick your tongue slowly, relishing the taste. I wipe my finger across your chin and enjoy the taste of my own arousal, before taking my hand away and placing both behind almanbahis adres my head. You place your head back between my thighs and continue to pleasure me with your dextrous tongue. I sigh and relax back down into the bed.

Car headlights wake me up out of my reverie. They blind me momentarily, then dip and I’m left blinking. My hands are cold and I wriggle my fingers to try and get some feeling back into them. My mood interrupted; I think of you snuggled down under your duvet, your hand wrapped around your cock. Stroking it. Thinking of me. Thinking of me thinking of you. Thinking of me thinking of you fucking me with your tongue. I hear your voice in my head; your lovely accent and those little moans you make as you stroke your cock for me.

My cunt is on fire and I lean forward on my bike, feeling my engorged clit against the saddle. It feels pleasant, but I know I’m not going to cum this way. What’s happening in my head is way hotter. Your tongue doing its circuit on my cunt; my juices coating your face. Still driving me crazy with desire as you lap at me, applying more and more pressure. Just when I think I’m going to explode in a mixture of passion and frustration you suddenly veer off your route and place your lips firmly around my clit and suck hard. My hips buck with the sudden sharp delight of it and I cry out. That feels so good; I push my clit upwards feeling your tongue licking urgently at it. Then your lips release their grip and you kiss your way down to my aching hole.

You poise just above for a delicious fraction of almanbahis adresi a second. I look down at you; catch your glazed, crazed expression as you take a deep breath and plunge in between my thighs. This time you mean business. This is it. No hesitation. No more teasing. With an unerring accuracy, your tongue dives straight into my cunt and your lips bury themselves in mine. You push your tongue in as deep as it will go and I shudder as I feel you fill me. You know it won’t take much now and you fuck me relentlessly with your tongue; your nose smashing against my clit.

You let my my legs up and I wrap my thighs around your head. Your hands have slid down to my arse and you knead my cheeks roughly. My juices and your saliva have trickled down and I am aware of your thumbs massaging my arse hole. I feel my orgasm approaching and I grip your head harder, focussing all my attention on cumming in your mouth, letting you taste me. Then, just as I’m teetering on the edge, I feel your thumb slide its way into my arse hole. The violent intrusion sends me over the edge, just as you intended, and I clamp my thighs together and my body freezes. My cunt spasms around your tongue and you struggle for breath as my juices flow. Your thumb fucks my arse in time to my shudders and in my mind I see your beautiful cock spurting its hot white spunk.

As I get off my bike at the steepest part of my journey I know you’ve cum now. I know you’ve cum all wrapped up in your nice warm bed. Stroking your cock thinking of me fucking your face. Hot white sticky cum all over your hand and your belly. Licking it up. Tasting yourself and thinking of tasting me. I climb back on my bike and set off again; freewheeling down the hill, thinking of you climbing out of bed, with that lovely self-satisfied grin on your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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