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This is my entry into the 2017 Literotica Halloween contest. Hope you enjoy!



“Yah. Sorry Ize late. Gots stopped,” Vick said standing in Kitty’s doorway.

“No! Did you get a ticket?” she asked seeing a Mustang on the street.

Vick laughed. “Naw. Friend.” He looked behind her. “Parents home?”

“No. They’ve gone out for the night,” she said. Kitty was relieved that they went to visit some friends. She didn’t want to deal with her dad’s over protectiveness.

“Marcie said uze berfday’s las’ week. Dat righ’?” he asked.

Kitty nodded and smiled. “Yeah. 18!”

Vick pulled the hand he had behind his back into the open to reveal a pink carnation. “Happy berfday!” he said handing it to her, obviously proud of himself.

Kitty’s face turned red while she reached out to take and then smell it. “You shouldn’t have,” she said taking a deep breath through her nose. She’d never before received a flower from a boy.

“Hey, perdy gurls sh’have perdy flowers,” he said pointing at it.

Kitty looked at the huge, strong boy and smiled. “Thank you,” she said daintily twirling the carnation in her fingers. “Where are we going?” She was wearing a coat and ready for a cool October night, although she was starting to second guess wearing a skirt.

“Beefy Burger denna movie. Guud ‘nuf?” Vick asked.

Kitty wasn’t all that impressed with his choices. Her best girlfriend, Marcie, said he was quite the guy. The flower proved there was potential… “I guess,” she said, doing her best not to show her second thoughts.

He shrugged. “Ain’t gots lotsa bucks. Hopin’ s’all guud, k?” he asked flashing his winning smile.

Kitty melted on his smile. “I’m sure it’ll be great,” she said smiling back.

Vick relaxed. “Guud. Les go!” he said stepping back a bit.

Kitty left the flower on the little table inside the door and walked out, closing it behind her. Vick reached out and put an arm around her.

Kitty’s eyes devoured his machine while they walked the path. “That’s a beautiful car,” she said.

“Yah, s’my baby. Got fer a song too!” he said stroking the front fender lightly on his way to the passenger door, which he opened for her.

Kitty was starting to understand why her best girlfriend, Marcie, set her up with Vick. Maybe he really was a catch? He even held her hand while she was entering the car. He closed the door and circled around to the driver’s seat.

Vick started the car and revved the engine. Kitty felt the power from the beast vibrate through her, and it excited her! She expected him to squeal the tires when he put it in gear but he didn’t. She let out a sigh.

Vick laughed. “No bucks fer tarrs,” he said as if reading her mind. “‘Sides, ain’t none ta race.”

“Oh. Then why’d you do that?” Kitty asked.

He chuckled. “Jus’ wancha feel ma power!”

That made Kitty smile, and she felt warmth spreading across her body. Considering how cold it was outside and the fact that the heater hadn’t yet warmed the inside of the car, she knew it was coming from him.

She stared at his body and realized that he had lots of power to spare! “You look like you lift weights or something,” Kitty realized she was saying while drooling over his muscles.

“Kinda. C’struction mos’ly.”

Kitty looked at his arms and reached out to feel his biceps. She could feel them flex while she lightly touched them. “Is that how you got so strong?”

“Perdy much. Lotta heavy liftin’ on da job,” he said.

“Does that pay a lot? Is that how you could afford this new car?” she asked.

“Not new. Dat’s a ’67. I fixed it up guud when I got it,” he said with a glint in his eye. His baby.

“Well it’s beautiful!” Kitty said, placing her hand over his on the gear shifter.

Vick turned his hand over and clasped hers. Kitty’s breath caught, feeling a spark from his strength. After staring at their hands a moment, she looked up at him and smiled.

Kitty didn’t see a thing outside the car on the short ride to the restaurant. Instead she stared at him throughout.

Vick pulled into the drive-in and turned on his lights. He looked at Kitty and pointed into the air in front of the car. “Git whaddever ya want,” Vick said pointing again at the menu hanging from the middle of the covered area. Kitty’s attention finally turned.

The drive-in wasn’t very busy, and a bored carhop was soon at Vick’s window.

“What can I get ya?” she asked not even bending to look in the car. She just stood there tapping her pencil on her order book.

Vick looked at Kitty and waited. “Oh, a salad and a Diet Pepsi.”

“S’all ya wan’?” Vick asked.

Kitty nodded. “Yeah, I like salads,” she said knowing full well the salad was for her figure and not her hunger.

The carhop groaned. “How about you?” she asked still staying out of sight.

“Two big cheeseburgers wit fries. Big shake.”

“Want the works?” she asked.

“‘Course,” Vick responded.

The carhop walked away without a word.

Kitty finally noticed that the tuzla escort carhop indeed had a head. She was very pretty, had a great body, and really big boobs. She looked back at Vick to see him staring back at her, making her feel good knowing that he was concentrating on her.

“Do you usually eat that much?” Kitty asked smiling.

Vick smiled and nodded. “‘Cept when workin’ c’struction. Den s’double,” he said shrugging.

Kitty’s eyes went wide thinking of eating that much! She reached out to feel his huge muscles. Kitty felt her mouth drool a little, knowing full well it wasn’t for the salad! “Wow! You really put all that food to good use!” she said stroking his arm.

“Ya think?”

Kitty nodded. “Is that why I’ve never seen you around here before? Because of work?”

“Yah,” he simply replied.

“Where did you go to school?” she asked.

He said that he never went to school. He was raised in the middle of nowhere until his mom died. Then his dad moved into town and taught him his trade. She also learned that his birthday was in June, making him 18 as well. But since he was 18 and not in school…

“Aren’t you worried about the draft?” Kitty asked, suddenly worried for him.

“Naw. I’mma wanna kill commies!” he said proudly.

“I, uh, think it’s the Viet Cong,” she said.

“Oh,” he said screwing up his face in thought. “They’s commies, righ’?”

Kitty wasn’t quite sure. She wasn’t following the war very closely. “Yeah, they probably are.”

Vick’s face lit up again and he quite visibly relaxed. “Good! Pops says commies needa die!”

“But aren’t you afraid of getting killed over there?” she asked.

“Naw. I’mma sure great shot! Theys gotsta worry ’bout me!” he said smiling wide in pride.

“Well if you do get drafted be careful. It’d be nice if you came home in one piece…” she said with a little concern. A few boys from the grades above her already died, and she knew how devastated their families were. They were proud of their boys in the service, but devastated just the same.

Vick lifted his hand and put it on her face to tenderly stroke it. Kitty turned her head into it and closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling of his skin on hers.

His voice made her open her eyes to see him staring straight into hers. “Sweets, doncha worry none.”

She sighed hearing him call her “sweets” and when he leaned in for a kiss she felt faint. He was so strong, yet tender in just the right ways. She could feel herself falling for him already, the kiss making her melt a little inside.

There was a clank on the window that startled her. Kitty jumped and saw the carhop standing beside the car over the hanging tray. She began to loudly tap her pencil on her book again, and, it seemed, her foot on the pavement. “$2.50,” she said a little annoyed.

Vick paid the torso and she left. He handed Kitty her food and took his own. She was staring at him and couldn’t help herself.

After a couple of moments he chuckled and said, “Bunny food’s gonna git cold.”

“Hmmm. What?” she said letting herself focus again. Then she looked into her lap and remembered her salad. “Oh. Yeah.”

“Ya want summa mine?” he asked holding out a crinkle fry.

“Oh, ah…. thanks,” Kitty said with a weak smile, slowly leaning toward him. She wanted to keep her figure because her mom told her it was important, but a couple of fries wouldn’t hurt… She started to reach out to take the fry but he fed it right into her apparently open mouth, his fingers feeling her bottom lip in the process. She smiled and reached up to tenderly squeeze his hand.

Kitty was barely paying attention to her bunny food, instead staring at him most of the time. But somehow she managed to finish it around the same time that Vick finished his.

The bored carhop took their tray and left. Vick started up his car and revved it before backing out and driving respectfully yet again.

They went to the fairly empty theatre and Vick paid. It seemed like everyone was who was working was bored that night. No one really looked up at anything.

He picked some creature movie. Kitty wasn’t really into those movies since they scared her so much, but she didn’t say a word about it. The trailers were already playing, so she just hung on tight to his side until they found their seats in the back of the dark theater.

As soon as the movie started Kitty felt her adrenaline build. She was on edge from the first scary image and sound, burying her head in Vick’s chest often. She let out several squeals. For his part Vick just held her tight.

One of the times she moved into him in fear, his right hand moved lower and… Kitty gasped feeling his large hand cover her right breast. Yet she did nothing to stop him. On the contrary, she didn’t move anything but her head for the rest of the movie.

“How ya like it?” he asked.

For a moment she misunderstood, since his fingers moved on her breast while he asked the question. She was about to answer “Yes” until she realized atalar escort the movie was no longer playing. “Oh, uh, it was… ok,” she said with tremors in her voice.

“Guud thang I’uz here ta pertectcha,” he said strongly while rubbing his hand along her breast.

Kitty looked up at him and felt his strength coming though his gaze. “You sure were,” she said with a sigh, suddenly feeling very safe… and very warm.

There weren’t many people in the theater that night. Most kids must have been at the Jaycee dance instead. She was hoping they’d go there next.

But on the way out of the building to his car all hell broke loose!

“Hands up! Gimme your fuckin’ money!” a man in black ski mask said while waiving a gun at them.

Vick quickly grabbed Kitty and pushed her behind him. “Doncha do nuttin stoop’d now,” he said.

“Shut your damn mouth or it’ll be the last thing you ever do! Now HAND IT OVER!”

Kitty was frozen, completely ready to fall over from the fright of it! Vick, however, seemed confident. She could feel him reaching for his wallet.

“Cool it,” he said handing over his wallet.

The mugger took it and then demanded, “Now the bitch’s purse! Come on!”

Kitty felt Vick’s back tense. He moved away from her so quickly that she had no idea what was going on. She heard some noises and looked to see the mugger on the ground with Vick standing over him, gun in hand.

“Thas whatcha git fer moufin’ offa ma gurl,” he said reaching down to retrieve his wallet from the mugger’s pocket. “Gitcher ass out ‘fore I clobber ya guud!” he commanded in a way that even Kitty was afraid.

The mugger pulled his hands in front of his face at the motion of Vick’s fisted free arm. He stumbled to his feet and ran away faster than anyone Kitty had ever seen!

Vick turned back to Kitty and put his hand on her face. “Ya’righ’?”

Kitty answered by fainting. When she woke she was being carried in Vick’s strong arms to the car. Her arms instantly reached up around his neck.

“You… you were so wonderful! I can’t believe you were that brave!” she said.

“T’weren’t nuttin,” he said like he meant it.

“It sure was! You defended me like that! I… I owe you…”

“Naw. Wasn’t not gonna let’im hurt ma gal,” he said reaching the car and opening the door without putting her down. He bent down and actually deposited her inside. “Gitcha home,” he said.

Kitty reached out and grabbed his forearm with both hands. “NO!” she blurted loudly. “I, uh… I mean you don’t have to do that.” There was no way she was ready for the date to end. She needed to feel his strength a little while longer…

“K. Liketa go ta my home?” he asked hoping for the right answer.

Kitty warmed to the idea of being alone with him, wrapped in his big strong arms. She smiled and only nodded her response.

Vick smiled and cupped her face. Inside he was jumping for joy! He backed away and closed the door. When he got in she leaned over in her bucket seat and put her arm across his chest and her head on his shoulder.

He made quick work of the drive to his small home in the woods; quick as in speed because it was quite a distance.

“Ain’t much,” he said pulling into the dirt driveway. There was, however, some pride in his face.

Kitty saw the house and felt some tension build. It looked like something out of a spooky movie because it was a small grey, weather worn house in the woods. He stopped the car in front of it and she saw something move, instantly burying her face in his chest.

“Jus’a bird,” he said lying about the bat. “You be ‘righ’,” he said reaching out to hug her.

Kitty just held on tighter.

A few moments later he said, “C’mon,” and opened his door.

Kitty reluctantly let go and watched him get out of the car. She didn’t take her eyes off of him while he circled the car to help her out. When he opened the door, she looked down at the dirt on the ground and remembered the rain from earlier in the day.

She looked at her heels. “I can’t get my shoes that dirty,” she said, worrying about walking in it. “Mom’ll kill me!”

Vick just answered by bending over and reaching out to pick her up again. Kitty yelped from the feeling of being so easily lifted into the air and carried into the small house. He opened it without a key and walked inside. She was happy to see that it had a finished floor and even a TV, even if it was generally dirty. He switched on a floor lamp.

“It’s nice,” she said after looking around. She may have been a little generous in saying “nice”, but she didn’t care. At that moment the lack of a woman’s touch in his home was nothing to the strength of his presence!

“S’home,” he said. “TV?”

She saw one chair in front of the TV and a bed, making her wonder where she was going to sit. “Sure,” she said, secretly hoping for more than just TV.

Vick moved over to the lone chair and put her in it. He turned on the black and white set and stood to remove his thin jacket.

She cevizli escort finally saw his rippling muscles threatening to burst through the t-shirt he wore. She was aware of nothing else while he stood in front of her and smiled. He flexed his muscles and chest making Kitty gasp and very glad she was already sitting!

Vick went over to the old fridge. “Ya like wine, righ’?” he asked opening the door.

“Yeah,” she said watching him intently. She removed her coat, thankful that his potbelly stove worked.

He reached inside and retrieved a bottle. Then he walked over and showed it to her. “Bernginy, righ’?”

She looked at the bottle of Burgundy and her mouth watered. It was her mom’s favorite and hers as well. She looked up into his eyes and smiled with her upper lip drawn in by her tongue, eager for a drink. She nodded at the bottle.

“Guud,” he said turning around to get a glass bell jar. “Don’t got much’a drink from. This k?”

Kitty nodded and reached out for it. “It’s fine,” she said while he filled three quarters of the pint jar. She instantly took a big draw from it to calm her nerves.

Vick smiled and poured more wine into her jar when she lowered it.

“Whoa! That’s enough!” she giggled. She thought that she already felt some of the effects of it, starting to regret her light meal. At this point it was more the effect of mind over matter: in her mind it mattered. She looked at him. “Aren’t you going to have some?”

He shook his head and pointed at his chest. “Beer.”

“Oh, well you can drink that if you want,” she said taking another sip.

Vick nodded and went back to the fridge to get a bottle of Schlitz, popping the cap off with an opener on the wall. He made his way back to Kitty and tapped his bottle against her jar, causing them each to take another drink.

“You’ve got no place to sit,” she said.

“Giddup,” he said, and she did. He moved her aside a little and sat down in the chair, pulling her down onto his lap. “Howz’at?”

Kitty smiled while she drew her arm around his neck. “That’s wonderful!” she said with a little wiggle of her hips in his lap. She could have sworn she felt… She stifled a gasp and blushed.

There was a scream that drew Kitty’s attention to the TV. It was another scary movie. Kitty felt her tension rise again, so she took a long drink from the jar.

Vick was stroking her back with one hand, helping Kitty to calm a little. She watched out of the corner of her eye while a girl slowly walked though an old house. She turned a corner and…

BANG! BANG! Something sounded like it hit the house! Kitty jumped and latched onto Vick. In the process she spilled what was left of her wine all over herself, but mostly on her white blouse. Vick’s left arm pulled her tightly to him, his hand finding its way to her tummy.

“‘S’arigh’,” he said holding her tightly. “Jus’ a tree.”

He was incredibly calm but it didn’t help Kitty much.


Kitty squeezed even tighter. “I… I don’t…”

“‘S’arigh’,” he said. “S’nuttin.”

Some chains started rattling against boards and Kitty was so scared that she thought she was going to pee.

“Hmm… ma traps,” Vick said. Kitty felt him tense a little. That didn’t help her at all.

The wind had picked up outside a little bit, causing the house to creak. Other than that the noises outside seemed to stop. Kitty was still incredibly scared of whatever was going on, even though she was also feeling very good and relaxed…

“Mo’ wine?” Vick asked.

Kitty nodded. Vick picked up her jar and put it on the floor beside the chair. He poured the rest of the wine and handed her the jar. She took a drink as soon as it was in her hands.

Vick chuckled. “Ya like it?”

Kitty blearily opened her eyes and nodded. “S’good,” she said putting the jar back on the table. Vick reached out and caught the jar before it hit the ground since there was no table.

A little while later there was another scream on the TV. This time Kitty was feeling no pain and it didn’t faze her as much. A few minutes later the chains started rattling again and Kitty jumped, but not as harshly as earlier. She was definitely feeling the effects of the wine at this point.

The moaning sounds made Kitty’s skin crawl. A tingle went up her spine from a shriek. They didn’t sound like they were coming from the TV anymore… She looked and saw the TV had been turned off.

“Whydgja turn fff tha TV?” she asked.

“Gotsa hear,” he said looking toward the window.


Kitty was beginning to come around again hearing that. The chains rattled, the moaning noises…

Vick stood with Kitty holding on tightly and carried her over to his coat. He took something out of the pocket and sat down again with her in his lap.

Every noise she heard caused Vick’s head to turn in its direction. He was vigil and unafraid. Kitty, however, felt like her head was going to explode. It seemed to go on forever. Bangs, rattles, moans… Kitty was starting to feel like her skin would run the other way and leave her behind!

But then the door flew open and hit the wall with such a force that the entire small house shook! Her head flew in the direction of the open door to see the man with the ski mask standing there holding two really big knives!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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